Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Young Man I Can Sell You A Treasured Armor For Five Gold Coins Do You Want It?

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The strength behind the palm looked very faint… yet that big fellow with a strong body and high tortoise-like defense was forced to kneel on the ground under its power.

The eyes of the big fellow almost popped out of his eye sockets. From the looks of it, he felt pain that couldn’t be described with words alone. Still, he wasn’t even able to scream, and fainted on the spot.

The grown-up man stretched out his hand, holding the body of the big fellow in place and preventing him from crushing to death the pitiful monster hunter beneath.

After that, the figure waved his outstretched hand, throwing the big fellow to one side.

“Little Fellow Daoist, are you alright?” the senior asked with a smile.

The young monster hunter looked at the senior before his eyes. The opposite party had strong features, and his imposing manner was like that of an immovable mountain. “Senior, thank you for saving my life!”

“Little friend, no need to stand on ceremony.” The senior smiled, and then said, “I’m True Monarch Yellow Mountain, and I was just passing by when I saw you lead that big fellow away while disregarding your safety and life. Little Fellow Daoist, your moral character is pretty good.”

The man that had come over was none other than the mafia boss of the Nine Provinces Number One Group— cough, the founder of the group, True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Yesterday, after taking care of some small matters, True Monarch Yellow Mountain headed toward Wenzhou City. His objective was to apprehend a certain guy and bring him to justice before going into secluded meditation and advancing to the Venerable Realm. He didn’t want people to sweep his house clean while he was in secluded meditation.

Still, it was a lucky coincidence that True Monarch Yellow Mountain was passing by. Otherwise, that young monster hunter pressed beneath the body of the big fellow would have been eaten, with not even his bones remaining.

“Junior just acted on a whim and decided to take action,” the young monster hunter said, somewhat embarrassed. “Right. Junior is from the monster hunter lineage whose name starts with the word ‘pure’. Therefore, my daoist name is… Pure-hearted.”

Sometimes, he was really embarrassed to say his daoist name out loud. Whenever he told his daoist name to other people, it gave the bad impression that he was trying to act cute.

Hello, seniors. I’m Pure-hearted… I’m very pure and honest, please treat me kindly.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled, and said very naturally, “Fellow Daoist Pure-hearted, you aren’t half-bad.”

Speaking of monster hunters, True Monarch Yellow Mountain suddenly remembered that loli monster hunter that his capable subordinate ‘Heaven Shrouding Hook’ Zhou Li had brought back some time ago.

At this time, that loli monster hunter had yet to leave…

After saying this much, True Monarch Yellow Mountain lifted the big fellow and stretched out his hand, injecting a stream of energy into his body and using a magical technique to inspect his condition.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain furrowed his brows, and muttered to himself, “Hmm… his condition is very similar to the one little friend Shuhang described. The energy of the Netherworld Realm entered his body… and after getting contaminated with the energy of the Netherworld, this ordinary person slowly turned into a monstrosity. As expected, this isn’t something that happened by chance.”

That monster hunter named Pure-hearted stood up and arrived behind True Monarch Yellow Mountain. “Senior Yellow Mountain, when fighting against this big fellow, I could feel that his body was continuously transforming, and he was getting stronger and stronger as time passed by.”

“I see.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded, and then said, “Fellow Daoist Pure-hearted, I’m planning to take this big fellow away. I fear that this guy getting contaminated with the energy of the Netherworld Realm wasn’t something accidental, and someone is probably pulling the strings from behind the scenes. Little friend, is it fine if I take this big fellow with me?”

“No problem, absolutely no problem. If not for Senior lending me a hand, I fear that this big fellow would have already bitten me to death,” the monster hunter named Pure-hearted said in a hurry.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled and took out a flying sword, putting the unconscious big fellow on it.

But right at this time, the sound of sirens was transmitted from afar. It seemed that the police had finally arrived at the crime scene and followed the tracks of that vehicle-overturning madman until heading in their direction.

“Senior Yellow Mountain, the police is coming over here. Should we leave this place?” the monster hunter named Pure-hearted asked. At the same time, he activated once more that ‘invisible formation’, concealing his appearance again.

“Hmm, no need to rush. Let me take care of the scene first.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled. Afterward, he took out a small wooden figurine and threw it to the ground. Then, he used his finger as a sword and slashed toward the body of the big fellow.

Sword qi streaked across the air and blood flowed out of the body of the big fellow, dripping on the small wooden figurine.

In the next moment, the wooden figurine quickly inflated, instantly assuming the appearance of that big fellow.

This wooden figurine, which was similar to a scouting puppet, was almost identical to the one Song Shuhang had casually picked up back in the day. However, the one in True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s possession was a half-finished product. After assuming the appearance of a person, it wouldn’t move and would stay ‘unconscious’ permanently.

The half-finished product would stay behind and keep the police officers busy. After all, if a big fellow with incredible destructive power were to magically disappear, it would cause even more fear amidst ordinary people.

Afterward, once True Monarch Yellow Mountain was finished dealing with that big fellow and had purified the energy of the Netherworld entwining his body—making him return normal—it wouldn’t be too late to swap him with that scouting puppet.

Finally, True Monarch Yellow Mountain stretched out his hand and made a hand seal. A gentle breeze blew over, erasing all the traces of the energy of the Netherworld Realm in this place where that big fellow and the monster hunter had fought.

“It seems Senior carefully thought about everything,” Pure-hearted said.

Pure-hearted repeatedly waved his hand, and said, “I’m just putting into practice some small things I’ve learned during the course of my life. Right… little friend, where are you headed next? Do you need me to deliver you to your destination?” True Monarch Yellow Mountain asked.

“No need to trouble Senior. I have an appointment with a friend in a short while. We have decided to meet in Wenzhou City’s Baijing Street. I’ll just go to that place and wait for him there.”

“Eh? Little fellow daoist, you are also headed to Baijing Street? Coincidentally, I’m also headed there. Should we walk there together?” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said with a smile.

“Eh? What a coincidence!” Pure-hearted’s eyes immediately lit up. “Junior couldn’t wish for anything more.”

Senior Yellow Mountain was, after all, a Sixth Stage True Monarch… and given his aura, even among Sixth Stage True Monarchs, he was very likely someone incredible!

If they could travel together for a short while, he could seize the opportunity to ask this senior about some cultivation-related matters that he didn’t understand properly or had some doubts about. Senior Yellow Mountain looked rather amiable, he would perhaps help him answer questions about things that he didn’t find too clear.

It was a very good chance!

Thereupon, the young monster hunter and True Monarch Yellow Mountain headed toward Baijing Street together.

Along the way, True Monarch Yellow Mountain had decided to give a few pointers to this young monster hunter with a pretty good moral character on his own initiative. Therefore, he deliberately slowed down his pace, and the duo directly walked toward Baijing Street while in an invisible state.

The flying sword was carrying that big fellow, floating behind True Monarch Yellow Mountain and closely following after him.

The young monster hunter seized the opportunity and asked True Monarch Yellow Mountain about several cultivation-related matters that he wasn’t too clear about, and True Monarch Yellow Mountain used very simple words to explain things to the young monster hunter.

In just a few minutes, the young monster hunter profited immensely. A lot of things about cultivation that he’d found unclear earlier were now very clear.

The benefits he obtained in these few minutes were comparable to the ones he would obtain after assiduously practicing for several months or even half a year. After going back and finding a good place to close up, he might even advance a small realm.

Pure-hearted felt that the past few minutes had been simply a blessing.

Unfortunately, blessings would always last for a short time, and the duo soon reached Baijing Street’s intersection.

“Senior Yellow Mountain, I’m going to wait for my friend here,” Pure-hearted said, somewhat reluctant to part with True Monarch Yellow Mountain. If possible, he would have really like to travel together with True Monarch Yellow Mountain for some more and listen to his other experiences.

“Little friend, in that case, it’s time for us to part ways. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet again in the future.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain faintly smiled. Then, he asked thoughtlessly, “Right. Little friend, who is this fellow daoist you are you waiting for?”

“The person I’m waiting for is a friend I’ve met online, and he’s only an ordinary person,” the young monster hunter replied. “I haven’t asked him his name yet, but his online username is ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’. He lives here in Baijing Street. Therefore, we decided to meet here.”

Ah? Stressed by a Mountain of Books?

“Pfff~” True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

“Senior, is something the matter?” the young monster hunter Pure-hearted asked in puzzlement.

“Ahahaha, it’s nothing. It’s just that I thought about something interesting,” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said.

Stressed by a Mountain of Books… isn’t this precisely little friend Song Shuhang’s name?

Could there really be such a coincidence in this world?

Or perhaps… it’s just someone with an identical online username?

“Cough. Anyway, we’ll meet another time, little friend Pure-hearted.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain and the monster hunter Pure-hearted bid farewell.

“See you again, Senior.” Pure-hearted waved his head, looking rather reluctant to part ways with Yellow Mountain.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain turned around and walked to a distant place. Then, he took out his mobile phone and sent Song Shuhang a text message while walking. “Little friend Shuhang, is it possible that are you planning to meet an Internet friend of yours in Baijing Street in a while?”

After a short moment…

Song Shuhang replied, “Eh? Senior Yellow Mountain, how do you know?”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “It’s a long story… but very coincidentally, I just met that Internet friend of yours.”

“…” Song Shuhang.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “Now, your Internet friend and I are waiting for you here in Baijing Street. When are you coming over?”

Song Shuhang: “Senior, wait a moment. I’ll settle the bill for Ye Si and the others and then bring them along to where you are now. I also have to take care of three disobedient children at this moment, and my speed is rather slow!”

True Monarch Yellow Mountain: “Got it!”

After the conversation was over, True Monarch Yellow Mountain put his mobile phone away.

Sometimes, fate could really play interesting jokes on people.

Thereupon, True Monarch Yellow Mountain turned back and returned to the place that monster hunter called Pure-hearted was standing.

After bidding farewell to True Monarch Yellow Mountain, Pure-hearted had found a bench in Baijing Street and sat there. After that, he took out his phone and started to fiddle with it.

As the first thing, he opened the page of the video he’d uploaded online earlier. It was that very same video where he was putting a gunnysack over Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s head.

He saw that the viewers were thrilled and were continuously tipping him, with several bullet screen messages appearing on the screen at every minute. In addition, the page was also full of comments… Pure-hearted was likewise delighted.

“Excellent. It’s a pity that I can’t hit ordinary people. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have minded giving Senior Brother Gao Sheng a kick or two after putting that gunnysack over his head. I’m sure the video would have been even more popular had that happened!” Pure-hearted muttered to himself.

However, the young monster hunter hadn’t noticed that True Monarch Yellow Mountain had already come back and had quietly arrived behind him.

At this time, the expression on True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s face was especially joyful.

He had managed to find a guy outside the Nine Provinces Number One Group that sought death even more than Thrice Reckless. It was such a hard-to-come-by sight!

“Cough.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain gently coughed and reminded Pure-hearted of his presence.

“Eh? Senior, how come you came back?” the young monster hunter said happily.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain smiled and took out a treasured armor. “Little fellow daoist, I have this five-star treasured armor, and I can sell it to you for five gold coins. Do you want it?”