Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Meeting And Enthusiastically Hugging Each Otherwith Hypocrisy

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“???” The young monster hunter had a confused expression on his face.

The change in attitude had been too sudden. A moment ago, this man gave him the impression of being a kind and enigmatic senior with high skills. Then, a second later, he started selling him some treasured armor at the cost of five gold coins…

If not for the fact that he could determine through his aura that this person was indeed True Monarch Yellow Mountain, the young monster hunter would have thought that it was some unscrupulous profiteer trying to cheat him after mistaking him for some kind of big spender.

After a short moment of silence, the young monster hunter probed, “Senior… how much is five gold coins in spirit stones?”

At this time, True Monarch Yellow Mountain still had an indifferent smile on his face. Then, he just squeezed the treasured armor into the arms of the young monster hunter, and said, “Forget it… I will just lend you this treasured armor. It’s very light, and it won’t hinder your movements after you wear it. Remember to return it to me the next time we meet.”

“Ah?” The young monster hunter was completely unable to understand what was going on.

“Put it on, alright? You will need it. It’s better if you immediately look for a good place where you can change your clothes and wear this armor.” After saying this much, True Monarch Yellow Mountain placed both his hands behind his back and leisurely left the place.

At first, he was planning to wait for little friend Song Shuhang here together with this young monster hunter. But now, after seeing how much of a death seeker this young monster hunter was, True Monarch Yellow Mountain visualized in his mind the scene of little friend Song Shuhang coming over and meeting the young monster hunter… the scene was simply too cringy, and one couldn’t help but shy away from it.

Therefore, he decided to catch that guy called ‘Cloudy Mist’ first. Of course, he would still secretly follow the events taking place here, watching the meeting between little friend Song Shuhang and this young monster hunter with rapt attention.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain left, and the young monster hunter was left with the treasured armor in hand, with his brows furrowed and brain operating at full speed.

Senior Yellow Mountain deliberately left me this treasured armor and even reminded me to quickly wear it. Is it possible that I will get attacked very soon, and I will need this treasured armor to protect myself?

After taking into consideration Senior Yellow Mountain’s enigmatic character, the young monster hunter pondered for a while and decided to keep his invisible status active. Afterward, he found a deserted place and decided to wear the treasured armor beneath his clothing.

Then, he took out a new set of clothes and wore them. After all, his previous clothing was damaged while he was fighting against that big fellow.

Anyway, just like Senior Yellow Mountain had said, the treasured armor was very light and weighted next to nothing. It definitely wasn’t going to hinder his movements. The only thing he was unsure about was the level of its defense…

While he was in deep thought, his mobile phone suddenly received a message.

It was a message from his friend ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’. “Director, are you at the street intersection of Baijing Street right now?”

Stressed by a Mountain of Books is finally coming over?

The young monster hunter quickly replied, “Here I am, are you finally coming over? I’m waiting for you in that small garden pavilion adjacent to the street intersection. I’m wearing cream-colored clothes, very easy to spot.”

Stressed by a Mountain of Books: “Good~ I’m coming over right now. I’m wearing a black-colored short-sleeved shirt, and I have three disobedient children following after me. You will immediately recognize me.”

“Great, I’m waiting for you.” The corner of the monster hunter’s mouth rose in a smile.

Now then, how would ‘Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ look like? From the looks of it, he was still a university student. Therefore, he should still look somewhat young, right?

In the meantime, Song Shuhang brought Senior Sister Ye Si, Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu along, and left the clothing store.

Song Shuhang was now holding several bags filled with clothing in his hands. Inside were the clothes Senior Sister Ye Si had chosen.

At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si was wearing a black t-shirt similar to Song Shuhang’s in design. It was a matching outfit for couples, and its price was several times higher than t-shirts for single people. In other words, it was especially good to rip off those young couples in love.

“Let’s head to Baijing Street. [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] is waiting for us there,” Song Shuhang said with a smile.

Earlier, True Monarch Yellow Mountain sent a message saying that he had met [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] and that he would wait for Shuhang in Baijing Street.

But after a short moment, he sent another message and said that something came up and that he would leave first…

In addition, True Monarch Yellow Mountain repeatedly urged Song Shuhang not to bring up the fact that the two of them were acquainted when discussing with [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director]. He wanted Song Shuhang to have a ‘normal’ meeting with [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director].

Song Shuhang was baffled by True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s actions, and he was completely unable to understand what Senior Yellow Mountain was thinking. On the other hand, how had True Monarch Yellow Mountain ended up meeting with [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director]…?

Anyway, it was better to put these thoughts aside for the moment since it was now time to go meet his Internet friend, [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director].

Around three minutes later.

At this time, Senior Sister Ye Si had placed her pretty hands behind her back and was leading the way. Perhaps because Song Shuhang had accompanied her for a stroll and bought her some clothes, her mood was very good.

Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu were likewise wearing a new set of clothes and were following after Senior Sister Ye Si.

Song Shuhang, on the other hand, was bringing up the rear. Both his hands were filled with heavy shopping bags.

The group of five people finally arrived outside that small garden pavilion located at Baijing Street’s street intersection.

“[Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] said that he’s waiting for us inside that small garden pavilion. He’s wearing cream-colored clothes,” Song Shuhang said in a soft voice while gazing toward the distant small pavilion.

Coincidentally, the young monster hunter inside the small garden pavilion also had the same idea and likewise raised his head, looking toward Song Shuhang’s group of five.

Then, the vision of the young monster hunter fell on Senior Sister Ye Si’s body.

A black t-shirt and three disobedient children following behind… there is no mistaking. That girl is definitely Stressed by a Mountain of Books! The eyes of the young monster hunter lit up.

As for Song Shuhang, who was slightly behind Senior Sister Ye Si and the three children, the young monster hunter subconsciously overlooked him.

Well then, what could he say?

It was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Although the young monster hunter had once wondered whether or not Stressed by a Mountain of Books was a girl, he had quickly cast this outrageous thought aside since he felt that it was impossible for Stressed by a Mountain of Books to be a girl.

But little did he expect that reality would be even more melodramatic than novels… Stressed by a Mountain of Books really turned out to be a girl, and a very pretty one at that!

She had long brown hair, which was carefully braided into pigtails, and her long fringe faintly covered her eyes. Her whole body was emitting a scholarly aura.

It was a pity that Stressed by a Mountain of Books was the literary-type of girl and didn’t conform to his tastes.

The girls he liked the most were the tsundere-type, cute and arrogant.

However, even if she wasn’t his type, a beautiful girl was still a beautiful girl and very pleasant to the eye. The fact that his Internet friend turned out to be a big beauty in real life was something rather cool.

The young monster hunter dared to bet that if he took a selfie with this beautiful Internet friend of his and uploaded it to his WeChat Moments, his monster hunter friends would surely go mad from jealousy.

After thinking up to this point, the young monster hunter happily jumped out of that small garden pavilion and arrived in front of Senior Sister Ye Si, Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu.

“You are Stressed by a Mountain of Books, right?” the young monster hunter said with a smile to Senior Sister Ye Si. “Nice to meet you, I’m [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director].”

Senior Sister Ye Si blinked her eyes, and then smiled gently. “Shuhang, he’s looking for you.”

Behind Senior Sister Ye Si… little friend Stressed by a Mountain of Books’s face was already thoroughly blackened.


It’s him!

Although the guy before his eyes had now changed his clothes, Song Shuhang would recognize that build and aura even if the opposite party were to turn into ashes! This guy was the same person that sneaked up on him in the bathroom of the hotel, putting a gunnysack over his head!

He had searched high and low for this guy, only to find him when he expected it the least!

Sooner or later, good would be rewarded and evil punished. If justice hadn’t been done yet, it was merely because the time had not come.

In this world, if there was a ’cause’, then there would also be an ‘effect’! After the flower of ’cause’ bloomed, the fruit of ‘effect’ would be produced!

It seemed that the prey had walked into the trap on its own!

Now then, how should I greet him?

Should I instantly throw at him 300 supersonic punches with the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique Two❯ and let him know how cruel the world of cultivators is?

Or perhaps I should imitate the coiling flight feature of the ‘disposable meteor sword’ and let him have a taste my outworldly coiling toss?

Evil thoughts were constantly welling up in his mind…

Still, a gentle and kind smile appeared on Song Shuhang’s face. “Nice to meet you, [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director]. I’m Stressed by a Mountain of Books, and I’m sorry for making you wait here for so long.”

Song Shuhang felt that he was acting like a real a hypocrite at this moment.

After seeing Song Shuhang, the smiling face of the young monster hunter immediately stiffened!

F*********ck! That’s Senior Brother Gao Sheng! How can this be?! Stressed by a Mountain of Books turned out to be Senior Brother Gao Sheng!

This is too damn embarrassing!

Earlier, I put a gunnysack over Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s head and even uploaded the video online!

I have to calm down, I have to calm down!

No wonder Stressed by a Mountain of Books asked me what I thought about Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s character when I told him that I was watching ❮Apocalypse War❯. It turned that this bastard was the actor playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng! Just what kind of evil coincidence is this!

Luckily, I didn’t seek too much death, and didn’t post that video in my WeChat Moments. In addition, when I sneak attacked Senior Brother Gao Sheng earlier, I made sure to cover my face and conceal most of my body.

Therefore… Senior Brother Gao Sheng, or Stressed by a Mountain of Books, shouldn’t have seen my face, and it’s unlikely that he recognized me.

Such being the case, I just have to act as if nothing happened.

The young monster hunter operated his brain at full speed and then made up his mind—as long as he acted as though it was his first time meeting Stressed by a Mountain of Books, everything would be fine!

Thereupon, the young monster hunter quickly relaxed his face and greeted Song Shuhang with a gentle smile. After that, he stretched out his hand, preparing to shake hands with Shuhang. “Nice to meet you, Stressed by a Mountain of Books. I’m [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director]. You really gave me a huge surprise. It turned out you were the actor playing Senior Brother Gao Sheng! You shouldn’t have concealed the truth from me!”

If you hadn’t concealed the truth from me… there is no way I would have put that gunnysack over your head!

“Ahaha.” Song Shuhang pushed up his sunglasses. The sunglasses he was wearing this time were real. Afterward, he stretched out both his hands and gave [Mad Mental Hospital’s Director] a warm hug. “Director, the reason I concealed the truth from you is that I wanted to give you a surprise!”

The young monster hunter secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that Stressed by a Mountain of Books hadn’t recognized him.

Still, why did he feel that there was something wrong with this situation?