Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Highly Skilled People Don't Walk The Path Of Commoners

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

“That ordinary person that was contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm is now locked up inside Ye Si’s magical treasure and was moved to the backyard of my house,” Song Shuhang replied.

After saying this much, Song Shuhang gazed at that big fellow floating beside True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Just like that middle-aged man he’d met earlier, this big fellow had also been contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm, with his body transforming and becoming stronger. Song Shuhang could sense the pure energy of the Netherworld Realm emanating from the body of the opposite party. The nucleus in his Heart Aperture had started to become somewhat restless at this time.

The appetite of the nucleus in his Heart Aperture was very big. Whether we were talking about spirit stones or the energy of the Netherworld Realm, regardless of the quantity being big or small, the nucleus wouldn’t fuss about it, and would eat everything.

However, after Venerable White made his move and sealed the lotus flower that the nucleus in his Heart Aperture had projected out, the nucleus became much more obedient. At least, it now wasn’t acting like it did the first time when it projected out that lotus flower and started absorbing the source of energy in front of it regardless of Song Shuhang’s opinion.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain pointed at that big fellow, and asked, “Little friend Shuhang, is the condition of this big fellow similar to the condition of the middle-aged man you’ve caught earlier?”

“Yes, they are identical! The energy of the Netherworld Realm was likewise entwining the body of that guy and had transformed his body, strengthening him. The energy of the Netherworld Realm was also very pure, and their source should be the same,” Song Shuhang said with a nod.

Now, they were sure that this matter wasn’t a simple coincidence, but the doing of a powerful creature of the Netherworld Realm. Still, what was the opposite party trying to do after contaminating and transforming these ordinary people into ‘demons of the Netherworld’?

Still, whatever they were trying to do, it surely wasn’t anything good.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain nodded, and said, “Little friend Shuhang, bring me to see that guy who was contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm that you’ve caught earlier. Afterward, I’ll take both of them away and see if I can get some useful information out of them. Beyond that… I’m also planning to catch that idiot Cloudy Mist by this evening and seal him up again.”

It seemed that Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s life would end by this evening!

Song Shuhang brought True Monarch Yellow Mountain to the adjacent room.

In the room, Senior Sister Ye Si was resting her chin in her hand and looking through Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s collection of books. The majority of the books were about the things that happened in China during the past hundred years, and others about new technological products, such as burglar-proof doors, burglar-proof locks, electronic locks, fingerprint identification system, iris identification system, and so on. All the books in the collection were books that conformed to Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist’s tastes.

Guoguo, Shi, and Zhu, the three disobedient children, were sitting side by side and practicing earnestly.

The effects of the enlightenment stone were especially obvious when it came to cultivators of the First Stage. Aside from enhancing the comprehension of cultivators of the First Stage, the enlightenment stone also had a special type of energy within that didn’t belong to the cultivation system, and this energy could allow a cultivator of the First Stage to obtain twice the results with half the effort when it came to breaking through their apertures.

Senior Sister Ye Si raised her head and looked at Song Shuhang and True Monarch Yellow Mountain, saying, “The three children are sitting in meditation and practicing, and they will still need some time. Shuhang, you can bring True Monarch Yellow Mountain to see that guy locked up in the cage first. I’ll wait for the children to finish with their practice and bring them over later.”

It seemed that Senior Sister Ye Si had heard the conversation True Monarch Yellow Mountain and Song Shuhang were having earlier.

“Sure. In that case, I’ll leave Guoguo and the others in your care.” Song Shuhang gave the enlightenment stone and Lady Onion to Ye Si so that the three disobedient children could keep benefitting from the effects of the enlightenment stone.

Afterward, Song Shuhang accompanied True Monarch Yellow Mountain to the backyard of his house, handing to him that guy that had been contaminated with the evil energy of the Netherworld Realm.

In Song Shuhang’s house.

During the time Song Shuhang and Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist had gone to practice, the young monster hunter in Song Shuhang’s house had enjoyed a free meal and was now waiting somewhat bored in the living room for Song Shuhang and the others to return.

This wait had lasted several hours already.

Then… the young monster hunter suddenly patted his head.

F*ck, why am I waiting for Stressed by a Mountain of Books to return? I should seize this opportunity to leave his house and run away! If I keep waiting here, won’t I just get to enjoy Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ retaliation?

After all, he had yet to receive retribution for putting a gunnysack over Stressed by a Mountain of Books’ head~

Beyond that, the reason he had decided to wait for Song Shuhang in Wenzhou City was that he wanted to accompany him to the Jiangnan area. Back then, he’d believed that Song Shuhang was an ordinary person, and had decided to travel together with him in order to protect him.

But now, his once Internet friend had transformed, changing into a cultivator of the Third Stage that was even one realm higher than him in strength. He definitely didn’t need his protection!

After thinking up to this point, the young monster hunter got up and went to say goodbye to Mama Song.

“Auntie~ Song Shuhang has yet to return, and since it’s late and I have a matter to take care of, I’ll leave first. Auntie, when he comes back, can you tell Song Shuhang that I’ll wait for him in the Jiangnan area at the appointed time?” the young monster hunter said with a radiant smile on his face.

He heard Song Shuhang’s name from Mama Song’s mouth when they had just arrived home.

Mama Song smiled and nodded.

At first, she was still thinking of persuading this youngster to stay, but it had already been several hours since Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist had dragged Song Shuhang away, and they had yet to come back.

As such, the young monster hunter had been sitting alone in the living for all this time. Mama Song and the young monster hunter didn’t have common topics to chat about, and the situation was rather embarrassing.

As such, since Shuhang had yet to come back even after all this time, Mama Song decided against persuading this youngster to stay.

The young monster hunter secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he went toward the entrance…

However, he had yet to stretch out his hand and open the door when the door opened on its own…

Was the door an automatic one?

But in the next moment, True Monarch Yellow Mountain and Song Shuhang came in while chatting and laughing.

There was also a flying sword floating behind True Monarch Yellow Mountain. At this time, there was an extra figure on the flying sword. Aside from that big fellow from before, there was also a middle-aged man.

Both of them carried the traces of someone that had been contaminated with the energy of the Netherworld Realm.

“Senior Yellow Mountain?” The young monster hunter was a little surprised after seeing True Monarch Yellow Mountain. How come Senior Yellow Mountain had appeared in this place?

“Little friend, we meet again.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain looked at the young monster hunter and faintly smiled. “Did the treasured armor I’ve lent you come in handy?”

“…” The young monster hunter.

Sure enough, Senior Yellow Mountain and Stressed by a Mountain of Books knew each other!

“What treasured armor?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Eh? It seems that the treasured armor wasn’t put to use yet? It turned out that little friend Shuhang’s temperament was even better than what I had initially imagined.” True Monarch Yellow Mountain laughed.

“…” The young monster hunter.

Song Shuhang had a confused expression on his face.

In the next moment, the young monster hunter returned to the living room alongside Song Shuhang and True Monarch Yellow Mountain, the expression on his face bitter.

In the living room, Mama Song saw that Song Shuhang had come back, and said, “Shuhang, you have come back… Right, that friend of yours waited for you for a long time, but after seeing that you weren’t coming back, he decided to leave. Did you meet him on the way here?”

“Auntie, I’m still here.” The young monster hunter entered the living room alongside True Monarch Yellow Mountain and waved at Mama Song.

Mama Song laughed, and said, “Another guest? Wait a moment, I’ll go prepare the tea.”

After saying this much, Mama Song got up and left the trio alone in the living room.

After Mama Song left, True Monarch Yellow Mountain said to Song Shuhang, “Little friend Shuhang, do you have some free time during early September? As long as you can get one day off, it should suffice.”

“Hmm… usually, our Jiangnan University holds the registration session from the 1st to the 3rd of September, and lessons will start around the 6th. As such, I should manage to find some free time,” Song Shuhang replied. “Senior Yellow Mountain, did you need my help with something?”

Song Shuhang had received True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s help since after the joined the group. True Monarch Yellow Mountain was the model that all group founders should follow, and if any of the members of the group needed help, the first person they would normally think about was True Monarch Yellow Mountain.

Therefore, if True Monarch Yellow Mountain needed some help, Song Shuhang couldn’t shrink back, and had to help him.

“Actually, it’s like this… Immortal Master Copper Trigram and Northern River’s Loose Cultivator agreed to have a duel on the summit of the forbidden city in early September, do you remember?” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said.

Song Shuhang nodded. There was indeed this matter. Soon after he’d joined the Nine Provinces Number One Group, Immortal Master Copper Trigram had challenged Northern River’s Loose Cultivator to a duel.

True Monarch Yellow Mountain said, “Back then, I told them that if I could find some time during early September, I would head to the summit of the forbidden city and host the duel between the two of them, also giving them a small gift. However, given the time, it’s likely that I’ll already be in secluded meditation during the first days of September. As such, if little friend Shuhang has some free time, could you take my place, go to the summit of the forbidden city, and give those small gifts to Copper Trigram and Northern River in my stead?”

“Sure, no problem. You can leave everything to me,” Song Shuhang said with a nod. He was very curious about the outcome of the battle that would take place on the summit of the forbidden city.

In addition, he was already planning to take a look at that battle together with Senior White.

“In that case, I’ll trouble little friend Shuhang.” After he had said this much, True Monarch Yellow Mountain took out two wooden boxes from his spatial magical treasure. The two boxes had the names ‘Copper Trigram’ and ‘Northern River’, respectively, engraved on them.

“Senior Yellow Mountain, it’s really nothing.” Song Shuhang took the two gifts and stored them in his size-reducing purse. Then, he asked about another matter he was very curious about. “Senior Yellow Mountain, if you go into secluded meditation, who would take care of Doudou’s wedding?”

How would the scene of Doudou’s wedding look?

Doudou was still unable to assume human form. Therefore, what kind of creature would his other half be?

In addition, how did Doudou end up being the bride?

Song Shuhang was very curious!

Actually, it wasn’t only him… the majority of the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group were very curious about this matter.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already made preparations for it,” True Monarch Yellow Mountain said with a smile. “Anyway, it’s pretty late already… and it’s better if I go catch Daoist Priest Cloudy Mist. Little friend Shuhang, we will meet another time.”

After saying this much, True Monarch Yellow Mountain elegantly headed toward the balcony outside the living room and jumped down from the window of the said balcony.

Highly skilled people wouldn’t walk the path of commoners!

Still… once she comes over with the tea, how am I going to explain to my mother the fact that Senior Yellow Mountain has disappeared from the living room without passing through the front door? Should I tell her that my friend decided to jump down from the window? Song Shuhang was in a dilemma.