Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 85

Chapter 85 My Luck Has Finally Turned For The Better Haha
Chapter 85: My luck has finally turned for the better, haha!
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Lets fight together. Hes alone, two hands alone arent enough to fight against four. The businessman wiped his face, his mouth was filled with blood.

Two handleless sharp daggers slid into T-shirt Guys hands. His gaze was icy cold: Kill him. I can erase all the traces, then we shall leave this train quickly!

The businessman nodded, and with an angry roar, his muscular body charged towards Caucasian Monk again.

T-shirt Guy was like a ghost; he stuck behind the businessman, and was almost invisible. However, he was even more dangerous than the businessman. The daggers in his hands were like the poisoned fangs of a venomous snake. Once they appeared, they would send people to their deaths!

Come! Caucasian Monk laughed uproariously.

Two minutes later.

The businessman collapsed onto the floor shakily, his four limbs were twisted in a strange manner. His face was covered in blood and his eyes stared blankly into space.

T-shirt Guy was being pressed against a wall by Caucasian Monk. Those massive fists punched T-shirt Guys face one after another, his face was also covered in blood, and his gaze was blank.

Ive reached the 1st Stage and opened the sixth acupoint arriving at the Leaping Dragon Gate realm. Two little sprouts like you, who havent even finished your foundation building actually tried to face me head on?! Caucasian Monk threw T-shirt Guy to the ground and while in passing, plucked the magic treasure made of bone from his body.

The realm after opening the sixth acupoint during the 1st Stage is called the Leaping Dragon Gate realm, taking its meaning from the story of a carp leaping over waterfalls until it turned into a dragon. Once you leap over, you could give the formless power of qi and blood an actual form, changing it into real Qi and break away from the mortal world! This big monk was already an expert at the peak of the 1st Stage.

Caucasian Monk held onto the magical treasure made of bone and looked towards the ghost general, Suffering Spirit.

This angry ghost has absorbed at least a few hundred, if not a thousand ordinary souls. If I purify it, I wont be too far off from the next level of the Carp Leaping Over The Dragon Gate. Hehe, once I leap over the Dragon Gate, Ill be able to advance another level. Caucasian Monk muttered to himself and crushed the magical treasure made of bone by exerting some strength.

The magical treasure made of bone was connected to the ghost general. Once it was crushed, the ghost general Suffering Spirit immediately started wailing pitifully: Ahhhh Ahhhh.

Take its life while its weak!

Caucasian Monk took the chance and grabbed his scriptures and prayer beads.

The scriptures moved by themselves and flipped to the appropriate position.

Caucasian Monk chanted the scriptures loudly, waving the prayer beads firmly in his right hand.

The prayer beads scattered and shot towards the ghost general like golden bullets.

Their speed was so fast that the ghost general Suffering Spirit had no time to even dodge. It was struck endlessly by the golden prayer beads, and more than ten holes opened up in its body. The ghostly air on its body turned thin. It wailed continuously!

However, Caucasian Monk knitted his brows together, displaying dissatisfaction towards this result. Following that, he threw out the scriptures too. Like the prayer beads, the scriptures scattered in midair, transforming into page after page of holy sheets, covering the ghost general.

The ghost generals pitiful wailing grew in volume.

Caucasian Monk released the scriptures exorcism seal onto the ghost general, a golden glow shined from his eyes as he shouted prayers from his mouth.

You bastard, stop stop! The businessman crawled with difficulty towards Caucasian Monk, using up the remainder of his strength to shout, leaving a long bloody trail on the ground.

If this ghost general was purified, then he and T-shirt Guy would definitely die!

T-shirt Guy also awakened, he shifted towards Caucasian Monk like a bug, opening his mouth with the intention of biting him: Stop right now Dont purify it Dont, well lose our lives! Stop!

This was the tragedy of being a small fry their lives were only worth this much.

The Caucasian monks eyes were gloomy, but he didnt stop reciting the scripture. Those who are pitiful must possess qualities about them that are worthy of contempt!

He had seen many evil paths ghost cultivators. Thus, he had experienced this many times. Even if these two men dies as a result of this, he couldnt stop purifying this ghost general just for them!

All angry ghosts must be purified. Every single angry ghost must be purified, no exceptions! The Caucasian monks eyes were full of resolution, and a tinge of hatred.

At this time, the Caucasian monk didnt notice that there was a hunchbacked figure quietly walking towards him.

With the Caucasian monks current state of having all his mental energy released, he was surprisingly unable to notice this person.

That person walked close to the Caucasian monk, and threw a palm strike in a very ordinary manner. It landed on the back of the Caucasian monk.


With this strike, there was some surging true qi held in that palm. The true qi was concentrated and pressed on that Caucasian monks back just like that.

*Crack crack crack~* It was the sound of bones breaking under pressure that would make teeth hurt. As if he had been run over by a large truck, a palm-shaped depression appeared on the monks back.

The Caucasian monk had been completely unprepared, fresh blood spewed out of his mouth. The golden glow in his eyes dissipated and his chanting stopped!

The prayer beads and holy sheets that had been enveloping the ghost general turned back into normal items and fell to the ground without the Caucasian monks support. The falling prayer beads struck the ground with tinkling sounds

Following that, the Caucasian monk fell to the ground with a bang, his eyes filled with disbelief as he looked at the man behind him.

True qi, it was someone at the 2nd Stage True Master!

Since the other side had a true qi expert, why did they wait until now to strike? He could have completely overwhelmed me right from the very beginning, okay?!

*Cough cough*

That figure coughed twice, his face ashen.

He tossed a cold glance at the large monk, before turning to the businessman and T-shirt Guy on the ground: You two good-for-nothings If I didnt change my plans at the last minute, and if I didnt come to this fifth line train by coincidence, I would have lost my precious ghost general.

The two mens faces instantly paled, they trembled all over, Altar Master

Why is the Altar Master here?

This hunchbacked figure was precisely the Altar Master whom Shuhang wanted to look for at Yuan Long Medicine Store. At this moment, the Altar Masters face was deathly pale, evidently, the poison on his body hadnt been dispelled.

Altar Master, please have mercy on us! This times mission, weve already done our best! However, this Caucasian monk is too strong! T-shirt Guy sorrowfully begged Altar Master. This times failure was truly not because they were too weak, it was because the enemy was too strong! Furthermore, the ghost general Suffering Spirit hadnt been purified yet, so perhaps the Altar Master would have mercy on them?

Have mercy on you guys? Altar Masters expression was gloomy, Trash that is useless has no value in staying in this world. However theres still some use for you guys.

The businessman and T-shirt Guy showed joy in their eyes when they heard this.

However, in the next moment, they felt immense pain in their heads and their vision went black as they lost all their senses.

Suffering Spirit eat them. Altar Master wiped away the blood on his hands as he said coldly.

In mid-air, the ghost general Suffering Spirit threw himself at the bodies of the two men, dragged out their souls, and without waiting for their souls to react, he threw him into his mouth and devoured them.

With the two mens souls as nourishment, the Suffering Spirits wounds immediately recovered by a great degree.

Luckily we changed our plans at the last minute. Otherwise I would really have had suffered heavy losses for this trip to Jiangnan. Altar Master muttered.

He had only wanted to exchange for the spirit ghost that Senior Song owned, but his greed had been aroused by that inaccurate report.

In the end, for the sake of that laughable information, he had lost a valuable subordinate, and had even been carelessly struck with severe poison.

After escaping to Guangyuan Road with difficulty, he had silently tended to his own wounds. He had then found a medicine hall nearby without a hitch, and wanted to make the antidote to the poison.

However, he found out by chance that there was someone looking for medicine halls that sold four types of herbs that were part of the antidote in Jiangnan online. In the next instant, he was absolutely horrified.

He finally realised, that those four ingredients to the antidote were a trap that Senior Song had set for the sake of finding him, the leader behind the scenes!

No wonder the subordinate that had been poisoned had been able to escape safely to his hotel, it had all been a trap.

Once he thought of that, Altar Master packed his bags and ran without hesitation.

He wasnt fated to die here. Luckily, he had found the traces online!

As an evil paths ghost cultivator, he had been relying on his caution and prudence to live up to now. Even with a 1/1000 chance, he would definitely escape no matter what.

Following that, he had quite coincidentally gotten on this fifth line train.

And again, quite coincidentally, found his two good-for-nothing subordinates and his precious ghost general in the middle of being purified by some Caucasian monk.

He was really too lucky! If he had gotten on an earlier or later train, he would have missed this train and lost his precious ghost general!

It looks like after so much misfortune, my luck has finally turned for the better.

Altar Master thought in his heart.