Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 850

Chapter 850

Translator: GodBrandy  Editor: Kurisu

At this time, in True Monarch Yellow Mountain’s immortal cave.

The about-to-be bride Doudou had recovered from his ‘slimy’ state.

He was currently locked up in a dungeon in the deepest region of the immortal cave. There were layers upon layers of restrictions there, and ‘Heaven Shrouding Hook’ Zhou Li was guarding outside. As such, even if Doudou was a master when it came to running away from home, he would be unable to get out of this place within a short time.

The bored Doudou could only play video games to kill time.

At this time, he was playing a new game online. The in-game wife he had previously found—that sweet 17 or 18 years old girl called Chu Chu—was accompanying him even while playing this new game.

Today, it just happened that his wife Chu Chu was online.

Thereupon, Doudou helped his wife clean up some dungeons, kill enemy players, as well as snipe the respawning enemies together with the other squad members.

After playing for a few hours, Doudou’s bad mood improved a little.

After playing until getting tired, they decided to take a break. Afterward, his in-game wife used the voice chat feature to call Doudou.

Doudou asked, “Chu Chu, will you play again in a while?”

“I can’t today because I have to go offline very soon. Right, Doudou~ I need to tell you something. School is about to start, and next year, I’ll have to take the university entrance examination. When that happens, it’s likely that I won’t have much time to play video games together with you.” The sweet voice of that little beauty was transmitted over—by the way, in this new game, Doudou’s username was precisely ‘Doudou’.

“Ahaha, your studies are obviously important. I can understand that,” Doudou replied.

However, he was still somewhat reluctant to part with her.

During the past few months, he had played a lot with his online wife Chu Chu, cleaning up dungeons together and killing enemy players. If she couldn’t accompany him anymore during the next year, playing games wouldn’t be nearly as fun as before.

But right at this time, the young girl added, “Right. Doudou, that movie you shot, ❮Apocalypse War❯, was very cool. I went to the movie theatre to see it. Although you played the part of the great villain Senior Brother Gao Sheng, I still found you very cool!”

Doudou’s dog eyes teared up. I’m sorry, but I didn’t play Senior Brother Gao Sheng’s role. Moreover, the real great villain, Scholar Drugged Goon, would cry himself to sleep if he were to hear these words.

Anyway, Doudou had almost forgotten that he had asked Song Shuhang to pose as him the first time he’d used the video chat feature to converse with his online wife Chu Chu. From the looks of it, this young girl had been mistaking him for Song Shuhang all along…

Thereupon, Doudou said, “That’s a given. No matter which role your husband plays, he will be like the dazzling moon in the night sky, my radiance is impossible to cover up. Right… Wife, what do you think about the pet of the great villain, that ‘Infernal Demonic Dog’? Was it cool?”

“Oh, are you talking about that ten-headed big dog? It was somewhat scary. But in the end, its ten heads were torn to pieces by the ‘Heaven Devouring Cat’. I found it a little pitiful,” the little girl Chu Chu replied.

Doudou sighed deeply. For some reason, he was a little sad now.

The young girl mustered her courage, and asked, “Doudou, the last time we chatted, you said that you were still a student, right? Have you graduated already? And which university did you attend?”

Doudou was immediately dumbfounded. He couldn’t even remember when he had told his wife Chu Chu about this stuff. From the looks of it, he had unwittingly revealed that ‘Song Shuhang’ was still a student while they were killing monsters and casually chatting…

Hmm… should I tell my wife that Song Shuhang studies at Jiangnan University, as well as about his other school-related matters?

Ugh! No way!

How can I let my dear wife go to Jiangnan University Town and meet Shuhang?

At that time, if his wife met the real Song Shuhang and mistook him for her online husband ‘Doudou’—falling in love with him—wouldn’t it have been the same as doing all the work and letting Song Shuhang reap the benefits?!

Thereupon, Doudou replied, “Actually, your husband already graduated from university.”

“Ah, that’s really a shame… and here I was thinking of passing the examination and getting admitted to the same university as you, Doudou. I really wanted to meet you,” the young girl said, somewhat disappointed.

Doudou stuck out his tongue. Shiet, that was close. This girl was really thinking of getting admitted to the same university and meeting me in real life! Luckily, this dog god was quick-witted and dodged the calamity.

Then, just as Doudou was preparing to comfort the young girl, the door of the dungeon was pushed open.

“Doudou, it seems you are playing games again,” Zhou Li said with a smile on his face. Zhou Li was the captain of the team in charge of cleaning up the mess that Doudou would leave behind each time he ran away from home. As such, the day he got the news that Doudou had sought death big time—thoroughly enraging True Monarch Yellow Mountain—and that he would be married off to a man as a punishment, he had happily drunk with his buddies all night.

Doudou looked at Zhou Li and coldly snorted.

“Right. Doudou, I’ve brought you your wedding dresses. They are something True Monarch especially prepared for you, and there are several different designs. You can choose the one you like the most… True Monarch said that he wants to marry you off to a man in a stylish and grand way,” Zhou Li said with a smile.

“…” Doudou.

But right at this time, the voice of that young girl, Chu Chu, was transmitted from the computer. “Wedding dresses? Doudou? Getting married off to a man?”

Doudou was startled.

Dammit! I forgot to mute the mic when this idiot Zhou Li entered the room! Everything Zhou Li said was heard by my online wife Chu Chu!

What to do now? How can I explain things to my wife?

After quite a while, the young girl Chu Chu asked, “Doudou… are you getting married?”

Doudou clenched his teeth, and said, “Ugh, your husband won’t go down so easily! It’s impossible to force me to get married!”

After another moment of silence, the young girl Chu Chu asked, “Doudou… are you a girl?”

From what she heard, Doudou was going to wear a wedding dress and marry a man.

Doudou gritted his teeth, and said, “Ugh, how can that be! I’m a manly man! And what wedding dresses?! It’s just a bunch of idiots playing tricks on me! I’ll never submit to them! In the worst case, I’ll just run away from home!”

The nearby Zhou Li sneered.

“Phew~” On the other side, the young girl Chu Chu heaved a huge sigh of relief.

But right at this time, Zhou Li said in a faint voice, “Doudou, you are indeed a male for now, but it might not be the case in a while. Hehehe.”

While saying this sentence, Zhou Li experienced a wonderful feeling—it was the feeling of vengeance!

“…” Doudou.

The young girl Chu Chu immediately got worried. “Doudou, are you in danger at this time? Do they want to force you to undergo a sex change operation? Should I call the police?”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry, I’m not in danger.” Doudou turned his head around, looking at Zhou Li and saying angrily, “Zhou Li, you idiot. I’ll bite you to death!”

“Hehehe.” Zhou Li faintly smiled. Then, he placed the ‘tailor-made wedding dresses’ down and turned around, preparing to leave the dungeon.

But right before leaving, he suddenly turned around again, and said loudly, “Right, I almost forgot… Girl, if you want to find clues about Senior Brother Gao Sheng, head to Jiangnan University Town. The trip would be definitely worth it!”

Helping others was the foundation of happiness! Doing one good deed each day would make the world a better place.

“Woof!” Doudou suddenly turned into a two meters big dog and pounced toward Zhou Li, biting his head.

Blood flowed from his head, but Zhou Li still had a weirdly content expression on his face.

Girl, no need to thank me. It was a pleasure to give you a hand.

After Doudou reluctantly let go of his head, Zhou Li covered his bleeding wound and left the dungeon with a triumphant expression on his face.

Right at this time, the young girl Chu Chu said resolutely, “Doudou, although I don’t know what is happening on your end, I’ll still try my best! Jiangnan University? I’ll surely pass the test and get admitted there! Doudou, I’ll definitely find you!”

“Wait a moment, let me explain—” Doudou called out.

However, his wife Chu Chu had already gotten offline.

Doudou wanted to cry but had no tears.

After pondering for a moment, he quickly logged in to his chat account and gave a voice call to Song Shuhang!

He felt that it was the time to give Song Shuhang a heads-up about the situation.

Right at this time, in Song Shuhang’s house.

After True Monarch Yellow Mountain left through the window, the young monster asked, “Stressed by a Mountain of Books, at what time are we heading to the Jiangnan area?”

“We’ll set out after dinner, alright?” Song Shuhang replied.

The young monster hunter said, “Good. If we are setting out in the evening, I’ll check if there are any tickets available for the evening train.”

“No need, no need. The train is simply too slow. We’ll just have Ye Si fly us over there. It will be much faster,” Song Shuhang said.

Just as they were discussing, Song Shuhang’s mobile phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone and unlocked it. Then, he discovered that Doudou had called him through the instant messaging program.

Song Shuhang picked up the call, and said, “Hello~ Doudou, did you need something from me? Right, I should congratulate you first since you are about to get married… to a man.”

“Woof, careful that uncle might bite you!” Doudou said angrily.

“Ahaha. Alright, let’s get back to the subject, did you need something?” Song Shuhang asked.

“I have to tell you something! Next year, you’d better not try to seduce my Chu Chu in Jiangnan University Town!” Doudou said earnestly.

“Ah?” Song Shuhang immediately thought about the black-haired Miss Chu Chu from the Chu Family, who was always wearing a one-piece dress. But wasn’t Miss Chu Chu in the Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion right now, taking care of Li Yinzhu?

“Anyway, you are not allowed to seduce my Chu Chu. Otherwise, even if True Monarch Yellow Mountain turns me into a female dog, I will not let you off! Woof, woof! That was all, bye!” Doudou angrily hung up.

Song Shuhang:

What was all of this about?!

Song Shuhang put away his mobile phone and wondered if Doudou had gone crazy.

But just as he was in deep thought, his phone rang again.

Thereupon, Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone again. This time, it was a call from Venerable White.

“Shuhang, where are you now? Wenzhou City or Jiangnan area?” Venerable White asked.

“I’m still in Wenzhou City, but I’ll leave for the Jiangnan area in the evening. Senior White, what about you? Did you already take Senior Thrice Reckless and Senior Brother Liu Jianyi out of that Secret Realm of Slowness?” Song Shuhang asked.

“Yes, I took those two out. However, that Liu Jianyi fellow was somewhat strange. He wanted to stay inside the Secret Realm of Slowness and was shouting and crying because he didn’t want to come out. On the other hand, Fellow Daoist Thrice Reckless was shouting and crying because he wanted to come out. Those two guys are both quite eccentric. Anyway, in the end, I used a disposable flying sword to deliver them to the Spirit Butterfly Island, letting Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly take care of them. Right, Shuhang, do you know that Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly wants to invest in another movie?” Venerable White said.