Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Everybody Get Lost Let Me Pretend To Be Badass
Chapter 86: Everybody get lost, let me pretend to be badass!

Altar Master walked to the Caucasian monks side, and struck again with another palm!

As long as the soul of this damn foreigner gets eaten, it would be sufficient for Suffering Spirit to recover from its weakened state. Perhaps it might even be a profit from a disaster. The Altar Master said inwardly.

This Caucasian monks strength was already at the level of a 1st Stage sixth acupoints Leaping Dragon Gate realm, he also had the enormous power of virtuous achievement. To ghosts, he was simply an amazing nourishment for them like Tang Sengs meat. As long as Suffering Spirit could swallow the spirit of this Caucasian monk, it would have the chance to go up by a small realm!

[TL: Tang Seng is a monk in Journey to the West who is said to possess flesh that could give immorality if eaten.]

This monk mustnt be allowed to escape.

Therefore, despite having a heavily poisoned body, the Altar Master still wanted to take down this Caucasian monk!

Altar Master threw another palm towards the Caucasian monks body, with a surge of true qi on his palm. If this palm hit, it would be enough to leave an open hole in this Caucasian monks body.

*Bam!* When his palm collided with the Caucasian monks body, a the sound of smashing into metal was heard.

The monk robe on the Caucasian monk swelled up, like an inflating balloon protecting his body. Hundreds of scripture words appeared on the monks robe, forming a metallic gloss all over this ordinary looking robe.

This ordinary looking monks robe was actually a protection magic treasure, and completely blocked the Altar Masters palm! While the space that was swelled up within the robe and the engraved scripture array on it also weakened the Altar Masters palm strike.

The Caucasian monk was completely unharmed!

Cultivators pursue the path of longevity, and all treat their lives very preciously.

To those who pursue longevity, they can only pursue longevity if they survive. If they die, its the end of everything!

As a proper cultivator, how could he not possess a defensive magic treasure?

Its no exception even for a foreigner!

The monk robe on the Caucasian monk wasnt just for defense purposes, it could automatically adjust the temperature of its surface. Furthermore, it wasnt expensive to manufacture, which meant that it was a great item that could be acquired at a low price.

The only problem was, this monk robes defense needed to be activated by the Caucasian monk himself.

Therefore, when the Caucasian monk received a sneak attack from Altar Master earlier, the defense of the monk robe wasnt activated, because the monk wasnt able to react to it.

The palm that he determined would grant victory had no effect, so Altar Master creased his brows and sneered, Struggling at your deathbed!

As he spoke, his palm transitioned to a claw, forcefully breaking through the invisible layer of protection surrounding the monk, and his Angry Ghost Claw charged towards the monks robe.

However all this claw of his caught was air!

The Caucasian monk didnt sit idly and wait for death, after receiving the sneak attack earlier, he secretly took a pill to heal his injuries. At this time, he had accumulated enough strength to dodge.

After the monks robe adopted the shape of a sphere, the Caucasian monk clapped his hands, and his body shot out like a kicked soccer ball. Although it wasnt elegant, its speed truly made one speechless!

Altar Masters claw had only grabbed hold of his afterimage.

At the same time, the Caucasian monks body quickly bounced out of this cabin, and in a blink of an eye he was already three cabins away!

As long as one of the cabins had their doors open, he could immediately escape.

What a shitty day. The Caucasian monk murmured.

The enemy was a 2nd Stage True Master who had true qi, if he fought him head on, hed die ten times over. Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, retreating was the greatest. As long as he could escape from the wicked hands of this evil paths ghost cultivator, he could look for a whole lot of fellow apprentices to take revenge for that palm strike!

As he bounced, the Caucasian monk very quickly entered the cabin where Song Shuhang was in.

The passengers all looked at the Caucasian monk in astonishment, they couldnt understand why this senior monk had suddenly returned.

Also, why was he bloated to the shape of a ball?

The Caucasian monk had no time to waste, he just stood up on the spot, released two streams of white gas from the sleeves of his monks robe, and the plump monks robe recovered its original state.

Next, he moved up to the cabins door, knocked open the manual override for the door, and forcefully twisted it open.

Those who dont want to die quickly leave this subway! In the end, the Caucasian monk shouted to all of the passengers in the cabin.

He didnt have the luxury of making more explanations, and couldnt care less if the passengers listened to him. He had already done his part, it was up to the passengers whether to believe him or not.

Song Shuhang and the family of the little loli stood right beside the cabins door.

The little loli shrunk behind her father, holding onto her mothers hand.

The young mother used stiff Mandarin to ask, Do we get off the train?

The white shirt man nodded and said, Yes, lets get off the train!

Previously, they watched the Caucasian monk dispel the illusion with their own eyes, several people now believed that he was a virtuous and learned senior monk. Although he was a foreigner, that wasnt important.

The white shirt man considered himself young, and didnt want to die, so he chose to listen to the senior monk and get off the cabin.

Little friend, lets get off the cabin together. He said to Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang lightly shook his head, Too late

? The white shirt man had a face of bewilderment.

Song Shuhangs eyes squinted, he pinched onto three talismans with his fingers. From the moment the Caucasian monk had opened the cabin, it was already too late.

Song Shuhang who was in a state of alertness could perceive that that approximately three seconds after the Caucasian monk bounced into the cabin, there was negative energy from a ghostly object following him into the cabin.

When the Caucasian monk undid the protection on his monks robe and moved to open the cabin door, the ghostly negative energy had already enveloped the entire cabin. The ghostly beings illusion was already cast over the whole cabin before anybody knew it.

The Caucasian monk thought he had already opened the cabins door, but fact was all this time he was just twisting a grab hanger. The cabin door wasnt opened at all.

Stay by my side and dont move. Song Shuhang softly said to the white shirt man and his family.

Next, he quietly took out two Sword Talismans and two Armor Talismans, then placed them into his pockets in a manner which he could draw out at any time.

Just as he spoke, a deathly pale figure slowly entered the cabin, he sneered and said, You cant escape from the palm of my hand, big monk.

The Caucasian monks expression greatly changed, he shouted the words oh no in his heart.

He reached out his hand towards the cabin door which had already been opened, from his view, the cabin door was already open, the subway tracks were right outside. However, what he felt was a chilly cabin wall.

This is bad, Im stuck in an illusion!

Do you still want to flee? There are still many more cabins behind, you can keep fleeing away, Im not in a rush. The Altar Master grimly smiled, and snapped his fingers.

Four angry ghosts bore out of his hand, destroying all of the monitoring equipment in the cabin.

Next, half of the ghost general Suffering Spirits body entered the cabin. The illusion in the cabin had been laid out a long time ago, and it enveloped all of the passengers.

The passengers revealed expressions of dismay, they began to faint, and fell onto the ground one by one.

Shit!(In english) The Caucasian monk angrily shouted, he couldnt flee anymore.

His large monks robe trembled, and a vajra pestle slid out of it, falling into his hands.

To the death!

Even if he was going to die, he wanted to make this fellow work for it.

At this time, the surrounding passengers fell down one by one. The white shirt father, young mother and the little loli wore expressions of dismay as they fainted. The passengers received all kinds of terrifying torture in the illusions, forming pure terror, fear and other negative energies.

If this continued, the enemys ghost general Suffering Spirit would absorb more negative energy, and become even stronger. While the injuries on his body would make things more and more unfavorable as time passed.

This is the last stand, if he still didnt choose to fight to the death, he would have no chances left.

The Caucasian monk took a deep breath, the qi and blood of his four acupoints, namely the eyes, nose, ears and mouth along with the heart acupoint echoed in sync.

He used the qi and blood in his body to temporarily suppress the injury on his back, held onto the vajra pestle with both hands, and took one step forward, raising his aura to the limit!

He had done the math, he only had enough strength for a blow or two.

*Roar!* The Caucasian monk jumped up high, and swung the vajra pestle towards the Altar Master with both hands.

This was the pestle way of using absolute strength to outdo all tricks.

Hehe, looking at your final struggle is truly delicious, this is fantastic. The Altar Master didnt dodge, the ghost general Suffering Spirit reached out his hands, forming a pair of gigantic ghost claws, and firmly protected the Altar Master.

When the Caucasian monks vajra pestle smashed against the gigantic ghost claw, all it left was a line of sparks.

The ghost general Suffering Spirit which was gradually recovering had strength that was firmly at the 2nd Stage.

The Caucasian monk didnt hurt Suffering Spirit at all, he was instead knocked flying by the ghost claw, and smashed against the cabin wall. Because of this hit, the injury on his back worsened.

As long as youre eaten, Suffering Spirit will definitely break through its current realm. My luck has finally turned for the better! Altar Master sinisterly smiled.

Dogshit. The Caucasian monk clenched his teeth, he couldnt help but feel hopeless inside.

As far as the Caucasian monk could see, the passengers in the cabin were approaching complete annihilation, only a delicate looking youngster still stood in the cabin.

It could be seen that the youngster had a tranquil expression, and he exuded an aura that was out of this world.

A moment later, the youngster suddenly made a slight smile. Then, he pulled out a necklace from his neck, and it lightly bounced.


A crisp sound came from the necklace.

This sound was also pretty sweet-sounding