Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 87

Chapter 87 A Path Of Survival Ill Provide You One
Chapter 87: A path of survival? Ill provide you one!

In the dark, quiet cabin, the sharp sound was so sudden that it was hard for anyone to ignore.

The pale faced Altar Master looked at the youth from the corner of his eyes. Then, his line of sight was dead set on the necklace, with his mouth gaped in shock.

Apologies, I have interrupted the two of you. The youth joined the scene, smiling at the Altar Master. Do you need me to introduce myself?

Then, the youth dully continued, My name is Song Shuhang.

This is a normal, cultured male name.

The Caucasian monk had no idea why the young man was introducing himself all of a sudden. But just then, he began to see a change on the face of the mighty Altar Master!

From the looks of his face, it seemed how one might react at the sight of the apocalypse has befallen them; a face filled with fright!

Theres something going on here?! This thought entered the Caucasian monks mind.

Song Shuhang saw this reaction, his eyes drooped and his smile became more resplendent.

Then, a talisman paper slipped out of his fingers, he softly said, Break!

It was an Exorcism Talisman!

A berzerk, unmatched spiritual energy was released from the talisman paper!

This spiritual energy was unimaginably powerful to the Altar Master and the Caucasian monk, it was practically a hurricane enveloping the whole cabin.

In the blink of an eye, all of the ghostly negative energies in the cabin were blown away!

The small ghosts that were released by the Altar Master to destroy the monitoring equipment in the cabin wasnt even given a chance to wail before being directly destroyed by the spiritual energy, turning into particles of energy in the air!

The ghost general Suffering Spirit that was behind the Altar Master wasnt able to escape as well, half of its body which it squeezed into the cabin to protect the Altar Master was also blown to oblivion by the berzerk spiritual energy.

Wu~~ The ghost general Suffering Spirit shrieked as it quickly left the cabin.

However, it was useless to flee!

The power of the Exorcism Talisman spared no one, it pursued the ghost general over a distance of two cabins!

When the Exorcism Talismans power faded away, the ghost general Suffering Spirit only had a tenth of its ghostly form left, it became extremely weak and shrunk in the cabin, unable to move.

All these changes happened in a flash!

Following this, the Caucasian monk felt his vision brighten, the ghostly negative energy had been totally expelled from the cabin, and the cabins brightness was restored. The faces of the passengers who had been afflicted by terrifying illusions also calmed down, they no longer trembled in terror, and just seemed to be in deep sleep.

The Caucasian monk revealed ecstasy in his eyes. Like a Huaxia saying, he was truly at the end of the line, and a glimmer of hope appeared!

On the other hand, the Altar Master looked dejected as he repeatedly retreated.

Hes an evil paths ghost cultivator after all, the true qi in his body was focused on the cold yin type. Although he didnt have it as bad as being purified like the ghosts, the Exorcism Talismans spiritual energy hurricane made him suffer a lot. Add on to that, he had acute poison inside his body, this couldnt get any worse for him.

But whats even worse is, this Senior Song why is he here?

The Altar Master felt his legs trembling again, he couldnt even stand stably.

According to the clues left by the four special medicinal ingredients, this Senior should be heading towards the Yuan Zhou Medicinal Drugs Store, right? Why has he appeared here!?

Could it be that this is another part of his trap? Everything he did was just to force me into this narrow train cabin?

So it turns out that my luck never changed for the better, and the good luck from before was just a dying mans last spurt of luck?

What kind of joke is this!

The smile on Song Shuhangs lips became even more dense right now, he finally confirmed the true identity of this ghost cultivator in front of him.

This man was lost in thought from seeing the spirit ghost instead of being pleasantly surprised; when he heard the name Song Shuhang, he turned pale from fright; after Shuhang used the Exorcism Talisman, he became even more dejected, and looked like he wished to flee from Shuhang. Add on to that, this person had a faint scent of medicine on him.

Without a doubt, this person is the Altar Master.

Its unexpected that he would be on the train leaving from Yuan Long Medicinal Drugs Store, how close, I nearly missed him.

Its fortunate that I met this cute little girl today, my good person attribute kicked in, and I held her to the point of missing my station by three stations. Otherwise, even if I made it to Yuan Long Medicinal Drugs Store, I would be fated to find no clues to the whereabouts of Altar Master.

This was truly like wearing out iron shoes in fruitless searching, yet finding what youre looking for by chance with no effort!

Who says you wont be rewarded for being a good person?

Sometimes, a good person can have good luck as well!

This string of events was different from what he had planned, he was facing the Altar Master earlier than expected.

However, this was a variation that he liked!

Well then, what should I do now?

I should fully utilize everything I have at my disposal, the three types of talismans, the invisible flying sword, and the identity of being Senior Song!

Right now, what he needed to do was maintain his charisma, the charisma of someone strong!

He wanted to maintain his image of being a powerful senior, so that he could use it to shock, and shock again. Anyways, he had to dominate the enemy. Otherwise, if he gets seen through by the Altar Master, its very possible for Shuhang to be put to death by him in seconds.

In a nutshell, this was the time for him to pretend to be more of a badass than he actually was.

Furthermore, he had to act with high standards. If he didnt act properly, the consequences would be inconceivable.

He had a lot weighing on his mind, but Shuhang maintained unwavering calmness on his face. He indifferently said, Alright, now that those filthy things are gone, we can have a proper chat.

This sort of indifferent look would make others feel as if dispelling all of the ghosts in the cabin was as easy as breathing for him.

Have a good chat, chat about how Im going to die?

There was only one thought on Altar Masters mind at this point of time, run.

It must be said that sometimes, the first impression humans get can be very important. Altar Master determined that Song Shuhang was a powerful senior, he no longer doubted this! As a cautious and cowardly ghost cultivator, he was very adept at fleeing. He had all kinds of methods of escaping, there were only things you couldnt think of, nothing that he couldnt do.

This Senior Song is a complete mystery, he has deep pockets, a ruthless personality, and is adept at utilizing poison. Right now, Im utterly weak, and Im still affected by the enemys poison. There isnt any chance of victory, my only choice is to flee.

When theres life, theres hope!

However, just as he thought of this, he saw the young-looking Senior Song slowly draw a shapeless and invisible item.

It was something he couldnt see with his eyes, but he could faintly feel a dangerous and sharp aura exuding from it.

This feeling, he felt it before from a powerful cultivator many years ago, its a flying sword! Retrieving a severed head from a thousand miles away is as easy as pie, this is how the flying sword is described, its so fast that it cant have friends.

Thinking back, he was just a 1st Stage cultivator then. He was lucky to have followed several senior cultivators to the dwelling place of an ancient immortal when they went there for exploration.

During that period, as he was nervous and felt like peeing, Altar Master found a chance to pee, and peed against a wall. It was at that time that one of the senior cultivators who had a flying sword suddenly sent his sword flying, it went a long distance in a flash, chopped off the head of the enemy and returned. During this whole process, Altar Master still wasnt done peeing.

Facing such a treasure, he simply had no way of escaping. Altar Master stopped trying to secretly retreat.

Just as I had guessed, even if it cant be seen by the naked eye, as long as I grip onto the flying sword and consciously expose the flying sword to the enemy, cultivators of the 2nd Stage and above would have a slight reaction to it. Song Shuhang secretly sighed in relief.

Earlier, he had saw through the fact that Altar Master intended to flee, so he thought of using the flying sword to shock the enemy. He mustnt allow Altar Master to escape. Otherwise, itd be difficult to find him again in the sea of people.

At the same time, he secretly pinched a Sword Talisman in the other hand, once Altar Master tries to flee, the Sword Talisman would immediately behead him. However, this was a backup plan, as Song Shuhang couldnt confirm whether one Sword Talisman was enough to kill Altar Master.

Fortunately, Altar Master was frightened by the flying swords aura.

Song Shuhang revealed a profound smile, Haha, you want to flee? Do you think you can escape from the palm of this lords hands?

How embarrassing, when he addressed himself as this lord, Shuhang felt goosebumps all over his back.

Senior Song, this junior had eyes but couldnt see Mt. Tai and have disturbed you. Would Senior please give this junior a path of survival. Altar Master didnt retreat, he bitterly pleaded for mercy.

Theres no way to escape This is what Altar Master thought.

This path of survival was most likely going to make him pay an unimaginable price. Furthermore, he still had no idea whether there was even a path of survival at all.

Path of survival? Hahahaha. Song Shuhang laughed out loud Taking advantage of the time he spent laughing, his brain operated at rapid speeds, and he cooked up several plans in a flash.

Havent this lord given you enough chances? Song Shuhang replied back with a question.

Altar Master was immediately overwhelmed with endless regret inside, it was indeed him who first mistook this senior as a possible ordinary mortal. He was controlled by his greed, and tested this Senior over and over.

However, this lord can give you one final chance. Song Shuhang held onto the flying sword with both hands, exuding the air of an expert. He looked down at the Altar Master, and continued to speak in a cold tone, So as to avoid this news from being spread around as this lord bullying a weak junior, destroying this lords reputation for something this trivial.

The thing in front of my eyes is an ant, its an ant, an ant! Song Shuhang continued to look at Altar Master with disdain, with his gaze totally lacking emotions.

Altar Master felt that the gaze he got from Senior Song was simply like the way a primordial god viewed an ant on his finger, super scary!