Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 89

Chapter 89 The Caucasian Monk Is Shining
Chapter 89: The Caucasian monk is shining

Hehe, what do I need face for? Its not as though things like face can be eaten. And At an angle that the Caucasian monk could not see, Song Shuhang pointed to his lips and mouthed silently to the Altar Master, Im not a Senior. Im just an ordinary university student. There was nothing wrong with the information that your subordinates gathered.

Song Shuhang had always considered telling lies and deceiving people as wrong.

But in a mans life, telling the occasional lie was inevitable. For instance, it was sometimes necessary to tell a white lie.

Nevertheless, Song Shuhang believed that even if he had to tell a white lie, it was best to expose the truth as soon as possible. To be a good person was to treat others with sincerity, this was the trust that peoples relationships were built on!

Cheh! Altar Masters upper body shuddered before he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

I curse you I curse you! After this, I will transform into an ageless ghost. I will haunt you as revenge eternally! As his last hurrah, Altar Master howled.

With that final howl, he stopped breathing.

Altar Master had died!

This time youre finally dead, right? Song Shuhang stood still and waited momentarily. When he felt that the danger had passed, he walked towards Altar Masters body with a talisman held in his hand.

This time, Altar Master had perished completely without any further chance of coming back to life.

Even so, just to be safe, Song Shuhang lifted his black flying sword and chopped off Altar Masters head with a single stroke.

Jiang Ziyan had previously warned him that the techniques cultivators could use to stay alive were numerous. Therefore, thoroughly destroying a corpse was the best way to ensure his opponents death. For a 2nd Stage cultivator like Altar Master, decapitation was more or less enough.

The sword remained spotless, without even a single drop of blood.

Song Shuhang breathed a muted sigh of relief. In the short span of two days, he had already cut off two peoples heads. And this time, instead of using the True Self Meditation Scripture he maintained his composure through sheer willpower.

He couldnt rely on the True Self Meditation Scripture forever. The path of cultivation was long and slow so there were some things he had to force himself to adapt to. Over-dependence on external help would cause him to turn weak.

And those who were weak, whose wills were irresolute, would never venture far on the path of cultivation.

Altar Master was the second cultivator to have died by the hands of Song Shuhangs. Much like the long-armed man, despite his death, his existence would remain etched in Song Shuhangs memory for a long time. Even though it wouldnt last forever

The incident concerning Altar Master and his spirit ghosts would come to a close for now.

There would be no one who would even think of robbing his spirit ghosts in the immediate future.

With Altar Masters death, his organization had become leaderless. This would cause them to fall into disorder for a long time, and they would be unable to cause much trouble for quite some time.

In addition, the ones who understood that Altar Masters visit to Jiangnan University was linked to Song Shuhang and spirit ghosts were limited to only the Altar Master himself, the long-armed man, and the assassin who had infiltrated Song Shuhangs room. All three had already been taken care of so there was nobody else under Altar Masters thumb who knew of the relationship between the Altar Master and Song Shuhang.

Even if they wanted to take revenge for their master, they had no way for now.

And as long as more time passed, these subordinates would no longer pose any threat to Song Shuhang. Even if they do not go after Song Shuhang, he would still go after them!

What he lacked was real combat experience. These chaps who possess the beast headed tiles with claw marks would be pretty good opponents in the real combat opponents. Moreover, not only could he gain experience and defeat his enemies, he might even win some spoils of war, thats killing three birds with one stone!

Good and evil will receive the end they deserve. muttered Song Shuhang. He took out the Corpse Dissolving Liquid and poured some on Altar Masters dead body.

An acrid smell spread throughout the air The Altar Masters clothes were completely dissolved, but the Corpse Dissolving Liquid had no effect on his body.

This thing can only dissolve the body of a 1st Stage cultivator at most? And to think that I believed it was a great treasure.

It would be really troublesome to leave behind a messy corpse like that. Even though the cameras were destroyed, the corpse would still draw the attention of the police uncles.

Song Shuhang felt rather distressed.

It was at this time that the Caucasian monk suddenly voiced out, Senior, are you feeling distressed over this fellows corpse?

Youre able to deal with this? Song Shuhang turned around with a gentle smile. He continued to keep up his demeanor of an expert.

The Caucasian monk gave him a thumbs up and said, Senior, please dont worry about this and let me deal with it, I can fix this!

Since you put it that way, Ill trouble you then. I will remember this favor from you. Song Shuhang felt cheerful and relaxed.

Senior, please dont say such a thing, my life was saved by you, a small matter like this cant compare with that! The Caucasian monk had a confident face, as if dealing with this corpse and the trouble the train had gotten into was just a trivial matter.

Looking at this confident expression, Shuhang couldnt help but think of those dazzling and cool guys who appeared in web novels, like the Huaxia Dragon Group, Huaxia Special Abilities Team, and China Cultivators League.

Perhaps this Caucasian monk was a member of an organization like that? Perhaps theres a mysterious red little book on him that he could just pull out when the police uncles arrive, and that would be able to take care of all these issues!

While thinking about this, Song Shuhang walked up a few steps, and picked up the small black suitcase that belonged to the Altar Master.

He had the intuition that there would be something good inside Altar Masters little suitcase.

After picking up the suitcase, he returned to the side of the little lolis family, and sat down.

Looking at the time, its about time that the passengers wake up from their coma, right?

Next, the Caucasian monk walked to Altar Masters side, put his palms together and chanted, I will save all lives to become a Bodhi, as long as hell isnt empty, I vow I wont ascend to Buddhahood.


This was the great vow taken by the bodhisattva Kshitigarbha, the Caucasian monk seemed to fancy this vow a lot.

Next, he sat beside Altar Masters corpse, and began to recite the Kshitigarbhas Soul Purifying Scripture. As he chanted, the thick light of virtue once again covered his body.

In the front of the train and from the body of the Altar Master, there were several indistinct souls being purified.

After the souls were purified, there was a mysterious force between heaven and earth that split into three forms and landed on the Caucasian monks body.

In the next moment, the Caucasian monks light of virtuous achievement became more solid than before; his powerful mental energy had been extended; his body had been strengthened!

Song Shuhang slightly widened his eyes. Purifying souls have such an effect? To be able to strengthen the body, mental energy, and virtuous achievement!?

Although it wasnt as effective as taking the Body Tempering Liquid or cultivating using the foundation fist technique, it was still a hundred times better than ordinary exercise like running!

I must remember to ask Senior Medicine Master if Daoism cultivators have a way to purify souls, and whether it could strengthen ones mental energy and body. Song Shuhang thought inside.

At the same time, he vaguely understood why there were so many great monks with virtue during the olden times. They followed Buddhist teachings to purify souls, yet didnt take a single cent, and instead took the initiative to go around to look for souls to purify. If you dont let him purify the souls, he might even press you for it. He reckoned that those great monks were just like this Caucasian monk, a true disciple of a Buddhist sect.

As he thought over this, the passengers of the train woke up one by one.

Everybody remembered having a very terrifying nightmare, but the second half of their nightmares all turned placid.

What happened?

I seem to recall the great monk running back to the cabin, then the cabin turned black, and I dont know what happened afterwards.

Wheres the great monk?

While the passengers were all blabbering to each other, they quickly noticed the Caucasian monk and the corpse of the Altar Master who laid beside him in that was cut into five parts.

Stunned and silence.

Then, there were screams of terror.

Someone died, someone died!

Ah ah ah! The passengers in the cabin charged to the door, and opened it manually. They didnt care about the situation outside the cabin, and just ran out of the train while screaming in fear.

There was someone who became nauseated and puked, and there was also someone who directly fainted and continued to sleep.

If it was an ordinary death, everybody would hear the news of it and calm down over time, they wouldnt get too terrified. But this time, its different, have you heard of tearing a body, limb from limb by five horses? This dead man had already been cut into five pieces!

At the same time there were sounds from the cabins ahead. Over there were the corpses of Altar Masters two subordinates; gnawed into an inhuman shape. Similarly, it caused the passengers there to run for their lives.

Beside Shuhang, the white shirt father, the young mother, and the little girl woke up.

The white shirt father didnt rush to get off the train, he first looked towards Song Shuhang who sat beside them, and respectfully asked, Young man, can we get off the train now?

He felt that this young man was an expert. Earlier the young man said that it was too late, and had them stay beside him and not go anywhere. Next, they fainted

Lets alight, what happens next is none of our business. Song Shuhang nodded with a slight smile, then carried the suitcase and got off the train, he carefully avoided any cameras.

Before getting into range of monitoring devices again, he needed to disguise the black suitcase first.

One mustnt look down on the power of technology, perhaps the police uncles would trail this matter back to him because of this suitcase!

The white shirt father hugged his daughter, and they left together. They slipped into the panicking crowd, and headed towards the platform far away.

In the end, he carefully glanced at the black suitcase in Shuhangs hands.

He vaguely remembered that when Shuhang was with them before, he didnt have this suitcase But as a smart man, he wouldnt mention a single word about that black suitcase to anybody.

There was chaos at the train station.

The subway personnel began to do everything they could to pacify these agitated passengers, so as to avoid creating more accidents.

Soon after, the police uncles arrived.

Then the media arrived at the scene soon after.

The televisions in the subway station began to live broadcast breaking news, and what they showed was exactly the incident in the subway.

On the live broadcast, the police uncles captured a Western bald monk.

Thats right, everything was done by me. Those three people were killed by me, I confess. Yep, I have no accomplices, dont worry, its just me! I wont resist, arrest me! However the train accident had no relation to me, I swear! The Caucasian monk spoke in accurate and fluent Mandarin, he obediently allowed the handcuffs to be placed onto him, with a magnanimous face!

Thats right, he had been arrested.

He had no little red book, no Huaxia Dragon Group, no special power.

To think that he had such a confident expression, so his so-called solution to the matter was to act as a scapegoat and take responsibility for everything?

In the end, on the live broadcast screen, the Caucasian monk was moved to the police car, and he even forcefully raised a thumb towards the camera, revealing his spotlessly white teeth.

Bling! His teeth refracted dazzling light under the sun!

Senior, no matter what happens, I will never sell you out, let me take responsibility for everything!

The Caucasian monk of this moment was like the Virgin Mary, radiating brilliance that made others unable to look straight at him!