Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Shuhang Learn Driving
Chapter 90: Shuhang, learn driving!

When everything ended, it was close to mid-afternoon.

After bidding goodbye to the little lolis family and rejecting their invitation to be a guest at their house, Song Shuhang took the subway back to Jiangnan University Town.

They didnt exchange contact details since their meeting was just a coincidence. If they were fated to meet, they would meet again; if not, then they would leave it at that.

Actually, the man in white shirt wanted to get Song Shuhangs contact details, but he was too embarrassed to ask for it.

After getting off the train where there was an accident, the first thing he did was to look for a plastic bag to cover this black suitcase. This suitcase had bad origins, so it was better to cover it first.

There werent many passengers around on the train back, so Shuhang got a seat. After that, he placed a large shopping bag next to him. Inside the bag was Altar Masters black suitcase.

The train slowly started moving, and Song Shuhangs tense mood finally relaxed.

He leaned against the seat. In his mind, the scene where he had killed Altar Master kept playing over and over, and from that, he slowly calmed his emotions down.

After sighing heavily, Shuhang switched on his phone and got on the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

There were no new messages within the group.

The last message was still the ones between Senior North River, Soft Feather, and him discussing over the beast headed tile with claw marks.

After thinking for a bit, Song Shuhang then typed in the group: @Seven Lives Talisman Master, Senior, I successfully found the person behind the beast headed tile with claw marks, Altar Master. Hes been eliminated. I used up two Exorcism Talismans and three Sword Talismans. As for the remaining scattered members of that organization whose members hold a beast headed tile with claw marks, I will not pursue them for now.

Also, Senior, let me return the remaining talismans.

The moment he entered it, there was a reply in the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

Seven Lives Talisman Master: Little friend Shuhang truly acts as swiftly as a cunning hare, your efficiency is amazing. Good job!

By the way, you need not return the remaining talismans, just think of it as a little gift from me. Besides, even if you wanted to send it back to me, I cant receive it.

Im currently on a little island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, teaching a primitive tribe how to read. Motherfucker, why did I take the oath to teach 10,000 people how to read? How itchy must my balls have been for me to make such an oath? Especially since volunteerism has taken off nowadays and many people are teaching others how to read for charity, its hard to find someone who cant read. It wasnt easy for me to find this solitary island. There are close to 10,000 primitive people here who cant read.

As long as I teach them how to read, I will complete my oath from the past. However, this would take a few months at best, and a few years at the worst, right? What kind of dogshit oath is this! If I have the opportunity to become a peerless cultivator that can turn back time, I would definitely go back and give my previous self dozens of resounding slaps, for letting loose so many motherfucking oaths from that shitty mouth!

Shuhang had only asked a question, but Seven Lives Talisman Master had already typed away and explained a whole lot. From his tone, it could be seen how angry he was at his younger self.

From the looks of it, everyone had some past they didnt like to look back on.

Song Shuhang sighed.

Also Senior Seven Lives Talisman Master seemed to be very busy. He was still occupied with something in the Huaxi region yesterday, but in the blink of an eye, he had already gone over to some island in the Pacific?

I shall thank you then, Senior. Senior, your talismans are truly easy to use and powerful! He slightly flattered, hoping that his flattery would let this senior get into a better mood.

Hahaha, of course. In this group, Im the best when it comes to talismans. Im going to go offline now to continue teaching these primitives how to read. These guys are so stupid. Theyll forget words I just taught them, I really feel like beating them up Oh, that might be a good method. If they forget their words, Ill just hang them up and beat them. Lets see which bastard will dare to forget words now! Seven Lives Talisman Master seemed to be a senior who easily went off topic.

As he considered beating up the primitives a fantastic idea, Seven Lives Talisman Master quickly got offline.

Song Shuhang rubbed his heart, for unknown reasons, his conscience felt disturbed. In his mind, the image of primitives wearing animal pelts sat in orderly lines, pitifully reciting: Hoeing millet in mid-day heat, sweat dripping onto the earth, do you know that of the rice on your plate, each grain was hard-earned

If one of the primitive people suddenly forgot their lines, he would suddenly be hung on a large tree and whipped crazily by Seven Lives Talisman Master.

You cant blame me for this, I didnt guide Senior into beating up primitives when they forget their lines. Song Shuhang muttered.


Someone sent a message in the Nine Provinces (1) group.

As expected, it was North River Loose Practitioner. He slowly typed out a message: Little friend Shuhang, you always do things that surprises me. I heard the enemy you killed was a 2nd Stage cultivator?

Its not that exaggerated. Although my opponent was a 2nd Stage cultivator, he was already suffering from Senior Medicine Masters acute poison. It was also because Lady Soft Feather mistook my identity, and with the help of Seven Lives Talisman Masters talismans, I had the chance to kill him. Song Shuhang gave a rough explanation of the events that had happened.

Daring and careful. Your successful takedown of the enemy boss wasnt just a fluke. Keep working like this. I believe youll be able to go even further on the road of cultivators. North River Loose Practitioner said.

Mad Saber Three Waves came online: Little Shuhang did well, youre already three tenths as cool as my younger self!

Three Waves Bro, didnt you say you were going to enter closed door cultivation to attempt to make a breakthrough? North Rivers Loose Practitioner sent a naughty smile emoji.

Im in the middle of it, in the middle of it. Mad Saber Three Waves said: However, even if Im in closed door cultivation, I still have to strike a balance between work and play. I cant just bury my head into closed door cultivation. You wont be successful if you just shut yourself in and disregard the outside world!

Total bullshit. North Rivers Loose Practitioner jokingly scolded.

At this moment, Drunk Moon Resident Scholar suddenly spoke up: Three Waves, youre acting pretty decent today. There arent any great seniors around, why arent you spouting lewd jokes? Its very unlike you.

Dont talk about that. Recently, theres a godly beast running amok online, Im not going to spout any dirty jokes. If I dare to post any more lewd jokes, Mt. Yellows True Monarch is going to kick me out of the group. Ive been suffering from restraining myself. Lets meet up sometime, and Ill give everyone a live telling of some classics. Mad Saber Three Waves chuckled as he said.

Hehe. Drunk Moon Resident Scholar posted a bashful emoji and quietly went offline.

Song Shuhang scratched his head. The ID Drunk Moon Resident Scholar feels really familiar, but why cant I remember him?

At this time, North Rivers Loose Practitioner suddenly asked, By the way, little friend Shuhang, you are planning to get a driving license soon, right?

Yes, I am. Ive been reading up on how to drive recently, and Im preparing to take the exam for my license soon. Eh? Senior, how do you know that Im learning how to drive? Song Shuhang asked.

Hehe, I recently went to your in-game farm to steal vegetables, and took a look at your profile at the same time. You posted on your profile that you intended to get a driving license in the near future. North Rivers Loose Practitioner proudly said, By the way, if you have time, upgrade the soil of your vegetable garden. What are you saving so much gold for? Your vegetables will grow quicker when your soil is upgraded, then I will be able to steal even more.

Steal vegetables?!

Hey Senior, how bored do you have to be from day to night? Youre actually stealing vegetables?

You were so bored you even went sniffing around my profile?

Image, please mind your image! Ever since I met you seniors, the image I had of cultivators has been completely ruined. If you could, could you please leave a tiny bit of your former prestige for me to reminisce about?

Ah, that was off topic However, why did Senior ask me if I wanted to get a driving license?

Song Shuhang tested the waters by asking: Senior North River, are you also intending to get a driving license?

Why would I need something like that? Summoning a sword and flying is much faster than driving. I dont even have to be afraid that Ill run into a traffic jam I just have to make sure I dont crash into any planes. North River Loose Practitioner smiled as he said: However Ill reveal some information to you. If you have the time, get your license quickly. I guarantee that therell be some benefits to it.

Song Shuhangs eyes immediately shone. Could it be that theres a senior in the group who wants to learn how to drive for fun, so I need to get my license in order to teach that senior how to drive?

There would be something to gain, and that goes without saying. This was a custom of the Nine Provinces (1) Group, put in effort receive rewards!

Youve guessed it, havent you? When the time comes, a Qi and Blood Pill would be a great reward! Its not only pills, even techniques are on the table! The technique that Medicine Master gave to you was just the Foundation Building Technique. At most, youll be able to cultivate to the peak of the 1st Stage. So Im going to solemnly promote this chance to you. I guarantee that youll be able to get a very good technique to further your cultivation! North River Loose Practitioner added on a grinning smile emoji: Arent you tempted!?

Song Shuhang was tempted!