Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 91

Chapter 91 Little Friend Shuhang Who Receives Deep Admiration From His Seniors
Chapter 91: Little friend Shuhang who receives deep admiration from his seniors
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Qi and Blood Pills! Thats a pill made with extremely valuable medicinal ingredients. Unlike the medicinal liquid that was the Body Tempering Liquid, it was a real first stage pill.

Even though it was the lowest quality pill, after using one, it could completely recover the qi and blood of a foundation cultivator like Song Shuhang within just half an hour. He could then ignore the time limit and continuously practise the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique in a single day!

This was a pill that could allow someone to build their foundation quickly, it was incomparably precious!

After experiencing the Altar Master incident, Song Shuhang understood the value of pills in the cultivators realm. That long-armed man had fought to the death just because Altar Master took away his share of Body Tempering Liquid! How much more valuable were real pills in comparison?

Furthermore, other than pills, there were even more valuable techniques to be had!

Its impossible not to be tempted. Song Shuhang lamented but why did he feel like Senior North River was trying to trick him?

That feeling was so strong that he couldnt ignore it.

Let me think about this carefully, just which senior in the group would be so bored to think about learning how to drive?

It should be one of the seniors who appeared rarely. The ones who appeared often were those who had already assimilated into modern society. Even if they wanted to learn how to drive, they wouldnt need Song Shuhangs help.

The ones who fit these requirements were only those seniors in the group who had been in closed door cultivation for over a hundred years and had totally no understanding of modern society, and it had to be a senior that was about to emerge from his closed door cultivation.

Which senior in the group is about to come out of closed door cultivation? The cogs in Shuhangs mind turned.

White True Monarch? He typed out those few words in the group.

North River Loose Practitioner paused for a moment, he felt awkward: Wahaha, so little friend Shuhang also knows of White True Monarch! Did you see our chat history the last time? With just that small hint, you immediately thought of White True Monarch, you really have nimble senses!

Following that, North River Loose Practitioner said: Ahem, thats right! White True Monarch is about to come out of closed door cultivation. Hes very interested in machines and such. He previously researched on wooden bulls, mechanical dragons, and puppet divine beasts, etc. So cars and planes are definitely in his interests. When he comes out, hell surely want to research those things. This is an opportunity! Senior White True Monarch has always been quite extravagant. Just a few tiny treasures from him can provide endless benefits for you! Little friend, I also suggest that you pick up a pilots license if you have the time. Therell be endless benefits! Rest assured if you want to learn how to pilot a plane, I can pave the way for you, youll definitely be able to get the pilots license in the shortest time possible.

North River Loose Practitioner talked non-stop, but he was terrible at changing topics, he made it too obvious.

Song Shuhang immediately turned the conversation back on track: Well talk later about the pilots license. Senior North River, I just thought of something I need to ask. Why does it seem like you guys are really afraid of White True Monarch? If I agree to receive White True Monarch when he comes out of cultivation, you should at least let me mentally brace myself for it, right?

Little friend Shuhang, youre wrong! North River Loose Practitioner spoke righteously: Out of all of us, not a single one is afraid of White True Monarch! Conversely, were full of respect and love for him. As for why Im escaping from receiving him, thats for a personal reason thats hard for me to speak of. But I can promise you with my dao name, North River, that White True Monarch is a very kind senior. Although he gets lost in thought sometimes, he guides juniors very well! We dont call him the generous White True Monarch for nothing!

Then what are you afraid of? Song Shuhangs words got stuck in his throat, making him uncomfortable.

Shuhang asked again: Is Senior Three Waves also avoiding him because of personal reasons that are hard to talk about?

Mad Saber Three Waves answered: Yes, its also because of some personal reasons that I cant speak about to outsiders. However, White True Monarch is really a great senior, hes worthy of the respect and love from us juniors! I can promise you this with my dao name, Mad Saber Three Waves!

To tell the truth, the more you seniors promise like that, the more anxious I feel. Song Shuhang said.

North River Loose Practitioner.

Mad Saber Three Waves.

However, if White True Monarch is really a kind senior like youve described, then I have no reason to reject this task.

Even knowing that North River Loose Practitioner could be tricking him, he could only bear with it and jump into the trap.

Qi and Blood Pills. That was a benefit he couldnt ignore. If he missed out on this chance, he might need a few more years of effort before he could get another few Qi and Blood Pills.

There wasnt anything wrong with him, so why would he give up the opportunity at hand to get Qi and Blood Pills and wait for a few more years of hard work to attain them?

North River Loose Practitioner gave him a thumbs up: Little friend Shuhang, I admire your rationality and smarts!

Mad Saber Three Waves followed closely behind: Little friend Shuhang, I admire you too!

Bronze Trigrams Immortal Master appeared: Little friend Shuhang, this immortal master also admires you!

Seven Lives Talisman Master: Little friend Shuhang, this lord admires you!

Drunk Moon Resident Scholar: I admire you as well!

Medicine Master: Admire!

Roaming Cloud Monk Tong Xuan appeared and also silently sent a thumbs-up.

Spiritual Butterfly Islands Soft Feather also appeared and sent a cute smiley face: Although Im not too sure what just happened, Ive always admired Senior Song.

What the heck! The whole group had been watching the show offline. The moment he had jumped into the trap, they had all come out to admire him.

Song Shuhang felt that he had been tricked big time!

Facepalming, he wondered if it was too late to back out. If he rejected the task, would they start coming after him with swords?

Mt. Books High Pressure: Senior North River, what if I back out on what I said now?

North River Loose Practitioner sent a smiley face, but didnt say anything.

Mad Saber Three Waves did the same by adding a smiley.

Bronze Trigrams Immortal Master added a bashful smile.

Seven Lives Talisman Master added a wide grin.

Smiley faces dotted the entire Nine Provinces (1) Group, it was a splendid sight.

Song Shuhang silently turned off his phone screen, determined never to mention the words back out again.

How unfortunate!

When a person starts feeling that they were unfortunate, unfortunate events would truly start coming to look for them.

Song Shuhang had just set down his phone, but his phone immediately rang again.

Whos calling me? Shuhang turned on the screen, and found the words Zhao Yaya shown on the screen.

Whats Zhao Yaya calling me for at this time? She probably isnt inviting me out to dinner, right? He swiped gently on the screen and answered the call.

Hello, Jie, whats up? Shuhang asked lightly.

Where are you? Zhao Yayas sweet voice sounded.

Uh,this seems like a bad situation! Zhao Yayas voice was a little sharper than usual, indicating that she was angry.

It cant be that she has been bullied at school, right?

Im on the subway on the way back to Jiangnan University Town. I went out for a while on some business, so Im heading back now. Ill reach in roughly half an hour. Song Shuhang replied.

Thats pretty fast. Zhao Yaya said calmly: I heard that you went all the way to Guangyuan Roads Yuan Long Medicinal Drugs Store to buy some obscure medicinal ingredients?

Hahahaha, Jie, how did you know that? Song Shuhang wiped the sweat off his forehead.

I beat- I mean, heard it from Yangde. Zhao Yaya replied.

She just said beat, didnt she?!

Yangde, Yangde, are you okay? Dont die~~

Zhao Yayas voice sounded again: Tell me honestly, Shuhang. Are there any problems with your body?

How could that be? My bodys fine, theres no problem at all! Song Shuhang hurriedly replied, I was going to look at some medicinal ingredients for my friend, its not for myself. Also, I didnt go to that shop. Something happened halfway so Im returning first.

Thats good then Call me when you reach school, I need you for something. Zhao Yaya hung up immediately after she finished speaking, without even waiting for Shuhang to agree to her request.

Holding onto her phone, Zhao Yaya frowned slightly, her heart full of worry.

The first time she had bumped into that strange nourishing medicine formula Shuhang had, she was still able to believe that it was just a coincidence. However, now that Shuhang had come into contact with strange Chinese medicinal ingredients again, how could she not worry?

When she thought back to the day she had bumped into Song Shuhang, and thought of the deathly pale face he had back then, it totally didnt seem like he had just completed a rigorous exercise like he had said. Even if he had just finished a marathon, it wouldnt make his face look so deathly pale and unhealthy, right?

This brat, could he have contracted some illness and was he hiding it from the family?

This was bad, so she had to bring him to the hospital for a thorough checkup. If something happened to Shuhang, how was she going answer to her aunt?

In the train.

Song Shuhang held onto his phone stiffly. He was so serious and solemn that he had practically turned into a Spartan.

It was over. From Zhao Yayas tone, its obvious that she definitely misunderstood!

Shuhang quickly turned on his phone again and entered the Nine Provinces (1) Group.

My elder sister found out that I had just visited a medicinal hall. She thinks that I have some an unmentionable disease now, what should I do? To those online, this is really urgent!