Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Black Suitcase Money And Qi And Blood Pill
Chapter 92: Black suitcase, money and Qi and Blood Pill!

After returning to Jiangnan University City, Song Shuhang did not immediately find Zhao Yaya, he instead proceeded to Medicine Masters five-story house.

This was because he was still carrying Altar Masters black suitcase which very likely contained the four rare Chinese herbs purchased by Altar Master. If he accidentally let Zhao Yaya discover the Chinese medicine in the suitcase, he would essentially be jumping into the Yellow River by himself.. No, even if he jumped into the Pacific Ocean, he would still be unable to wash away this misunderstanding.

When the time came, Zhao Yaya would definitely give Mama Song a call without warning; by the next day, Mama Song would be on a plane for Jiangnan University City.

Furthermore, who knew whether Altar Masters suitcase held other horrible things that could lead to even worse misunderstandings.

Thus, without first depositing this suitcase somewhere, how could he meet up with Zhao Yaya?

Song Shuhang unlocked the door and directly went to the third floor. After arriving, he did not see Jiang Ziyan anywhere, but saw Medicine Master playing with his phone alone in a corner.

Senior, are you busy? Shuhang walked over to Medicine Master and asked.

Ever since Medicine Master arrived at Jiangnan University, he was always busy trying to improve the Simplified Body Tempering Liquid and I never saw him taking a break before. Do I actually get the chance to see him resting today?

Oh, youre back Shuhang. Medicine Master did not even raise his head as his fingers continued moving rapidly on the screen.

What are you playing? Shuhang moved closer to take a look.

Afterwards, his whole body started to feel uncomfortable.

Unexpectedly, Medicine Master was actually stealing vegetables from other peoples farms. On his vegetable stealing friends list, Shuhang could also see Mt. Yellow True Monarch, North Rivers Loose Practitioner, Mysterious Fairy Sects Skylark, Roaming Cloud Monk Tong Xuan, and other famous elders from the Nine Provinces (1) Group that he was familiar with.

They were Three Oceans Five Island Master, Ocean Dragon Second Cave Master, Seven Star Fist Sects Vice-Sect Master, and so on. Just one look and you could tell that those were nicknames of cultivators.

I must say have all the senior cultivators been really bored recently? Why are so many of them spending their time stealing vegetables in a farm game?

Your disciples will cry, you know!?

Your sect masters will also cry, you know!?

Its done, that fellow North River actually made an automated vegetable gathering script. What use is there~~ I have already set up my alarm clock, and can completely empty his farms vegetables in seconds. He is really too naive to think that a small script can be faster than my hands! Medicine Master proudly said to Shuhang.

Senior with your fast hands, how wonderful would it be if you practiced typing instead?

Also Shuhang, Im not trying to lecture you, but you shouldnt keep pooling your money like a miser. After getting enough money, just upgrade the soil. Only that way would the planted vegetables mature quickly. Remember, sharpening the knife will not slow down the process of cutting wood! Medicine Master earnestly told Song Shuhang.

.. Song Shuhang didnt know what kind of expression he should use to reply to Medicine Master.

Oh yeah, what do you need me for? Medicine Master finally switched to the topic at hand.

Song Shuhang silently nodded, placed the black suitcase on top of the coffee table, and then said, I want to ask Senior to take a look and see whether or not this suitcase has any traps. I got this suitcase from killing Altar Master of the organization that uses the beast-headed tile with three claw marks. I do not dare to rashly open this suitcase because he is a ghost practitioner of the evil path.

To be able to think of this, well done. Medicine Master nodded his head; daring yet careful, Song Shuhang had quite a few strong points. Looking at these characteristics, being a cultivator really suited Song Shuhang. Unfortunately, he was a little too old and had lost the xiantian true qi that he was born with.

If only he could have entered the cultivation world earlier Unfortunately, there are no ifs in the real world.

Medicine Master took the black suitcase and let his right palm hover over the suitcase.

Indeed, it has been tinkered with, however, this small trick is nothing to me. He smiled and released true qi through his right palm.

*Pa! Pa! Pa!*

The black suitcase emitted sounds like shattering glass, along with some faint ghostly cries

Alright, it can be opened now. Medicine Master returned the suitcase to Shuhang.

Shuhang stretched out his hand and opened the suitcase.

What reflected in his eyes were many neatly stacked bills, with a total of 7 stacks that contained 100,000 RMB each. There was also another stack that had been opened and separated into nine smaller stacks, which was likely due to Altar Masters recent use of the money.

In total, there was about 800,000 RMB. This 800,000 would just be a string of numbers if it were all placed in a bank. However, when all of this money was placed before his eyes, it still had quite the visual impact.

When Song Shuhang saw the densely packed bills, he actually felt a burst of disappointment.

With Altar Masters identity, Song Shuhang believed that his suitcase would definitely have some nice cultivation items. Who would have thought that there would only be stacks of cash instead

The greater the expectations, the greater the disappointment.

Song Shuhang sucked in a breath of air and thought, whatever, if it is money then it is money. It just so happened that he had also been short on cash recently. Next, he would find a gym nearby that had a complete set of equipment to work out, and would purchase all kinds of fitness equipment. Other than that, so as to ensure that he had enough qi and blood, he would have to ensure the quality of his everyday meals.

Looking at it this way, this 800,000 RMB was actually not bad. Its just like when you were playing a game and managed to kill a boss whose level was far above yours; even if there were no good equipment drops, there would definitely be a lot of gold.

Medicine Master softly laughed and warned: Little friend, dont let this little bit of money trick you. Wait until you have successfully completed the foundation building stage, then you can have all the money you could possibly want. Furthermore, this small amount of money is only used to trick people. The real treasure is underneath the money, in the suitcases hidden compartment.

A hidden compartment? Song Shuhang hurriedly poured out the money. Sure enough, there was an extra panel covering the bottom of the suitcase. Without observing carefully, it would be very easy to miss it.

Song Shuhang was immediately overcome with joy!

He stretched out his hand, lifted the cover, and saw a bunch of small bottles around the size of gum bottles. There were a total of 14 bottles split between red and blue. There was also a metal box that was the size of an A5 book.

He first picked up a blue bottle and asked: Senior, this bottle was not tinkered with, right?

Dont worry, I have already gotten rid of all the small tricks that he had set. Medicine Master shook his head with confidence. A sharp, crisp sound was produced as his closely packed cupola braids began to bump into the cute ornaments attached to his hair.

This hairstyle really deserved to be ridiculed!

Song Shuhang put on a poker face so he wouldnt accidentally laugh in front of Medicine Master. Maybe Senior Medicine Master really likes this hairstyle, what would I do if my laughter angers him?

The blue bottles were the most common; there were a total of twelve of them. He opened a bottle and looked inside.

Inside the bottle, he saw a thick black liquid that was accompanied by a horrible smell: Body Tempering Liquid?!

This color, this smell, its without a doubt the Body Tempering Liquid!

Medicine Master sniffed it and replied: Thats right. Furthermore, it is the unsimplified version of the Body Tempering Liquid and its quality is acceptable. After you have cultivated for a month and your body becomes strong enough, take this version of the Body Tempering Liquid. The medicinal strength is stronger, one mouthful of this is equivalent to taking three mouthfuls of the simplified version.

This really came at the perfect time! Senior North River had warned me before that even if all the medicinal ingredients Soft Feather gave me were completely refined into the Body Tempering Liquid, there was still no guarantee that I could complete the foundation building stage. Now that I have this batch of Body Tempering Liquid too, it should be enough for me to complete my foundation building, right? Shuhang asked with a laugh.

There will be enough, so much so that that you will have some left over. Medicine Master answered.

There will actually be extras? This was great news!

After that, Shuhang opened a red-colored bottle.

After opening the bottle, the medicinal smell began to assail his nostrils. One red bottle contained eleven pills, while the other contained fifteen pills.

Senior, what kind of pill is this? Song Shuhang asked.

After Medicine Master sniffed the pills, his facial expression became odd. He replied: Qi and Blood Pills, the quality is considered acceptable!