Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Five Way Spirit Contract Altar Materials
Chapter 93: Five-Way Spirit Contract Altar materials!

Qi and Blood Pills? Song Shuhangs eyes lit up, it was really an unexpected surprise! He hadnt thought that he would be able to get the Qi and Blood Pills so early, before he took on the mission of receiving White True Monarch. Song Shuhang had even thought that it was an extravagant hope for him to get Qi and Blood Pills at this stage.

Your luck is pretty good. Said Medicine Master.

Come to think of it, North Rivers Loose Practitioner had used Qi and Blood Pills and cultivation techniques to entice Song Shuhang into accepting the mission of receiving White True Monarch. Yet, in the blink of an eye, Song Shuhang had already obtained Qi and Blood Pills, though their quantity was still too low

It was the legendary you reap what you sow After accumulating so much good karma over the years, perhaps it had finally paid off for Song Shuhang?

However, upon thinking back, it was within reason.

The dead Altar Master was a 2nd Stage cultivator.

Altar Master had no need for Body Tempering Liquid, that was just something he used to reward his subordinates.

Although Qi and Blood Pills were mainly used by 1st Stage cultivators, they could also be used to recover a 2nd Stage cultivators true qi. That Altar Master was likely one of the poorer cultivators. He couldnt attain the more precious Qi Amalgamation Pill, so he could only make do with Qi and Blood Pills.

Moreover, Altar Master had a cautious character. The things that were considered precious to him would all be carried with him everywhere he went.

In the end, they all fell into Song Shuhangs hands.

Qi and Blood Pills. A single pill can help me recover all my qi and blood. With two bottles, I should be able to use it for some time, right? Song Shuhang asked.

Medicine Master nodded and said, As long as you dont cultivate all day and night, it should last for a while. Furthermore, the quality of these Qi and Blood Pills isnt bad, you can use a single pill several times.

So I wont lack Qi and Blood Pills in the near future?! Song Shuhangs eyes lit up again, Senior Medicine Master, do you think I can go and back out of receiving White True Monarch now?

Heh heh. Medicine Master didnt answer him, and just made a kind yet weird laugh.

Wasnt theres a sentence that goes like this: Fellow daoist, youre walking to your death, Im not joining you?

Yep, this was the sentence!

Alright, I was just kidding. Song Shuhang shrugged two bottles of Qi and Blood Pills werent enough. There were only 26 pills in total. The question was whether they would last until White True Monarch came out of cultivation. This amount was merely enough to have a taste of the effects of the Qi and Blood Pills.

In the end, he took out the metal box which was as big as an A5 sized book.

Something that could be placed alongside the Body Tempering Liquid and Qi and Blood Pill cant be inferior, right?

When picking up the box, Shuhang felt that the box was quite heavy, as if he was holding onto a dense iron plate.

What is this? Song Shuhang curiously opened the metal box.

Inside, there were two charred-looking wood; ten pieces of gold, green, red, blue, brown crystals; a folded piece of cloth; two bottles of strange liquid And all kinds of different things. Other than the piece of cloth, everything else came in pairs.

Is this the Altar Masters collection? I had no idea that his hobbies were so diverse. He collected a bit of anything and everything. Song Shuhang picked through the box, but couldnt really understand what they were for.

Lightning-Struck Wood, Five-Way Stone, a ceremonial gown with arrays inscribed over it, Ghost Dragon Saliva these arent just some oddities, theyre all treasures in the eyes of certain cultivators. Medicine Master smiled as he explained.

Treasures! Can they be exchanged for Qi and Blood Pills? Song Shuhang was gleeful.

Qi and Blood Pills werent just able to speed up foundation building, it was also helpful in replenishing qi and blood in all the main acupoints during the 1st Stage, and could even aid cultivation speed during the 1st Stage. It was one of those things that the more you have, the better. Having some in reserve is never wrong!

Yes, you can exchange these treasures for quite a number of Qi and Blood Pills that are of the same grade as the ones you have. However, if you exchange these treasures for Qi and Blood Pils, youll regret it yknow. Medicine Master chuckled as he spoke.

Why? Shuhang asked.

These treasures werent just collected randomly by that Altar Master. With these three items: Lightning-Struck Wood, Five-Way Stone, and Ghost Dragon Saliva, you can build the foundation for an array. That array is called the Five-Way Spirit Contract Altar. In laymans terms, its also called the Spirit Ghost Contract Array. Medicine Master said calmly, So, do you still want to exchange these items for Qi and Blood Pills now?

Song Shuhangs mind was shaken like a pellet drum.

Lightning-Struck Wood, Five-Way Stone, and Ghost Dragon Saliva and so many miscellaneous items. Other than the Lightning-Struck Wood, he had never seen the other items in real life. If he exchanged those items for Qi and Blood Pills, heaven knows if he would be able to find the same set of treasures again.

Contracting a spirit ghost huh, as long as he completes his hundred days of foundation building, he will be able to attempt it. When that happens, even if he has surpassed the optimal age for foundation building a long time ago, with the help of the spirit ghost, he still had hopes of chasing up to the elites of the sects.

This spirit ghost could very well be his ticket to become a daoist.

Your luck is extremely good. That Altar Master you killed had wanted to make a contract with a spirit ghost. He even prepared two sets of materials for the Five-Way Spirit Contract. In the end, it all benefited you. Medicine Master said.

Thats true, the Altar Master had schemed to take back the spirit ghost for many years, amongst the things he brought along with him, the materials for the spirit ghost contract mustnt be missing.

That Altar Master had prepared two sets because there were two spirit ghosts in Ghost Lamp Temple. The Altar Master was prepared to contract two spirit ghosts at once. However, in the end, one of them ended up in Soft Feathers hands and I got the other one. Song Shuhang chuckled.

Afterwards, he carefully returned all of the small bottles and the materials for the Five-Way Spirit Contract back into the black suitcase. After some thinking, he took out the bottle with fewer Qi and Blood Pills again and carried it with him.

The 800,000 in cash was also tossed back into the suitcase. Only the roll of notes that had been opened was stuffed into his pocket.

Senior, can I leave this suitcase here with you for now? Song Shuhang asked. These items werent convenient to bring back. What if Zhao Yaya wanted to check the suitcase and found a case full of money? How would he explain where the money had come from?

Not to mention all of the medicinal pills inside.

After thinking back and forth, it was safest to place it here with Medicine Master.

Dont worry, just leave it there. Medicine Master agreed and said, Are you free now? Help me try out the Body Tempering Liquid recipe that was modified yesterday. Also, I also need to teach your how to use a cultivators pill furnace soon. That hotpot and induction cooker set of yours makes my liver hurt.

Is it alright if I come tonight? Right now I have to make a trip to meet my sister first. Song Shuhang showed a suffering expression, as if he was protesting having to do so.

Medicine Master smiled: Sister? Oh, the one you just mentioned in the chat group, whos suspecting that youre hiding some serious disease? Hahahaha, go ahead, go ahead. When youre done, come back and help me test this recipe. Its not urgent.

Alright then, Senior, Im going now! Song Shuhang waved and left Medicine Masters residence.

On the road back to Jiangnan University Town, Song Shuhang frowned: I seem to have forgotten something? I keep feeling like I forgot to ask Senior Medicine Master about something.

He thought for a long long while.

Oh! Right, it was regarding that shiny Caucasian monk on the train.

He wondered how the Caucasian monk was doing after he had been taken away by the police.

Song Shuhang originally intended to chat over the matter regarding the Caucasian monk with Medicine Master, and hear his opinion on this.

However, he had gotten too excited over the Qi and Blood Pills and the Five-Way Spirit Contract materials and had completely forgotten to mention the Caucasian monk to Senior.

Forget it Ill ask Senior next time. Song Shuhang thought in his heart.