Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Uncle I Am Not A Swindler
Chapter 94: Uncle, I am not a swindler!

The moment Song Shuhang returned to Jiangnan University, his sister immediately dragged him to the hospital.

Yaya-jie, I definitely did not go to the medicinal store at Guanyuan Street to buy the four drugs for myself. Its just that one of my acquaintances needed these four drugs, so I wanted to go to the drugstore to confirm them! Really! Look at my eyes, look at how sincere they are! Do you still not believe me? Jie. Please turn around and look in my eyes, theyre really sincere! Despite being pulled by Zhao Yayas small hands, Song Shuhang didnt dare to struggle as he was now as strong as a bull. If he used a little force, Zhao Yaya would be sent flying.

If that happened, Zhao Yaya would be frightened. Hence, he could only use words in an attempt to persuade her.

Zhao Yaya turned her head and seriously stared at Song Shuhangs eyes.

A moment later, she replied,Shuhang, theres eyewax in your eyes.

Song Shuhang,..

Alright, dont be so pesky. Just act like I am giving you a full body checkup for free, okay? Even if you are a normal healthy guy, frequent health checkups will bring no harm! Zhao Yaya softly said in a calm voice.

However, her heart was nowhere as calm as her face. If Song Shuhang does not cooperate with her, she would feel even more anxious inside.

It cant be that Shuhang has really gotten some disease, right?

Presently, Zhao Yayas thoughts were completely filled with all kinds of incurable diseases, causing her to panic.

No matter how flowery Song Shuhangs speech was today, she still would not change her mind. Without giving Shuhang a full body checkup, she wouldnt be able to calm herself.

Okay, I will listen to you orders today, Jie. Song Shuhang replied righteously and openly. He knew that Zhao Yaya was determined to take him to the hospital. He could only feel blessed over the fact that when he enters the hospital, he would not be like his teachers who pitifully entered with a broken leg.

In any case, his physical health was excellent. Even if they gave him a physical examination, they wouldnt be able to find any problems with him.

Come to think of it, from the moment Zhao Yaya grabbed my hand and dragged me, the gazes of everyone nearby had become very sharp.

This kind of sharp gaze was incredibly familiar to him. He had experienced it a lot while growing up. That was a look of envy from males while his hand was being held intimately by a beautiful woman.

She is my elder sister, and will at most hold my hand (This is only for those who bitterly struggle in the same way.) But how would you guys know? Humph humph, go ahead and be envious of me, be jealous of me!

Although Jiangnan University City had its own hospital, it was not within the University City. Rather, it was instead located less than a kilometer away.

After all, the hospital also needed to earn money. If it was built within the University City, it would increase the Universitys burden of managing and ensuring the safety of all the patients that entered and left the University.

Because the hospital was close by, Zhao Yaya decided to proceed by foot.

Above their heads, the sun selflessly emitted light and heat, giving its blessings to humankind While also roasting the pitiful ones who were scurrying to their destination.

As they walked in the scorching heat, Zhao Yayas cheeks became red as beads of sweat slid down her fair and delicate face.

Song Shuhang inwardly sighed, then used his mental energy to direct the cold air from the Ghost Sealing Ice Pearl, enveloping Zhao Yaya within it as well.

Huh? The weather got cooler? Zhao Yaya lifted her head towards the sky and saw that the sun was still so hot and bright.

But where is this cool feeling on my body coming from? Its even better than air conditioning!

It must be a cool breeze. Song Shuhang answered without thinking.

Zhao Yaya nodded, but she saw other pedestrians with sweat all over their faces, being toasted like dying dogs There didnt seem to be any cool breeze at all.

Whatever, lets take advantage of this cool weather by walking faster. Zhao Yaya did not think too much about it.

After arriving at the hospital, Zhao Yaya directly dragged Song Shuhang to get a checkup; she had already gotten a number for Shuhang earlier.

Hurry and come over. Afraid that Shuhang would flee, she continued to pull his hand.

Song Shuhang obediently followed her.

Jiangnan University Citys affiliated hospital was packed with patients. Recently, most of them had gotten a cold. Many people in the Jiangnan region were being impacted by the climate here. In the morning it got so hot that people sweat like dogs; yet in the evening, people curled up in their beds shivering. The conscripts of the great army of seasonal colds steadily increased Good for business.

Because majority of the patients were students, Song Shuhang saw many familiar faces as he walked. However, as they were only slightly acquainted, they would leave with a smile after a quick greeting.

Zhao Yaya, are we still not there? Song Shuhang had already been pulled for a long time. Why did the hospital create such a complicated passageway? Did they have nothing better to do? If someone needed emergency treatment, what would you do if they suddenly died after enduring an endless journey through the hallways?

Were almost there. Zhao Yaya replied without turning her head.

After walking for another long period of time.

Song Shuhang saw another familiar figure.

Thats the office worker uncle. He was wearing a white shirt, black pants, and held a briefcase under his left arm. Even though he was in a hospital, he still seemed to be in a rush as though he was living a life of oppression.

Yes, this was the same uncle that dropped money in front of Song Shuhang and accused Song Shuhang of being a swindler.

If I remember correctly, he dropped about 150 RMB?

Furthermore, I saw him on the subway this afternoon.

At that time, Shuhang was entering the subway while this man was exiting the subway. It looked like this uncle was secretly following someone at that time.

This uncle and I must really be tied together by karma. Seems like its predestined that I return the 150 RMB! Song Shuhang sighed and shouted at the uncle: Uncle, uncle! Hey, how are you!

Zhao Yaya asked with doubt: Your acquaintance?

The uncle in front turned his head and stared at Song Shuhang blankly. Evidently, this uncle had completely forgotten Song Shuhang.

Uncle, its me! Last time when you were in front of me, you dropped the 150 RMB and I helped you picked it up! We are lucky to have met again, I must return the money to you this time! Song Shuhang looked for his wallet and prepared to take out 150 RMB.

As Song Shuhang was talking, the uncles lit up in remembrance. He pointed his finger and said: Swindler?

Song Shuhang.

Uncle, I am not a swindler. It was you who dropped the 150 RMB. All I wanted to do was pick it up and return it to you! Now I can finally return it to you! Song Shuhang patiently explained. As they had met coincidentally so many times, there could be considered to be a little fate between them. Thus, he was able to exercise more patience.

The uncles complexion changed and he muttered: Are all swindlers so ballsy nowadays? They would actually follow me and try to swindle me? This time you brought an assistant too? Is this still a society guided by laws? How disgusting, do you take me for a fool? Hmph, its useless.. I know your real purpose, and there is no way I will be duped by you guys.

Having said his piece, the uncle nimbly turned his body and left quickly.

Song Shuhang was stretching out his hand while holding the 150 RMB. Currently, his hand was neither fully stretched out nor was it withdrawn.

Uncle, from start to finish, I have never thought of you as a foolish person, but the problem is, you really are foolish!

Zhao Yaya felt the surrounding people beginning to stare at them. Helplessly, she could only pull back Song Shuhangs slightly outstretched hand. You rottenly good guy! Ignore that uncle, lets go.

Song Shuhang didnt know whether to laugh or cry, so he sought comfort from Zhao Yaya, Jie, in what way do I look like a swindler?

Okay okay, you are a good boy, you dont look like a swindler at all. Zhao Yaya laughed and quickly pulled Shuhang away from the scene.