Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 95

Chapter 95 The Inconceivable Patient
Chapter 95: The inconceivable patient

They examined his height, weight, physique, blood, urine, electrocardiogram, and even his liver function, kidney function, blood lipid level, and more. Song Shuhang was in a daze. He felt like a marionette, being plugged to various apparatuses for tests.

Only after great difficulty were all of the tests completed. Shuhang felt more tired than after he had practiced the Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique once. Right now, he did not even feel like moving a single finger.

Also, when he took off his clothes for the check-up earlier, the female doctors gaze was as though she wanted to eat him up, causing Shuhang to feel uncomfortable all over.

Currently, Zhao Yaya accompanied him in the waiting room, awaiting the examination results. It would be done in approximately half an hour.

Thanks to the rapid improvements in science and technology recent years, the hospitals efficiency had improved greatly. Otherwise, if it was four or five years ago, it would have taken approximately a week to get the results of the full body checkup.

Zhao Yaya looked very nervous and restless; every so often, she would get up to walk around. She feared that half an hour later, she would be told that Shuhang was terminally ill. If the full body checkup results still took a whole week like four or five years ago, who knew how Zhao Yaya would endure the seemingly endless wait?

Yet, Shuhang heartlessly let his thoughts drift, His mind wandered, replaying the recent events that occurred in his mind.

When he thought of the hospital, he suddenly remembered something.

Oh right, isnt Professor Renshui in this hospital? Perhaps I should go buy some fruits and visit him in a while. Shuhang mumbled to himself as he thought of this.

Professor Renshui was the teacher who, due to having an afternoon class, had both his legs broken by Lady Soft Feathers magic, landing him in the hospital. Originally, Lady Soft Feather only wanted to break one of his legs, but who would have known that when Professor Renshui fell from his bed, his posture caused him to only suffer a sprain. As a result, .. there wasnt a result, he still had to be hospitalized!

Although I did not hurt him myself, he was hurt because of me.

Although Miss Soft Feather said that she had already compensated Professor Renshui for the incident, Shuhang still felt very guilty.

Professor Renshui? Your teacher? Zhao Yaya asked.

Yeah, I heard that he was injured a few days ago and had to be hospitalized. In a while, I will ask the front desk which ward he is in. Shuhang sighed.

While he was talking, a female doctor with glasses entered and said with a smile: Professor Renshui? The professor who broke both of his legs? I still cant believe that he broke both of his legs just by falling off his bed, its really quite unlikely. I do happen to know where he is being hospitalized. Hes in building 8B ward 532. Many doctors in our hospital know of him. Are you his student?

The female doctor pushed her glasses up and laughed. She was the one who gave Shuhang a body check up and looked as if she wanted to eat him up. Song Shuhang felt that her gaze was very frightening.

Haha, Teacher Renshuis leg injuries are really inconceivable. Thank you, I will visit him in a while. Song Shuhang felt increasingly guilty. It seemed like Professor Renshuis injuries were not just to his legs, his spirit had also taken a heavy blow.

I reckon that the professor breaking both legs from falling off the bed would remain a running joke for a long time.

Zhao Yaya did not care about Professor Renshui whatsoever. All she cared about was Song Shuhangs health report. Doctor Li, is Shuhangs health report out? Theres no issue with my younger brothers body, right?

All I can say is..he cant possibly get any healthier. Frankly, I really have no idea why you brought your younger brother here for a full body checkup with a worried face. Come and take a look at the report yourself. Your younger brother is literally as strong as a bull. If I didnt personally conduct his full body checkup, I would be suspecting if this report is actually real. This report does not look like a students health report, it seems more like the report of a national athlete. Doctor Li laughed. He is actually even more all-rounded and robust than a professional athlete!

That being said, Zhao Yayas younger brother has a physique that didnt show his muscles while he was clothed. When he took off his shirt for the checkup earlier, those well-shaped and defined muscles truly make him a captivating handsome man. If it werent because I already have a husband, I might really consider romance with a younger man?

Are you absolutely sure that there are no illnesses? Zhao Yaya saw rows of numbers indicating health far above the norm, but she still asked with a worried tone.

Yaya, are you hoping that your brother has an incurable disease? Are you a brocon that prefers a sick and delicate brother? Doctor Li pushed her glasses up and asked with a laugh. She was able to joke without holding back because she was already acquainted with Zhao Yaya.

Of course not! Zhao Yaya was ashamed and angrily rolled her eyes at Song Shuhang.

You cant blame me. If you want something to blame on, you can only blame that incident for being such a coincidence. Song Shuhang innocently shrugged his shoulders.

Zhao Yayas expression seemed very fierce, but inside, she secretly sighed in relief.

She could finally stop worrying about the possibility that Shuhang had an incurable disease. She looked at the health report with her face filled with happiness. Looks like this brat is really training, thats great.

At this moment, a young nurse knocked on the door, and asked shyly: Doctor Li, are you here?

What do you need? Doctor Li asked.

The patient from building 8B room 570 is here again, do you need to go and take a look? When the nurse smiled, a very cute dimple was revealed.

She came again? Alright, I will be right there. Doctor Li creased her eyebrows and rubbed her temples.

Zhao Yaya saw the doctors frown and asked, Is it a really troublesome patient?

Troublesome, .. And also very inconceivable. Doctor Li explained: The patient is a young woman, a little younger than your little brother. However, her condition is a little weirdShe looks totally fine from the outside, but her internal organs and some of her tissues are carbonizing. Till now, Im still wondering how she managed to injure herself to the state of tender on the outside but charred on the inside. If I had not personally examined her, I would suspect that someone was playing a joke on me. Im sorry for saying this, but with her wounds, nobody could possibly survive. Theres simply no way to save her. However, this young lady is somehow still alive!

Furthermore, the young lady seems to know that she is going to die and is very open about life and death. Since the very beginning, she had never asked us to save her life. Instead, she would only come to get an injection of analgesics and get some pain-killers when the pain becomes unbearable. This may sound bad but when a patient like this comes, we always tell them to go back home and have a good meal. The hospital will not accept such a patient if possible. However, for unknown reasons, after she met with the director of the hospital, he personally came and prepared a special room for her. From then on, I was assigned to regularly give her physical examinations, analgesic injections and prescribe painkillers.

Furthermore, what I find the most disturbing is that every time she comes to receive an injection, she would bring her own needles. Have you ever heard of a patient that brings their own needles? In my whole life, I have never met any patient like this before.

Listening to your story, she does sound like a troublesome patient. Zhao Yaya rubbed her temples.

This world is huge, there is nothing that is too bizarre. Song Shuhang calmly replied inside. From the day that his worldview was destroyed, even if someone told him that Superman was visiting Huaxia as a guest tomorrow, he would still be able to remain calm.

Its been tough on you, Doctor Li, we shall not bother you any further. Zhao Yaya rose and thanked Doctor Li. She still had to return to Jiangnan University City for her internship as a doctor.

Song Shuhang also said his goodbyes, Thank you Doctor Li, Bye~

At the same moment, on the 5th floor of building 8B of Jiangnan University citys affiliated hospital.

An office worker uncle stopped in his steps, gnashed his teeth and said: I feel it, I finally feel it! The Su Clans little girl is right here! Su Clans Ah Qi Ah Qi, the detestable Ah Qi!

After pursuing this junior for so many days, I finally found a trail! This time, I definitely cant lose it!

However, in the next moment, his complexion changed again. The Su Clan juniors aura disappeared again?