Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 96

Chapter 96 Ill Fate
Chapter 96: Ill Fate

After bidding farewell to Doctor Li, Song Shuhang asked Zhao Yaya: Jie, Im planning to visit Professor Renshui later, would you like to come along?

Im not even his student, why would I go with you? Ill return to Jiangnan University City first, there are still many things there that require my help. Jiangnan University Citys sports festival was a famous event and a lot of people would get injured during the competition; as a medical intern, she was very busy.

Thinking about the sports festival, Zhao Yaya was reminded of something.

She rolled Song Shuhangs physical examination report into a tube, and forcefully smacked his head with it: I have a question that I want to ask you, what was up with the tall dark-skinned fellow at the 5km race? I heard other people say that that fellow ran the 5km together with you. At first, the two of you were far ahead of the other contestants. But at the end the big blackie fainted for some reason? He was muttering: Second place, is yours! Second place is mine! like he was possessed, all the way until he was delivered to us for treatment, what happened?

That dark skinned student?

He was hung up on second place even after he was delivered to the medical centre? What a stubborn winning mentality. Song Shuhang sighed: Although that big blackie had tenacious willpower, his mouth was a little foul. I could see his burning desire to win during his competition with me. The two of us pretty much led the others by three laps In the midst of it, I saw that his desire to win was very strong, and decided to give him a hand. Truthfully, with his abilities he could definitely obtain first place. However, the current me is slightly stronger than him. Yes, a very good opponent indeed.

Zhao Yaya said: Although you described it very sincerely, for some reason, I can still feel the deep ridicule in your words. Maybe I can understand the reason why that big blackie fainted.

I really didnt ridicule. Song Shuhang shrugged his shoulders.

Yes yes, you didnt ridicule. Zhao Yaya smiled: Im heading back to the University City, call me if you need anything. Be careful not to spout nonsense when you visit Professor Renshui.

Understood, I always behave appropriately when I speak. Song Shuhang refuted.

After parting with Zhao Yaya, Song Shuhang left the hospital to buy a bag of apples, and also picked out a ripe watermelon.

The fruits were sold at truly ripoff prices, it was at least twice that of the fruit market. Especially the bag of apples, the stores boss was itching to sell it by the gram.

Afterwards, Song Shuhang found building 8B, climbed to the fifth floor, found Room 532 where Professor Renshui was, and reached out to knock on the door.

Please enter, the door is not locked. Professor Renshuis voice was heard from the inside, due to both legs being broken, he was unable to get up to open the door, so the door was always left half open.

Song Shuhang pushed the door open, entered, and was immediately greeted by the sight of Professor Renshui.

The professor was currently lying on the hospital bed, with both legs wrapped in casts and suspended in the air. This position became increasingly shameful the more he looked at it.

Erm, hello, you are? Professor Renshui found Song Shuhang very familiar, most likely one of his students. However, due to the fact that he taught many classes, the number of students he had was simply too many, he couldnt remember all their names.

Hello professor, I am Song Shuhang from Jiangnan Universitys School of Mechanical Engineering, Machinery Designs and Manufacturing Facultys 19th departments 43rd class. Song Shuhang introduced himself with a shy smile: I came to the hospital today for a checkup, knowing that you were also in the hospital, I decided to visit you, Professor.

The introduction was too long and saying it all in one go made one people feel as though they couldnt catch their breath.

Haha, sorry to trouble you. Professor Renshuis mood instantly lifted, there was a student that personally visited him, didnt this mean that he was fairly popular among the students?

The name of Song Shuhang, was also committed to memory by Professor Renshui. Professor Renshui decided in his heart to give Song Shuhang a small surprise for this semesters results.

Song Shuhang chatted happily with the professor after sitting down.

They talked about interesting things that happened at the university recently, and about the sports festival that was currently underway. Also making fun of the long and unchanging speech of the festival spokesperson every year.

Professor Renshui was an exceptionally eloquent teacher, with his intentional guidance, the atmosphere between the two of them was never stiff.

An occasion where both guest and host were enjoying themselves.

At this time, in the hallway of the 5th floor rooms, an uncle dressed as an office worker was currently knocking and opening the doors, room after room.

530, this isnt it either. Damn it, which room is Su Clans junior hiding in! The office worker uncle clenched his teeth, then opened Room 531.

The bony old man inside raised his head in confusion and looked at the uncle: Kid, who are you looking for?

Excuse me, I opened the wrong door. the office worker uncle laughed dryly, then proceeded to close the door.

Previously, he had felt the vague presence of that junior from the Su Clan right here in this building. But when he had chased it all the way to the fifth floor, the other party suddenly concealed their presence.

Therefore, he could only confirm that the other party was on the 5th floor, but not which room they were in.

To find the target, the office worker uncle could only use this primitive method of checking each and every room one by one.

However, he had already checked 30 rooms, yet there was still no trace of the Su Clans junior.

Has the trail really been lost again?

I must hurry, if Im too slow, that Su Clans junior might leave the hospital, then Ill have wasted all this time for nothing. The office worker uncle thought to himself.

He focused his mind again, moved up to room 532, and knocked on the door.

After which, he noticed that the door was not locked; so as to save time, he directly opened the door and entered the room.

Huh? Who are you? Professor Renshui heard the door open, and looked confusingly at the office worker uncle, who he had never seen before.

Song Shuhang also turned around, an expression of astonishment appeared on his face.

Excuse me, wrong door eh? Swindler? The office worker uncle paused mid sentence, and exclaimed after seeing Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang felt a nerve on his forehead throb!

Hey uncle, as the saying goes, dont repeat the same mistake thrice, this is already the third time youve slandered me! Even if I have a good temper, I will also get angry you know! Song Shuhang rubbed his temple, talking through clenched teeth.

Sor Im sorry. I entered the wrong room, Ill leave right now! The office worker uncle decisively turned around, an expression of spurn indicating he didnt want to be even slightly involved with Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang hurriedly exclaimed: Hey uncle, dont you move!

But that uncle had disappeared like a ghost, fleeing away at light speed, denying Song Shuhang any opportunity to explain.

Song Shuhang raised his head, tempted to curse. He had by chance met this uncle thrice in a single day, they could be considered brought together by fate. However, this was definitely an ill fate!

? Professor Renshui sent a confused look towards Song Shuhang

I yield to this uncle. Song Shuhang rubbed his temples, concisely explaining to Professor Renshui how he was seen as a swindler after trying to return the money on that day.

Professor Renshui laughed heartily after hearing the explanation, there was actually such an outrageous person in the world. The professor then felt that he wasnt the only unfortunate person in the world and his heart felt a lot more at peace.

Professor, no matter what, Im going to return the money to that uncle today. Ill leave the fruits here, Im going to find that uncle now, bye! Song Shuhang got up and bid farewell.

Go on and explain it to him, I believe that as long as he isnt truly a fool, he should be able to understand. Remember to leave the door half open for me. Professor Renshui merrily waved goodbye.

The problem is that uncle really is a fool!

After Song Shuhang said goodbye, he left the hospital room to chase after that uncle.