Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 97

Chapter 97 One Floor Away From The Destined Person
Chapter 97: One floor away from the destined person

When Song Shuhang ran out of the room, there was already no trace of that uncle.

With great haste he immediately searched every passageway on the 5th floor to no avail.

Such speed? Where could he have gone in such a short amount of time? Song Shuhang muttered depressingly. I merely explained how I met that uncle to Professor Renshui with just a few simple sentences yet

Could this uncle have used his 100m sprinting speeds to escape from me, the swindler?

Bastard, there must be a limit to misunderstandings, right?!

In the end, Song Shuhang sighed, and headed towards the fourth floor his only option was to look for that foolish uncle on the way out of the hospital. It would be great if he could find him, but if he couldnt then it couldnt be helped.

Right now, he didnt have the time to search the whole building to return 150RMB to that uncle. That uncle is foolish, but he certainly couldnt accompany him in his foolishness, right?

Right as Song Shuhang was leaving the 5th floor, a figure dropped from the ceiling of a corridor on the 5th floor. It was that uncle! In order to hide from Song Shuhang, he had hung from the ceiling like Spiderman, and had held on tiresomely.

Tch, a mere swindler wants to find me? Too naive! the uncle sneered, and continued to enter rooms one by one, according to their number. 533, 534, 535!

Su Clans junior, you cant run from me! I will find you even if I have to flip the entire floor upside down! The uncle was overflowing with confidence. He had a premonition that he would blessed with good luck today!

When leaving the house today, he purposefully had an expert tell his fortune. The fortune said he would meet a destined person today!

Destined person? Hmph, in this godforsaken place, apart from that Su Clans junior, what other kind of destined person could he meet?

Shuhang circled the 4th floor in passing with no result.

Could he have gone to the upper floors then?

Whatever, forget it.

If they were to ever meet again he definitely wouldnt waste his breath. Instead, he would first charge up and give him a punch, then throw him down onto the ground and keep him under control! He wouldnt let the uncle speak, and wouldnt give him any opportunity to run. Then, hell give the uncle a good and proper explanation!

Even a great monk would get angry from being misunderstood again and again, alright!?

Thinking to this point, Song Shuhang clenched his fists, imagining if that uncle was in front of him. He let out a light shout as he punched the air twice with force, as if those two punches were smashing against that uncles face!

After that, he noticed that the surrounding passer-bys were giving him strange looks If while walking you suddenly noticed someone letting out a strange shout while continuously punching the air, you would naturally feel curious and stare at him.

Song Shuhang felt the urge to cover his face.

Im really too unlucky!

Cough, cough. He firmly coughed twice, assumed an unperturbed expression, and continued down the stairs.

It seemed to be a trend to meet familiar people today.

At the entrance to the 3rd floor stair landing, Song Shuhang once again met a familiar face. It was a delicate young girl, with short hair and a pretty face. Right now, she was leaning onto the handrail, hobbling down the stairs.

Isnt she that girl who was in a kabe-don state, then turned invincible and beat up those hooligans who put her in that state in a matter seconds?

[TL: Kabe means wall and don is the thud of someone hitting it. Kabe-don is a move that became popular because of shoujo manga and looks like this ]

Perhaps feeling Song Shuhangs gaze, the young girl perceptively turned her head around, meeting his gaze.

Song Shuhang scratched his head, laughing dryly, Hey, what a coincidence, youre also here in the hospital?

He actually didnt really want to converse with this young girl because she was a bit too cold and detached. When he talked to her, he felt like his good intentions were faced with a splash of cold water. Now that their eyes met, Song Shuhang felt that it would be impolite to ignore her and had no choice but to reluctantly greet her.

The young girl blinked her eyes, seeming to recall something. Moments later, she nodded her head, Oh, its you.

Haha, yeah. I was dragged over here by my sister to have a health checkup. What about you, did you hurt your feet? Song Shuhang noticed that the young girl was leaning on the handrails as she walked.

Mhmm, Im a little injured. Answered the young girl whose eyes were slightly downcast.

It was a surprise that he could communicate with this young lady today!

Then do you need help? Do you live near Jiangnan University City? Song Shuhangs rottenly good nature flared up again. With her injured feet, he could escort her home on his way back if she lived near Jiangnan University City.

No need. The young girl shook her head, then continued leaning on the handrails, stubbornly limping down the stairs.

Feeling as if she was suffering a lot of hardship, Song Shuhang thought for a moment, then walked behind her and suggested, Actually, this hospital has elevators, if your feet are injured, you can take the elevator directly down.

The young girl stiffened, obviously she forgot about the elevator. Being reminded by Song Shuhang made her rather embarrassed.

So she turned her head away, ignored Song Shuhang, and increased her speed down the stairs.

Even if they were able to communicate today, this young lady was still difficult to converse with. Song Shuhang secretly sighed. Never mind, he wasnt the kind of rottenly good natured person that would insist on helping even though the receiving party didnt want it.

Thats right, did you come down from the 5th floor? Did you bump into an uncle in office attire that was in a hurry? Song Shuhang asked in passing.

The young girl pondered a bit, then shook her head, No, I didnt.

Looks like that uncle fled upstairs. Song Shuhang rubbed his eyebrows. As expected, the thought process of a fool couldnt be understood by a normal person!

Not good, I dont want to think about that uncle anymore. Just the thought of him makes my liver throb in pain.

I should go back to Medicine Masters place first!

Previously, he had promised Medicine Master that he would go back to help him with his experiments to improve the Body Tempering Liquid recipe after finishing his business with Zhao Yaya.

Additionally, he needed to find a place to eat.

Thanks to Altar Master, he was busy from noon till now without any chance to have a sip of water.

He thought as he walked, and arrived on the ground floor soon after.

Although that young girl was limping along while leaning on the handrails, her speed going down the stairs wasnt any slower than his! He had only just arrived on the ground floor, yet the young girl reached right after him.

Does she have some strange pride that urges her from falling behind Shuhang?

However, once she left the handrails, the young girl wasnt able to maintain her balance and fell sideways.

Song Shuhang reflexively reached out his arm to support her.

How about I assist you to the hospital entrance, then find a cab to send you home? Shuhang tried asking.

The young girl sniffed a bit, and squeezed out two words after a long while, Thank you.

Song Shuhang paused, then laughed saying, Youre welcome.

Song Shuhang originally wanted to call for a taxi for the short haired girl after assisting her out of the hospital, but after reaching the door, he was stunned.

There were many taxis, but it simply wouldnt be their turn any time soon.

There were too many patients today, the moment the taxis stopped, a passenger would get onboard. The taxi would then drive off into the distance in a blink of an eye.

How about we go ahead to an intersection close by, it should be easier to hail a taxi there. Song Shuhang inquired.

Mm, ok. The short haired girl replied weakly.

As a result, Song Shuhang helped her out of the hospital, and headed towards an intersection close by.

At this moment, on the 5th floor of the hospital building 8B.

The uncle took a deep breath as he opened the last room there with shaking hands. It was empty inside.

The uncle who was brimming with confidence was petrified.

Lost the trail again?

Fortune tellers are all god damn swindlers! Wheres that destined person? I didnt find the Su Clans junior at all.

Also, that swindler he met today wasted so much of his time! If that swindler didnt create trouble for him, he mightve found that Su Clans junior by now!

The next time he meets that swindler, he would definitely not give him any time to speak, he would charge up and give him a punch, knocking him to the ground!

The uncle imagined the swindler in front of him, punched the air twice with clenched fists, as if those two punches were hitting Shuhangs face!

It could be foreseen that the next time Shuhang and that uncle meet, both sides would without a word, charge up, simultaneously send a friendly face breaking punch towards the others face, with the intention of pounding the other unconscious.