Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 98

Chapter 98 An Amusing And Rottenly Good Person
Not far from Jiangnan University Citys affiliated hospital, around the corner of an intersection

Today, Old Zhou was very depressed. He made on a call while driving to the company, a man suddenly charged towards his car with 100m dash speeds as he was turning through the corner of an intersection.

It frightened Old Zhou so much that he hurriedly dropped his phone. Gripped the steering wheel and turned, successfully dodging that man who was dashing towards him. Old Zhou silently let out a breath. Your momma, that was too dangerous! Youre lucky that my driving skills are impeccable, otherwise you would be dead, lad!

But before Old Zhous thumping heart could calm down, the man suddenly defied the laws of physics and fell backward, rolled back three times, then hugged his leg with a pained face, screaming, Ow! My leg, my leg is broken!

The mans miserable shrieks quickly attracted an oblivious crowd of onlookers.

The crowd didnt know the truth, whether it was the car that hit the person, or the person had hit the car, they began to discuss amongst themselves.

Fucker! Little rascal, you didnt even bump into this old mans car, okay? Did you slam into a wall of air? This old man isnt some ability user, I dont have an air wall skill!

This is the legendary insurance scam right?

However, dont they say that insurance scammers would always look for luxury cars to hit? How can my crappy car attract insurance scammers?

Old Zhou was unaware, business was hard in these times, they wouldnt care what kind of car you drive.

Old Zhou sighed with a face full of bitter misfortune. There were no surveillance cameras nearby, and his crappy car also didnt have any dash cams installed.

He reached into his pocket, all he found was various cards, 20RMB of cash, and two 1RMB coins.

22RMB, I guess it isnt enough to get rid of that man howling on the ground? This persons award-winning acting was worth more than 20RMB by itself!



Song Shuhang just happened to be helping the short haired young girl to the intersection, intending to hire a taxi there.

The two of them coincidentally saw the process of this traffic accident.

This is man-bump-car right? the short haired young girl said indifferently. From her angle it could be seen that the car had missed, but that man lunged towards the car, then fell to the ground screaming.

Its not man-bump-car they didnt even touch. Song Shuhangs sight was excellent now, from his angle it could be clearly seen that the man hadnt even touched the car, yet still fell down to the ground screaming.

Oh, I know this is called an insurance scam. The short haired young girl glanced at Shuhang: Are you going to go be a witness?

This rottenly good person loves meddling in others affairs, theres no way he wouldnt go up to help, right?

Theres no point if there arent enough witnesses, besides we dont have any recordings, there arent any surveillance cameras nearby either. Song Shuhang shook his head, the man screaming on the ground was no doubt a professional, as he chose an area perfect for insurance scams.

Are you going to ignore it then? The short haired girl pondered a bit, suddenly her eyes lit up: How about we go and beat up that guy screaming on the ground?

Please dont, violence cant solve everything, this will only cause greater problems for the driver! Song Shuhang hastily admonished: Leave it to me! Wait here for me, Ill call a taxi for you in a moment By the way, do you have enough money on you?

The short haired girls face stiffened as she shook her head.

Ill lend you some for now, return it to me if we meet again. Song Shuhang took 50RMB from his pocket, and stuffed it into the short haired girls hands. In any case, he had recently received a small fortune, allowing him to be generous.

Without waiting for the short haired girls reply, Song Shuhang quickly strode towards where the accident happened. He pushed through the crowd of onlookers.

Excuse me, excuse me! With his well developed muscles, he quickly squeezed through the crowd.

Then, he knelt next to the man screaming on the ground, and stared at him for a bit: Hey, looks like you are badly hurt.

The man howling on the ground furtively glanced at Shuhang, then howled even more miserably.

Shuhang coughed, then proclaimed: Mr. Driver, look how badly this persons been hit, how about you come over here and compensate tens of thousands to resolve the matter?

The man howling on the ground instantly felt reassured inside. He was originally worried that this handsome youngster was here to expose him, he didnt expect this young man to actually assist him so beautifully. He was instantly overjoyed, and screamed even more excitedly.

Inside the car, Old Zhou touched the 22RMB in his pocket, and quietly let out a sigh. With his phone in hand, he planned to call the police first.

Mr. Driver, what are you waiting for? Quickly get out of the car. As Song Shuhang spoke, his hands were touching all over the insurance scammer.

The insurance scammer felt there was something fishy about this young man. The young mans hands were touching him all over. Could it be that hes a homo? Taking advantage of me? Sexually harassing me?

Suddenly, the insurance scammer had goosebumps all over his body.

However he was a very talented actor, albeit not a professional one. Although he was being sexually harassed, he still gritted his teeth and endured it.

He couldnt stop screaming in pain!

Very quickly, the insurance scammer realized that something wasnt right.

That good-looking young man had reached his hand into his pocket and took his wallet out.

Inside that wallet was his entire fortune, about 2000RMB.

That money was meant to be his hospitalization fees in case he encountered an accident while scamming. Insurance scamming was a dangerous profession; if he chanced upon a homicidal driver or female driver, he might get seriously injured and have to be hospitalized. In the event that that happens, what if that female driver didnt have any cash on her, or if that homicidal driver had questionable morals and choose to hit-and-run?

Nowadays hospitals would only treat you if you had money. What can you do if you dont have money on you?

After saying so much, all he meant in the end was that there was money in his wallet!

The good-looking young man pulled out his bulging wallet and seemed very satisfied. Then, the young man shot a smile towards him. And then. the young man stood up, took to his heels and bolted away, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The insurance scammer came to realize, this fucker was here to profit from his misfortune: Fuck your ancestors!

The insurance scammer flipped over, promptly getting up. Chasing with all haste, Stand still, you fucker, stand still for me, dont run! Go to hell!

He could get a few hundred RMB at the most from that crappy car he had tried to scam earlier, but there was at least 2000RMB in his own wallet.

The crowd hadnt known the truth at first, but they then saw the man who had just been screaming in pain on the ground stand up agilely and swiftly chase after the young man. How was this mans leg broken? Its a scammer as expected!

Old Zhou quietly heaved a sigh of relief in his car, and the hand that was holding on to the 22RMB also relaxed. Thinking of that good-looking young man in his mind, Old Zhou exclaimed: In these times, there are still good people.

Afterwards, he started up his crappy car and drove away.

On the other side, the short haired girl who had watched the entire process with a tensed expression couldnt resist letting out a laugh.

In high spirits, Shuhang led the scammer for a 1800m run, until the latter couldnt catch his breath. When the scammers face turned pale and learned against a wall to vomit, Shuhang raised his speed and left him in the dust.

In the process, he even had the time to call out to a taxi. He told the driver to go to the intersection to pick up that short haired young girl. The driver uncle happily went to pick her up.

The scammer watched Song Shuhangs fleeting figure in despair, immensely depressed in his heart. Since you can run that fast, why the hell did you lead me on for such a pointlessly long chase? Couldnt you just shake me off earlier?

A taxi stopped in front of the short haired young girl: Young lady, are you the person that some young man just called me to pick up?

Yeah, its me. The short haired girl gripped the 50RMB notes and boarded the taxi.

Yup, an amusing and rottenly good person.