Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Why Do Seniors Communicate Through A Chatting App
Chapter 99: Why do seniors communicate through a chatting app?

In any case, I showed my face in front of that scammer for so long he should be able to remember me. I wonder when hell find some help and come to the University City to find me? Song Shuhang lightly tossed the bulging wallet in his hands, hoping they would party up and come find him, giving him the opportunity to train his Foundation Building Fist Technique.

Real combat would allow him to deepen his comprehension of the Foundation Building Fist Technique.

Although as a cultivator, using normal people for practice was a little degrading but currently he did not have any good opponents. It would be better to quickly get stronger, so he could find an appropriate practice partner.

After casually eating some food, Shuhang hastened to Medicine Masters house, assisting Senior in perfecting the Body Tempering Liquid as usual.

This time, Medicine Master added two more ordinary chinese herbs, causing the final product to have an additional spoonful.

It was already four in the afternoon when the medicine refining was over.

Excellent, my train of thought these few days was accurate. Ill be able to finish perfecting the new recipe in two days. Medicine Master was extremely contented. He then handed over the Body Tempering Liquid and a stink pellet over to Shuhang.

Thank you Senior. Song Shuhang received the two treasures, and leaned back on the chair to recover from the weariness from refining.

Furthermore, tomorrow Ill have Ziyan bring over a fire manipulation artifact, Ill give you some time then to familiarise yourself with the fire manipulation artifact. Before I leave the Jiangnan region, Ill teach you how to use a refining furnace to try the new recipe out. Medicine Master laughed.

When the Body Tempering Liquids recipe is perfected, he will leave Jiangnan region. Before that, Song Shuhang could take the opportunity to familiarise himself with the medicinal pill refining furnace.

No problem, but Senior, youre leaving so soon? Song Shuhang was happy to cooperate. Actually, a lot of his knowledge on refining medicinal pills was inadvertently learned by being at Medicine Masters side. The knowledge gained was a priceless treasure!

I have been here for quite a long time, if I continue to stay here, there would be many people who would visit for medicinal pills, how troublesome. Medicine Master lowered his head to record the data obtained from the current experiment. Without even raising his head, he asked, By the way, are there any problems with your cultivation over the last two days?

No, cultivation has been going smoothly. Song Shuhang nodded. It was just the most basic hundred days of foundation building after all.

Thats good then. I still have the same advice for you. When you run into any problems, immediately ask the seniors in the group. Dont try to blindly solve it yourself. If any problems occur, your path of cultivation might end right there and then. Medicine Master instructed him with prudence.

Yes, Ill remember it in my heart. Thats right, Senior, I wanted to ask. When a Buddhist cultivator purifies a soul, will it help to strengthen their physique? Song Shuhang thought of the Caucasian monk in the train.

Although the amount of strengthening from purifying souls wasnt much, it was much more effective than simply running.

Now that you mention it, it sounds a bit familiar. Whenever a Buddhist helps to purify a soul, theyll acquire a small amount of good karma and it can help to strengthen the hardiness of their bodies. However, it doesnt have much effect on 2nd Stage cultivators and above. Why? Are you thinking of becoming a monk and taking shelter in Buddhism? Recently, society has been paying attention to harmony and the meaning of existence, becoming a monk is a pretty good choice. Medicine Master smiled as he asked.

Senior, please dont joke. I still intend to find a girlfriend during my time as a college student. Song Shuhang quickly waved his hand, and said, I want to know if theres any similar method of purifying souls in Daoism? Can it also strengthen the body?

There should be. However, my specialty is in refining medicinal pills. I dont know much about practising the five virtues. If you have the time, go and ask the group. One of the seniors might have a soul purification technique from one of the Daos in their hands. Medicine Master chuckled. He had been a disciple of refining medicinal pills from the start, he had never lacked any medicinal pills since he was young. When building his foundation, he was given unlimited amounts of Qi and Blood Pills. He didnt even need to think about going to learn some soul purification techniques.

Song Shuhang quietly nodded. There was no point being impatient over this matter.

By the way, Senior, when I killed Altar Master, I met a Caucasian monk from a Buddhist sect. Song Shuhang gave Medicine Master a simplified narration of what happened on the train.

Im a little concerned about that fellow. I thought that he would have some method to resolve the issue of Altar Masters corpse on the subway. I didnt think that that fellow would simply confess to the crime so brazenly. Song Shuhang was torn between laughter and tears as he spoke.

Pfft, thats a rather interesting fellow. Medicine Master couldnt help but laugh. After thinking for a moment, he said, I dont think you need to worry about that. Since he was confident about taking responsibility, he definitely has a way to escape. In the past few years, the secular world has been developing faster and faster, while the cultivation world has also formed an increasing number of ties with the secular world. Perhaps that Caucasian monk would be freed soon.

With Medicine Masters affirmation, Song Shuhang felt less worried.

I hope that that Caucasian monk is okay.

He should be fine, right? The image of the Caucasian monk letting out a bright, wide smile at the moment he was captured surfaced in Song Shuhangs mind again.

Medicine Master was still furiously writing notes on his notebook.

Song Shuhang took the chance to find a place by the side and practised one round of Vajra Foundation Building Fist Technique and True Self Meditation Scripture. After returning to school, he had to find a place to practise secretly, still worried about being seen.

He was the most carefree when practising at Medicine Masters place.

Once he finished a round of practise and guided the qi and blood into his heart acupoint, Song Shuhang let out a heavy breath, feeling light in his body and heart.

At this moment, Medicine Master had already finished his notes. He nodded at Shuhang, Not bad, youve become very good at controlling the amount of qi and blood you guide into your heart acupoint. It wont be too long before you complete your hundred day foundation building.

Hehe. Song Shuhang bashfully smiled.

After that, Medicine Master took advantage of the free time to explain to Shuhang some basic cultivation knowledge and points to take note of during cultivation.

While in the midst of chatting, Song Shuhang finally asked a question he had long wanted to ask, While were on this topic Senior, theres a matter Ive been minding for a while.

What is it?

Why do you seniors have to use a chatting app to talk? There should be some Thousand Mile Voice Transmission or some cool communication technique amongst the magic arts, right? Wouldnt that be even more impressive as well as safer and more private as well? Song Shuhang asked. Then there wouldnt be people who accidentally stumble into the group like I had, right?

Is there a need to think about it? Its because its simple and convenient! In the current day and age, why would anybody choose not to use the various tools to communicate online and instead choose to use Thousand Mile Voice Transmission? For example, look at the chatting app, you could send text messages, voice messages, and make video calls; the chat content could even be saved, making it convenient to look through past records. It even has mini-games built-in like farming, airplane shooting and more. On the other hand, the Thousand Mile Voice Transmission magic has distance limitations. When multiple people use it at the same time, it would even cause confusion. If you were us, which would you choose? Medicine Master replied with a question.

Using your point of view as an example, those brick-sized phones from decades ago and the smartphones of today are both long-range communication tools. However, Ill give you a choice right now. When you go out, would you like to bring out the brick-sized phone? Or would you bring a small, multi-purpose smartphone? If you choose the brick-sized phone, I can only say that you must be too damn bored.

Senior, that makes a lot of sense. Song Shuhang sighed, he was speechless!

Speaking of which, you need to remember to upgrade the field in your farm when you get back! Its so tough to wait for your fruits to ripen, it takes so much time. If you have spare time, finish learning driving as soon as possible You only have so many Qi and Blood Pills on hand, its not enough at all. So, dont think of rejecting North River anymore. Just accept this cruel reality. Medicine Master closed his notebook and instructed Shuhang with sincere and earnest feelings.

Song Shuhang: