Daoist Master Of Qing Xuan Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Senior Apprentice Sister

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The cultivators who were listening to Dao rarely saw the Hall Establisher to have such an expression. Gu Caiwei was the core of Qing Xuan, and it was said that she was Shen Zhenren’s direct Senior Apprentice-Sister. Even Shen Zhenren too learned under her even if she had not reached Huandan, not any average Huandan cultivators were comparable.

The Doyen who came to Longevity Temple from Qing Xuan showed kindness to her every time, and this too expressed Gu Caiwei’s ability and status.

The softened expression caught the cultivating audience by surprise. However, they were more concerned about what was happening outside. A lot of them activated their mana to be able to head out and spot what happened anytime.

She saw the slight chaos among the cultivators, her beautiful and feminine face curved into a smile, “We will stop here.”

For those who cultivated under Taixu Strategy, there was a characteristic called ‘Instant Connection’. They would automatically realize the presence of the others in near vicinity. Even with the stir up in spiritual opportunity and Qi of vitality, Gu Caiwei knew it was Shen Lian. Shen Lian also did not have the intention to pretend that it was not him.

A huge platform appeared on top of the sea and it was moving slowly towards the island. It caused the waves to be stirred up.

The Qi of vitality on heaven and earth started to gather around the huge platform. The platform rose up slowly and after it revealed almost half of it, the cultivators then realized it was a whale.

It was a ridiculously huge whale.

It was about ten or more miles long. Many islands were not as huge as this. Every breathing of the whale would swallow much of Qi of vitality or fishes and prawns.

Most people recognized this humongous whale. It was the Mystical Whale. During its journey traveling in the sea for five years, every half a year it brought a lot of troubles to the cultivators.

Some of them were almost ingested by the Mystical Whale.

Someone with sharp eyes spotted that there were three men standing on top of the whale. The one in the middle looked pretty and delicate. There were two people on the right and left of him at the back. The left one had bright eyes and sword-like eyebrows as if he was carrying sword aura within him. Most could recognize the one on the right, who was Qing Hongzi who took the task to investigate the area where the Mystical Whale had been carrying out its activity. He was a rather old non-formal cultivator. In terms of ability, he was considered middle upper.

All in a sudden, there was a waterspout coming out from the back of the Mystical Whale. The moment it went up to the sky, it became water mist. The wind blew and the water mist landed on the island where Longevity Temple was.

The sound of the wind was rather miraculous as if the heaven and earth had spoken. The mist blended in with the wind and turned into rain. It fell on the island.

A lot of cultivators were shocked when they realized that the water mists contained Qi of vitality. It could be considered as spiritual water. The moment it fell on the land, a lot of seeds germinated.

The seeds turned into young shoots, and they grew into colorful flowers rapidly.

It was not known when Gu Caiwei had stepped out. She looked at Shen Lian softly.

When Shen Lian saw her, he smiled. He stepped forward to the air, and the wind started to gather around his feet, forming steps that were akin to those made of stone.

Shen Lian walked towards her in the midst of nothing.

The aroma of the flowers spread around with the wind. The rain fell on Gu Caiwei’s face but it did not seem like she had the intention to wipe them off. She kneeled and her voice rang through to every cultivator’s ear, “Gu Caiwei is here to greet the Chief.”

The simple words brought an impactful message to every cultivator presented. Not even Qing Hongzi could guess that Shen Lian was the chief of Qing Xuan Sect.

He was the legendary Shen Zhenren.

Every cultivator present too wondered how the new chief of Qing Xuan was like, but as they saw how he commanded the Mystical Whale as his mount, and how he could walk in the midst of nothing, they knew he was the real deal.

Furthermore, rumors had it that Shen Zhenren was not even a hundred years old. To reach such height at such age, there was none that could have done the same even since ancient times. Chen Jianmei could be said to have achieved such height, but since both of them were from Qing Xuan, it seemed that Qing Xuan was now on the rise.

If they knew Shen Lian was not even fifty, they would have their opinion changed.

After the greetings of Gu Caiwei, the other cultivators all bowed down.

The prestige of the chief of Qing Xuan was beyond description.

In addition, as Shen Lian set up affiliates of Qing Xuan with the intention to gather talents, it had indeed helped a lot of non-formal cultivators.

Shen Lian walked to the front of Gu Caiwei at last. He held her hand and said, “Senior Apprentice-Sister, it has been hard for you.”

He could only say this line despite the thousands of thoughts he had, but it did reveal his emotions. Gu Caiwei had helped him a lot when he first became the chief and when there was a turbulent time at Qing Xuan.

They were both from the same lineage, and Gu Caiwei had been his teacher. The best he could do was to use his actions to show how grateful he was to her.

When the hands touched, Gu Caiwei first felt his immense mana, which she was not able to tell the extent of the depth of it. It had only been five years, and Gu Caiwei realized he had reached an even greater height. As he got further ahead, she felt happy, but at the same time, she felt a bit lost.

In the end, she said nothing but one could see the smile on her brows.

Shen Lian nodded, and his eyes glanced through all the cultivators and said, “My friends, there is no need for this courtesy.”

They were not under Qing Xuan, which was why he called them his friends.

To him, being the chief of Qing Xuan was a responsibility that he had. He needed no to show authority. Even Buddha treated all beings to be equal, there was no reason why he should not.

Shen Lian was not going to be too courteous. After speaking a few lines, he brought Gu Caiwei into the hall. It was fortunate that the Mystical Whale was rare and was under the restriction of Shen Lian, and hence it did not take in too much Qi of vitality to disturb the spiritual vigority of this area.

When the cultivators saw Shen Lian and the Hall Establisher left, they were stared curiously at the Mystical Whale and Zuo Shaoqing.

Some of them were thinking Zuo Shaoqing was Shen Lian’s students and they were thinking if there was an opportunity for them to fawn over him.

A lot of cultivators were gathering around Qing Hongzi to understand more about Shen Zhenren.

When Shen Lian and Gu Caiwei were in a room, Gu Caiwei pulled her hand out from Shen Lian’s grip. She looked a bit awkward as she had not come in touch with any opposite gender for a long time. At the same time, she knew Shen Lian did not do it intentionally.