Dear Young Master Spare Me Please? Chapter 118

Chapter 118: The Issue

The following morning, the couple was leisurely having their breakfast when Ye Ming suddenly barged in.

Normally, he would wait for Liu Zijian either in his office or outside. It's seldom for him to interrupt their meal.

Han Meixiu thought the message must be urgent and important.

After Ye Ming left, Liu Zijian quickly finished his meal and spoke to Han Meixiu.

"I'll be going to Amethyst today. I'll probably be back later this night."

She simply nodded and stood up.

Amethyst Imperial Hotel was the one located near the coastal area and it was also the branch of the hotel where their marriage was decided. She wanted to actually visit that hotel again one day as it held quite a lot of memorable memory to Han Meixiu.

Liu Zijian gave Han Meixiu a quick kiss and tight hug before he strode out of the house.

Han Meixiu wasn't able to react properly. The moment her senses came back Liu Zijian was already leaving the dining area.

'That was fast!' He didn't wait for her response. She thought dejectedly.

She planned to spend the entire day to research about related topics pertaining to rope techniques.


After she ate her lunch she was planning to practice tying a knot when she received a call from Liu Zijian.

"Ye Ming is on his way to send you to the airport."

Liu Zijian didn't expect that the matter in Amethyst Imperial Hotel was complicated. He's worried about Han Meixiu being alone in their house. Since he's not sure when he would finish this issue, it's better to send her to Q City in advance.

Han Meixiu's regular training would be in Q City so she's indeed scheduled to go there after few days. But because of the sudden problem her trip was expedited. She simply responded with a short 'okay' and ended the call.

Aunt Jing helped Han Meixiu prepared her things thus when Ye Ming arrived, she was already finished.

After arriving in Q City, Han Meixiu was directly escorted to the Liu's residence and Madam Liu was of course became even lively.

The sudden change of plan, although because of a problem, made her happy. Liu Zijian called her earlier that day that Han Meixiu would come today because he needed to attend to a certain matter.

Madam Liu knew that it must be a complicated issue since her son personally wanted to address it.

That particular day, except from the call Han Meixiu received after lunch time, Liu Zijian didn't call her again.

She would be lying if she wasn't disappointed. If only she knew that they would be separated today, she should have gave in last night.

After dinner, Madam Liu and Han Meixiu planned their schedule the next day. They will be out to check what would be the best 'disguise' the younger woman could use.

By the time they finished their discussion, it was already past 11.

Han Meixiu was actually staying in Liu Zijian's room.

The room was simple without much decoration. There was only one end table near the bed and a single sofa beside it.

There was a bookshelf and a floor lamp near it.

She sat down on the sofa and tried to pull a random book. For some reason she couldn't sleep.

But before she could even check the title her phone rang.

She immediately reached it and when she saw it was Liu Zijian, she smiled and her heart seemed to flutter.


"En, it might took a while before I can come to Q City." Liu Zijian said in a frustrated voice. He's actually a little irritable since his carefully crafted plan was changed. The few days he wanted to spend with his wife before she undergone her training was reduced into one night. What's worse was he actually let her be that night.

"Alright. Tomorrow me and Mommy Yi will check for a possible disguise." Han Meixiu normally wanted to ask what's the problem but since Liu Zijian didn't mention any details to her, it must have been complicated.

"Then you should sleep now."

"En, goodnight." Han Meixiu murmured.

"Send me a kiss." Liu Zijian humored her but didn't really expect Han Meixiu would imitate a smack sound over the phone. He chuckled and ended the call.

When the line was disconnected Han Meixiu covered her face with both of her hands. She actually felt embarrassed with what she did but she couldn't take it back anymore.

After calming herself over the stupid thing she did, she took a warm bath and read a book. It was actually a biography. A good choice for her because only after a few pages, she felt her eyes resigning and wanting to sleep.

Liu Zijian on the other hand had complicated look after he ended the call.

He knew that Han Meixiu actually wanted to ask about the issue in Amethyst but he couldn't bring himself to tell her now.

How could he say that her father was found barely alive in one of Amethyst Imperial Hotel rooms?

He sighed. He took the bloody paper Han Yun Xiang was holding.

There was a name written on it - Han Meixiu. His wife's name.

Was it a message? A warning? To whom? To him?

Why didn Han Yun Xiang choose this hotel? There were other similar establishment nearby.

Liu Zijian deduced that it's surely a dangerous case so he acted swiftly by sending Han Meixiu to Q City as soon as possible.

Earlier when they tried to initially investigate how did Han Yun Xiang come inside the hotel, they saw he was still well. He was walking just fine. There wasn't any out of the ordinary the way he checked in and went into his room.

Liu Zijain was actually thinking that maybe the man was faking it. Maybe he was already injured during that time.

But what happened after he went inside the room. Nobody entered it. Did he self-destruct?

Liu Zijian didn't think so. If nobody entered the door, then probably someone entered from somewhere or someone was already inside.

He wanted to personally solve the problem before informing his wife. She just started being motivated. He's not sure what would be the effect of this news if ever she find it out.

The case should not also be known to authorities because of Han Yun Xiang's identity. Liu Zijian's only choice was to secretly send him to a certain medical facility to recuperate and wait until he wakes up so he could personally ask him.

Although there were other issues involving some of the people in the hotel, it wasn't as intriguing as Han Yun Xiang's case for Liu Zijian.