Demon Queen Rebirth: I Reincarnated As A Living Armor? Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Side Chapter: A Half-Demon Teaches His Father Magic!


After getting to know about Ervas's ability to change jobs without the need of touching a Job Changing Crystal, Jason seemed even more surprised than before.

"But how could it be it was due to the Gods that intelligent races could change Jobs Or that is what they have told me," said Jason.

"You're not wrong, father. My System seems to be special compared to the one that everyone possesses in Kritias. It was granted to me after my 'first' life ended. I was called by a strange entity that gave me this System. I had already realized how similar it is to the original one in Kritias. I suspect that such an entity might be a God of Kritias, or perhaps a God from another world trying to copy Kritias's system" said Ervas.

"Ugh my head But okay, I get it it is something that only you have, another one to add to the list" said Jason.

"More or less but there were other individuals who had it, they were the same as me, reincarnated from another world." Said Ervas.

"I see... and those were the ones that killed you?" asked Jason.

"Yes. I do not want to remember that anymore, it is in the past. I just want to embrace this new third life. Already having a father is more than I could have asked" said Ervas.

"I see I am glad that you are always looking at the bright side of life, my son perhaps I should learn more of you?" laughed Jason.

"It seems that I am somewhat optimistic I do not remember being like this in my first life. But perhaps developing my social awkwardness in my second life made me see life through different perspectives. Especially if the people that I knew and took care of" said Ervas.

"So you were a Queen even in the meaning of managing other people?" asked Jason.

"Yes, I was not good at tyranny by force, especially because my appearance wasn't intimidating at all. So I had to develop myself as a person so I could lead others better. It took some years, but I managed to get somewhere and when I did the war started, and I couldn't do much for them" muttered Ervas.

Jason went silent for a few seconds; he did not know how to respond to his son's melancholy. He knew that he was still grieving for the thousands of demons that perished in the war that his son went through in his previous life. He considered that he would probably be in a way worse state than him if such a thing were to happen to him

"My son I"

"There is no need to cheering me up, father. Your mere presence here, accompanying me is enough for me I am glad that I am your son. Those mistakes that I made and my powerlessness It will not happen anymore. This time, I will save everyone." Said Ervas, his crimson eyes blazing in determination.

Even Jason was overwhelmed by his son's willpower, something that he had never seen in anyone he had ever meet.

'My son he was really a leader of the demons His eyes, they are blazing with determination, with an unbreakable will This is an admirable person I can't believe that he is my son' thought Jason, admiring Ervas.

"You're really something else, my son" muttered Jason.

"No I am far from someone special or powerful. I am just a talentless person. But I like to work hard. I want to meet mother and to meet her family of demons in the Demon Continent" said Ervas.

"Yeah, we will, my son. I promise you" said Jason, gripping his fists.

"You seem tired, do you want to move the training for tomorrow?" asked Ervas.

"No, let us do it my son, please. Help me grow stronger, so I can protect you!" said Jason.

"My father, you're quite the stubborn man, but I like that of you. Very well." Said Ervas, extending a thin flow of No-Attribute Mana.

"This is? Mana? I can clearly see it unbelievable" muttered Jason.

Both father and son sat down on the cold floor, as Ervas shared the river-like flows of mana with his father, connecting them to his nerves.

In Kritias, every living being was capable of manipulating Mana.

Humans and other creatures were capable of moving Mana through their bodies by using their blood vessels and muscles. Ervas was connecting the flows of mana that he created with his father's blood vessels, forcibly making them open. This way, Jason would be able to make the mana flow easily through his body and awaken his innate magic affinity.

"This I can feel my entire body flowing with this energy I really can use Mana?" asked Jason.

"You've been always capable of doing so, father. Now, close your eyes and focus. Think about the elements of the world" said Ervas, closing his eyes as well.

"The elements? There are Fire Water Wind Earth Light Space Time Life and Death" muttered Jason, picturing each element on his mind although time and space were the hardest to picture.

Ervas glanced at his father as he concentrated, and suddenly


A small, red-colored flame appeared out of thin air.

"So your affinity is fire is there any other?" asked Ervas.

Jason tried his best but he could not get anything else. His only Attribute Affinity was Fire.

It was normal for humans to at least have two affinities, while the most talented had up to four or five. Elves were the most talented, most individuals being capable of having over seven affinities, and the most talented, all of them. Demons were also quite talented innately, naturally having four and being able to go up to six and seven. Beastmen and Dwarves were on the lower side, having one affinity, and three at most.

The hardest elements to have an attribute affinity were Space, Time, and Death. Death was the rarest one, its wielders across the entire world history were less than ten.

Jason only having one affinity could be said to be quite mediocre for a human. But because he was a villager that was not born from a strong family of nobles, it was to be expected.

"Now, concentrated only in the fire, picture it in various ways tiny flames, long forest fires the warmness of the oven, changing temperature" said Ervas.

"Fire temperature heat warmness" muttered Jason.

Ervas increased the amount of infused mana into Jason's body, and then


A large floating flame appeared in front of Jason.

"T-This! Ah!"

Jason was suddenly greeted not only by the tiny fire but by a system notification, something that would rarely happen for a weak villager such as himself.


[You acquired the [No-Attribute Magic; Level 1] Skill!]

[You acquired the [Fire Attribute Magic; Level 1] Skill!]

[You acquired the [Mana Control; Level 1] Skill!]

"T-Three skills?! This is insane!"

Through Ervas's masterful use of mana, he was capable of easily awakening Jason's inner magic talent. He felt a tad bit of envy, as his father had an attribute affinity, yet he had none even on his third life but it was fine, if his father was strong, that was for the best.

Jason could not help but be bewildered. For a villager such as himself, the system could be said to be almost non-existent. The benefits that it brought to him were dim, and he would rarely level up his 'Farming' Skill, even less obtain anything new.

Production or crafting-related jobs would often take several years to level up, so changing Jobs for commoners and weak villagers was a thing that would happen once every four to five years.

Leveling the 'Farming' Skill to level 10 would probably take Jason's entire life and he might die before it even hit that level.

The System catered more to those that fought and slain monsters, quickly gathering Experience Points this way, they were able to advance in jobs more commonly, changing their Jobs once a year, or even twice if the adventurer was more active.

Seeing three skills being obtained in one go made Jason almost jump out of the floor in surprise.

"Please calm down, father. You have just learned the basics. You still need to practice and exercise this power, just like a muscle. Now sit down, time for you to befriend your first spirit if things go well" said Ervas.

"Befriend a spirit?"

Jason, a simple farmer, was about to befriend a mystical creature only told in legends and myths, he could not believe his son's words but after remembering who he really was, he calmed down a bit.


[Name: Jason

[Race: Human.

[Age: 24

[Titles: None.

[Type: Human.

[Job: Experienced Farmer.

[Job History: Villager, Apprentice Farmer, Farmer.

[Level: 052/100

[Health Points: 94/94

[Mana Points: 63/63

[Strength: 93

[Defense: 74

[Magic: 42

[Resistance: 55

[Agility: 72

[Passive Skills]

[Health Points Enlargement; Level 1]

[Strengthened Physical Power when equipped with Farming Tools; Medium; Level 2]

[Mana Control; Level 1]

[Active Skills]

[Hardworking; Level 2]

[Butcher; Level 1]

[Cooking; Level 1]

[Farming; Level 3]

[Surpass Limits; Farming; Level 2]

[No-Attribute Magic; Level 1]

[Fire Attribute Magic; Level 1]

[Unique Skills]

[Iron-Like Resiliency; Level 1]