Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 527

Chapter 527 Devastation. Epic Appears

Chapter 527: Devastation. Epic Appears
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Zhao Wu and the others basically didnt do much, and they received a legend-quality beast card, just like that! Naturally they were overjoyed!

Although they were four, and Zhang Che only found one legend-quality beast card, they believed that with Zhang Ches strength, theyd each receive a legend-quality beast card when more of them appeared.

As for epic-quality beast cards, they didnt even dare think about them. Liu Gangs squad had to protect Zhang Ches family; that was why Zhang Che had given them epic-quality beast cards. Zhao Wus squad wasnt qualified to receive them!

After all, epic-quality beast cards werent like cabbages you could find in the market, even for Zhang Che. If he wasnt lucky enough, he might not find one even if he stayed half a month in the beast world.

After killing that legend-quality exotic beast, Zhang Che let Zhao Wus group take care of his flanks and waved his wand, continuing his rush forward.

Wasting his time on ordinary exotic beasts was truly not worth it.

Now that Zhang Che had become a Tier Seven beastmaster, it wasnt an easy matter for him to advance to Tier Eight by relying on hunting exotic beasts. He had no choice but to slowly accumulate the required soul force points over a long period of time.

Also, given his beastmaster tier, he had to kill mid-tier and higher exotic beasts to gain any soul force points at all.

Naturally Zhang Che didnt want to begin another endless hunt of exotic beasts now. All he wanted was to find the epic-quality exotic beast here and kill it as soon as possible, completing his mission!

Their warband caused a lot of commotion as they fought their way forward, drawing all the nearby exotic beasts to themselves. Looking ahead, it was like they were surrounded by an endless wave of iron monsters, with almost no openings in sight.

The scene reminded Zhang Che of the war movies hed seen when he was young. The enemies rushing at them would cover the skies if they raised their hands, and the ground would sink if they moved their legs.

Zhang Che furrowed his brow slightly, reminding Zhao Wus group, Follow me closely. The exotic beasts from here on out will be stronger and stronger. I might not have the time to take care of you.

Zhao Wu replied loudly, Rest assured, Zhang-shao. If its only those that slip past you, we can handle that much.

What a joke! If the four of them couldnt even clear Zhang Ches leftovers, they wouldnt be worthy of being called elites nurtured by the Huang family!

In fact, even if a legend-quality exotic beast or two charged at them, the four could totally fend the beasts off and would be able to kill them in the end.

However, they had to properly display their skills here, and couldnt make any mistakes. Making a fool of themselves was only a small matter, but it would be bad if they affected Zhang-shaos plan to kill their attackers!

Zhao Wus group exchanged looks with one another, noticing the burning intent in their eyes. They had to bring out a hundred and twenty percent of their strength here. They mustnt be looked down on by Zhang-shao!

After all, judging by General Huangs arrangements this time, the few of them would definitely be like Liu Gangs squad in the future, with the opportunity to be in Zhang-shaos service. If they performed too poorly here and Zhang-shao had a bad opinion of them, wouldnt they have missed the biggest opportunity of their lives?

Moreover, they were high-tier beastmasters, after all! Although they didnt have an army of epic-quality babies like Zhang Che, they should have a fighting chance against these mediocre exotic beasts at the very least, right?

As such, Zhang Che wasnt the only one slaughtering the exotic beasts. Zhao Wu and the others were also killing at the back, performing the mission Zhang Che gave them, keeping his flanks well guarded, not allowing a single exotic beast to harass Zhang Che from behind.

While Zhang Che manipulated the scarlet and white sword to cut down the exotic beasts ahead, he observed the performances of Zhao Wu and the others with his peripheral vision, nodding to himself discreetly.

Actually, Zhang Che understood that since Huang Juyun had arranged for them to come help him, he wanted them to know their own strength, and let Zhang Che have a look at their strength and see if they were worth placing in important positions.

Well, this could be considered a double-sided observation.

Once Zhao Wu and the others saw Zhang Ches strength, naturally they would acknowledge him from the bottom of their hearts. More importantly, it depended on whether Zhang Che was satisfied with their performance!

The results were not bad. Although they didnt have any epic-quality subdued beasts, their teamwork, coordination, and fighting methods were simple and effective. As long as they were equipped with better subdued beasts, theyd definitely become elites among high-tier beastmasters.

From their performances, Zhang Che could judge that this group of elites from the Huang family were pretty decent.

It made sense, thinking about it. They were elites trained by the Huang family after exhausting high amounts of resources. If they couldnt be taken seriously by Zhang Che, then it would have been impossible for the Huang family to stand tall in the military all these years and not fall from their position.

This was an age where strength was everything. If a clan didnt have a foundation, theyd definitely be suppressed and swallowed by other factions, and slowly drift away from the core powers.

The endless tide of exotic beasts didnt seem to reduce at all. Zhang Ches babies were still slaughtering wildly.

It was a massacre, indeed. These exotic beasts, who were only dark gold-quality at the most, truly posed no threat or trouble to an army of epic-quality combatants. At the most, they would feel a little fatigued from all the killing.

The babies were spread out in an arc, pushing their way forward. Meanwhile, Zhang Che was following closely behind them. A scarlet and white light swept around the battlefield. Not a single exotic beast would survive within a hundred meters of Zhang Che, no matter how powerful they were. Every one of them died to a single slash.

Those exotic beasts would either leave behind corpses, turn into lights and disappear, or turn into a beast card whose colors differed based on their qualities as they were killed off one after another endlessly

As the exotic beasts were eliminated in large numbers, more exotic beasts would come in from all directions and take their spots. It truly seemed endless, like there was no way to finish killing them all.

Zhang Che and the others had already pushed over a kilometer into Mt Fallen Star, and their killing have not stopped for a moment.

Zhang Che was speechless, thinking to himself, -This place is really freaky. Where did so many exotic beasts come from?

-Also, given their massive numbers, and their high density, how do they survive normally?-

Zhang Che was sure that those fellows food was the abundant metal ore on Mt Fallen Star. Otherwise, if the exotic beasts were killing one another for food, how could there still be so many of them?

It didnt matter, however. Eliminating these exotic beasts wouldnt take much effort. They just had to push their way to the depths of Mt Fallen Star and find the epic-quality exotic beast, then kill it, and they could end this trip!

Done thinking, Zhang Che ordered his babies to tighten the frontlines, changing their formation from a fanned-out arc to a cone, increasing the pace they were pushing in. Afterwards, he called out to Zhao Wu and the others, in case they were separated by the army of exotic beasts.

At the same time, Zhang Che thought of the once-a-decade beast swarm. The density of exotic beasts was already so high at Mt Fallen Star, which didnt occupy a huge area. When the beast swarm erupted, what kind of a sight would that be when they flooded into Mercury?

That scene would truly be boundless. The fifth beast swarm would arrive in just a little over three years. Zhang Che was a little uneasy, yet slightly anticipating the event.

He had to have become a divine-tier beastmaster before then, right?

Calculating things, three years should be enough for a few of his babies with high potential to rise to divine-quality

With that, even if the beast swarm was incredibly fierce, Zhang Che was confident of ensuring his familys safety, perhaps saving more of his fellow countrymen.

While musing about things, Zhang Che was still able to lead his babies through the tide of exotic beasts with ease, easily killing a path of blood through them with room to spare.

This left Zhao Wu and the others even more impressed.

This truly was expected of the man who was going to become the Huang familys patriarch as an outsider. He wouldnt be able to convince the family if he wasnt so strong!

Suddenly, Zhang Che felt something while he was still indulging in his fantasies. He stopped daydreaming and looked in a certain direction ahead.

A powerful aura was right there, and had locked onto Zhang Che mere moments ago.

It went without saying that was the epic-quality exotic beast on Mt Fallen Star!

After killing heavens knew how many of those metal creatures, he finally laid eyes on the epic-quality exotic beast! Zhang Che sighed inside. A faint smile drew back at the corners of his mouth, and he let out a long breath.

It was fine as long as an epic-quality exotic beast was here. Otherwise, this would have been a wasted trip, and cheated his feelings.

Zhao Wu and the others werent weak. Although they didnt have subdued beasts as powerful as Zhang Ches, they were high-tier beastmasters with great experience, after all. Their experience in combat wasnt any lower than his.

Not only that, they were much more experienced in fighting in dangerous situations than he was. As a result, they discovered the epic-quality exotic beasts presence very quickly as well.

Going forward, it depended on whether Zhang Ches babies could kill that epic-quality subdued beast while still being encircled by so many exotic beasts.

Zhao Wu and the others werent worried about that at all. On their way here, they had witnessed the strength of the elemental queen, Scarlet Flame Drake, Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, and other subdued beasts. Naturally it wouldnt be difficult for that group of powerful babies to work together and kill a epic-quality exotic beast!