Divine Beast Creator Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193: Puzzle

"what are you doing?"

Putting down the book in his hand, Agunas looked at Feng Yuan, who was sitting at the table looking through the dark ancient book with some doubts, and glanced at the small clock on the wall. The eagle-shaped small clock was also holding a round clock. I dont know where Feng Yuan went to customize it. It was already past three in the evening. Is this guy planning to spend the night?

Xiao Ji, who turned into an eggshell chicken, was held in his arms by Feng Yuan as a pillow, but because it was too late, Xiao Ji couldn't help falling asleep. After all, strictly speaking, he was only born for almost a year. Around, staying up late or something, it hasn't been able to adapt.

Kong Qing looked at Feng Yuan from time to time, his tail flicked lightly over Pomiti. Pomiti, who was a little restless asleep, was struck by Kong Qing's tail, as if he had found some comfort, he gradually stopped moving. The big cat sat aside looking at the phone, and took a peek at Feng Yuan from time to time. It didn't matter whether he stayed up late or not.

Its strength lies there, and the scholar owl itself has a relatively special insomnia talent, even if it does not sleep for a period of time, it will not affect their spirit, but it needs a long rest afterwards to recover.

"I'm looking at what is going on with the ancient ruins."

Feng Yuan glanced at Xiao Ji in his arms, his movements became softer, Agunas said with some doubts

"What's wrong with that ruin?"

"It's very strange that under normal circumstances, any relics are not deliberately set up under the underground waterway. Because of the waterproof problem, not to mention that the underground waterway is basically sewage, even if it is ordinary clean water, are they not afraid of being watered due to disrepair? soak?"

Feng Yuan said while flipping the dark ancient book, Agunas thought for a while and said

"Maybe there is a special design. I remember that many ancient ruins have good water circulation systems, not to mention those ancient ruins deliberately built in special waters."

"Umu City has never existed in the waters since ancient times."

Veronia, sitting on her bed, couldnt help but say aloud. In fact, it was a bit strange. After all, there were some similarities between the dynasty era and the mythical era. They were all determined by a very small number or even one or two people. Affairs, so Veronia thought about it according to her own thoughts, and found that she could not understand why she did it.

What do you show off to something deliberately? Then why dig so deep and make it so complicated? Even if the chaotic underground water channel above was constructed later, why should it be dug in such a deep place, and that place is not buried under the underground water channel?

There is a passage connecting the underground waterway, and the door in the underground waterway is well hidden, which proves that even if the underground waterway is built later, they definitely know the existence of the ancient ruins below, but since they know, why they cover it and stay An underground water channel is set above it?

If you dont care, you dont need to set up such a secret passage at all. If you care, why put an uncertain danger above the ancient ruins, it is impossible to understand all the questions, and it itself is not the kind of ancient ruins that Agunas do. The beast of the classics.

It can obtain huge power assistance from the world of mirrors, and it can obtain information in the real world almost like ordinary beasts, and those ordinary beasts can also search for secret information from the beasts they have made. It...

It has been hiding in the world of mirrors since the end of the era of mythology. It has not been in contact with them at all, and has never known each other. It is impossible for those sacred beasts to give it the secret information in their hands.

Shaking her head, Veronia didn't think about it anymore. Feng Yuan, who had a dark ancient book, was far better than Agunas in data query, let alone it.

"There are many problems, and that ancient underground waterway is really...what are they hiding."

Scratching his head with one hand, Feng Yuan said with a headache, and Agunas looked at Feng Yuan suspiciously.

"What's the problem?"

"There should also be information about ancient underground waterways in your classics. You can see by yourself."

Feng Yuan did not directly explain but asked Agunas to find the answer. He was also not sure whether Agunas would have a different answer, but that ancient ruin? At least with the current clues, he can't find more accurate information. Although the dark ancient books can find most of the information, the information in it belongs to the kind that is not indexed at all. There is no exact name definition. I want to be there. It is not easy to find what you want in the massive data.

He took out a book and opened it. Agunas glanced at Veronia who was squeezing to his side and didn't say anything. After thinking for a while, he tapped the book in his hand with his paw, and the book instantly grew bigger and floated in front of it. .

Looking at Agunas, Veronia did not say anything about Agunas. She looked at the information she kept searching for for a while. What Veronia found, looked at Agunas, and found that the other partys little paw was supporting him. She seemed to be thinking about something under her chin, after thinking about it, Veronia didn't bother.

After a while, Agunas said

"Obviously those ancient underground waterways belonged to different periods and different kingdoms, but they all chose to conceal the ancient ruins below."

Through the information, Agunas discovered that the ancient underground waterways that were expanded and repaired in different periods were magically combined as if they were one. If it weren't for searching for information, I am afraid that it would not know that the ancient underground waterways were built in different periods.

Judging from the pictures in the data, the underground waterways of different periods are perfectly integrated, and only modern underground waterways are independent of ancient underground waterways.

"Yes, don't you think it's strange that the ancient ruins that have been concealed by so many countries that rule here?"

Feng Yuan glanced at Agunas and said that under normal circumstances, it is difficult to do this kind of thing, but this underground waterway is so magical. It lasted so many dynasties, but they all chose to cover the ruins below. If it weren't for this accident, I'm afraid that the ruins will continue to be hidden in the long river of history.

After all, as they continued to expand and repair the ancient underground waterways, no one would have thought that there was an ancient ruin under the intricate ancient underground waterways that was tried to hide.

"But, what is that, and is there any danger?"

Agunas flung his tail and looked at Feng Yuan. There were some things that they covered up not because of other things, but because they were too dangerous. Just like the ruins of Veronias escape from the world before, no one in those kingdoms dared to try Explore the interior of the ruins, because the energy emitted by the ruins alone is amazing enough.

Of course, the inability to find an entry point may also be an important reason. If it were not for the modern research on space technology, they would not be able to enter the ancient ruins of Baidao Lake.

People who can discover and enter the ancient ruins with spirit beasts know the terrible ancient ruins and will not do anything, but those who are not afraid of it do not have the ability to enter.

Will this ancient ruins be similar? After all, it's just underground, and it's different from the ancient ruins of Veronia in the mezzanine. If you don't cover it, there will always be dead people who are not afraid of death trying to explore the secret.

"It shouldn't. After all, it's really dangerous. We should be able to feel it when we get down to the underground waterway."

Shaking his head, Feng Yuan said, although they were only part of modern construction when they descended into the underground waterway, it was not far from the ancient underground waterway. If there were any problems, they should be able to sense that no matter what ancient ruins, there was no There is no danger from an energy source.

After all, what terrible virus are you talking about? Is this when the group of mythical beasts does not exist? Not to mention the mythical beasts, those spirit beasts above the legendary level can deal with most viruses, so those things are not dangerous at all, only things with powerful energy can pose a threat.

And those energy sources, as long as they exist, will inevitably emit fluctuations. They have been to the underground waterway. Even if the distance is a little far away, there were so many sacred beasts at that time. Would they really be unable to find out if there were abnormalities?