Divine Beast Creator Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263: Gods Shot

Looking at the compressed energy **** next to him, Feng Yuan sighed and said

"The more important question now is, what to do with the earth's energy circulation? Most of the energy has been pumped away by it, and there is not much left on my side."

"This...you can't do anything good?"

"No, it's not impossible to rely entirely on the Sea of Stars. It's just that doing so will cause a serious drop in the energy circulation of the Sea of Stars. Deronta may not agree."

Touched his chin, Feng Yuan said, but at this time there was another abnormal change in the sky, and the power of the scarlet bubble became more and more unstable, like a huge bomb about to explode, Feng Yuan's face changed and looked at Eclipse and Xi Ernes, he was not sure whether they could stop the explosion.

You know, the seemingly huge scarlet bubble extracts most of the power of the earth's energy circulation. Once it explodes, the entire border area will be reduced to ashes, and even Agunas will be injured.

It is also impossible to directly perform energy return. After all, that energy has been contaminated, not to mention the hidden dangers, but the corrosion and tyranny that have been shown so far cannot be supported by ordinary spirit beasts. Once affected by the contaminated energy, The Shenzhou region is likely to become the next Odennis.

"You call Loretta and the others, you don't need those below the guardian beast of the area, Deronta...Forget it, call it."

This matter is no longer for him to decide, and time is very short, because the eclipse can't control that thing for too long. Looking at the scarlet bubble in the sky with energy fluctuations in the sky with an ugly face, Agunas quickly passed through the animal intelligence network. Contact them with Gita Rain.

After a while, a crystal-like mark appeared out of thin air. In the next second, a spherical space-distorted bubble appeared and instantly shattered. Loretta roared out of the bubble and waved his wings, flashing like stars in time gravel. Wrapped by the hurricane and rushed towards the scarlet bubble, time was distorted in that area, even if it was eclipse, it was unable to control my own power in that area, and the black chain pulling the scarlet bubble collapsed with the chaos of energy supply .


I glanced at Loretta, eclipsed his tail and flew towards the sky. Lorettas meaning was obvious. Here it took over. They had come to see the situation at Feng Yuans request. Now Loretta It is easy to take over them.

The sky-shaking dragon roar sounded, the crystal-like barrier shrouded that layer of time gravel storm, the space was continuously compressed and gradually shrank into a huge sphere.

Gitarain rushed out of the void. Because of the emergency, both he and Loretta used their own special methods to rush over. They dont have to use a space gate to teleport, even if its Deronta. It's just that, because this kind of movement is relatively large in terms of consumption and environmental impact, it is not an emergency, and they rarely do so.

The sound of the waves sounded, and layers of huge waves appeared out of nowhere and gathered in a valley. The next moment Deronta burst out of the waves and turned into a humanoid sphere looking towards the sky. After a while, he found Feng Yuans location and charged him. Come.

"What exactly...what happened?"

Deronta asked in surprise. Although he learned part of the information from the beast intelligence network, the current situation is too outrageous. As the lord of the sea, the energy circulation of the stars also belongs to its jurisdiction. Perceived that the scarlet bubble in the sky contains a lot of energy in the polluted energy circulation.

What happened here to make this happen? Dont they know that doing so will cause the entire Shenzhou area to be unlucky?

"I don't know, but there should be any special ideas over there, I can only see if I can ask anything."

Shaking his head, Feng Yuan said helplessly. In fact, the breath of death should be able to directly destroy all the creatures inside, but the chaotic energy of the scarlet bubble just conflicted with the breath of death. He could perceive that it was previously The area covered by the scarlet bubble still contained a lot of faint auras of life. Although it was hit hard, it should not be dead.

Hearing Feng Yuan's words, Delonta looked at the area covered by scarlet bubbles before, waved his hand, countless blisters trapped the soldiers and their spirit beasts, held them with both hands, and the bubbles burst into blue micro Guang, Agunas froze for a moment and looked at Delonta, Feng Yuan glanced at the bubbles gathered in front of them and said

"It's cheaper for them."

He can naturally recognize that it is Derontas special trick, the sea of life. Although it is not as strong as Nagunas rain of life, it can also be used for first aid. After all, Deronta itself is not a special beast, but , As the exclusive trick of the sacred beast, no matter how weak it is, it is much stronger than the ordinary sacred beast healing trick.

Looking at Feng Yuan and seeing that the other party didn't seem to intend to do anything, Agunas was relieved. It was afraid that Feng Yuan was dissatisfied with Deronta's approach, and directly took action to solve those people. After all, they are Daxia's enemies. Feng Yuan said a little funny when Agunas looked

"What are you thinking? I'm not that cruel yet. Besides, they might know what happened, and even if they don't know, there will be clues."

Although they may not know what happened, it is impossible for those people to completely avoid their actions. As long as there are clues, the anger of the sacred beasts will have a cathartic point. What's more, there is a high probability that there is such a trouble now. Their actions towards Daxia will end without any disease.

After all, just a border war can cause such a mess. If you continue to fight, who knows what will happen, even if it is hard pressed, other gods in the Shenzhou area will suppress their reconciliation.

It's just that Feng Yuan suspected that Neillat and the others would not give up so easily, but forget it, anyway, as long as they don't make any troubles when traveling, it doesn't matter.

Thinking of this, Feng Yuan took Xiaoji directly to sit on the huge mushroom that he had taken out, holding his head in one hand, and looking at the busy beasts in the sky, Feng Yuan smiled, not only Loretta, but also almost Arnis, who was not showing up, was also rushed over by surprise. Behind Ernis, its psychic was lying behind it and praying silently.

The divine beasts in the Shenzhou area did not have the huge consumption of the regional guardian beasts, but they also rushed to this area when they knew the situation was urgent. Not only the Shenzhou area, but the existence of the entire world connected with the divine beasts was shocked.

The old guard stood on the treetops and looked at the sky. The shadow behind him was about to move. After a while, he said

"I beg you here, I will leave first, otherwise it will be bad for them to see."

After saying that, he turned and disappeared into the shadows and disappeared in this forest. It was taken over by the guardian beasts of those areas. He didn't want to appear in front of them. Although they might not care about him, he would not feeling well.

The mist of dreams envelops this land, and Shavdi uses the power of the dream realm to cover this area. Although if something happens in this way, it will have a serious impact on the dream realm, but now is not the time to consider this, the shadow of the world is fundamental Unable to bear the danger brought by the Scarlet Bubble, the power from the world itself can easily penetrate the limits of the shadow of the world.

As more and more sacred beasts arrived, Feng Yuan found that he did not seem to need to intervene. Those sacred beasts naturally have a way to restore the contaminated energy, but even so, they dare not send it back to the underground energy in the first time Circulating.


Feng Yuan smiled triumphantly and waved his hand. The energy gathered by him began to return to the circulation, but because the energy he grabbed was not particularly large, those energy could only make the underground energy circulation not collapse. But it is far from recovery.

"Or, do you release a part of the energy from the Star Sea to the earth energy circulation in the Shenzhou area?"

Agunas looked at Deronta tentatively, and the other party shook his head and said

"No hurry, that thing can't be controlled. Once released, Xingchenhai will be affected. Let's see if they can handle it."

Its purpose here is just to look at the actual situation. If it really doesn't work, it won't hold on to the energy of the sea of stars.