Divine Talent Born Mortal Book 1 Chapter 338

Volume 1 Chapter 338 Cleaning The Divine Plane 2

In those years, the sects that Zhang Yi brought were also able to adapt to Zhang Yi's mental energy world, Rose Sect had managed to accept the new reality faster and continued to work as they did when they were on the continent.

The difference was that they could concentrate entirely on cultivation and didn't have to do missions or run the sect's business, they just had to hunt in the forests and mine some high-level spiritual stones if they needed to.

It was like paradise for them and after a few months, they could see that Zhang Yi was telling the truth that spiritual energy would only take a few years to increase, in those two years it had already reached the level of the continent and seemed to be increasing.

Zhang Yi thought of giving them a better cultivation technique, but then he gave up on the idea and decided to wait longer because in the future when they returned to the continent these cultivation techniques would no longer be useful.

Iron Sect had much more difficult because only part of the sect agreed to come into Zhang Yi's mental energy world, Zhang Yi said that probably Iron Sect's disciples and elders would be dead, but the sect members simply could not accept that.

So they were also cultivating and enjoying their time, but their organization was often worse than the Rose Sect, only when they decided to accept the change and choose a new teacher for the sect that things would work out.

The two elven sects had also adapted to Zhang Yi's mental energy world, had far less spiritual energy in the environment than the hope world, but they could feel that in a few years it would be the same.

Zhang Yi created an artifact that allowed Lusserina and Saphielle to go to the place where the elves were when they wanted to be in the world of mental energy, it was usually difficult to do, but as this was Zhang Yi's world of mental energy and he had a peak understanding of the laws of space and the thirteenth realm in mental energy was easier for him to create something like that.

Sometimes Zhang Yi also went to the place where he had left Qiu Xiang, she had been alone in a country because Zhang Yi brought only her from the village, so he offered her to go to the place where Rose Sect was because they were there many women like her to talk.

But Qiu Xiang said that she wanted to be alone for a few years to cultivate taking advantage of the cultivation technique and resources that Zhang Yi gave her, Zhang Yi still went a few times to visit, but when he saw that she was focused on cultivating he would go away.

After two years with the Sword Sect running tournaments and soul searching millions of disciples without ever making a mistake, it was impossible for anyone not to believe that the Sword Sect really had a way of discovering members of the infiltrated soul-eaters organization in the sects.

The largest sects were satisfied with this and the members of the soul devourers' organization were afraid of the Sword Sect eliminating all the members they took hundreds of years to infiltrate.

Some of the biggest sects have already started to organize a plan for the Sword Sect to create a tournament in which all divine plan sects participate so that they can eliminate billions of members of the organization from those sects.

But Sword Sect had already started to do the second phase of Zhang Yi's plan and that was perhaps the most important part, Sword Sect and Serenity Sect were bringing their closest and most trusted allies together to do something important.

Zhang Yi was also talking to the three great elf sects and had obtained their full support just for him, so they managed to gather 7 sects to do something important for the divine plane.

The Divine Realm elders of these sects also agreed to participate in this and almost all the strongest members of those sects would also go, Zhang Yi's goal after creating more than 2 years of reputation for the Sword Sect was to attack the Sacred Phoenix Sect.

He had to clean up his master Feng Ran's sect before a general tournament was prepared, just so they would really have the authority to do a tournament like this with the 10 sects supporting, it was important to clean up the members of the organization who were in the Sacred Phoenix Sect and then they would go to the other sects that also had members of the organization.

Zhang Yi had also warned his master that he was organizing everything for the cleaning of the Sacred Phoenix Sect, a war could happen if they were not careful and so many elders from the Divine Realm would go.

So Feng Ran, who had already split the sect in two, would help Zhang Yi and the members of those sects to enter the Sacred Phoenix Sect and do the investigation, so after the sect was cleared of all infiltrators of the soul-devouring organization he could stay calm and proud again of being in his sect.

Having decided this on an ordinary day, the elders of the 7 sects who had a supreme understanding of the laws of space teleported everyone to a combined place, this was the place that Zhang Yi had combined with all the sects.

No one understood why they joined this place and did not go directly to Sacred Phoenix Sect, but like the Sword Sect who was the leader of that movement and it was Zhang Yi who had the greatest support from the elven sects everyone accepted.

"I would like to, first of all, thank all of you who agreed to do this secret mission together with my sect, I wanted to say that this is all for the sake of the divine plane's future, we have to completely clean up this divine plan from the soul devourers' organization."

"Unfortunately Sacred Phoenix Sect let members of the soul-devourers' organization invade their sect, I have already spoken to my master Feng Ran who has already started to prepare things by separating the sect on two sides and isolating the group of members of the organization from the soul eaters."

"I thank the Divine Realm elders who came, we probably won't have to fight today and our sect gathered everyone here just to avoid a war, the Divine Realm elders from Sacred Phoenix Sect won't want to fight when they see that we have 18 Divine elders Realm on our side."

"My master is going to prepare a place for us to invade Sacred Phoenix Sect, I need the help of the elders who are in the twelfth realm of mental energy to use the technique to make us all invisible and eliminate our noise."

All the warriors were surprised by the preparations that the Sword Sect had made, they did not know that Zhang Yi had already given a list of undercover members of the Sacred Phoenix Sect organization and had already prepared a way for them to enter.

They thought that the Sword Sect had become arrogant because it had the power to investigate the members of the soul-devouring organization and decided to take advantage of that authority to invade the Sacred Phoenix Sect, but apparently they had planned everything very well before asking for help. of sects.

The elders of the sects who had the twelfth realm of mental energy struggled to make everyone invisible, Zhang Yi had to do this because the elves had no one who understood mental energy.

When everyone was ready Zhang Yi used the peak understanding of the laws of space he had and took everyone to a place that Feng Ran had prepared, of course, Feng Ran had failed to remove the security system from the sect.

It was because Zhang Yi had a peak understanding of the laws of space that they managed to get through the Sacred Phoenix Sect blocks, but just as Zhang Yi had said in doing so they avoided the most difficult part of a possible fight.

With all of them inside the Sacred Phoenix Sect they had already won a possible war even if only one of the sects had invaded, with the 7 sects it was impossible for Sacred Phoenix Sect to be able to resist.

Feng Ran had already separated almost all of the members of the Sacred Phoenix Sect who were not in the soul devourers' organization and had already talked about today's plan to the elders he most trusted.

After they entered the sect and passed the place where the traps were, Zhang Yi gave the signal to everyone and the sect elders who were masters in mental energy stopped using their technique and all members of the 7 sects could be felt within the Sacred Phoenix Sect.

Just as they had combined the Divine Realm elders used the pressure of their cultivation and all Sacred Phoenix Sect members could imagine what was going on, even the Sacred Phoenix Divine Realm elders were frightened by this.