Doctor Goes Back To Joseon Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Birth of an Excellent Doctor [3]

It was an ordinary morning. Ganghyuk washed his face with warm water and then had breakfast.

'It is so simple and humble. But, it is edible nevertheless.' Ganghyuk thought as he looked at the empty bowl. It was a big development from the days when he could not finish even half of the bowl.

While he was taking a rest sitting in the hall, somebody knocked on the door.

"Are you there?"

It was Makbong. As Ganghyuk had been waiting for him, he rushed to the gate. But, Dolseok was still faster.

"Sir, may I open it?"

"Yes, he will come every day for the time being."

"Wait a moment."

The gate was very heavy, and it was not easy to open. But, Dolseok unlocked the latch easily as he said, "Your medicine worked wonderfully."

"Do you feel better?"

"It is better than just that. I have no pain at all. Usually, it would take days to recover from something like this." Dolseok smiled while opening the gate, revealing Makbong and Yeoni standing outside.

As usual, Makbong knocked on the door, but Yeoni greeted first. "Sir, how are you?"

Everybody in the place knew that Yeoni was a girl. But, she pretended to be a male and talked with the male voice.

It was awkward, but Ganghyuk did not mention it.

"Yes, I am fine. How is he?"

"He is good. But he could not get up due to the tiredness from the day before."

"No problem. How long can you stay here for?"

Hearing the question, Yeoni rubbed her chin. "Nothing is fixed yet. But, there are some big marketplaces near this town. Therefore, we do not need to worry about it."

'MarketplaceYes, it is best to ask them to find something.'

Ganghyuk handed the medicine he prepared and said, "Good. Here are the medicines for today."

"Thank you, sir." Yeoni answered with a pleasant voice. But, when she was about to leave, Ganghyuk stopped her.

"Are you busy?"

"Do you have something to order?"

"I have something that you will have to investigate for me." Ganghyuk lowered his voice. And along with his voice, Yeoni and Makbong lowered their bodies.

He was the savior of Pyeongsu, not to mention his status! He was a nobleman. He was not the kind of person who would normally face them up close like this.

"Yes, sir. Please tell me."

Makbong bent his head as Ganghyuk started to talk with some hesitation, "Can you ask if there are people who know about Korea in the marketplace, or when you meet other people?


It seemed that the new word Korea was difficult for Makbong to understand. Ganghyuk had already known that Makbong was not very clever, but this confirmed it for sure.

On the other hand, Yeoni nodded her head quickly.

"Did you say Korea?"


"OK, I will ask people if they have heard of Korea."

"Do not try too much."

"Don't worry, sir."

"See you tomorrow."

"Yes, sir."

The two people went to the dark lane after showing their gratitude by bowing deeply. Whenever he saw them, he felt the same thing: they were very swift and agile.

"I did exercises, too." Ganghyuk sighed with envy.

When he looked back the yard, it was bleak.

'I would like to have some exercise tools here. When I am accustomed to this environment, I will get some.'

He touched his chest to feel some remaining muscles. It was natural, since he had very good body. But, it was not as good as when Ganghyuk was twenty four years old in the other world.

'The body is not as good as the one in that world. I have some pains as well.'

He lived a busy life in that world, but suddenly he had nothing to do. He was bored. However, he did not want to read books like Seungmun. As a matter of fact, he could not read Chinese characters well, and he would not like to read even when he could read them fluently.

'It is better to go to the clinic.' He thought that it would be better to be in the room.


"Yes, sir?"

"Let's go to the examination room."

"Pardon? Aha. The separate building? Yes, sir."

When he got into the room, he found that it was warm unlike the day before. Clearly, they had heated up the room.

He also saw a pot containing boiling water in the corner of the room.

It was a satisfactory view for Ganghyuk, but it was very strange to Dolseok. First of all, there was no aroma that they could smell in an oriental clinic.

"Sir, do you need some herbs?"


"Yes, sir. We can buy herbs in the marketplace. If you want some, I will buy them."

"Ah! En"

Ganghyuk remembered his childhood when he went to an oriental clinic after being dragged by her mother, and the bitter medicine that he had at that time!

'What was that medicine?'

He was not interested in oriental medicine, and had not done any related studies. Therefore, there were no herbs that he knew about.

'What I know of is only deer antlers.' Furthermore, he did not know of their effects.

'A doctor cannot give a medicine that he does not know the effects of.'

Ganghyuk looked at the bag that he held in his hand and thought that he could cure most of the diseases with the medicines in the bag.

"It is okay. I have this bag."

"Then You will not use acupuncture needles?"

"Acupuncture needles?"

"Yes, sir."

AcupunctureIt was one of the traditional therapies, the effects of which had been proven. With the craze of alternative medicine, many researches were done, and many related papers were published.

It had started when Ganghyuk was still a student, so he had read some papers with interest.

'Yes, it is effective when it is injected to the place with inflammation. The elevated inflammation rate can be reduced with the needle."

However, he had never used the acupuncture needles in that world.

"It is alright without it. Why are you pushing me like this?"

"Eh? No, no. What I want is to help you."

"You don't need to worry about me. Do you know how many patients I have treated up till now?"

Dolseok thought about hiding the impolite expression.

'Only two at most.'

How he could not know? He had served this bounder for years. But, he still had some sense, since he had served Ganghyuk for many years.

"I don't know, sir."

"Thousands of people. What you need to do is learn beside me. You must feel honored. To see my operation, people from overseas No, it is enough."

Ganghyuk realized that he made a mistake, and regretted it instantly. But, there was no need to be worried. Dolseok did not pay attention to his remark when he mentioned thousands of people. Actually, he did not listen to him carefully at all.

"Sir, Mr. Heo Yeop has come to see you."

Heo Yeop was one of the people whom he met in the performance place.

'He had said that he has had back pain.'

It was not a difficult case, so he was good for being the first patient.

"Ask him to come in."

"Yes, sir."

As he ordered, Heo Yeop came into the room while rubbing the back. Dolseok then took him to the seat next to Ganghyuk.

"Ugh... It is very inconvenient and uncomfortable."

Heo Yeop himself was an ordinary man, but his family had a good reputation. His grandfather was a minister, and his father was a governor. He was very proud of his status, so he used simple language with Ganghyuk.

It had been a long time since he had such a patient who used simple language with him, but Ganghyuk did not show any expression.

"Let's see your back."

"Here, here"

Heo Yeop lied on the bed with his face down, exaggerating his pain. There was a reason why he moaned without thinking of his face as a nobleman.

He had a boil at his waist.

"It will be painful." Ganghyuk said before pressing the boil with his fingers.

"Ouch!" Heo Yeop shouted out in pain.

"It is festered."

"Festered? Is it curable?"

"Yes, it is not difficult. You will feel the pain, but it will get better soon."

"Ok, please do whatever is required."

Ganghyuk pacified him and then searched for his operation set, including the mess. As the bag was replenished every day, they became sterilized automatically, which was very convenient.

Dolseok knew what Ganghyuk was about to do. He covered Ganghyuk with his big body, so that Heo Yeop would not see the back.

"Sir, it will be painful for a moment, but you will be recovered after that."

"It is going to be painful. Be patient."

"Yes Heok!"

It was different from acupuncture needles and anesthetic injections. It was not only stabbing, but also injecting something.

"Ah, I have some feeling in the back now."

"No pains, right?"

"No, but"

"It is not finished yet."

Ganghyuk opened the boil with the mess. At the same time, the pus flowed out from inside, and the room became filled with a bad odor.

When Dolseok tried to cover his nose, Ganghyuk shouted, "Come, Dolseok. What are you doing there? Wipe it."

"Yes, sir."

"Wipe it with this."

Dolseok wiped the pus with the gauze. On the other side, Heo Yeop looked happier as the pus was removed, because his pain was alleviated with it.

"Wow! I think I feel better already."

By now, Gagnhyuk had already finished suturing the incision.

"Hmmm Swallow this now. Even though you might think you are completely cured, you must take it. Come tomorrow again."

"Ah, thank you!"

Gagnhyuk gave him some anti-inflammatory medication, antacid, and antibiotics. They were the same medicines that Dolseok had yesterday, so he knew of the effects better than anyone else.

He murmured with low voice. "With the medicine, Sir Heo Yeop will be fine soon."

It was a monologue, but his voice was large enough for everybody to hear. Hearing him, Heo Yeop swallowed the medicine with a satisfactory face.

"Thank you! I had some dried beef at house, so I brought some.

"Thank you!"

"You are welcome. Then, I will take my leave now."

After Heo Yeop, several more patients came for a consultation. Most of them had light illness, and they became cured almost immediately with Ganghyuk's treatment. Therefore, his reputation spread in the entire town.

Later on, the patients started queuing up to the outskirts of the village.

At this particular moment, Dolseok murmured due to exhaustion, "Sir, are they all patients because of pain?"

"Yes, fellow. Take good care of the rewards."

"How can I do that by myself?"

As a matter of fact, there were too many things to take care of.

Ganghyuk shook his head while watching the remaining people in the queue. He had already examined and treated a few tens of people. It was like that not only on that day, but also on many other days during that period.

It seemed that he himself would get sick if he kept going on like this.

"Ugh That's it today. I think I must take a rest."

As soon as Ganghyuk said this, Dolseok went out and shouted, "Today, my master is too tired, and he cannot see more patients now. Please go back."

There were shouts of resentment and complaints, but nobody could make a scene in Seungmun's house. Thus, they all went home while muttering certain words to themselves.

But, there was one who did not leave. He quickly came to the clinic so that nobody would see him. Dolseok tried to stop him, but he was too quick.

"Can you see me, please?"


Ganghyuk disliked giving someone special treatment, so he did not say it nicely. But, he changed his mind when he saw the face of the man.



"Eh Please come in."

"Thank you."

The Governor came inside quickly. After checking that there was only Dolseok outside, he said in a low voice, "I have a disease that I cannot disclose to others. Therefore, I came here like this."

"Is that so? Please tell me."

"Nobody knows of it. But, it is said that you are really good."

"Then please tell me what your problem is. I can cure only when I know the problem."


He looked at his lower part with hesitation and said, "It does not work"