Doctor Goes Back To Joseon Chapter 15

Chapter 15: I am a Friend of the Governor of Suwon [3]

Anseong was a town that was a day's travel away from Suwon on foot. If he came from such a distance, there must be something urgent that needed consultation. Then, how could he show such an arrogant attitude?

Ganghyuk was struck dumb with amazement.

'But, I should be prepared, just in case.'

Furthermore, this mayor had brought soldiers as well! How could he dare to do that being such a low ranking officer?

Ganghyuk called out with a low voice, "Dolseok"

"Yes, sir?"

"Today, the Governor has not come yet. Go and ask him to come."


The Governor came to visit the clinic every day without invitation. Furthermore, after he moved to the marketplace, which was closer to his office and house, he often visited the clinic even twice in a day.

"Go and ask him to come."

"Eh? Okay, sir."

How could he not follow the orders of his little master? Dolseok hurriedly went out jostling through the soldiers.

There were many others in the yard who were surprised by the sudden visit of the mayor. Yeoni, who arranged the order of the patients, was dumbfounded as well.

"As the master is seeing patients, please wait for your turn." She gave the number plate to the official while saying, on which was the number '22' written vividly.

It meant that he would get to see the doctor at the end as he came last.

Seeing this, the mayor's face turned red. He called the doctor, but he did not come out, and some servant gave him a number plate.

He asked his clerk with an angry face, "What did he say?"

"To wait"


The mayor slapped the clerk across the face. It was such a hard slap that even Ganghyuk, who was examining another patient inside, was startled. Seeing the ambiance turning foul, the gangsters of the Aeogae performance group were gathering there one by one.

"These guys did not understand. We should teach them a sound lesson." With the remark of the mayor, his soldiers rushed towards Yeoni. They chased her here and there, but she was very fast, so it was hard to capture her.

Unable to bear the commotion, Ganghyuk finally opened the door and came out while they were in the midst of creating a scene.

"Why is it so noisy? Who is making a fuss here?"

Ganghyuk had finished the examination a few minutes ago, but he took some time to make his appearance tidy. And, the moment he stepped out, he scolded the soldiers with a dignified voice.

"Stop it!"

The mayor lifted his head and looked at the source of the voice, seeing a man wearing a silk robe and jade belt. His face was white as a cotton ball, and his teeth were even; he was clearly a nobleman.

This man was completely different from the mayor himself, who was a short and pockmarked person.

After all, there were always some faces which looked dear, and other faces which looked cheap, regardless of the social status.

The soldiers on the scene tried to breathe silently; some even dropped the clubs that they held in their hands.

Yeoni, who was running away agilely, stopped all of a sudden as well.

The mayor seemed to be surprised on seeing him. It was not long ago that he was appointed as the mayor. He had heard the rumors that there was an excellent doctor in Suwon, but he did not know who he was.

He could not have imagined that the doctor was such a nobleman.

But in a flash, he returned to his arrogant attitude and scolded Ganghyuk back.

"You are rude! Do you know who I am?"

The soldiers of his had shouted the mayor's arrival nearly 100 times up to this point. If he did not know who he was even now, that would have been stranger.

Ganghyuk laughed and asked, "Are you the mayor of Anseong?"

"Yes. You know who I am and still dare to behave like this? You are rude!"

"Do you know where you are?"

The reason why Ganghyuk rented this place from the governor was not for money. He could rent a place like this with the rewards that he had earned easily, and if not, he could always ask Seungmun.

But, he asked the governor to let him use the house; it was not a purchase, but a rental.

Hearing the remark of Ganghyuk, the mayor seemed quite puzzled. It was a normal house that could be easily found in the marketplace. Admittedly, the size and location was good, though.

"I don't know what you mean, but anyway How dare you be so rude?" He was still arrogant, albeit a little bit reserved.

On the other side, the soldiers had put their clubs in the pouch on their waists. They thought that the young man in front of them who was now headbutting with the mayor must not be a common man.

Ganghyuk became more relaxed as he saw the governor coming to the place in the distance.

'Okay... I guess I will play with him for a while.'

Ganghyuk dropped the pitch of the voice intentionally, "This house belongs to Governor of Suwon, Kim Yungil."

"Kim Yungil?" As he was the mayor of Anseong, he naturally knew about the Governor of Suwon. Anseong was quite near Suwon after all.

The mayor did not report to the governor, so their relationship could be horizontal. But, that was only in principle, a principle that was meaningless in reality where power was the most important thing.

There was huge difference between Grade 3 and 6.

Additionally, Governor Kim Yungil was a rising star among Dongin with Kim Seongil, who served in Jangreong as a Saheonbu, a Grade 4 official.

His future was quite promising.

"Why do you see patients in the Governor's house?"

"Well... You came here not knowing whom you will see?"

It was just the right comment to make in this situation.

The mayor was hasty person, and there was indeed an urgent emergency at this time. Actually, he had hurried too much. Although he regretted it a bit, he was a person who would place quite a lot of importance on his face.

of course, only on his face.

"Do I need to know who you are before coming?" The mayor threw up an unreasonable question to hide his shameful feeling. But while he was doing so, a marching sound was heard approaching quickly.

"Hey, look out. Go away. The Governor of Suwon is coming."

When the mayor turned to look back with a surprised expression, there he saw Governor Kim Yungil standing in his full glory.

"Glad to see you, sir."

"Long time no see. Why did you come to my jurisdiction? Furthermore, you brought your soldiers? What happened?"


"Do you want to make a scene in my jurisdiction?"

"No, sir."

"If not, do you want to destroy my house?"

The mayor could not say a word at this point, because what he had done there was indeed misconduct.

"Get off that horse of yours. How long should I look up to see you?"

"I am sorry, sir."

The governor passed him with cold eyes and approached Ganghyuk.

"Anyway, I have something to ask. It is a good opportunity."

"Do you?" Ganghyuk responded to him with a polite language and attitude, looking like a totally different person.

"Then, can I come in?"

"Of course, sir."

And just like that, the door was slammed shut. The mayor, who had just gotten off the horse, showed a funny expression on his face.

From his perspective, it was quite unfair.

'Why did he give me a number plate and insult like this, then pass him without any questions?"

Ignoring the mayor, Ganghyuk went inside to converse with the governor.

The principle of this clinic was 'First Come, First Serve' regardless of their social classes. But, there was an exception: if their social status was too high, nobody could complain.

'The governor does not irritate me at all.' Notwithstanding his personal reputation, he was very good to Ganghyuk. The principle of 'Give and Take' worked quite well here.

Ganghyuk asked with serious face, having already given the Viagra to him, "What is the favor, if I may ask?"

"Please see a patient of mine."

"Of course, sir. He can come any time. How can I reject your offer?"

The governor also liked Ganghyuk's attitude.

"Thank you."

"But, who is it?"

"Yesterday, he fell down from the horse and broke his legs. He failed in the exam because of that, and is quite frustrated. He was quite good at martial arts."

Leg fracture It might need an operation. Besides, he was good at martial arts, and hence, it would have to be done very carefully.

'Is it even possible, here? Although, I guess I would be better than anyone else, anyway.'

So, Ganghyuk nodded his head. "Ok. Please leave him to me. I can safely promise better results than any other doctor."

"Yes, I know I can trust you. Good! I will let you know in no time."