Doctor Goes Back To Joseon Chapter 4

Chapter 4: It is not indigestion [3]

It was not only Dolseok who were startled. The doctor who was left in the corner showed a similar facial expression. But, he did not say anything because of his position in the society.

The two of them kept looking at the face of Ganghyuk, who had cut the appendix and placed it on the gauze. It should have been as thick as a pinky, but now, it was thicker than two fingers.

Ganghyuk looked at the two, who were staring at him dumbfoundedly.

'How can I explain it?'

He had made quite a few lectures as a professor in the medical school even though he was very young. But, he had no experience in explaining medical things to those who did not have basic medical knowledge.

'I must explain from their perspective.'

It might be rude if he classified Dolseok and the doctor in the same category, as the former was a servant and the latter was a nobleman. But, from his perspective, they were not much different.

He asked them while pointing the appendix. "What do you think it looks like?"

"Bad." It was Dolseok who answered.

As he mentioned, the appendix looked abnormal.

"Yes. Okseok was sick because of this. I will show it more closely." He said as he cut the side of the appendix with the mess that he had used for the operation. Instantly, yellow pus came out from the point of incision, and a foul odor filled the room in no time.

"Heok What is this, sir?" Dolseok asked while covering his nose with his sleeves, just like the doctor, who was frowning while looking at it.

'It is an organ called appendix. It is supposed to have a function related to immunity. When it gets clogged, it can be difficult for it to recover. Therefore, it gets easily inflamed, a condition we call appendicitis. It is usually clogged by stool.' He shook his head while he was thinking all that.

'What is the use of explaining like this?' It was not interesting to explain things that they didn't understand.

Ganghyuk decided not to explain it like that. It seemed that it could be passed without detailed explanation.

"What do you think it is? It is a bad thing."

"Yes, that is bad thing."

The appendix was defined as a 'bad thing'. The doctor who had had a puzzled face changed his facial expression suddenly. It might be that he wanted to recover his face by pretending to know better than Dolseok.

"Wow, you removed the misfortune! I thought you spent time on useless things, but you actually did it very well."

'Misfortune?' Ganghyuk felt a headache on hearing his words. But, it was fortunate that he understood it like that. If he asked for more details, he would be in a more difficult position.

As misfortune was a bad thing, it might be considered a correct statement.


Ganghyuk made a pause for a while as he gazed at the doctor. It was difficult to decide what kind of language he should use in front of the doctor.

'Considering his speech, he seems to be a nobleman." Thinking so, he decided to use ambiguous style. "Yes, you are right. He is fine now, and will recover in no time."

As he had to use old-style language, he felt very uncomfortable, as if there was sand in his mouth. But, it seemed like he had made a right guess. The doctor did not make any awkward expression after hearing him speak.

"I see."

"I am sorry for treating you like that. Dolseok, make an apology. It was so urgent, so I had to hurry up."

"Sorry, sir."

The doctor was very cool with the situation. He shook his hands and even showed a smile.

"Not at all Do not mind."

He left the house after shaking hands, and did not forget saying goodbye to Seungmun before leaving. He even rejected a sack of rice and ten pieces of paper that Seungmun gave him as a home visitation fee.

"The kid did it all, sir. I think you don't need to worry about him anymore."

"Is it true? Did he do it all?

"Yes, it is true. I did nothing."

He then went home after praising Ganghyuk. Although he was a quack, he could be considered to be a good guy.

'I feel sorry.'

Although he felt sorry for the doctor, there was no time to think about him more, so Ganghyuk turned his eyes to Okseok again.

'He must take antibiotics for at least three days.'

The appendix was infected and swollen, about to burst. He had high fever, cold sweats, and a frequent pulse. It showed the possibility that the pathogen had intruded the body through the blood.

Considering this, he took out antibiotics from the bag.

'Mayact... This is the best oral antibiotic.'

There were sixty pills in total, sufficient for 15 days.

He took out four tablets and gave them to Dolseok. "Grind these tablets and mix with water before giving it to Okseok. Give him the leftover next morning."

"Yes, sir."

As he had just witnessed the mysterious and miraculous thing, Dolseok did not even think of asking any questions.

Now that he had extinguished the urgent fire. Ganghyuk got up, feeling discomfort in the back and neck from operating on the floor.

"Egh" Seungmun approached him just as he moaned in slight pain, the former's face full of curiosity and concern.

"What happened to Okseok? Did you treat him as the doctor told me?"

"Yes, sir father. I think he will be alright.

Seungmun gazed at the room, sticking his head in from outside. Okseok looked comfortable as he was told.

"Heo Cham, you had a talent that I did not know of."

"It is nothing."

"No, no, I thought he would die. I am relieved to see him sleeping like that. You must be very tired as well. Take a rest. Well done!"

Seungmun patted Ganghyuk's shoulders and went to his room, clasping his hands behind his back. Dolseok, on the other side, was busy nursing Okseok.

He could finally be alone for the first time after the strange thing that happened to him.

'I must find out where I am. If I am right' He frowned while thinking.

If he had come to the past, it was the worst thing that he could imagine. He would lose all the career, fame, and money that he had saved, although the last was not that much.

He moved away from the area quickly.

One good thing was that the house was quite big. He did not notice it earlier because things happened so suddenly, but he now discovered many servants in the house.

There must be more than twenty servants in the house, considering the ones he had counted.

'Let's go out, anyway.' Ganghyuk got out of the house and stood still for a while there. He saw many people wearing old and shabby clothes. Most of them were wearing white clothes, which were faded and dirty.

Ganghyuk realized by instinct, 'It is not a folk village at all.'

As time went by and the night arrived, his suspicion turned into conviction.

It was Joseon itself. It couldn't be anything else.

'Oh my goodness! The stars are so bright.'

It seemed that there were more stars in the sky than he had ever seen up to this point.

Just when it became completely dark, a bell sound rang in the area. Unbeknown to him, Dolseok had arrived back to his side, telling him that it was the Injeong bell.

Ganghyuk had never heard of it, so he answered tactfully. "Is that so?"

"Yes. If we meet the police, we will be in trouble. The air is cool at night. Please come inside."

It seemed that the Injeong bell was rung to announce the curfew time. If that were the case, it was better to go inside.

The room was very warm inside. Dolseok rubbed his hands to show respect and said, "Good night, sir."

"Yes, you too."

"Yes, sir. I am retiring now."

Ganghyuk let him go and lied down on the futon. He could not fall asleep, possibly because of the firm futon, or the many thoughts racing in his mind.

'I did something when I met the chairman before coming here' But, he could not remember what he had done. 'I must think about the way to go back while treating Okseok.'