Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 1

chapter 189-- burial

Tang Ningshan takes Miao Yu to get out of the villa all the way, and the picture of Miao Yu when she was training in the military camp constantly appears in her mind, every movement of her, and every expression of her.

Shao Ruihan always follows behind Tang Ningshan, watching her hands that are holding Miao Yu tightly and her straight back, he feels that Tang Ningshan has a sense of loneliness and sadness.

Not long after, two cars in the distance drive over to them. One of the cars stops in front of her, Shao Ruihan pulls open the door and Tang Ningshan gets in with Miao Yu holding.

The car goes straight to the airport. At the moment of getting on the plane, Tang Ningshan looks at the country with a hateful look. She keeps saying in her heart that the country took her family away and she would avenge Miao Yu.

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a complicated emotion. Although he knows that Tang Ningshan would be sad after seeing Miao Yu, he did not expect her to react so strongly.

Finally, they return to A country. After getting off the plane, they return directly to the army. After all, Miao Yu is a martyr; she should be buried in the martyrs' cemetery. Along the way, Tang Ningshan is always holding Miao Yu. She doesn't let anyone help, including changing clothes and makeup for Miao Yu before the funeral. All of these are done by Tang Ningshan alone. Even when Miao Yu is cremated, she personally sends her body into the furnace.

On the day of the burial, Tang Ningshan comes to the martyrs' cemetery very early. It is raining today, and Tang Ningshan is wearing a black coat with white flowers on her head. She stands quietly in front of the tombstone. She doesn't have an umbrella, and the rain drips down her cheeks on her clothes.

Tang Ningshan looks indifferently at a group of people wearing military uniforms with different ranks come to salute.

At the end of the funeral, other people all leave, leaving only those comrades who had lived together with Miao Yu in the same unit. They have said a lot to the tombstone of Miao Yu, and a few girls silently drop a few tears.

After they leave, Tang Ningshan sits next to her tombstone. She reaches out and wipes away the dust on the tombstone and says softly.

"Dear, do you know that you made me feel the warmth of the family? But you are leaving me now, I have no family again. You know, when I saw you died, I wanted to kill everyone?

You can rest assured that I will avenge you. I will definitely catch those people. If Shao Ruihan does not help, I will go find them myself. I want them to redeem their guilty behaviors. "

Speaking of this, Tang Ningshan's face appears an expression with strong hatred. After a while, she smiles and says.

"However, you should have reunited with your families now. Are you happy to see them? I think you should be happy. I hope that you can be my sister in the next life. Although I have not been with you for a long time, I sincerely regard you as my family."

Tang Ningshan sits for a whole day next to the tombstone, and she also speaks a whole day to the tombstone of Miao Yu. The rain keeps going as if the sky feels her sorrow.

Until the sky becomes dark, the rain grows heavier and heavier, and Tang Ningshan does not leave. She sometimes looks up at the sky and sometimes talks to herself.

When Shao Ruihan comes to her, he sees she leaning against the tombstone with a pale face, as if she has fallen asleep. She seems to be leaning against with the one in the tombstone and heating each other.

He walks to the front of Tang Ningshan with an umbrella, squatting down and covering the body of Tang Ningshan with his umbrella. He raises his hand and touches her cold cheek.

At the moment when Shao Ruihan touches her face, Tang Ningshan's closed eyes suddenly open, and there is a trace of confusion in her eyes.

"Let's go back." Shao Ruihan's voice is sad. He doesn't know how to comfort Tang Ningshan, but he couldn't allow her to stay here all the time.

After hearing the voice of Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan seems to be suddenly awake. Her eyes also recover a little light.

Tang Ningshan squints and frowns, looking at Shao Ruihan's and asking doubtfully "Why are you here?"

Although Shao Ruihan can understand her current mood, he still advises "It is dark, we should go back."

"You go back first, I will stay here for a while." Tang Ningshan finishes and leans on the tombstone again. She closes her eyes; her meaning is obvious, which is that she does not want to talk.

Shao Ruihan could only put the umbrella in his hand into the hands of Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan loosens her hands and the umbrella falls from her hand to the ground.

Therefore, Shao Ruihan could only reach out and lift her up. Since she doesn't want to go back herself, he could only take her back.

"What are you doing? Let me down!" After Tang Ningshan is lifted up for a while, she shouts out.

Shao Ruihan ignores her scream, and he tightens his hands that are holding her. She beats his chest hard, but Shao Ruihan doesn't care.

"Shao Ruihan! You let me go. Why don't you let me leave? Is it wrong for me to chat with her here?"

After Shao Ruihan listens to Tang Ningshan's words, he pauses. After that, every step of him is particularly firm. In fact, it is not because Shao Ruihan is not willing to let Tang Ningshan stay here, but because it is raining now, he has to do this for the health of Tang Ningshan. Miao Yu's families have left the world, they are accompanying her in another world now, and Miao Yu will always look at them in another world.

When Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan not letting her down, she could only scream "You are all killers. On the surface, you are going to do the task; in fact, it is to make these people a victim. After they sacrificed, what else can they leave besides a tombstone? Nothing! You are really cruel!!! "

"Tang Ningshan! You calm down!" After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan only feels that his heart is bleeding. Each of his soldiers is trained by him, and they are also family members for him. They are dead now, isn't he sad? Yes, he feels the same sad as Tang Ningshan, but he doesn't show it. However, he knows that Tang Ningshan's words also make sense. They are really desperate to perform tasks because this is their spirit as a warrior. After the sacrifice, in addition to the tombstone, they may also have medals. However, people are dead, who cares about this? They are only contributing to their country. In order to protect their homeland, no one of them has any complaints.

"Calm? How can I calm down? She is still so young, and her death was tragic, do you still ask me to calm down? Are you telling jokes with me?" Tang Ningshan glares at Shao Ruihan angrily, and as if she wants to kill Shao Ruihan by her eyes.

After listening to Tang Ningshan's words, Shao Ruihan is not angry because he knows she is angry now.

Before getting in the car, Shao Ruihan suddenly says "She has left a letter, do you want to see it?"

Listening to this sentence, Tang Ningshan immediately looks at Shao Ruihan. After confirming that he is not telling lies to deceive her, she immediately nods.

"Then we are going home now. After we go back, I will give it to you." Shao Ruihan finishes, putting Tang Ningshan into the back seat of the car. He sits in the driver's seat and drives the car back to Tang Ningshan's villa.

When they arrive at the villa, Shao Ruihan gets out of the car with Tang Ningshan. After that, he holds her all the way into the house. Looking at the home that has changed greatly, Tang Ningshan doubts if she is in the wrong place. If it wasn't because she saw the building materials that have been placed on the ground and the familiar furnishings in the house after she entered the house, she even planned to ask Shao Ruihan if she is in someone else's home.

In the bedroom, Shao Ruihan directly takes Tang Ningshan into the bathroom. There is a bathtub in the bathroom, and it is filled with hot water. Shao Ruihan takes off all her clothes and throws them on the ground. After that, he puts her in the bathtub.

"You take a bath. I am waiting for you outside." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he goes out from the bathroom.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan's back in confusion. Tang Ningshan now has only one thought in her heart. When did she start not to reject him? Even if he took off her clothes, she did not have any resistance. Moreover, even when she was put into the bathtub, she even felt very warm?

When Shao Ruihan appears in the bathroom again, Tang Ningshan is already asleep in the bathtub. Thanks to the fact that the bathtub allows the temperature to be constant, the water will remain at a certain temperature. Otherwise, after such a long time, the water must become cold.

Shao Ruihan takes Tang Ningshan up and carefully dries the water on her body. His movements are quite gentle as if she is a fragile item. His eyes are filled with the pity that Tang Ningshan has never seen before.

After drying the water on her body, he wraps Tang Ningshan with a bath towel. He takes her out of the bathroom. When he puts her on the bed, Shao Ruihan is already sweating.

Shao Ruihan sighs in his heart. He does not know how to persuade Tang Ningshan. Even if she is sad, she can't make fun of her health. She actually fell asleep directly in the bathtub. Does she want to catch a cold?

After covering the quilt on Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan goes out from the room. Tang Ningshan actually woke up when Shao Ruihan picked her up, but she just wants to know what Shao Ruihan wants to do, so she didn't open her eyes. Why is he so nice to her? He obviously doesn't love her, but why can he do such a gentle thing for her?

After thinking for a long time, Tang Ningshan, who has no clue, decides to give up the idea. If she doesn't understand, then she will forget it. If he really has any problems, he will definitely tell her. If he needs her help, then she will help him. However, she really couldn't stand the attitude of Shao Ruihan now, which makes her creepy.

She enters the virtual space and continues to learn other useful things. After this incident, Tang Ningshan is more eager to enrich herself with knowledge, especially in medical science. She now feels that life is really the most important thing in the world. She hopes that through her own efforts, she will save those dying patients and save them from the edge of death.

Medicine is a huge project. However, the system just gives her a lot of books, asking her to read it and remember it all.

Tang Ningshan also understands that although many things need to be practiced. However, before practice, a lot of theoretical knowledge can only be understood through reading.

When Tang Ningshan comes out of the virtual space, she does not see Shao Ruihan. She is too tired now, she can only close her eyes and force herself to sleep.

The night passes quickly. When Tang Ningshan opens her eyes the next morning, the sun has already hung up.

She goes to the cloakroom to find a suit to wear. She simply washes her face before she goes downstairs.