Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 10

chapter 205-- the first day of work

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "No, I was sick yesterday. Ruihan saw that I was not comfortable, so he called my grandmother to take a leave of absence for me. That's why I didn't come." Tang Ningshan feels that since Shao Hong doesn't care about her identity, then she would say out her relationship with Shao Ruihan, so that even if someone wants to embarrass her, then they must still be afraid of her identity.

Shao Hong listens to Tang Ningshan's words and the expression on his face changes. Finally, he shows a smile and says "Then you go to the chairman's office with me first, and your work-card is also placed in the chairman's office. I didn't know if you would come over today. I wanted to get Ruihan to go home and take your work-card back after work or tomorrow, but I didn't expect you to come today." Tang Ningshan does not understand what Shao Hong's purpose is for a long time. She can only nod and follow Shao Hong. Anyway, she will work here in the future. No matter what plan Shao Hong has, she can only adapt herself to his purpose.

Two people walk toward the elevator in tandem, and Tang Ningshan hears the secretaries whispering behind her.

"What do you think is the background of this woman?"

"Who knows, I guess she can work here depends on the relationship. You didn't hear her call the chairman grandmother? But I think she may have nothing but appearance."

"No, the chairman is a very principled person. It is said that our general manager was promoted step by step by his own efforts. Even if she came here by relationship, she could not get such a good position from the beginning. Assistant of the general manager, this is almost at the same level as the department executives. I think she must still be a bit capable."

"Hey, who knows? Anyway, we will work together every day. We will soon know what kind of person she is."

Tang Ningshan's face always has a professional smile until the elevator door closes. Although she has never interrupted their conversation, what she just heard gives her some information, that is, Shao Hong is a man of means. From the receptionists to the secretaries, it seems that these people are very loyal to him. It seems that as long as she wants to stabilize her position in this company, she must first get Shao Hong's trust.

Two people take the elevator to the 28th floor, and on the 28th floor is the top floor. This top floor has only one large conference room plus the chairman's office. Tang Ningshan follows Shao Hong and stands at the door of the chairman's office. Shao Hong gently knocks on the door, and then she hears the voice inside, "Come on in."

When Tang Ningshan enters, she sees Xiao Leping sitting in the chair with her face facing the window and her back facing them.

Shao Hong says "Mr. Chairman, Tang Ningshan is here."

Hearing Shao Hong's words, Xiao Leping turns back.

Tang Ningshan sees Xiao Leping without a smile on her face and immediately says "Grandma, I am really sorry for yesterday. I had a fever. Ruihan insisted that he would not allow me to come. He also said that even if I came, grandmother would also let me go back, so... ..." After Tang Ningshan says, she immediately shows a poor expression, which makes Xiao Leping speechless. She can only say "That's okay, no problem. It is normal for Ruihan to care about you. After all, you are now in the honeymoon period, and now Ruihan has no any mission. He wants to spend more time with you. It is understandable. However, since you are here today, you must work seriously in the future. Although you have not been exposed to the knowledge about this aspect, it does not matter, Shao Hong will teach you. After you understand the general operation of the company, we will talk about the plan for the next step."

Tang Ningshan has to admit that Xiao Leping is a very resourceful person. Her tone seems to be full of concern, but Tang Ningshan always feels that there's something wrong. What is the next step she said? However, Tang Ningshan could not ask the meaning of this, she nods obediently.

Xiao Leping opens a drawer, taking out a work-card from the inside and putting a few keys on the table. She says to Tang Ningshan "This is your work-card, and these keys are the key to all the offices on the 26th floor. I will hand them over to you. Your office is on the left side of Shao Hong's office, which is opposite the secretarial room. Later, Shao Hong will take you there. And come to dinner with grandmamma at noon?"

Tang Ningshan listens to Xiao Leping's words, and her expression does not change, but she feels a sense of crisis in her heart. She really doesn't understand why Xiao Leping gives the keys to all the offices of 26th floor to her. However, regardless of her purpose, she feels that she could not take these keys. If there are any important things on the twenty-sixth floor, or if the confidential documents are gone, then Xiao Leping will definitely push all the responsibilities to her. She can't afford such a thing.

Tang Ningshan goes to the desk and takes the work-card. She looks at these keys on the table and says, "Grandma, I think you should keep these keys. I am a person who is not careful. If I accidentally lose them, then it will be troublesome. I only take the key to my office away. At noon I will come over and have lunch with grandmother, and Ruihan will also come over."

Xiao Leping glances at Tang Ningshan and says, "That's it. You take this key back first. I will call you at noon, you will come up again, and then we'll go to have lunch together."

Tang Ningshan nods and takes the key to her office from the table. She then goes to stand on one side and does not walk away. Not because she doesn't want to leave, but Shao Hong seems to have something to say to Xiao Leping, so she plans to stand on the side to wait for him.

"Chairman, this is the plan for this new real estate. You'll check it. If there is no problem, I will arrange the next work." Shao Hong is very respectful to Xiao Leping. According to his attitude towards Xiao Leping, Tang Ningshan believes that he is more like a housekeeper than the general manager.

Xiao Leping takes over the folder in Shao Hung's hand and puts it on the table and says, "I'll read it later. You can leave now. You'll arrange the work of Ningshan first. Today is her first day here, and she doesn't understand many business affairs. You'll pick up some simple work for her to familiarize herself with the workflow."

"I see, chairman." After that, Shao Hong bows to Xiao Leping, which again makes Tang Ningshan think that Shao Hong is simply a servant.

"Grandma, we are going down." Tang Ningshan says to Xiao Leping with a smile.

"Well." Xiao Leping nods and answers.

When they go back, Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Hong's mood is not very good. However, after all, this thing has nothing to do with her so she does not want to ask. She stands quietly beside Shao Hong, ignoring the sense of oppression that comes from him.

Out of the elevator, Shao Hong's face immediately shows a smile. Tang Ningshan really admires Shao Hong because he can hide his emotions perfectly. In these few hours, she has seen different Shao Hong in several different states.

Two people walk toward the general manager's office. They stop when they are about to arrive at the door. Shao Hong walks in front and opens the door on the right. This room is large and surrounded by tempered glass. This glass allows the inside people to see outside, but outside people cannot see inside. Tang Ningshan estimates that this office must not be an assistant's office before.

"Ningshan, this is your office. The room is very big. If you have any personal belongings, you can take it here. There is a rest-room inside. This office was used by me. Now you come, the chairman asked me to leave this room to you, she hopes you can have a good working environment." When Shao Hong speaks, his is still smiling, but Tang Ningshan feels that his tone is full of dissatisfaction and even there is a hint of embarrassment in his voice.

"Really? Thank you. What should I do then? What's my work? You know, I just graduated, my grandmother asked me to study here then I can only follow your guidance in the future." Tang Ningshan says as she walks toward the window. She stands at the window and looks outside. Tang Ningshan discovers that the walls on all four sides of the office are made of glass. She could even see Shao Hong's office. There is an idea rising in Tang Ningshan's heart. Isn't Xiao Leping guarding against Shao Hong? Otherwise, why would she let Shao Hong give this office to her?

"I will let the secretary take the information about the operation of the company in past few years. The most important job for you now is to get familiar with the company and understand the company's situation and the company's fields. After you understand it, I will gradually arrange other things for you." Shao Hong says, standing in front of Tang Ningshan, which makes Tang Ningshan a little uncomfortable. Shao Hong's eyes are aggressive and he makes Tang Ningshan feel sick. But later he will be her boss, so she has to be patient.

Tang Ningshan looks around the room and says "The things in this room are all new?"

After Shao Hong listens to Tang Ningshan's words, and the expression on his face becomes awkward. He doesn't want to pretend in front of Tang Ningshan, but his voice is still very gentle. He says, "These are all bought by the chairman. She said that you will not like what others have used, so she bought all the new furniture for you."

"That's good, thank you, I will work hard in the future." At the same time, Tang Ningshan goes to Shao Hong. Standing opposite Shao Hong, she shows a thankful smile.

Shao Hong is shocked by Tang Ningshan's smile and he stares at her in complex emotions.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Hong, who was stunned, and asks, "What happened?"

Shao Hong immediately comes back to his sense and says, "Nothing, then you are waiting here, I will let the secretary send the information to you. I will go back to my office." Shao Hong says, and he immediately turns away. It seems that he is avoiding something.