Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 100

Chapter 86: chapter 86-- I am afraid to miss

"..." Wang Yu is shocked by Shao Ruihan's shouting. If there were such a situation before, he would come directly to report. however, he has not seen Shao Ruihan be so angry in the past.

Shao Ruihan sees that Wang Yu's face showing a confused expression, and feels that he has overdone it. He says, "What did Tao say?"

Wang Yu sees Shao Ruihan restores normal tone, slowly says: "He said you have a very excellent computer expert, hoping you can bring that person here."

After listening to Wang Yu's words, Shao Ruihan's face turns ugly. If it had not been for that incident, he would have just asked Li to send Tang Ningshan here directly, but now...

Shao Ruihan wrings his eyebrow, his face is dignified, and there is a hesitation in the eyes.

Standing in the same place thinking for a long time, anxious Wang Yu also dare not speak out, for fear of disturbing the mood of Shao Ruihan.

After a long time, Shao Ruihan takes his cell phone out of his pocket and calls Tang Ningshan directly.

"Well, what else do you want?" Tang Ningshan's tone is very bad, and her words are full of impatience.

"Well, there's something, I need your help." Shao Ruihan says calmly after a moment of silence. Shao Ruihan's voice is very solemn, which stuns Tang Ningshan. For no other reasons but she feels like a man like Shao Ruihan would not ask a woman for help. He has high self-esteem.

"Tell me about it." Tang Ningshan says faintly, but there is a trace of impetuosity in words, but she not even notices. But Yu Huan, who has been sitting opposite to her, feels it and shows a little interest in his eyes.

"Unknown hackers invade the database of our headquarters, and no one can trace the source until the present. I hope you can come and help us." Shao Ruihan says slowly, the hand holding the phone tightens continuously. And Wang Yu, who has been standing next to him, looks at Shao Ruihan's hand and begins to doubt who this hacker ace is.

"Don't you have technicians?" Tang Ningshan asks in surprise.

Tang Ningshan's sentence lets Shao Ruihan not know how to answer. Will he say that they do have the technical personnel, but the people fail to do such work, they are all rubbish? This does not agree with Shao Ruihan's character at all, what's more, that asking her to help is to look up to her.

"Just tell me whether you're coming or not!" Shao Ruihan already cannot bear his temper at this time. In the heart, he feels Tang Ningshan is doted and proud, if you give her a good look, she will be proud.

"I don't have time!" Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's voice and feels that he is not asking for help at all. He is merely giving her orders. She is not in his worker, even if someone had hacked their database, It's been so long, but they've not found out the position of the other party, also if she goes now, there is no use at all, because the time is enough for them to read even to steal all the information. Now he also orders him, why should she help?

Wang Yu looks at Shao Ruihan's hand that is holding the phone and wants to tell him to put it down. But Wang Yu wonders if he would end up like the cell phone if he speaks now.

Shao Ruihan stands in the same place, hesitating for a long time, and says "Go to headquarters first." Then he lets go of the phone and strides out.

Wang Yu looks at the broken cell phone on the floor and is glad that he did not speak out, or he would be the one to be unlucky.

Two men trot into the headquarters room and see a crowd of people are already in disarray.

Seeing Shao Ruihan comes in, Zhu Tao rushes to him, then looks over his shoulder, but does not see Tang Ningshan's figure, which lets him very puzzled and he asks "where is she?"

Shao Ruihan's face is black and does not speak, Zhu Tao can only sigh and shakes his head, and he also does not know what to say. After all, Tang Ningshan is not a soldier; it's already very humiliating for them to ask for her help. If they force to bring her here, she would think the Special Forces are useless.

Zhu Tao pats Shao Ruihan on the shoulder to show comfort and takes Shao Ruihan and Wang Yu to the side of Shi Shaohui.

"Boss, did you bring the person here? This guy's methods are so weird that you don't know what route he came from. It's not just any hack. It's like some trained spy." Shi Shaohui's words let both

Shao Ruihan and Zhu Tao frown at the same time, if the data lost, then the consequences would be unthinkable. Some secret plans can be modified, but some secret identity information cannot be changed at all.

After thinking for a long time, Zhu Tao looks at Shao Ruihan and says "Why don't you give her a call one more time? There's a lot at stake. If she'll come and help, that'd be great."

"She said she doesn't have the time, and I couldn't say my workmates are useless, so she should come." Shao Ruihan's anger comes up and shouts at Zhu Tao.

Zhu Tao looks at Wang Yu beside him, and immediately Wang Yu shakes his head at him.

"Boss, we have a situation." Shi Shaohui sits in the chair, suddenly saying.

Shao Ruihan, Zhu Tao and Wang Yu turn to him at once, and see such a route appears on the screen, as if it was deliberately left, but no way, even if it is a trap, they would try.

"Follow him." Shao Ruihan opens his mouth to say chilly.

Shi Shaohui listens to Shao Ruihan's words, and his hands keep banging on the screen and chasing after the position that appeared on the screen. However, after tracking, Shi Shaohui gets silly, because he could not see whether the computer is a virtual one or the machine that is used, but at present they only this clue, Shao Ruihan will not give up.

"Check his location and keep me posted." With that, Shao Ruihan walks out to the door and turns back, saying, "Call Wang Yu, not me." Then he gets out.

"Go and call Niu Er, Gou Zi and Miao Yu to the equipment room. The two of us will go first, and then you'll go back to the command post and stand by." Shao Ruihan says to Lee after getting out.

Then he turns back to ask Wang Yu to give him his mobile phone. After Wang Yu turns the phone to vibrate, he hands it to Shao Ruihan, who takes a look and stuffs it into his pocket.

Tang Ningshan, who had hung up on the phone, looks pale too. Sitting opposite her, Yu Huan asks her what the matter is. Tang Ningshan could only apologize with a smile, then says "I may stand you up again, there are some things need to be dealt with right away, so I may not be able to eat together today."

Yu Huan shows an understanding smile and says "That's okay, it's just a meal, we can eat whenever we are free, and anyway we are friends, aren't we?"

Tang Ningshan nods and says "Of course, we are friends. By the way, you leave your phone number to me, after I am done, I will call you."

Yu Huan takes a name card from his pocket and tells the waiter to bring a pen. He writes a number on the back of the card before handing it to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan takes the card, looking at the number on it, and then looks at Yu Huan with an extraordinary look, and then shows a very mysterious smile, letting Yu Huan sitting opposite confused.

"I got to go. I'll call you when I'm done." Tang Ningshan smiles and then is ready to call the waiter to pay the bill.

"I'll go after you; I'm going to sit down for a while." Yu Huan smiles to stop Tang Ningshan from paying the check.

"All right, next time I'll pay the bill." Tang Ningshan says and hurries toward the car outside.

She gets in the car quickly.

"Let's go back." After getting into the car, she immediately begins to speak, so that Li, who has already prepared all the words, can only hold his words back.

After taking a cell phone out of her pocket, she calls Shao Ruihan, but he doesn't answer it anyway.

Tang Ningshan only to wait at the villa to see if Shao Ruihan will call her back when he sees those unanswered calls.

Back at the villa, Tang Ningshan especially changes into very casual clothes, and is ready to go out at any time; she has been sitting downstairs in the living room, always feels that something will happen.

Looking at Tang Ningshan sitting in the living room with her hands tightly holding the phone, Li doubtfully asks "Mrs. Shao, are you waiting for the phone?"

"Well, there may be a phone call, I'm afraid to miss it." Tang Ningshan nods in reply with her eyes gluing to the phone as if it would ring immediately.

Until the evening, Tang Ningshan still has not waited for Shao Ruihan's phone call but receives a call from Tang Yichun.

"Well, Mr. Tang, what can I do for you?" Tang Ningshan picks up the phone, her tone is nasty, but is afraid that Tang Yichun also will mention something related to the original host's mother, can only pick up the phone.

"... It's nothing, tell you that Yin Bilu has come back safely, but she said that you had someone to kidnap her, I call to confirm with you." Tang Yichun's attitude is very nice, the tone is very gentle, but

Tang Ningshan feels angry.

"What's the point of calling me now that your daughter's back? If you think what she's saying is true, call the police. What the hell you are talking about that nonsense to me." Tang Ningshan says it and is about to hang up the phone.

"No, I want to confirm with you. I don't believe what she said, so I decide to ask you. Since you say such words, I don't think it must be you, so I mistook you..." Tang Yichun's words let Tang Ningshan feels that he means that before I misunderstood you, and cut off the relationship with you, now the misunderstanding has been removed, this severing matter also is preparing to be canceled.

"Mr. Tong, your daughter, your wife and you have nothing to do with me. If you think anything that happens to you is my problem, go and contact your lawyer and the police, and come straight to me with a warrant of arrest or a subpoena from the court." Tang Ningshan furiously says.

"No, I didn't mean that." Tang Yichun does not know why he has made this call, especially after seeing the paternity test, he is confused. After all these years, the result told him that Tang Ningshan, who had been in her twenties, is his biological daughter. He doesn't know how to face Tang Ningshan, and what kind of mood he should have when meeting her.