Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 101

Chapter 87: chapter 87-- injured

"I don't care what you mean, whether you're purposes are, it's none of my business, you know?" Tang Ningshan's voice is impassive and questioned.

"I..." Tang Yichun seems to say something else but is interrupted directly by Tang Ningshan.

"If you don't have anything else, I'll hang up, and I have a lot of work to do. I don't have as much time on my hands as you do." Tang Ningshan is about to hang up when she hears Tang Yichun's eager voice on the other side of the line. She has to put the phone back in her ear, but she hears such a remark.

"I never knew you are my daughter, and if I'd known you are my daughter I wouldn't have done this to you. Although your mother did something that was sorry to me, you are my daughter; I will make it up to you. I had been supporting you all this time but to revenge your mother, but now I know that you are my daughter, with my blood on your body, I'd like to see you every day. Since you don't like that I asked you to marry Shao Ruihan, so just come back, and I'll let Yin Bilu marry Shao Ruihan instead of you." Tang Yichun finishes as if the stone in the heart is put down, but Tang Ningshan does not feel so.

"I mean, Mr. Tang, aren't you shame of yourself? You sold me to other people, and then you realized Shao's family's position. So your wife and your daughter started acting like demons, and you let them come to my house and say some awful words about my mom, and then Yin Bilu even came to seduce my husband, and now you even want to exchange us, what do you think I am? Even if I have your blood in my body, would you want me to give it back to you? I'm sorry, Mr. Tang, but we're done with father and daughter. Now from the legal point of view, we have nothing to do with each other, in the future whether you live a happy life, or a terrible life, it has nothing to do with me. I hope you do not call me in the future; I have a lot of things to do. That's all!" Tang Ningshan puts up with the anger of wanting to kill someone and storms toward phone and then throws it out.

Tang Ningshan immediately smashes the phone, and then she remembers she is waiting for the phone, quickly picking up the phone to check, but it has completely broken down.

Li and Steward Lin, who has been standing in the corner watching Tang Ningshan, are frightened by Tang Ningshan's appearance. She is full of murderous air. They all feel that if Tang Yichun is in front of Tang Ningshan now, he will be cut into pieces without doubts. And then Steward Lin has a new understanding of Tang Ningshan, but he has been in a state of waiting and watching.

"Give me a cell phone, Lin, or bring the house phone to me. I'll eat in the living room today." Tang Ningshan looks at the phone that has been scrapped and turns to Steward Lin.

Then Lin nods and goes away. Li leans over to Tang Ningshan and says "Mrs. Shao, don't worry, it's not worth getting angry with a man like that, whether he is your father or not. But if he can do such things to you, then you needn't care so much about him, be at ease, the boss will deal with everything for you, he won't leave you alone."

Tang Ningshan's right eyelid has been jumping all night, and she thinks something is going to happen. Especially when the phone was broken just now, according to her usual character, she could not do anything the same as dropping the phone. And Shao Ruihan has not called her back all afternoon. She is in a hurry. At that moment, as if something has burst in her heart. Suddenly, she remembers that Li is Lee's brother when he speaks beside her, so there must be Lee's phone number in his contacts. Since Shao Ruihan does not answer the phone, then Lee will answer Li's phone, so she turns to Li, saying "Give me your phone."

Li immediately takes his cell phone to Tang Ningshan, because Tang Ningshan's face is too severe, the pressure of her body is too low, he unconsciously does as Tang Ningshan's request.

Tang Ningshan grabs the phone in Li's hand, opening the contact to find Lee's telephone number and make a call directly.

"Hello, this is Tang Ningshan. I'm looking for Shao Ruihan." When the phone is connected, Tang Ningshan speaks directly.

"Mrs. Shao? Boss's not here right now. What do you want with him?" Lee asks suspiciously, but Zhu Tao on the side hears Lee calling Mrs. Shao, he goes to him at once.

"Hello, this is Zhu Tao. Do you remember me?" Zhu Tao grabs Lee's cell phone and immediately says.

"Well, I remember. I'm looking for Shao Ruihan. Where is he?" Tang Ningshan asks immediately.

"He's on a mission. We've just found a clue from the other side. We all think it might be a trap. But now we don't have any information about the hacker except the source Shi Shaohui found, so Shao Ruihan has taken some people to the place and has not yet returned any information." Zhu Tao says.

"Tell me the address of your head office, and what time he went out, and tell me the address you found earlier." Tang Ningshan says.

"Uh... The command post is just inside the military district, I don't know the exact address, I can only tell you the coordinates, and can you find it?" Zhu Tao hesitates before saying.

"You now can tell me the coordinates and the location of Shao Ruihan. And keep our phone is on all the time. I'm going to get the computer down. Just wait for me." Tang Ningshan says, putting the phone on the side of the tea table. She rushes upstairs and quickly takes her notebook down.

"Okay, you tell me the coordinates now, and then I'll share the images with you." Tang Ningshan says, putting the phone aside and putting it on speaker.

"The coordinates are 1726, 348. You need to find this location." Tang Ningshan turns on the computer; her hands are rapidly dancing on the keyboard, which stuns Li sitting on one side of the sofa. He did not know that Tang Ningshan still has such technology, then immediately comes back to her sense and looks around. He makes a gesture to the two men hiding in the dark, and the other man responds him, only then he settles down peacefully beside Tang Ningshan, but his body remains in a state of tension.

"All right, I've got your current location. Now tell me where that place you have found is." Tang Ningshan quickly finds the location of the command room and asks.

"There is a villa area in Zhongzhi Street and Hanyang Road, unit 08." Zhu Tao also quickly tells Tang Ningshan the address, because he has known Tang Ningshan's ability. He is very confident that she can find Shao Ruihan's location quickly, even if Shao Ruihan has something urgent to deal and cannot reply the head office, if Tang Ningshan can send the image to them, they can immediately prepare other measures to remedy the situation.

Tang Ningshan quickly accesses the last surveillance settings on the computer and tracks directly to the villa Zhu Tao told her, but only finds that there is nothing out of the ordinary.

"Look, if there's anything out of the ordinary here? I'll put the image on the big screen in your command room." Tang Ningshan says that, and directly shares the image.

"There's nothing unusual about it. There's nothing suspicious going on around here. Can you look inside?" Zhu Tao remembers that Tang Ningshan has a way to direct the surveillance to look inside the room.

"You wait for me a minute. I'm going to install something, a few minutes." Tang Ningshan says, and the hand is repeatedly typing on the keyboard. The crackling sound has not stopped at all, which makes Li dazzled. In the heart, he is sure to treat Tang Ningshan as his sister.

"You're going to get me a computer." Tang Ningshan says to Li beside her.

Li nods and walks out of the room. One of the two men, who are hiding in the dark, comes out and pulls Li back, handing him a computer from the back and then points to the direction of Tang Ningshan.

Li takes the computer and immediately returns to Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan takes the computer without saying anything and directly gets into the command room system to look for the traces the hacker left. Perhaps the hacker is too sure of his technology, he created several hundred traps, but Tang Ningshan finds the real line that he is using within one look.

She follows the line and finds the hacker watching the movie on the computer. Tang Ningshan also carefully hacks into the other party's computer, not touching anything. All the way, she is careful, and then installs automatic video-on-video software to maximize the video's view to check all the locations in the room.

"I now pass you another image. You find someone to go to this location, be sure to pay attention to the security. The other side has a lot of people. I give you the address and the image. You do it yourself" Tang Ningshan says that then she combines the inside and outside images into one shared vision and shares it to the head office.

Her operation makes the people in command room surprise, what kind of technology is it? She can even hack into the command room and change images above. They all spent the night to find the intruder's location, but they all failed. And now Tang Ningshan even gets into their computer and also sends the image of the other side out, what kind of technology is it?

After hesitating for a long time, Shi Shaohui leans close to Zhu Tao and asks in a low voice "Who the hell is she? Why didn't you get her in our team? If she is in our team, the captain wouldn't have had to take the risk. Now it's hard to get in touch with him, that's terrible."

Zhu Tao stares at Shi Shaohui; he does not make a sound for a long time.

"Did Shao Ruihan take his cell phone when he left the house? I called him, and he didn't answer." Tang Ningshan ignores Shi Shaohui's words, only wants to quickly confirm Shao Ruihan's position, because she now is panic without reasons, feeling that something has happened.

"Yes, the boss went out with Wang Yu's cell phone." Shi Shaohui immediately responds.

"What's his mobile number?" Tang Ningshan quickly asks.

Shi Shaohui also quickly speaks out a string of numbers, and then hears the sound that Tang Ningshan typing on the keyboard.

Tang Ningshan's installation of the computer has done, the indoor environment of the other side is displayed on the computer. There is no one inside the house. Tang Ningshan finds the basement of the room according to the tracking location.

"They should be in the basement of this room. Wait a minute. I'll see if I can find a way to watch what's going on down there." Tang Ningshan says and immediately takes action.