Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 102

Chapter 88: chapter 88-- I will figure a way out

Soon after, Tang Ningshan gets a picture of the basement, and all five of people are lying in the vault. There are eight other people in the room, and it seems that Shao Ruihan has blood on his body because the image Tang Ningshan gets is black-and-white, but Tang Ningshan feels as if he has been hurt.

"Can you get there right now? I'm coming, too. And bring me a sniper rifle!" Tang Ningshan says and picks up both computers, and the cell phone has not hung up, dragging Li's neck collar to stand up and go out.

"Both of you come out. We're on our way. I think Shao Ruihan is injured and those eight people are armed. In that case, he should be the one who got the shot. Now get in the car and go." Tang Ningshan hurries to go out, shouting to the people in the dark.

The two men, who are hidden in the shadows, leap out immediately when they hear that Shao Ruihan got injured.

"What's the matter, Mrs. Shao?" Two people walk up to Tang Ningshan and ask at once.

"Let's get in the car first." Seeing Li driving by, she says.

"Zhu Tao, bring someone over now. And over there, they seem to be connected by telephone. I'll block the signal in this room. You take your men and divide them into two directions, all the way to the hacker's current location. There aren't many people in that room. The rest of you will come over and join me. Hurry up!" Tang Ningshan says and throws the phone to the person next to her, both of her hands continue to opera on the computer.

Soon, the image of the basement is painted in color. And there are five men on the floor with their eyes closed and their faces are worried, especially Shao Ruihan, who has several bleeding and looks like a gunshot wound.

Tang Ningshan bites her lip, beginning to regret secretly. If not that she refused Shao Ruihan, whether he won't get hurt? Now she blames herself very much. If Shao Ruihan has an accident, she thinks she won't forgive herself. Even though Shao Ruihan had tempted her, but she will never allow him to take his life.

Li looks through the mirror at Tang Ningshan, who is biting her lip, and doesn't know what to say to comfort her. He could only drive faster.

When they get there, Tang Ningshan begins to think about how to get into the house. After all, the lock in this room is normal, and there is no way of using electronic technology to open the door.

"You can pretend to be a postman, Master." The system suggests.

"Even if I pretend to be a postman, but I don't have any weapon. There are seven or eight people in the house, and I don't have anything. How should I save people?" Tang Ningshan discusses with the system in her heart.

"Master, I think you have a transform pen. Just now you made a box of pens. This time it will come in handy." System says.

Tang Ningshan pats her forehead and secretly scolds herself. How could she forget such an important thing?

Turning to Li, she says "You wait for me in the car. I'll go myself to a hidden place and wait for Zhu Tao to bring some people here." Tang Ningshan then prepares to get off the car but is pulled by Li.

"Mrs. Shao, I can't let you go in by yourself. We're here to keep you safe. We can't let you get involved." Li looks nervous, being afraid that Tang Ningshan disagrees. The two people on edge did not stop her but decided that if Tang Ningshan gets out the car, they will follow immediately.

"I'll find a way to get in. If we stay together, the target will be too obvious. And there's no way to get those people to open the door, and it'll only delay the saving time even more. If they've got what they want now, maybe Shao Ruihan and his partners have no chance of survival. You look at the five people lying in the image. They are already under the medicine, otherwise, according to your perverted training, how can people easily put down Shao Ruihan!" Tang Ningshan roars out. Her eyes are red with anger.

Li can only let her go. This time, Tang Ningshan looks at her clothes and then frowns.

"Zhu Tao, do you have any friends who live near here or know where a hotel nearby is? Bring me a suit of clothes, preferably the one that waiter wears." Tang Ningshan thinks that she could show something different in front of Shao Ruihan, but she does not intend to let all of them find out her secret, so she takes the phone to call Zhu Tao.

"Just a moment, Mrs. Shao, we'll be right there. Please don't go in alone. Even if we know what's going on in the house now, you can't get in there by yourself without taking anything." Zhu Tao is also anxious over there. If they involve Tang Ningshan into this thing, it will become very troublesome. Zhu Tao only knows that Tang Ningshan is a computer expert, but does not know that she has trained in the Special Forces.

"Where have you been now, how long will you arrive here? I don't think they can last too long. You can see where Shao Ruihan has been shot." Tang Ningshan tries hard to make her calm and says.

"Soon, in two minutes, we'll be there with the clothes you asked for, and bring in some takeout, okay?" Zhu Tao discusses this matter with her, and he is afraid that Tang Ningshan would do something, which he couldn't stop.

"Well, hurry up, then." Tang Ningshan says, leaning on the chair, and she closes her eyes to communicate with the system in the heart.

"Did you see where Shao Ruihan was hit? I saw a fatal wound." Tang Ningshan says to the system.

"Well, I saw. That's all right. If you're terrified he's going to die, give him a bottle of the elixir potion while no one's around, okay? There will be no problem after drinking, master, you relax, and you don't forget how he tried to test you before. If this is a fake, what should you do? You need to calm down a bit." A basin of cold water pours down on, which makes Tang Ningshan shiver.

"No, it won't. I can see that the location of the bullet and the way the blood oozed from Shao Ruihan's body. They are real. It's not a test. I now regret not going in the morning. If something is wrong with him, I don't think I'll ever forgive myself. Even if we were strangers, I don't want a stranger to die because of me." Tang Ningshan says.

"All right, Master, but I want you to calm down; your mind is already distracted. There are a lot of things you can not consider comprehensively. Since you plan to go in and rescue Shao Ruihan by yourself, the first thing is waiting for Zhu Tao to come over, after all the situation in the villa can be seen on the computer now, if you use the pen, they will find these things. Second, you have to figure out the way to get in, how to do it, how to save them, how to cooperate with them. Do not go in now." The system cannot stop Tang Ningshan, can only give her advice. After all, Tang Ningshan is its master; they are coexisting. Soon, Tang Ningshan hears the sound of the car, seeing a group of people get out of the car. Tang Ningshan immediately opens the door and gets out of the car and runs across the road.

"Where are those things I want?" Tang Ningshan stops in front of Zhu Tao and speaks at once.

"The clothes and takeout are here, but please tell me what you are going to do when you go in." Zhu Tao asks with a straight face.

"Is there any way to get a smoke or something like that? This is the safest way so far, but I still can get in without taking anything. If there is no way, I can only go in and act according to the situation. I can only cooperate with you after I get in." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time, but only figures out this way.

"There's no way to get the smoke, but what if something happens after you get in?" Zhu Tao says with suspicion.

"Is there anyone you can get in but me? Each of you is so strong; it's easy for them to notice that you are practiced by looking at your shapes. If you go to deliver the food, we will surely expose ourselves. You do not have the right person. I have to go!" Tang Ningshan says to Zhu Tao straightforwardly. After all, there are few women in their ranks, and the Special Forces female soldiers are less, they basically will not bring female soldiers when they are on a mission. Miao Yu is the only one who passed the training in their Special Force, but the one is still lying inside.

"Well, I'll fix it for you later." Zhu Tao can only compromise, after all inside Shao Ruihan was injured, they do not know what had happened. If Tang Ningshan can cooperate with them, it will be the safest way.

"Okay, when I come in, you can hear the voices. Then I'll try to get them all to the living room on the first floor and try to get them out of the basement. If they don't come out of the basement, I'll try to get into the basement." Tang Ningshan says, then picks up the clothes and is ready to put on.

The little vest for the delivery of food is put outside her T-shirt, then looks in the mirror and decides not to wear a hat. If she does that, The risk is higher, but it increases the chance of seeing Shao Ruihan.

After finishing, she picks up the takeaway, and plans to walk to the side of the community road and walk down the street to the villa, because inside the villa, there is surveillance, she must be sure to be able to enter.

"Mrs. Shao, this is for you." Zhu Tao hands Tang Ningshan a small pistol, the gun is tiny, which is as big as Tang Ningshan's hand.

Tang Ningshan takes it without thinking. She even asks, "Any more?"

"... Yes, but can you take them in?" Zhu Tao says suspiciously.

"You'd better bring me some more. I'll take them in and hide them at the back of my waist." Tang Ningshan says with a hopeful look in her eyes.

Zhu Tao immediately takes two pistols from the others and hands them to Tang Ningshan, saying with a solemn expression, "Mrs. Shao, I hope you can guarantee your safety, or I can't explain to Shao Ruihan."

Behind Zhu Tao, parties of people salute to Tang Ningshan seriously.

Tang Ningshan gives this group of people a sweet smile and says "You can rest assured; I will bring them out safely."

After saying, Tang Ningshan goes to the road with the takeaway, every step of her seems to be very relaxed, but no one knows how nervous Tang Ningshan is. She is anxious, and she is urgent to confirm that Shao Ruihan is all right.