Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 103

Chapter 89: chapter 89-- penetrate

Step by step, she goes to the villa door, raising her hand to press the top doorbell. And then she straightens the dress and puts a sweet expression on her face.

Soon, someone comes out to open the door. The door is not fully opened, which is just showing a crack. Tang Ningshan couldn't see inside, they didn't open turn on the light in the living room, but the other man could see her from inside because there is a light at the door.

"Hello, I'm the delivery guy. Did you order the takeaway?" Tang Ningshan says sweetly.

"Wait a minute, I'll ask." When the man in the room closes the door with a thud, Tang Ningshan could only stand there and wait to make her heart calmer so that she could face up to what might happen inside.

Soon, the door is opened, and Tang Ningshan glances at the man who opened the door. He is not tall, with a furtive expression on his face. He looks up and down at Tang Ningshan, and his clothes look like a booth good, which is not like the kind of person who could afford a villa.

"Hello, I'm the delivery guy. Is that your order?" Tang Ningshan asks again.

"Well, yes, you can leave your things in the living room and close the door behind you when you go out." The man says that, but the eyes of him keep staying on the body of Tang Ningshan as if being stuck to her.

"Well, that'll be 588 dollars all together. Please give me some change. I forgot to bring my bag when I go out." Tang Ningshan puts the things on a table in the living room and turns to the man who has been staring at her.

"... Didn't we pay the bill before?" The man asks as if he feels strange.

"Yeah, someone came to the store and said it was for delivery to this address. It is said to be paid when I bring it here. That person appears to be a rich person, and then he asked me to deliver to the villa area, so I come over just for tips. Otherwise, other people would send it." Tang Ningshan says to that man poorly, and it's like this is an opportunity which I can't gain easily. If you do not give me money, then what should I do.

"... Wait a minute." The man takes a long time to say it.

Tang Ningshan nods.

The man walks away, and Tang Ningshan stands in the living room to look around. The villa is a bit like an empty house. There are only a few things in the living room, with only a wooden table and some chairs. It looks like ordinary wood, the ground is covered with white floor tiles, and there is just a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. It doesn't look like a place to live at all, but it seems like it is used as a warehouse.

Tang Ningshan stands where she was and rubs her arms and beats her legs. After about ten minutes, the expression on her face becomes more and more worried. Seeing this situation, Tang Ningshan could only stand in the same place and shouts "Hello, Come on, give me money so I can get back to work. What's the point of hanging me out here like this? It's not that expensive. It's just 588 dollars. It doesn't matter if you don't tip me." Tang Ningshan speaks with a somber expression on her face for she knows that people in the basement are watching her.

She is right. The people in the basement do watch her from the security camera and watch that she is surprised to wait for the man to go to get the money; but he has not come out for a long time, so her face changes. Those men in the basement see all her changes of expression.

"Hao Zi, go and bring her down." In the basement a man with a gun in his hand says, but that expression and his face do not match.

"Sir, is it a good idea to bring her down? Will there be trouble?" The other man next to him leans forward.

"What could go wrong with just a little girl? What's more, she's a beautiful woman. How many people might not see such a beautiful girl in their lives?" The man called as "sir" has a smile on his face, and his eyes are shining when looking at Tang Ningshan.

"That's true, but she's got a great body, but I don't know what skin she is wearing and what I'm feeling when touching her." As he speaks, a few of the others join in the laughter.

"Sir, I'll go to get her down now." Hao Zi consents and comes right out of the basement.

Seeing that man who appears in front of her again, Tang Ningshan's tone is quite impatient "Hey, you want to give up a debt, don't you? People, who live in such a nice villa cannot even pay for a take-out?"

"No, little girl, you're coming with me. Our boss said he'd give you a tip." Hao Zi walks toward Tang Ningshan slowly, he is like of course I will pay for the bill, but you have to go and get it yourself.

"Really?" Tang Ningshan stares at Hao Zi in surprise.

" of course it is, my boss said that as long as you have the ability, no matter how much money you need, he will give you. " there is a mysterious smile on his face, which makes Tang Ningshan feel sick. She could know his meaning, but Tang Ningshan could only choose to ignore. If she cannot get people all out of the basement, then she can go down to confirm the situation.

"Well, lead the way. If your boss does tip me a lot, then I'll give you a share. Thank you for the message." Tang Ningshan looks at Hao Zi with gratitude on her face.

"Well, you come with me." This time, Hao Zi picks up the takeaway on the table, walking in front of Tang Ningshan. And Tang Ningshan follows him closely to see if there is someone else hidden in the rest of the villa.

Soon after, arriving at the basement, Tang Ningshan finds that the door of this basement is made of stone.

"Hey, don't tell me your boss lives in the basement. Is there any danger in that? I'm not going. Just give me the takeaway money." Tang Ningshan backs as she says, turning to go out. The excitement and surprise on her face also disappear, her expression is slightly afraid.

"You can rest assured that there is no danger, do not you want us to tip you? As long as you give a few good words to our boss, ultimately tips will be given to you." Hao Zi is now sure that Tang Ningshan is a person who loves money, and is not afraid of Tang Ningshan to run away. Anyway, she wants tips. Even if there are no tips, he thinks she would also ask the money for takeout.

"No, I'll wait for you in the living room, and you can just give me the takeaway money." Tang Ningshan is still backing.

"It's no problem. You've come all this way. You come in with me and get the money. It's only for two minutes. I'm right there with you. What are you afraid of?" Hao Zi is like what I have done is right for you.

"So... All right, then." Tang Ningshan's face is timid, hesitating for a long time and saying.

They arrive at the door of the basement, the stone door is pushed from the inside, and it looks like a wall from outside, with no keyholes.

The door is opened as soon as the two of them get to the door. Hao Zi stands by the door, waiting for Tang Ningshan. He makes an invitation gesture to Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan's face is flustered, the body of her continually backs, as if that if there is any problem, she will run out instantaneously.

Tang Ningshan walks to the door, feeling that someone pushes her from the back. She also cooperates with him, along with the strength and she is forced into the room. She almost falls to the ground but is held by a man.

Tang Ningshan looks up pitifully and sees the man's face. It's not good-looking, but also it's not ugly, it's an ordinary face, even an honest person's face. When you look at it, you'll think it's a reasonable person. It's entirely easy to talk.

"Thank you. Who just pushed me? Why did you push me?" Tang Ningshan stands up to thank the person who gave her a helping hand and then asks.

After a long time, no one speaks, but Tang Ningshan sees the door of the basement has closed, as she looks back.

Tang Ningshan says with bravado "Which one... Who's his boss? Can you give me the money for the take out? I don't want a tip. Give me the money, and I'll leave."

"Hey, why, are you planning to go out again when you get in?" A man next to Tang Ningshan rubs his hands and smilingly says.

"... You... What do you want...?" Tang Ningshan says, and retreats towards the direction of Shao Ruihan's position according to the memory, as if she is tripping on something, and leans back.

Tang Ningshan on the ground does not feel pain, turning around and looking back. Then she sees Shao Ruihan lying in the floor who is covered with blood. Under his body, there is also a lot of blood. "Ah" she cries out.

The honest man hears Tang Ningshan's voice, and a look of excitement appears on his face. Step by step, he walks towards Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan shows an expression of panic. She backs with her hand on the body of Shao Ruihan; in fact, Tang Ningshan is touching the bones of Shao Ruihan to see whether there are any other injuries besides the gunshot wound.

"You... What the hell are you doing? I don't want the takeaway money. Please let me go..." Tang Ningshan gradually touches Shao Ruihan's head. Finding that his breathing is healthy, he is just in the coma and may be due to excessive blood loss. His bones are not injured, this is lucky, but there is a gunshot wound on the body, which is very troublesome and needs to be treated as soon as possible.

"Oh, I don't want to do anything, I just want you to stay and play with me." The honest man goes to Tang Ningshan's side and stretches out his hand to pull her up. She shrinks back, and the expression on her face turns into fear.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you if you are obedient." The smile on the honest man's face looks simple, he does not look like a bad person at all, but the way he looks at Tang Ningshan is not correct, as if he is eager to tear Tang Ningshan's clothes up, which makes Tang Ningshan have the intention to kill him.

"Really? No. I don't believe you. So many of you here, I won't have a good ending..." Tang Ningshan takes one look at a roomful of people and shakes her head.

The honest man thinks the expression on Tang Ningshan's face is not faking. Besides, such a pretty girl like Tang Ningshan cannot be a cop. If there is such a beautiful girl, the police would have been sent her out to be a representative on television, and she wouldn't be here now.

"You guys go out now, and if I do not call you, and you will not come in." The honest man glances at the men at the edge and commands.

"Boss, I don't think that's a good idea." A man says. The honest man raises his hand with a single shot, which hits the man directly in the leg.

"Drag him out, and you will remember that you will get everything after me, and you will have to come after me. Understand?" The square man waves and all the men in the room rush out with the man who has been shot, and they drag him out.