Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 105

Chapter 91: chapter 91-- dance

Wang asks Tang Ningshan to stand up and looks around her and says "Oh? So you can dance. I mean, that's what makes you so hot."

"When I was being bullied, I used to go to the dance studio next door to watch them dance. Slowly, I fell in love with the dance, every time I dance, spin, I will be involuntarily devoted, and forget a lot of things. Do you want to see it? Let me show you." Tang Ningshan's face shows a yearning expression, as if dancing could make her very happy and as if she has found a home, and she now is like a child who is eager to show off.

Wang laughs and looks at Tang Ningshan, who just cried a moment ago, but now she is so happy and excited. Is that what girls are like now?

Wang leans back in his chair and leans himself comfortably on his legs and says to Tang Ningshan, raising his chin, "Well, you can dance for me."

Tang Ningshan steps into the middle and puts the pair of traveling shoes on her feet aside. There is only a pair of small white socks left on her feet. At that time, Tang Ningshan's face shows a severe expression. However, she still looks up occasionally to see if Wang has paid attention to her. As long as she looks up, she could see Wang smiling at her. It seems that Tang Ningshan has been encouraged. She stands on tiptoe and begins to jump up. Wang thought that Tang Ningshan could do some modern dance and so on, but she starts to take ballet.

Each movement, each rotation, each turning, is all just perfect. Tang Ningshan involuntarily sinks in the dance, showing a beautiful smile, which lets Wang stare at her blankly.

Tang Ningshan stops for a long time without seeing any movement of Wang. Thinking that whether he had discovered something, Tang Ningshan becomes nervous and asks eagerly "What's the matter? Am I a bad dancer?"

When Wang hears Tang Ningshan's voice, he shakes his head and says, "No, you're a good dancer. You're just a little bit worse than that person." There is a trace of missing in Wang's voice.

"I can do another kind of dance. Can you help me out?" Tang Ningshan feels if she goes on this way, Shao Ruihan will lose too much blood and die, so she can only make a move.

"Oh? How?" Wang's voice is somewhat playful as if he is teasing a child. And Tang Ningshan's movement is like she is a child who is competing with other children in Wang's eyes. It's like if you don't say that she is the winner, she will make up for it with the other one. In a word, in her heart, she won't give up until she gets the winner.

"All you have to do is stand in the middle. Just stand still." Tang Ningshan looks at Wang. Her expression is like she would cry at once if Wang does not agree.

"All right, I'll play along with you today and see what you can do." Wang stands in the middle of the position to look at Tang Ningshan, there is a quick flash of something in his eyes, but it's so fast that Tang Ningshan does not notice.

Tang Ningshan goes to the edge of Wang and raises her hand to put on Wang's shoulder. Her leg is caught in Wang's leg. It looks like Wang is a pillar, and Tang Ningshan moves around Wang step by step. As there is no way to turn her body around, Tang Ningshan chooses the most popular form of clubbing, which is to twist the crotch. Sticking to the back of Wang, Tang Ningshan begins to swing the body. She is like a snake, the body and limbs all are dancing.

The swaying crotch clings to Wang's body, and slowly Tang Ningshan turns to Wang's back. One of her hand feels Wang's neck. First, with his back clinging to Wang, she continually writhes and sways, then turns around and puts her chest against his back. Bit by bit, she goes down, her hand also stays on Wang's neck, and suddenly Tang Ningshan raises her hand to hit the back head of Wang quickly.

This strength that Tang Ningshan gets after the systematic training of this period is not saved at all; she heavily hits on Wang's vertebra. Tang Ningshan can hear a sound of smash, and then Wang falls.

Looking at Wang on the ground, Tang Ningshan sighs and relieves. Luckily, she didn't make any sound. She goes to the door and locks it. And thanks to the fact that the lock of the room is inside. Tang Ningshan does not know why anyone has designed such a door. The outside is a wall so that the door could only be opened from the inside. Is the designer a fool? Even this basement is designed as an asylum; it should give them a way out. Thinking of here, Tang Ningshan starts looking around to see if there is a trap door. Luckily, she indeed finds one.

Tang Ningshan stands in the house and begins to struggle, whether she should go out from the passage or ask Zhu Tao come to rescue them.

Tang Ningshan hesitates in the room for a long time. Zhu Tao who is staring at the screen sees that Tang Ningshan has already taken care of the people in the room, and then he starts deploying the mission immediately. After assigning everyone's job, he takes Li's cell phone to call Tang Ningshan directly.

"Mrs. Shao, we'll go in and rescue you now. You stay in there and don't come out no matter what's going on outside."

"Wait a minute, I find a secret passageway, I don't know where it goes, but the intuition tells me that it should be straight out. You let people look around in the neighborhood. If they can find the passageway outside, we can surround here, and solve all the people here. And remember to call an ambulance; Shao Ruihan is in a dangerous situation. There are several gunshot wounds, and one is close to the point. I hope the bullet is missed." Tang Ningshan says impatiently, and then hears Zhu Tao over there takes a deep breath.

"All right, I know. I'll send someone to find the way at once. And I will ask them to stop attacking now. I'll call an ambulance right away." After saying this, Zhu Tao gives the phone to Li and asks him to call the military doctor.

Only then, Tang Ningshan has time to see what is going on with Shao Ruihan. She goes to the edge of Shao Ruihan; she looks at the blood-soaked Shao Ruihan, who could not be compared with the perverted man with the chill in his eyes.

Tang Ningshan sits down and puts Shao Ruihan's head on her lap. Her hand gently rubs a few times on his face, wiping off the blood on his face. Then she sees how pale Shao Ruihan's face is, which makes Tang Ningshan not dare to touch him.

Looking at Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan feels a little nervous for the first time. If even such a strong man as Shao Ruihan would have such an accident, then if her secret is found out, would she be even worse off? Every time she thinks of these, Tang Ningshan will feel cold.

"Don't be afraid, master, you can stop the bleeding with the all-purpose spray, or he will bleed to death before anyone else can come."

'But' Tang Ningshan hesitates. If that thing hadn't happened before, Tang Ningshan might not hesitate to save Shao Ruihan, after all, in this world, she can only trust and rely on Shao Ruihan. But after this incident, she feels that in this world she can trust herself, she dare not risk herself.

"Don't worry, master, you can spray it on your hand and press it on his wound. He's in front of you. You have to be a little more subtle, and then you won't be seen by others." The system comforts her. The system now somewhat understands Tang Ningshan's mood. At that time, it thinks that Tang Ningshan likes Shao Ruihan. That's why it showed the video to her. Now it understands that Tang Ningshan is just a baby, who goes to a strange place will have a different feeling to the first one associated with him.

"Well, I see." When Tang Ningshan hears the system's advice, she decides to do it. Anyway, she doesn't want anyone to get hurt because of her. The moment she saw Shao Ruihan was hurt, Tang Ningshan feels very remorseful. If she agrees to help, Shao Ruihan would not have to suffer such a pain.

Tang Ningshan takes out the spray behind her and gently touches Shao Ruihan's injured position several times with the potion in her hand. After seeing the blood stop flowing, she continues to spray on her hand and touches his wounds, which, makes Li who keeps watching her curious.

All the blood has stopped, so Tang Ningshan puts the spray back. Now she has to wait for their rescue, because she could only carry Shao Ruihan, but could not get the others out. Fortunately, Zhu Tao does not let Tang Ningshan down, and soon, she hears footsteps coming from underground.

The people who always protect her in the dark come out, which makes her relieved.

"You hurry inside and get Shao Ruihan out of here. He's badly hurt. Everyone else seems to have fainted, and I didn't see any superficial damage, but it's not ruled out that there are drugs in the body. It might be best to have a general checkup. Then carry the man out. He is their boss. I just knocked on his spine, and I don't know if he is going to wake up. I just heard a click before he fell."

After Tang Ningshan says, and she is like a flat ball, and she sinks into a limpid state.

"Is the ambulance here yet? Send Shao Ruihan to the hospital quickly. He has lost too much blood, do you know his blood type? It's better to do the operation now." Tang Ningshan asks Li in a hurry.

"Don't worry, Mrs. Shao. The ambulance is already here. You can get on now." Li watches anxious Tang Ningshan, comforting her.

"Well, perfect." Tang Ningshan nods repeatedly, but the hand is tightly holding Shao Ruihan's clothes sleeve.

Zhu Tao sees this situation without saying anything. Thanks to Tang Ningshan, they can help these people out this time. If it's not her, probably all of these five people have to die, including the secret information.