Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 106

Chapter 92: chapter 92-- murder

"Mrs. Shao, let's go to the hospital first." Li looks at Tang Ningshang who is holding Shao Ruihan's hand tightly and says softly.

Tang Ningshan nods, but the hand does not let go of Shao Ruihan. Li sees the situation, can only command those two people who are carrying Shao Ruihan to get in the car quickly, and Tang Ningshan also follows them.

There are many particular types of equipment in the ambulance, but because Tang Ningshan has been tightly pulling Shao Ruihan's clothes so that the medical staff nearby cannot put the string of the monitoring instrument on Shao Ruihan's body.

"Would you please let go of his hand? We can't monitor him if you go on like this." A doctor warns, who is wearing a mask and a white coat.

Tang Ningshan's hand shranks back as if she has been electrocuted, and her face is a little red, she says "Yes... I'm sorry, I don't know..."

"No, it's just that you seem a little nervous and need to relax a little bit and if you can, I suggest you close your eyes for a while." The doctor says softly to Tang Ningshan.

"No... No, I'm good. How is he? Is everything all right?" Tang Ningshan's face shows a stiff expression. It can be seen that it is because of her anxious, she does not know how to put the feeling on her face.

"Well, he has been shot everywhere, there is a deep wound, a mortal wound on his body. and whether there are other injuries, I'm going to have surgery to check." The doctor makes a circle around Shao Ruihan, looking at the wound and saying something.

"Hey, the bleeding has been stopped? Not as bad as I thought." Then the doctor knocks on the front driver's window and shouts, "Hurry up."

Tang Ningshan's attention is all put on Shao Ruihan. She thinks there is nothing strange about the doctor at all. She sees that doctor filling the needle with medicine, and then takes a syringe to go to Shao Ruihan's side. Just as the needle is about to plunge, the doctor is pulled by Tang Ningshan.

"What kind of medicine is this?" Tang Ningshan asks.

Tang Ningshan didn't want to stop her initially, but the system tells her that it would speed up the flow of blood. Now Shao Ruihan has lost too much blood. After Shao Ruihan gets into the car, the doctor gives him a shot to speed the blood flow instead of giving him a blood transfusion. What is this? A murder?

"it's for stoping the blood and decreasing the pain. What do you think it is?" that doctor says carelessly. At the same time of speaking, she shakes off Tang Ningshan's hand that is dragging him, is again preparing to inject.

Tang Ningshan slaps him directly on the hand, the needle in the doctor's hand drops out of his hand. The doctor angrily says "What are you going to do. You still want me to save people?"

"that's not a hemostatics. What the hell are you and why are you giving him the medicine to invigorate the circulation of blood? It's not the medicine to stop the bleeding at all. You want him dead." At the same time, Tang Ningshan reaches for the doctor and grabs him.

"What? Invigorate the circulation of blood? That is the medicine of hemostasis. if you keep on finding trouble for me, I will probably miss the best saving time, can you bear the responsibility?" The doctor doesn't feel guilty about being caught but shouts at Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan suspects whether the system is wrong. But now Shao Ruihan cannot stand any accident. If the blood flow is speeded up now, he would directly bleed to death before arriving at the hospital.

"He's my husband. There is no responsibility that I cannot afford. You keep a distance from him. Any operation should be taken in the hospital. If you're getting ready to give him some medicine, don't blame me for throwing you out of the car." Tang Ningshan stares at the doctor. Though he is wearing a white coat and a mask, Tang Ningshan doesn't think this doctor is a good man, so she grabs the doctor by the collar and clasps his hands behind his back, and lays him down.

"Before you get to the hospital, if you don't want to suffer, get on your knees." Tang Ningshan puts her hand on the doctor's neck and sits on the doctor's back. She takes out her cell phone from her pocket to call Li.

But after a long time, there is no answer, which lets her feel a little strange. And she directly calls Lee. The phone is soon connected.


"Mrs. Shao, it's me, what can I do for you?"

"Now you check my location, send a car to pick me up and see where I am. and be quick, bring a trusted doctor along." Tang Ningshan's tone is authoritative, and there is a note of impatience in her voice.

"All right, Mrs. Shao, I'll bring someone over right now. Don't worry. Don't do anything on your own, even if something happens." Lee is admonishing her opposite.

"How could I be not worried? Shao Ruihan is in this car with several gunshot wounds, but the doctor in this car is going to give him some medicine to speed the blood flow. It's killing him!" Tang Ningshan could not restrain herself, shouting out, letting Lee feel stupefied.

"What did you say, Mrs. Shao? You said the boss is in the car with you now? And who is that man who was brought to the hospital just now?" Lee asks suspiciously.

"How do I know who he is. Anyway, Shao Ruihan has never left my side, how can I not know who Shao Ruihan is. Be quick. He needs surgery!" Tang Ningshan says.

"All right, Mrs. Shao, I'll bring someone over right away," Lee says in a solemn voice.

Tang Ningshan hears this, and she can be a little relieved. After hanging up the phone, she pats the person sitting under her ass.

"Hey, what the hell do you want? Why do you want to hurt him?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"You have something to prove. What proof do you have that I want to hurt him? I think you want to hurt him. I can't even stop the bleeding. You want him to die." The doctor says sarcastically, without the slightest fear.

"It doesn't matter. Wait a minute, and there will be someone that I can trust to come to pick him up. And then at that time, if you don't touch him, I also guarantee that if the medicine that you was about to inject has no problem, then I will apologize to you. But if there is something wrong with the medicine, then don't blame me for sending you to the place you should go. " Tang Ningshan says coldly.

The doctor listens to Tang Ningshan's words and begins to struggle. Others may not know what the medicine is, but he knows. Although he has dropped the drug on the ground, it has not been broken. The syringe is still on the floor, and the medicine is still inside. All he could do now is to try to cut the needle into pieces. Then at that time, Tang Ningshan will have no evidence. But Tang Ningshan's hand is unusually strong so that he can not struggle out, the more he wants to get rid of her hand, the more he is anxious. The sweat on the face flows down unconsciously.

And Tang Ningshan looks at the sweat of that person dropping to the ground, understanding that this medicine is not hemostasis, then she takes the telephone to call Lee again.

"Where have you been? Can't you go any faster? do you have the doctor with you?" Tang Ningshan desperately wants to know how long Lee can arrive. After all, Shao Ruihan cannot stand too long, the longer the bullet is in his body, the worse for him.

"Mrs. Shao, I'll be right there. I've got Shen Quan with me. I've seen the car you're sitting in. I'll stop it right away. You can rest assured." Hearing Lee says so, and Tang Ningshan feels the heart returns to the belly. She is now terrified that Shao Ruihan would have an accident.

"Well, as soon as possible!" Tang Ningshan says, then hangs up the phone and pats the doctor on the back.

"Ah!" The doctor cries out in pain, and the driver in front of him immediately says, "what's the matter?"

Tang Ningshan's hand directly pinches his neck in his throat position. The eyes look at him furiously, letting him say more carefully.

"It's all right. The medicine is almost spilled. Please drive slowly." That doctor is afraid that Tang Ningshan would kill him now, can only compromise and says.

Tang Ningshan nods with satisfaction.

"You'd better hurry up. We'll have to get him to the hospital soon. why couldn't you finish such a simple thing?" The driver in front of him says again, and his voice is full of anger.

"Yes, yes, I know." Tang Ningshan's hand does not leave the doctor's neck at all, and the doctor knows that he is not Tang Ningshan's opponent at all. Now he somewhat appreciates that drugs did not inject in. If he did, he could not run away.

Soon, Tang Ningshan feels the car suddenly stop. Tang Ningshan's eyes instantly shine, the eyes staring at the door.

Suddenly, she hears someone is patting the door; Tang Ningshan straightly takes out the gun Zhu Tao gave her from her back waist. If it's a stranger, she thinks she'll shoot that person when he opens the door. Now she's on the verge of bursting.

"Mrs. Shao, it's me. Open the door!" Lee, who is standing outside the car, shouts.

Tang Ningshang presses the doctor to the door and asks him to pull it open.

As soon as she sees Lee, Tang Ningshan loosens her hand on the doctor's neck. At the moment of letting go of the doctor, she is like losing the gravity; she falls backward. And Lee quickly pulls her forward to make her not fall to the ground.

"Look, how he's doing." Tang Ningshan raises her hand to point to Shao Ruihan and says.

After Shen Quan hears Tang Ningshan's voice, he also does not hesitate. He directly comes up and cuts off all the clothes and trousers of Shao Ruihan, revealing the injured position.

"There are four gunshot wounds, one is vital, one runs through the body and the other two wounds are better; one is on the shoulder, the other one is on the thigh. And the shooter should have no shooting level, and all of these shots look like close range shots but missed, or the consequences would have been disastrous." after Shen Quan says, Tang Ningshan straightly leans against the back of the car.

"Look at the medicine on the ground. The doctor is going to inject it to him. I stopped him because I don't think it smells like a hemostatic." Tang Ningshan can only say that she smells a strange smell. Otherwise, she can not explain why she did not allow the doctor to give Shao Ruihan treatment.

Shen Quan goes to the edge to pick up the syringe to put under his nose to smell, and he does not feel that there is an unusual smell.

"Mrs. Shao, how do you smell?" Shen Quan approaches Tang Ningshan and asks curiously.

"You should be treating Shao Ruihan now, instead of studying my nose. If you can't do it, I don't mind kicking you off." Tang Ningshan growls.

Shen Quan immediately stops smiling. After all, he wants her to be relaxed, because he thinks she is way too nervous.