Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 107

Chapter 93: chapter 93-- surgery

"Has he injected something to stop the bleeding?" Shen Quan asks.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head.

"That's weird. How exactly did it stop the bleeding?" Shen Quan spends a long time walking around Shao Ruihan and still does not understand why that the wound has not been treated, but it stops bleeding.

"I don't know. The doctor said he wanted to give him some medicine to stop the bleeding. I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't felt that the drugs smell unusual when the doctor passes in front of me with the needle in his hand." Tang Ningshan answers.

"Well, Lee, hurry up and drive to the nearest hospital. He needs to have the bullets out of his body." Shen Quan stops smiling and says gravely to Lee.

"Okay!" Lee nods, getting out of the car and running to the front to get ready to drive.

"Keep an eye on those two. I want to know who they are." Tang Ningshan doesn't finish her words, but Lee understands Tang Ningshan's meaning.

"Mrs. Shao, don't worry, I have already asked people to follow them," Lee says.

'Hmm.' Tang Ningshan then finds a place to sit down with her back tightly leaning against the back of her seat, closing eyes, but the hanging heart has not been put down. After all, before the surgery, nobody knows how deep the bullets are in Shao Ruihan's body.

The car soon reaches the military hospital. And when they open the door, they see a crowd of people standing in front of the hospital, including Li and Zhu Tao. The moment of seeing Tang Ningshan, Li rushes over to her. He looks up at the car and sees Shao Ruihan lying inside and Shen Quan, who is dealing with the wound for Shao Ruihan.

"Mrs. Shao..." Li opens his mouth to cry.

"Don't worry; everything's fine." Tang Ningshan pats Li and says.

Li looks at Lee who comes down from the front of the car, he moves his lips but does not say anything.

In a few moments, several doctors and nurses are coming out of the hospital and are directing the men to carry Shao Ruihan onto a stretcher and bring him directly to the operating room.

Tang Ningshan stands on the edge, looking at the situation and frowning. She is afraid that something like what had just happened will happen again. Initially, she wants to follow them, but Shen Quan stops her.

"You go to have a rest; I'll go with them. You remember me, don't you?" Shen Quan says to Tang Ningshan, who looks very pale.

Tang Ningshan nods.

"That's good. I'll operate on him myself. You can rest assured." Shen Quan's face is solemn and says to Tang Ningshan.

Seeing Shen Quan saying such words, Lee does not say anything, so she also won't disagree. Lee is the guard of Shao Ruihan. Since he can give Shao Ruihan to Shen Quan, then she also does not need to worry.

Shao Ruihan is soon pushed in the operation room followed by Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan keeps watching him until he enters in the place and the door closes slowly.

Tang Ningshan stands straightly with her eyes staring at the door as if Shao Ruihan would soon come out. Li, Zhu Tao, and several others all stand behind Tang Ningshan.

Zhu Tao takes one look at Lee and points to Tang Ningshan secretly. Lee shakes his head and then turns Li. Lee repeats what Zhu Tao has just done. Just as Li is about to shake his head, Lee directly turns his head back. Li can only go over to Tang Ningshan's side and says softly: "Mrs. Shao, why don't you sit on the edge for a while.

Tang Ningshan shakes his head and goes to Zhu Tao's side.

"What the hell is going on with that ambulance? Where does the doctor in that car come from?

That is the army ambulance? That's how you do it?" Tang Ningshan's constant questions let Zhu Tao do not know what to say. But according to the current situation, if he does not say anything, he feels that Tang Ningshan will not let him go quickly.

"Mrs. Shao, you may rest assured that there will be no such thing happen next time." Zhu Tao bows his head and says guiltily.

"What!! Next time? Do you know drug the doctor is going to inject into Shao Ruihan's body? The medicine for the circulation of the blood! He has bullet holes all over his body. I don't know why he didn't bleed, but if the medicine was injected into the blood. there would be blood running out uncontrollably, and he would be a mummified corpse before he gets to the hospital." Tang Ningshan's voice grows louder and louder. She even grabs Zhu Tao by the collar of his neck.

Seeing the situation, Lee comes immediately to pull Tang Ningshan apart but is directly pushed away by the other hand of Tang Ningshan.

"You get out of my way. Aren't you his security guard? Aren't you supposed to keep him safe? He's impulsive, but you don't stop him? You still let him go even though you know that's a trap? How did you get to be a security guard? You let him take the risk? He even cannot get a safe environment to be treated after getting hurt?" Tang Ningshan roars, which makes everyone who is following her bow their heads. Now Tang Ningshan is like a firecracker. Her eyes are staring at them sharply, and it's like as long as the target appears, she will directly fire.

After a long while, Tang Ningshan loosens Zhu Tao's collar, taking a deep breath and saying calmly "I'm sorry, I fail to control my mood, I didn't mean to get angry at you, I hope you don't mind."

"Sorry, Mrs. Shao." With his legs together, Zhu Tao salutes Tang Ningshan with a respectful attitude.

Tang Ningshan sees his movement and turns aside at once.

"Don't do that. You're not sorry to me. I actually know, if I had gone earlier, he wouldn't have brought people to go there even though he knows that it was a trap. It's all my fault!" Tang Ningshan blames herself, standing in the same place with hands on her head.

"Mrs. Shao..." The words of Tang Ningshan move Zhu Tao. Among all the people here, only he can understand Tang Ningshan's mood now. But if Tang Ningshan has not gone into to rescue them, the five of them would not have come out, and they can not even catch the hacker. Inside the basement, there were eight armed men; they could not have the chance to rush in and rescue, and still can not catch the hacker who had stolen the information. Tang Ningshan has given them too much help, she does not feel that's a big deal, but instead, he complains that she had not gone earlier.

"If you know you're wrong, how can you still stay here. get the hell out of here!" A shrill voice comes from behind.

Tang Ningshan turns back and sees the Shao's family. Shao Cheng comes over, followed by Shao Ruihan's uncles and aunts.

Shao Cheng walks straight past Tang Ningshan's side, saying nothing. when he approaches Zhu Tao, and he asks "How is the situation?"

Zhu Tao salutes Shao Cheng with a military salute "Sir, Shao Ruihan has four gunshot wounds, he is now in the operation room."

'What's going on?' Shao Cheng looks at Lee beside Zhu Tao.

"Sir, someone broke into the database of the headquarters this afternoon. Our people have no way to trace the source of the other side. The other side left a tail, but we have no other way, the captain had to bring people there directly. Until the evening, no news came back. At night, Mrs. Shao phoned me, and I told her the situation, then she immediately found the location of the captain and helped us find the location of the hacker. Now the hackers have been caught, and all the lost data have been recovered. Mrs. Shao rescued the caption by herself. All the rescue processes are recorded in the video. If the Chief wants to watch, I can immediately bring it to you." Lee's answer is very brief, and he tells them everything that has happened. He wants Shao Cheng to watch the video and see how Tang Ningshan managed to get Shao Ruihan out, especially after when he hears Shao Ruihan's aunt scold Tang Ningshan just now.

"On the way back, there is something wrong with the doctor on the ambulance that the captain took. Mrs. Shao insisted on stopping the doctor to inject medicine to the captain, so the mistake has not been made. The doctor and the driver have already been arrested for questioning after the operation." after Lee says, he stands quietly in front of Shao Cheng. his eyes look straight into Shao Cheng's eyes without dodge, Shao Cheng knows that what Lee reported should be the truth.

At that moment, Shao Cheng turns to look at Tang Ningshan, and sees she is pale and clenching her hand. Her head is bowing.

"Ningshan, take it easy. Are you hurt?" Shao Cheng's voice is not low, as if Tang Ningshan did nothing, but he just ordinary ask her whether she was injured.

Tang Ningshan's drooping head does not lift, but she shakes her head and makes no sound.

"Send me today's video, and I'll be on my way. There's a meeting at the Ministry." Shao Cheng turns to Lee and walks away, not caring if Shao Ruihan would get off the operation table. But this time Tang Ningshan does not notice, even if she sees, she would not say anything. After all, Shao Cheng is not her grandfather.

After Shao Cheng leaves, the rest people of Shao's family also go away, leaving only Shao Kaile sitting there with his head down. Tang Ningshan has no idea what he is thinking.

"Mrs. Shao, you can sit down for a while, and it is not a method to stand like this," Lee advises Tang Ningshan to rest for a while. After all, no one knows when the operation will end. Tang Ningshan cannot stare at the door of the operating room all the time.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "No, if you need to do anything, you can leave, I'll just wait here." Tang Ningshan does not care about the others. She quietly stands, but her body is releasing an alienated breath.

Seeing the situation, Lee has nothing to say but stands there with Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan suddenly turns around and says "Where are the rest of them? Is there anything wrong with them?"

"Mrs. Shao, it's all right. They were drugged into a coma and may wake up in a minute." Lee quickly answers Tang Ningshan's question and is afraid that Tang Ningshan gets nervous and angry, then her body will no longer stand. If so, then he does not know how to explain to Shao Ruihan.

After Tang Ningshan nods, she is not making any noise.

Time passes quickly, and eight hours have passed. The light on the door of the operating room is still on, and Tang Ningshan is still standing there, and if not that she has the breath, everyone else would have thought that she is a statue.

The night has passed, and the closed operating-room door finally opens.

Tang Ningshan rushes over immediately.

"How's it going? How's the surgery going?" Tang Ningshan comes to Shen Quan and directly asks, with indescribable anxiety in her voice.

"Don't worry, the operation is successful, and the bullets are all removed. Thanks to the fact that you didn't allow the doctor to get a shot at him at that time. Otherwise, it will be terrible." Shen Quan sighs.