Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 108

Chapter 94: chapter 94-- wake up

After listening to Shen Quan's words, Tang Ningshan's heart finally falls. Suddenly, the world becomes black in her eyes. She falls on the ground at once. And for a moment, Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan, who has been pushed out from the operating room, then lost consciousness.

When she opens her eyes again, Tang Ningshan finds herself lying on the hospital bed, covered with a quilt, and with an infusion tube on her hand. At once, she sits up, directly pulling out the needle on her, only to find herself wearing a hospital gown.

Pushing the door open, she sees Li sitting in the chair outside the door. She asks hurriedly "Where's Shao Ruihan? which room he is in?"

Li looks up at Tang Ningshan in amazement. The doctor said she wouldn't wake until tomorrow. How could she wake up so soon? But Li lifts his finger to the next room and says, "In that room."

Before Li is about to say something else, Tang Ningshan rushes away, like a gust of wind. Quickly, she pushes open the door of Shao Ruihan's room and rushes in.

There are several people in the room. Shao Ruihan has woken up. They are talking. Tang Ningshan, who rushes in, sees that Shao Ruihan is all right, walking back in embarrassment, but is called back by Shao Ruihan.

"Shan, wait a minute."

Tang Ningshan looks back at him suspiciously.

"Go out. I'll talk to her." Shao Ruihan's voice is weak.

After hearing Shao Ruihan's words, all of the people in the room go out. And soon there are only two of them left in the place.

Tang Ningshan gives him a soft look and says, "Are you all right?"

Shao Ruihan slightly raises his lips and says with a smile, "Well, that's all right. Thank you."

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says, "I'm sorry, if I had gone earlier, you wouldn't have been hurt. I'm sorry."

"It's none of your business. Even if you go, I'll check the source the left out. Who knows that what they left behind must be a trap? Thank you for saving us." Shao Ruihan says seriously.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says nothing. Soon the room is calm again.

"Hiss" Shao Ruihan moves on the bed, then makes a sound. Tang Ningshan rushes to the bed and asks "What's wrong? That hurts? Are you OK?"

Shao Ruihan looks at her with a smile in his eyes, and you could even see that there is a bit of banter in his smile.

Tang Ningshan pats him angrily and sees Shao Ruihan's sweat directly appears on his head. Now Tang Ningshan is panicked. Does she hurt him? Tang Ningshan runs to the door.

"Don't worry. I'm fine..." Shao Ruihan says softly, the voice of him lacks the usual coldness, which sounds gentle and very comfortable.

"Really?" Tang Ningshan asks incredulously.

"Of course, I know my own body." Shao Ruihan answers right away.

Tang Ningshan looks suspiciously at Shao Ruihan. After making sure that there is no painful expression on his face, she withdraws her legs and walks to Shao Ruihan's bed.

" then have a good rest, and I got to go." Tang Ningshan intends to go out to ask Shen Quan about Shao Ruihan's specific situation, such as how long he needs to stay in the hospital, how long can he recover, what kind of food he can eat during this period, and whether there are any taboos.

"Are you sick?" When Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan about to leave, he asks aloud. When Tang Ningshan entered in the room, he saw Tang Ningshan is in a hospital uniform, her hand was injured, and there is still tape on her hand, and he knows that she had just had an injection.

"No, I don't know how I got into this suit." Tang Ningshan is thinking about those questions that she wants to ask Shen Quan, subconsciously answering.

"Well, will you call Shen Quan to come in for me?" Shao Ruihan is still softly speaking, with a full smile on his face. He feels that such Tang Ningshan is very cute.

'All right.' Tang Ningshan mechanically walks toward the door, raising the hand to open the door. Some actions of her like a robot's. Only Tang Ningshan herself knows that after seeing the smile on Shao Ruihan's face, she is a little confused. Shao Ruihan is very good-looking. The smile that appears on his face makes Tang Ningshan's heartbeat quicken involuntarily.

Open the door and close the door, and then Tang Ningshan leans against the door and takes a deep breath to let her heartbeat restores calm. It takes her a long time to adjust her expression. after that, when she looks up, she sees Shen Quan and Zhu Tao, and both of them are staring at her doubtfully.

Tang Ningshan looks coldly at Zhu Tao, and says to Shen Quan, "Shao Ruihan asked you to come in."

Then she stiffly walks over to Li, who is sitting in the chair.

"Where are my clothes? I don't know why I'm wearing this." Tang Ningshan asks.

"Mrs.Shao, you fainted just now after captain came out of the operating room. The nurse changed your clothes for you. They said you were overwrought and overdrew, so you fainted, so they gave you some fluid." After saying that, Li finds that Tang Ningshan's hand is sticking a tape.

"Well, I'll go in and change my clothes. If Shen Quan comes out of Shao Ruihan's room later, you can ask him about something of Shao Ruihan for me. Like, how long does it take to stay in the hospital, so that we can arrange someone to take care of him, and ask if there is anything that needs to be avoided, then we can cook the food for him." Tang Ningshan decides that she'd better not to come to see Shao Ruihan these days. After all, she is frightened by her uncontrollable heart. If the same situation happens one more time, she is afraid that she would fall in love with him, then she won't have a good ending.

Li nods to show that he got it.

Tang Ningshan turns into the ward next to Shao Ruihan, directly locking the door. She takes off her clothes and puts her clothes on.

People in the next room are discussing Tang Ningshan.

After Shen Quan entered Shao Ruihan's room, he quickly called Zhu Tao in. Zhu Tao repeats what had happened in the basement to Shao Ruihan, describing how Tang Ningshan lured the enemy to save the five of them. And then they see that Shao Ruihan's face has successfully turned into black.

"Hey, your wife is amazing. She said she felt the medicine is wrong, so didn't let the man give you the shot, but I don't understand how did she smell. I've never smelled anything." Shen Quan admires with the doubt. Initially, he wants to let Shao Ruihan ease his confusion. But he receives a warning look from Shao Ruihan, which also makes him know that neither Shao Ruihan will tell him about Tang Ningshan, nor will he go to explore.

Zhu Tao also withdraws his curiosity and says with a straight face: "The hacker has already been caught. Thanks to Tang Ningshan's help, the information is not lost, but I don't know if it is passed on. If the information is spread out, I'd think it would be impossible to use these people in the current database when we are on a mission."

Shao Ruihan nods: "Well, has everybody been monitored?"

"Well, eight in the villa, four in the hacker's room, plus the two on the ambulance. Lee has arranged for people to monitor them. Now no one can interrogate them, and no one knows where they are kept, you can rest assured." Zhu Tao looks at Shao Ruihan, who is about to sit up, and quickly pushing him back.

"Well, why don't you go back to the head office and see if you can do a few encryptions for those databases before you hand in a report on today's events." Shao Ruihan says to Zhu Tao.

"Well, you get some rest, and I'll leave now." Then Zhu Tao turns and leaves.

"Now it's your turn, don't look at me like that. ask whatever you want, except anything about Shan." Shao Ruihan's words directly cut off Shen Quan's thoughts.

"Did you stop the bleeding yourself when you were injured? But that shouldn't have happened. Nothing possesses such amazing hemostasis effect, how did you do?" Shen Quan bows his head and then looks up. Then he shakes his head and says to himself.

" what do you mean? " Shao Ruihan asks.

"By the time I saw you, the gunshot wound on your body had stopped bleeding. If the bleeding fails to be stopped, you probably won't last long, so I'm curious to know how did you stop the bleeding. and I've seen your wound, there are no traces of any medication, but I wonder how did you stop the bleeding, anyway." Shen Quan looks at Shao Ruihan with curiosity.

"I don't know, I didn't do anything, and I'm sure they wouldn't be kind enough to stop the bleeding for me. If someone did stop the bleeding for me, then it's just Shan" Shao Ruihan says, shaking his head.

Shen Quan finally hears Shao Ruihan mentioning Tang Ningshan; he looks at him with his eyes shining.

"Don't think about it. I don't know the reason either." Shao subconsciously doesn't want anyone else to pay attention to Tang Ningshan.

Shen Quan curls his mouth and mutters in a low voice: "What a cheapskate. If she has some antidote to stop the bleeding, how many people could she save on the battlefield? I can study this medicine secretly without telling others about it."

Shao Ruihan frowns and says after a long pause, "I'll find a way to ask her. If she doesn't say it, I'll pretend it never happened, okay?" Shao Ruihan's voice is cold so that Shen Quan unconsciously shivers.

"I know, I won't ask her, and I won't tell anyone else so that you can rest assured." Shen Quan could not stand the breath of Shao Ruihan and begs for mercy.

"Well, you can fuck off." Shao Ruihan says and puts his head on the bed and closes his eyes.

"It's such a long way to get rid of a donkey. You call me when you're using me, and tell me to get out when you don't need me. How can I get into a boss like you?" Shen Quan mutters in a low voice.

'Hmm?' Shao Ruihan makes a voice of doubt.

"It's all right. You get some rest, and I'll leave." Shen Quan immediately opens the door to go out.

After he goes outside, he can only be relieved. He can feel that if he continues to say something else, Shao Ruihan is going to throw him out.

Li has been sitting there all the time. when he sees Shen Quan comes out, he immediately says to him "Mrs. Shao let me ask how long the boss needs to stay in the hospital, whether there are any taboos, so that we can arrange people to take care of him."

Shen Quan's eyes twinkle as if he sees an opportunity. His eyes brighten when he says "I'll tell her myself. Where is she?"

Li hears Shen Quan's reply and goes back to his chair to sit down. He is waiting for Lee to come and lecture him so that he could have a review.

After a while, Tang Ningshan finishes changing her clothes and comes out of the ward. She sees Li sitting with his head down and Shen Quan with a smile on his face.