Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 109

Chapter 95: chapter 95-- Ni Zizhu

Tang Ningshan looks at the two people quizzically and asks, "What's the matter?"

Shen Quan approaches at once with a strange smile on his face.

"Girl, just now Li said that you asked me if there's anything that Shao Ruihan needs to avoid? and how long should he stay in the hospital so that you could arrange for someone to take care of him?"

Tang Ningshan nods.

Shen Quan makes a light cough, and the smile on his face immediately subsides, but he looks at Tang Ningshan with a meaningful look in his eyes. "Girl," he says, "Well, you know Shao Ruihan's situation is dire, probably he needs to live for a long time to observe the recovery situation, in case something wrong with the recovery process. if there is any sequela, then it will be troublesome." As he speaks, the expression on Shen Quan's face suddenly sobers down.

'What?' Tang Ningshan panics, she does not understand that Shao Ruihan did not hurt any particular part of his body at all, but why is it possible to leave sequela.

"Well, you know, he has a deep wound, the position of which is very troublesome. If the recovery process is good, then it can heal, but if not, there will be pain from time to time. although according to Shao Ruihan's temper and there's no doubt that he can go through, that also means it will torture him more..." Shen Quan's words stop here. He has been observing Tang Ningshan's expression. He thinks if Tang Ningshan does have any particular medicine, when he tells her about Shao Ruihan's situation, indeed she won't appear the panic expression. However, he miscalculates, now Tang Ningshan is surprised, which let him feel whether he is excessive.

"But don't worry too much about it, girl. It all depends on his recovery situation. In the meantime, bring him some chicken soup, bone soup and so on. he may not have that kind of situation if you take good care of him." Shen Quan looks at the stupefied Tang Ningshan, can only comfort her. But now Tang Ningshan no longer pays any attention to him. She is still silent in Shen Quan's words, and the self-blame regularly surges in her heart.

"Girl?" Shen Quan reaches out to shake before Tang Ningshan's eyes.

At this moment, Tang Ningshang comes back to her sense, but her face is a little paler than before.

'Hmm?' Tang Ningshan winks.

"I said, bring him some more soup during this period, he will recover quickly, and it is not likely to leave any sequelae." Shen Quan begins to regret that he had used such words to stimulate her. After all, Tang Ningshan is just a girl. If there is a specific drug, it might have been used on Shao Ruihan, and it was impossible to call them to pick up Shao Ruihan for surgery.


"Of course, girl, you bring some clothes for Ruihan. He may have to stay in the hospital for a few days. After all, the healing of his wounds determines his recovery situation."

"Okay, I got it. I'm going back." Tang Ningshan nods her head slowly and turns to go out.

"Mrs. Shao, wait a minute, I'll take you back." Li stands up and stops Tang Ningshan.

'Good.' Tang Ningshan doesn't even turn her head back, walks a little slower than before. Gradually, she calms herself down.

Ni Zizhu, who has just changed and went out of the duty room, sees Tang Ningshan and Li's back, carelessly shrugging her shoulders. When she turns back, she sees Shen Quan. At this moment, her eyes are bright. As she is about to walk to him, she is stopped by a nurse.

"The head nurse wants you to come to her now."

"Well, I'll be right there." Ni Zizhu nods in reply. Ni Zizhu can only give up to pursue Shen Quan, and she needs to come to the head nurse first.

Coming to the nurse's office, she gently knocks on the door a few times, and she hears the voice of "Come in" coming from inside.

Ni Zizhu pushes open the door. After getting into the room, she closes the door behind her. She smiles and walks over to the side of the desk before stopping.

"boss, they said you have something to tell me?" Ni Zizhu asks softly.

Then the head nurse, who has been engrossing herself in the documents, looks up.

"Ah, Zi Zhu, you're here. There are two new patients recently. There is one for you, I will give you the case, and then you go to see for yourself, the identification of this one is unusual, so I can only give you this task. I hope you do not live up to my expectations for you." The head nurse is speaking as she rummages through a cabinet, possibly she is looking for the case she has mentioned.

"Don't worry, boss. I'll make all the arrangements. Nothing will happen, I promise." Ni Zizhu pats the chest to make the assurance. The news that she was sent out from the Special Forces has already spread away, so many companies refused to employ her. If it weren't for her grandfather, she wouldn't have been able to get into the Military District Hospital. Now she's just about to make it, and they're about to have their seasonal selection. Her grandfather said it is entirely possible that the head nurse would be promoted, and she would then be able to sit in the position of head nurse. And now the head nurse has expressed her approval, so she must make the most of it.

"Well, I don't know where the case is. I'll have it sent to the disposal room. You are free to go." The head nurse says to Ni Zizhu with a smile. The meaning in her eyes is clear; whether she will get the promotion, it depends on her performance this time.

"All right, I got it." Ni Zizhu's face shows a confident smile, saying softly to the head nurse and turning outside.

Getting out from the nurse's office, she remembers Shen Quan. Ni Zizhu hurries to the corridor, not seeing Shen Quan's figure, which lets Ni Zizhu a little bit lost. However, she soon shakes her head, after all, she still wants to stay in the A city, and her grandfather has given her an ultimatum that if she could not keep her job, she would have to go out and look for a job herself.

Arriving at the disposal room, she finds that there are already several people in the shift. Ni Zizhu quickly goes in and greets them, beginning to do her daily tasks. After checking the medicine, and then she follows the doctor to observe every patients' situation.

One room after another, Ni Zizhu's smile on her face always remains, which is the biggest gain during this period in the hospital. No matter what kind of patients she faces, the expression cannot change.

Soon, he reaches the so-called new patient's room, which is a senior one. The place is a single room with a toilet, a cot, and a couch. The rest are similar to those in ordinary wards. This is already the most senior ward in this hospital.

And when seeing this ward, Ni Zizhu's mood is getting better. If the patient in this ward is taken care of properly, then it's easy for her to get a promotion.

The doctor in front her knocks at the door, and they, who follows him, enter in one after another. after Ni Zizhu comes in, she sees Shen Quan sitting on the sofa, then sees a person lying on the bed, which completely stuns her.

The feeling in her heart changes a thousand times, but that professional smile on the face doesn't change at all. Shao Ruihan? How can he be here? Injured?

But on second thoughts, does this mean that her opportunity has come?

The doctor is asking Shao Ruihan about his situation. Ni Zizhu also does not hurry to go forward to say hello, just quietly begins to plan that what kind of method to use to change her image in the heart of Shao Ruihan.

After the rounds, Ni Zizhu returns to the disposal room and sees the case on her desk. Opening to read, she knows that there are four gunshot wounds on Shao Ruihan's body. The first thing that Ni Zizhu thinks of is whether he has hurt some parts of his body that shouldn't be injured. Looking at the wounded position above, she is relieved. If there is something wrong with some particular parts of his body, even if she tries to marry into the Shao's family, it wouldn't help.

After reading the case, it is time for the injection. This time Ni Zizhu must go to inject the medicine for Shao Ruihan so that she can prove that she doesn't come to him on purpose.

After Ni Zizhu mixes some medicine, pushing a trolley with all kinds of utensils and bottles to Shao Ruihan's room. She takes a look at the glass above the door to make sure there is nothing wrong with her face, and then she reaches to knock the door.

Pushing the door open and pushing the car into the room, Ni Zizhu is also not anxious to raise her head. Anyway, Shao Ruihan cannot run away here, she couldn't be as impatient as the last time.

Pushing the cart to one side of Shao Ruihan's bed, she takes out the tourniquet and tape with her head down and then takes a look at Shao Ruihan on the couch after taking up the iodine cotton.

Ni Zizhu makes a surprising sound.

"Shao Ruihan? How come? It's you! What's the matter with you? Why is he in the hospital?" The expression on Ni Zizhu's face is just right. The look of her eyes and the tone seem to indicate that I am shocked that I could meet you here.

'Hmm.' Shao Ruihan replies faintly.

Shen Quan immediately comes over, he picks the bottle of medicine on the trolley and looks at the medicine bottle with Shao Ruihan's name label, then he sees Ni Zizhu's eyes are avoiding his eyes.

"Hey, isn't Ni Zizhu? Why do you come to the Military District Hospital? Weren't you in Special Forces at first? Isn't it a waste of talent to be here now?" Shen Quan says playfully.

"Oh, I don't have the ability, I was young and ignorant at that time. now I come to the hospital, and I feel good as if I finally find my ideal." Ni Zizhu smiles and says.

"Oh? That's too bad. When I heard you got kicked out by Ruihan, I tried to persuade him to leave you for a long time, and I said a lot of nice things about you. I thought you would go back, but I didn't expect you to come to the hospital to be a nurse. What a pity." Shen Quan is like if Ni Zizhu doesn't get angry, then he won't give up. He continually makes words for stimulating Ni Zizhu.

However, Ni Zizhu lets Shen Quan down. The woman, who once was rolling around on the ground because of a few words of Tang Ningshan, has now acquired an excellent psychological quality. No matter what others say, she will treat it as a joke and will show you a smile. What can you do?

"Well, what happened to Shao Ruihan? He didn't come by the end of yesterday, did he? Where is it hurt?" Ni Zizhu doesn't want to tangle with Shen Quan, but Shao Ruihan doesn't want to talk to her at all, so she can only start her plan from Shen Quan.

"Oh, it's just a gunshot wound. Which soldier doesn't have any gunshot wounds on his body? It's nothing serious. Thank you for asking." Shen Quan does not want to talk to her, because it is already time for injection if she goes on talking nonsense like this, he doesn't know how long it will take to finish transfusing these medicine.