Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 11

chapter 207-- Why do you have a bed in your office?

Tang Ningshan first browses the history of Shao's company, and then she realizes that Shao Ruihan's grandmother is a powerful woman. The company has stepped from a small construction company to the present group that can influence the country's economic lifeline. Tang Ningshan believes that even with the help of the system, she may also take a long time to achieve the same achievements as Xiao Leping. However, Shao's company has only existed for about 50 years since its establishment.

Tang Ningshan quickly familiarizes herself with all the information about the history of this company. This is also thanks to the fact that she has drunk the memory potion; otherwise, the so-called familiarizing company process is enough to torture her for a few weeks.

Tang Ningshan picks up the phone and looks at the time above. It is almost 12 o'clock. She immediately calls Shao Ruihan.

Before Tang Ningshan speaks, the voice of Shao Ruihan comes from the phone first, "Are you done? Then you are coming down now. I have already called my grandmother. I know that you would be very busy so I let my grandmother have lunch herself first."

"Then you come up, I still have a lot of things to prepare." Tang Ningshan looks at the documents on the table, and her hand gently taps on the table, saying.

"What do you want to eat? I am going to get it for you." Shao Ruihan asks softly.

Tang Ningshan holds her chin with her hand to think for a long time before saying "The porridge you cooked? But now it is definitely impossible. You go to the restaurant to buy something else." After that, Tang Ningshan suddenly thinks the scene that she could not go upstairs because she didn't have a work-card in the morning so she continues to say, "Call me when you come up, or the receptionist will not let you go into the elevator."

"Okay." Shao Ruihan says with a smile.

"Then I'll hang up." Tang Ningshan finishes, hanging up the phone and continuing to read the information. She never thought that the development of a company is such a complicated thing. Shao's company is really outstanding for it has succeeded in what most companies can't do. For example, Shao's company has participated in countless auctions and has cooperated with almost all the big companies in A city, 80% of the company's projects have also achieved very good results, and so on and so on...

After reading these documents, Tang Ningshan has basically understood the development experience of the Shao's company. However, she does not find any information about Shao's company's current projects, which makes Tang Ningshan confused. Is this information in the box on the ground? However, the dates of the documents are marked on the box; it is obvious that they are not here. Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan looks to the office of Shao Hong on the right and sees Shao Hong standing on the edge of the window with a phone call. The expression on his face is very pale, which makes Tang Ningshan curious. What makes this manager who has already been in the high position show such expression?

However, it may be because the sound insulation effect of this room is too strong, no matter how concentrated Tang Ningshan is, she still can't hear Shao Hong's voice. Finally, Tang Ningshan can only give up.

Just when Tang Ningshan is thinking about it, she suddenly hears the knock on the door. Tang Ningshan can only say "Please come in."

The person who comes in is the secretary who paints heavy makeup in the morning. When Tang Ningshan sees her, she frowns unconsciously, but she still whispers, "What's the matter?"

"This is the case, Assistant Tang, the general manager told us to hand over the information to you. We just sorted it out, so we will bring it to you now." When the secretary finishes speaking, Tang Ningshan sees two other people moving in more information than just now.

"Okay, I know." Tang Ningshan replies calmly.

"Then we will go out." The secretary sees that things have been put into Tang Ningshan's office and says immediately.

"Well... what is your name?" Tang Ningshan suddenly asks.

The secretary immediately turns around and deliberately looks down at the badge on her chest and says "Assistant Tang, my name is Sun Yan."

Tang Ningshan nods and says, "Okay, Secretary Sun, thank you."

Sun Yan is stunned by Tang Ningshan's words. Originally, she thought that Tang Ningshan was ready to find her trouble. After all, she stopped her in the morning, but she didn't expect her to talk to her so politely.

"No problem, if there is nothing else, I will go out." Sun Yan says again.

"Well!" Tang Ningshan finishes, nodding.

When Sun Yan goes out, she closes the door directly. Tang Ningshan immediately gets up and goes to check the information that has just been sent.

She immediately opens one of the boxes and finds that all of them are all kinds of plans, and they are all recent. She randomly takes two copies from the inside and browses them. After that, Tang Ningshan puts these documents back directly.

These two business plans are obviously different from what she read before. However, Tang Ningshan feels that these plans were all made on a temporary basis and they should be faked by Xiao Leping, so Tang Ningshan does not continue reading. At this time, she does not understand the meaning of Shao Hong and Xiao Leping.

Xiao Leping asked Shao Hong to arrange work for Tang Ningshan. The information that was sent at the beginning really helps Tang Ningshan to understand the company, but what is the significance of this false information sent now? Is Xiao Leping testing whether she can understand these things? There are more and more doubts rising in Tang Ningshan's heart. She is the least willing to think, but the situation does not allow her not to think. She even prays that Shao Ruihan could come soon so that he could help her.

Just when Tang Ningshan is thinking, the phone suddenly rings. Tang Ningshan's eyes light up immediately, and she quickly walks over and picks up the phone and says, "Are you downstairs?"

"Ningshan, who are you waiting for?" Tang Ningshan hears the voice of Yu Huan, and the excited expression on her face disappears immediately.

She says to the phone "Shao Ruihan just said that he would bring me the meal, I am here waiting for him to give me the call."

The laughter of Yu Huan comes out immediately from the phone.

"What are you laughing at? I am waiting for Shao Ruihan to help me solve the problem." Tang Ningshan says, but her face begins to turn red.

"Really?" Yu Huan's voice makes Tang Ningshan not know how to explain so that Tang Ningshan's face is even redder.

Tang Ningshan says "I won't talk to you." After that, she is ready to hang up the phone.

But when she is going to hang up, she suddenly hears Yu Huan saying "Don't, I have something to tell you."

But at this time, someone suddenly knocks at the door. Tang Ningshan hesitates; she says to Yu Huan "You wait a minute."

After that, Tang Ningshan puts the phone on the table and turns on the speaker. She says to the door "Please come in!"

When she sees that the person who comes in is Shao Ruihan, Tang Ningshan blinks. After that, she motions him to close the door.

After Shao Ruihan closes the door, he immediately walks over to Tang Ningshan. His hand reaches the face of Tang Ningshan, but Tang Ningshan dodges. He frowns in an instant and the expression on his face becomes tense.

"What's wrong? You are sick? Why is your face so red?" Shao Ruihan's voice is very urgent and very big. After Shao Ruihan finishes speaking, there is constant laughter coming from the phone.

Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan with anger and says "I don't blush!"

"Are you on the phone?" Shao Ruihan looks at the phone on the table and asks.

Tang Ningshan keeps silent; her expression is like I don't want to talk to you. Shao Ruihan picks up the phone directly. Just now he heard Yu Huan's laughter, so he says directly to the phone: "What did you talk to Shan?" Shao Ruihan would like to ask Yu Huan what he said to make Tang Ningshan blush.

"Well, I am going to talk to her about the software update." When it comes to the topic, Yu Huan's voice is more serious than just now.

After listening to Yu Huan's words, he says "After Shan finishes the meal I will call you back, goodbye now." After that, Shao Ruihan hangs up the phone directly without waiting for Yu Huan's reply.

Shao Ruihan puts the bag in his hand in front of Tang Ningshan. He takes all the things out and places them on the coffee table. After that, he walks to Tang Ningshan and takes her hand to walk to the sofa.

Tang Ningshan looks at the porridge on the coffee table and looks at Shao Ruihan in a complicated mood. She doesn't know what Shao Ruihan is thinking. Is he planning to use this kind of tender attack to capture her? If he really has such a plan, Tang Ningshan wants to tell him that he has been very successful. The current Shao Ruihan is like chocolate to her, who is full of temptation. If it is not because her mother's death may be related to his family, perhaps Tang Ningshan has already explained her feelings to Shao Ruihan.

Shao Ruihan sits next to Tang Ningshan and sees her staring at the porridge. He takes the spoon directly and puts it in her hand. After that, he says "Come on, it will be cold for a while."

Tang Ningshan starts to put porridge into her mouth. This porridge is made by Shao Ruihan and tastes the same as the last time. Tang Ningshan's heart is touched. In such a short time, Shao Ruihan could find a place to make her porridge. In fact, although that she just said that she wants to drink the porridge he made is only a moment of thought, no matter whether Shao Ruihan did this to make her happy, or he really wants to pay his sincerity, Tang Ningshan feels that she has received attention.

Tang Ningshan suddenly thinks of a question "How did you come up?"

Shao Ruihan leans on the sofa and quietly looks at Tang Ningshan and says, "I called Shao Hong."

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan speechlessly and says "Didn't I tell you to call me?"

Shao Ruihan does not say anything. Tang Ningshan does not hear the answer, so she does not ask. She bows her head and drinks the porridge in the bowl quietly.

After Tang Ningshan finishes the porridge, Shao Ruihan has fallen asleep on the sofa.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head and looks at the tired Shao Ruihan. She doesn't understand why Shao Ruihan doesn't care about his health condition at all. He stayed in the hospital for one night yesterday. Did he not sleep at all?

"Shao Ruihan? Ruihan? Wake up..." Tang Ningshan gently pushes Shao Ruihan, while whispering.

Shao Ruihan's eyes are slightly opened, and he sees the girl in front of his eyes. He reaches out his hand and pulls her into his arms. Tang Ningshan is speechless about the subconscious movements made by Shao Ruihan in this unconscious state. Is Shao Ruihan who is asleep so lacking vigilance? Thinking of this, Tang Ningshan's mood is somewhat unpleasant.

"Get up, there is a bed inside, you go in and sleep." Tang Ningshan says.

Shao Ruihan hears this and his eyes open immediately. He comes back to his sense and immediately asks, "Why do you have a bed in your office?"