Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 110

Chapter 96: chapter 96-- in hospital

"Well, that's true." Ni Zizhu finds that Shen Quan did not answer her words, can only smile awkwardly.

"Start with the shots. There are six bottles today, two bottles of anti-inflammatory, three bottles of liquid, one bottle of nutrition." Ni Zizhu also professionally says, every day, she needs to describe the drugs to each patient.

Shao Ruihan nods, directly reaching an arm out for Ni Zizhu to inject.

Ni Zizhu looks at that arm of Shao Ruihan; the heartbeat is unconsciously quickened several times. This is the first time Shao Ruihan takes the initiative to reach out to her.

Ni Zizhu takes iodine cotton wool and sterilizes Shao Ruihan's veins. The circle of iodine is getting bigger, Shen Quan can only say aloud. "I mean, disinfection can be almost done. if you don't know how to inject, call someone else, you are going to sterilize his whole arm?"

Ni Zizhu looks down at the back of Shao Ruihan's hand, putting down the cotton in her hand calmly, and says "I was trying to keep the bacteria from growing."

Shen Quan curls his mouth, not saying anything. could he throw Ni Zizhu out? After all, they are living in the hospital and being assigned to her ward, and he can't stop her from working.

After disinfecting his arm, Ni Zizhu takes out the infusion set and ties it on the drip bottle, then hangs the drip bottle on the infusion rack. The movement is quite skillful, Shen Quan has been staring at her all the time. It's not clear that whether he wants to pick out Ni Zizhu's fault or hope that Shao Ruihan can be less painful.

The medicine is successfully injected into Shao Ruihan's body, Ni Zizhu nods with satisfaction and smiles at Shao Ruihan and says "Perfect, ring the bell when the medicine is finished. I'll go out."

Saying that, she also fails to wait for Shao Ruihan's answer, then she turns around to walk out. Not that she does not want to wait for Shao Ruihan to speak, but that is afraid that Shao Ruihan ignores her.

"Well, I mean, isn't that bad luck for you? In such a place, you even can meet your admire. Don't you think her tricks have improved a lot? But was rolling around on the ground in anger because of your girl, and she's like nothing had happened to her. I think you're in trouble." Shen Quan reaches Shao Ruihan's bedside and gives him a smug smile.

"You like her. Take her away. She's not mine." Shao Ruihan looks at Shen Quan's expression and shakes his head.

"... Forget it. I'm not happy with that. This kind of spoiled girl is not suitable for me. If you like, you should give me your girl. I hope that she will stay with me for a while and do some research." As he speaks, Shen Quan becomes so smug that he forgets Shao Ruihan's warning.

Soon he feels the temperature in the house drop, and he wonders if it would freeze if there is a basin of water in the house.

"Oh... Hehehe, I'm kidding. Don't take it seriously." As he speaks, Shen Quan retreats to the sofa without looking at Shao Ruihan in bed.

"You'd better remember that she's my wife. Don't give it another thought..." Shao Ruihan looks at Shen Quan with a hostile look, but the only reason for Shao Ruihan to do so is that he wants to protect Tang Ningshan. There is no other reason. He can treat that Tang Ningshan saved him at the first time when he tested her indifferent, but this time he does not know what he would be like without the help of Tang Ningshan, now he directly put Tang Ningshan into his protection circle, the scope of his families, so some protection is necessary.

After she backs to the villa, Tang Ningshan goes into the house and rushes into the bedroom like a gust of wind, ignoring a roomful of people sitting in the living room.

But Li, who has been following Tang Ningshan behind, is surrounded by three people after she goes upstairs.

"What did you do last night? Lin said she didn't come home all night?" Ji Jun is the first one to speak.

"Yesterday Mrs. Shao went for rescue..." Li thinks for a long time, speaking out such a sentence, but which still let three people's facial expressions have apparent change.

Qu Bo tugs Li and snaps, "What's the matter?"

"Uh... There's something I can't say, but the captain is in hospital. You can come with us later to the Military District Hospital." Li hesitates to say this, after all, there are some things he can't tell them.

After a while, Tang Ningshan rushes down the stairs again.

"Lin! Lin, get me a bag and bring it up, and then make some soup every day to deliver to the hospital!" With that, Tang Ningshan runs up in a hurry again.

"..." seeing such Tang Ningshan, Ji Jun feels stunned.

"..." Qu Bo thinks she's weird, but he has nothing to say.

Xuan Yun smiles and watches everyone's expression, feeling as if something unexpected has happened.

"Mrs. Shao seems to be frightened..." Li sighs.

Ji Jun's gossipy mood comes up, and he asks Li what had happened to make Tang Ningshan change such a lot.

"When she came back, Shen Quan said that boss might leave a hangover, and then she became like this..." Li helplessly says, no way, even he can see that Shen Quan was teasing Tang Ningshan, only she did not see it.

Tang Ningshan is looking for Shao Ruihan's clothes in the bedroom. However, she suddenly realizes that patients might not be able to wear their clothes in the hospital, so she starts looking for panties. She goes through them in the closet and finally finds Shao Ruihan's underpants in a drawer in a corner. Tang Ningshan quickly grabs two and puts them on the bed. After a long time, she thinks that it's not enough and then goes back to get some more. She nods with satisfaction. Then she brings a suit of clothes for herself, in case there will be something unexpected happen.

Soon, there is a knock on the door, when Tang Ningshan turns back, she sees Lin standing in the doorway with a bag.

Tang Ningshan points to the pile of clothes on the bed and says, "Bring the bag over here. Make sure the soup is ready. Just give me a call then."

"Well, I see. I'll go down and tell the chef now." After Steward Lin says, he deeply looks at Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan put all the stuff on the bed into this bag, looking around the room and taking her computer bag. After feeling that there's nothing more to bring, she hurries downstairs.

"Li, we can go now." Tang Ningshan goes down the stairs directly, ignoring the three people in the room. After speaking, she then walks straight out with the bag.

"Girl, wait for us, let's go together." Ji Jun shouts at once, fearing that Tang Ningshan would leave them and then they have to go to look for her.

"Hurry up if you want to go, don't stand there like a telephone pole." Tang Ningshan does not look back at all, saying in a somewhat unpleasant tone.

When Ji Jun hears Tang Ningshan's words, he doesn't get angry. He smiles and follows. Now that Tang Ningshan can come back home, which means that Shao Ruihan is not in danger of life, so he is not so anxious, just wanting to know how Tang Ningshan saved Shao Ruihan.

After a few people get in the car, Li quickly starts the car, being afraid that Tang Ningshan says something else. At that time in the hospital, Tang Ningshan's words already let the group of them shamed. And now if he makes Tang Ningshan feel dissatisfied, he fears that Tang Ningshan will directly fire him.

Backing to the hospital, Li stops the car. And Tang Ningshan goes straight to the hospital gate with Ji Jun and the three of them closely followed, but Tang Ningshan walks so fast that Ji Jun almost runes.

"Well, do you think it necessary for that girl to be in such a hurry? Ruihan won't be lost there again." Ji Jun says with some incomprehension.

"Oh, the concern is chaos, you see, now that girl is afraid that something would happen to Ruihan, she even does not want to separate with Ruihan, I can understand." Xuan Yun says.

"Didn't they ignore each other? How come it's all right now? What are they doing?" Ji Jun looks at

Xuan Yun curiously.

Xuan Yun smiles without saying anything.

"Your IQ can't understand it," Qu Bo says. "You'll understand later."

Finishing saying, two people quickly chase Tang Ningshan, leaving Ji Jun who is thinking stand still.

When Ji Jun comes back to his sense, he sees only the back of Qu Bo and Xuan Yun.

"what kind of friends you guys are, so unreliable. Just leave me here? Don't you afraid that I lost?" He is talking while running. When he got out, he was so anxious that he forgot to bring a mobile phone, so can only catch up with them, but he completely ignores that Li is in the back.

Tang Ningshan enters to Shao Ruihan's room and sees Shen Quan sitting comfortably on the sofa, while Shao Ruihan is leaning against the bed with a newspaper in one hand and the other hand is on a drip.

"I bring you panties. Shen Quan said you'd be here for a long time, so I took a lot. I asked Lin to bring the soup later. Shen Quan said you need to drink more soup to recover well. There will be no sequelae. oh yes, Ji Jun and them come to see you, in the back." Tang Ningshan stands where she was, and she's like a pupil who is doing the presentation, spitting out all the things Shen Quan had said.

Shao Ruihan looks at Shen Quan with a murderous look. Shen Quan shakes and immediately stands up.

"So, um... girl, since you're here, I'll leave you to take care of Ruihan." Then Shen Quan strides out because he is afraid that if he doesn't leave soon, Shao Ruihan will directly stand up to beat him up. Tang Ningshan does not seem to be such an honest person, how could she speak everything out? Shen Quan does not understand.

"What have you brought?" Shao Ruihan gently looks at Tang Ningshan with a warm feeling in his eyes. Tang Ningshan rarely sees such eyes.

Tang Ningshan goes to Shao Ruihan's bed, opening the door of the bedside cabinet to put in the bag of clothes in her hand, and says slowly: "Oh, just your panties, and my suit. Lin will bring you soup later, but Shen Quan didn't say if you need to avoid any food. What would you like to have for lunch later, let Lin bring it by."

"... Don't worry about it. Sit down and have a rest." Shao Ruihan puts down the newspaper in his hand, his eyes tightly lock on Tang Ningshan's body.

'Okay.' Tang Ningshan says, closing the cabinet door and going to sit down on the sofa where Shen Quan had sat.

"I am fine. You don't have to be such nervous. Take it easy." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan who is stiffly sitting on the sofa and says.