Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 111

Chapter 97: chapter 97-- fiancee again

"I'm not nervous, just Shen Quan said, if you don't recover well, you will have sequela, then from time to time, there will be ache, so you should have a good rest, I will watch the medicine infusion for you. if you are tired, sleep for a while." Tang Ningshan roughly replies and then begins to babble.

"... You know what you look like now?" Shao Ruihan smiles and asks Tang Ningshan.

"Like what?" Tang Ningshan asks back without thinking.

"Oh, it's like a kindergarten teacher who is talking to children." Shao Ruihan smiles and says. When he was very young, his parents were gone. Then he always stayed with his teacher. The person who had given the most love to him is the teacher in the kindergarten, who always told him what to do and not to do. Seeing such Tang Ningshan, Shao Ruihan feels very warm.

"You're not as good as the kids now. Which kid would risk his life if he doesn't know what is going on?" Tang Ningshan says speechlessly.

"... All right, I'll take a break." Shao Ruihan feels Tang Ningshan is about to get angry and knows that she will hate him if he goes on. So he has to shut up, and he has already forgotten how he had despised Tang Ningshan in the first place.

There's probably only one minute of quiet, then Qu Bo and Xuan Yun come in. And when seeing Shao Ruihan, who is lying on the bed, come up to greet him.

"Why, just the two of you?" Shao Ruihan sees them coming over and asks firstly.

Qu Bo and Xuan Yun look at each other, both of them are surprised. Yes, now Shao Ruihan lying on the bed has a feeling of warm, such a state has not appeared in him for a long time.

"I mean, why don't you wait for me? Do you know I've been shouting after you for a long time? All the people in the hospital can hear me shouting, many of which look at me in the way of looking at an idiot. Thanks to the nurse over there told me where you guys are. Otherwise, I can't find the room." Before Ji Jun comes into the room, he begins to shout in a loud voice.

"Why are you all looking at me? You guys continue what you were doing, like talking with each other or sleeping, you can pretend I don't exist." Ji Jun can't stand that a roomful of people's eyes stare at him. and Shao Ruihan's eyes are evil, which makes him want to avoid. He takes a step back and hears "Ah" behind him.

Ji Jun immediately turns around and sees Ni Zizhu comes in with the trolley pushing.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see anyone behind me. Thanks to you, otherwise I can't find the room. Are you here to change the medicine for Ruihan? Well, come on in then." Ji Jun says while leaning against the wall to make way for Ni Zizhu, letting her push the trolley forward.

"No problem, that's okay. Are you all here to visite Ruihan? Where's Shen Quan? please take a sit." Ni Zizhu's like a hostess of the house, saying naturally. after entering the room, she sees Tang Ningshan sitting on the sofa.

"I haven't seen you for a long time, No. 38, I didn't expect to see you here. Are you here to visite Ruihan?" Ni Zizhu smiles at Tang Ningshan and says.

"And you are?" Tang Ningshan squints for a long time but does not come out who this person before her is.

"... You don't remember me?" Ni Zizhu is a little awkward. After all, Tang Ningshan humiliated her at that time, and now she even does not know who she is.

"Sorry, I don't remember you. Did we meet before? What did you call me?" Tang Ningshan then looks up at her carefully.

"No. 38." The volume of Ni Zizhu is deafening.

Tang Ningshan hears her code name, suddenly looking at her, and then looks at Shao Ruihan in bed, as if she suddenly thinks of something, she pats her forehead.

"Oh, I remember, are you the one who rolled over and said you are Shao Ruihan's fiancee?" Tang Ningshan says that then stares at Ni Zizhu for a moment carefully, nodding her head and saying "It seems I am right.

"What? What? Fiancee? Ruihan, you have a fiancee? And how about your wife?" Ji Jun looks at Shao Ruihan with a curious look.

"I don't know how she got to be my fiancee and showed up a month after I married Shan," Shao Ruihan says, glancing at Tang Ningshan, who looks calm.

"... Miss nurse, are you the third party? Do not you know what Shao Ruihan does? Do you want to get involved in military marriage? Although many people regard the mistress as a career in this era, I don't think you are like this kind of person at all.

When you showed me the way just now, I thought you are a good guy. Look at that watch on your hand. even if you are from a wealthy family, you may not be able to afford it." Ji Jun says a cynicism, but there is no change on the expression of Ni Zizhu, which directly lets Ji Jun and several people here think that Ni Zizhu is the one who damages someone else's marriage.

"Oh, you guys are talking about the past, when Shao Ruihan's grandfather told me to marry, I didn't even know they had already got married." Ni Zizhu explains with a smile.

"Shao Ruihan's grandfather?" Xuan Yun makes a sound. He also doesn't like the nurse after all.

"Well, my grandpa is Mr. Shao's underling. And they've been stayed with each other up to now. His grandfather wanted to build a family relationship with my grandpa, so I went to the army to find Shao Ruihan, but I didn't know he was married. and besides, that's all in the past, and now it's unnecessary to discuss this." Ni Zizhu shows an indifferent smile so that Ji Jun has a bit of a good impression on her.

Tang Ningshan sees them talking excitedly and takes out the notebook in her computer bag. She quietly watches the market direction, and then she buys two stock that goes positively. Then shutting down the computer, she is ready to wash some fruit to eat. in any case, she is not intended to treat herself bad.

The smile on Ni Zizhu's face is getting stronger when she sees Tang Ningshan goes out. Shao Ruihan has been watching Tang Ningshan's movements in bed. Finding that Tang Ningshan's mood has not been affected at all, he also does not care about Ni Zizhu.

After Ni Zizhu replaces the hanging bottle for Shao Ruihan, then she stands there and chats with Ji Jun. Xuan Yun and Qu Bo on the side glances at Ji Jun, both of whom shake their heads in speechlessly.

After looking around the room and finding Tang Ningshan is out of the place, Qu Bo frowns.

"Ji Jun!" Qu Bo cries.

"What's up?" Ji Jun turns to look at Qu Bo.

"Go and see where does Ningshan go. If she is going shopping, carry the bag for her. and see where Li is." Qu Bo says and sits down on one side.

"Oh, I see." When Ji Jun hears this, he realizes that Tang Ningshan is not in the room.

"Let's talk about it next time, beauty." Then Ji Jun turns and goes out without looking at Ni Zizhu.

Ni Zizhu sees Ji Jun has gone, the people in the room does not reply to her, so she also goes out.

On the way out, she looks back at Shao Ruihan in bed and says "remember to ring the bell when the medicine is over, or the blood will flow back. Let your friends keep an eye on it."

Seeing Shao Ruihan not answer, Ni Zizhu pushes the trolley out.

Ni Zizhu goes out, seeing Ji Jun sitting in the chair outside with Tang Ningshan and Li.

Ni Zizhu was going to say hello, but Tang Ningshan sees Ni Zizhu coming out and stands up directly. She smiles as she is passing by her without even looking at her.

Ni Zizhu looks at Tang Ningshan's back, the expression on the face is incredibly twisted, but when seeing Ji Jun behind Tang Ningshan looks back at her, her expression changes immediately back.

Tang Ningshan goes into the room to sit down on the sofa. She doesn't care what they are talking about and keeps looking at her stock, calculating how long it would take to make money, and how long it would take to buy a house in this land of gold.

Logging into the website, she finds Yu Huan is online, and she directly sends him a message.

"What are you doing?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Well, you're early today, aren't you usually be online at night?" Yu Huan replies.

"Well, I am watching the stock, I just bought two, so I am online to see. do you have any job to introduce for me, I could have liquidity, in case my stock is stuck." Tang Ningshan's face shows a faint smile, she is thinking of what kind of expression Yu Huan has when looking at this paragraph of her.

"Wait a minute. I did have one last night, but you weren't there. I wanted to wait for you to come up and talk to you, but I don't think you want to take the job." Yu Huan says ambiguously, letting Tang Ningshan is more interested in it.

"Tell me about it. Who's going to give up the chance of making money?" The smile on Tang's face is even getting stronger, which makes Shao Ruihan, who has been looking at her, surprised. He has never seen Tang Ningshan's such smile. She looks so beautiful and attractive.

"Shan, what are you doing?" Shao Ruihan thinks for a long time and opens his mouth to ask. He wants to know why Tang Ningshan shows such a beautiful smile.

'Talking to a friend.' Tang Ningshan indifferently replies, but the smile on her face does not decrease. Her eyes are closely staring at the screen without any intention to turn back, which lets Shao Ruihan feel uncomfortable.

"What friend?" Shao Ruihan then asks.

"What do you want?" After Tang Ningshan hears Shao Ruihan's question, unconsciously her precaution appears.

"Nothing. Just ask." Seeing Tang Ningshan's smile disappears, Shao Ruihan's mood is also not good. Why Tang Ningshan can chat with the friends online so happy but is defensive to him. He must find out who this person is, Shao Ruihan thinks in the heart.

"It's about Shao's family. It's about the same thing as last time. You have to delete the contents of the computer, and you'll get two million." Yu Huan says.

"So much? Are you sure it's just general documents?" Tang Ningshan confusingly replies.

" well, just like last time, the Shao's family is rich and powerful. But the client is from the Shao's family, and the things she wants to delete are also in the Shao's family's computer. And most of all, one of them is the last person you asked me to investigate ... "

"Okay, I know. You'll get the address later. Send it to me. I'll take this job, But to confirm whether the other party has other backups, be sure to make it clear to her that we will not be responsible for any other backups besides the computer." Tang Ningshan says, and she begins to think about what kind of room that 2 million could buy.