Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 112

Chapter 98: chapter 98-- partial

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan showing a fox-like smile, suddenly finds that he does not know her well. In the heart, he decides to find a time to talk with her.

Yu Huan soon sends her the address of Shao Kaile. Tang Ningshan knows that it is the house address of the Shao's family, deciding to wait until the evening to resolve, otherwise is Shao Ruihan finds out, then it is not easy for her to explain.

"Well, I see. I'll give you an answer at night. Something is going on outside now." Tang Ningshan replies.

"Don't worry; maybe she'll go up the price again." Yu Huan says.

"Well, I'll go." then Tang Ningshan logs ou directly, starting looking for some funny videos to watch. She thinks that Shao Ruihan's injury has something to do with her, so she is going to stay here and take care of Shao Ruihan until he leaves the hospital. Although she doesn't want to do it at all, she feels sorry for him.

"What would you like for lunch later? Did Shen Quan say there is something you can't eat?" Tang Ningshan stares at the computer and says.

'No.' Shao Ruihan straightly replies.

Ji Jun and they look at Tang Ningshan, who has been staring at the computer, then look at Shao Ruihan, who is listening to them while staring at Tang Ningshan. Then the three of them show different expressions.

Ji Jun walks away from Shao Ruihan's bed and looks at Tang Ningshan sadly. "girl, why don't you ask us what we want to eat? Can you not be so partial?"

"If you've been shot four times, you'll get the same treatment. Getting the gun is easy, and also it's easy to meet the condition of special treatment. If you want the same treatment, do it quickly." Tang Ningshan looks up at Ji Jun, showing a gentle smile on her face, but which lets Ji Jun scared.

"Shao Ruihan! Look at your wife. She doesn't want me to be good. I just bought her a locket, and now she's letting me shoot myself!" The expression on Ji Jun's face is getting sadder and sadder, just like a little animal who has just been abandoned.

"You've had enough." Xuan Yun can't stand him. If he keeps on talking like this, he'll be afraid that they'll be looking for a new place to stay, let alone having lunch.

Ji Jun looks at Xuan Yun with perplexity and then follows Xuan Yun's eyes and notices that Shao Ruihan is staring at him with displeasure. Ji Jun suddenly shrinks his head, trying to reduce his sense of existence. In the heart, he scolds himself, why he always goes to challenge Shao Ruihan, but can not control his mouth, can he sew up the mouth in front of Shao Ruihan?

"Come on, knock it off. What do you want to eat? Are you going to eat at home later or here?" Tang Ningshan smiles at Ji Jun and says.

"Girl, I know you are a good man. Take a look at Shao Ruihan, the way he looks at me is like looking at an enemy, as if the one who shot him is me." as Ji Jun speaks, he leaning over to Tang Ningshan. After the words are finished, he regrets. How couldn't he control himself?

Xuan Yun drags Ji Jun away from Tang Ningshan's side. After staring at him, he says "Girl. We'll go home and eat. You can ask Lin to bring you and Ruihan's lunch. We have a lot of work to do. The company is just starting and can't run without people."

"Well, that's fine. Why don't you have dinner first and go to work? Shao Ruihan will stay here for a long time. You can come and visit him when you're not busy. You don't have to worry about him. When he recovers, we'll go back." Tang Ningshan nods, also feeling what Xuan Yun said is true. After all, their company has just been established, even before they are all businessmen, executives, but now is a new beginning, if the company fails to have a good foundation, it's hard for the future development.

Qu Bo nods and looks at Shao Ruihan in bed. Shao Ruihan gives back him the same look. Qu Bo nods to him and reaches out to grab Ji Jun, who is about to speak, walking to the door.

"Hey, hey, I'm not finished yet. Wait a minute."

In the room, Tang Ningshan hears the Ji Jun who has been dragged out of the room shouting in the corridor, but she chooses to ignore him.

"I'll go out and get something. If you want to eat something later, let Lin bring it. just give him a call." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time but decides to let Shao Ruihan call Lin directly. After all, she is not Lin's master. Shao Ruihan got injured, so Lin will come to visit him definitely, and maybe they have something to say, so Tang Ningshan chooses to leave for a while.

"What do you want to buy?" Shao Ruihan doesn't ask why Tang Ningshan told him to call Lin, because he thinks that he hasn't come back these days, Lin might have a bad attitude toward Tang Ningshan because of something. Or something else happened, but none of them mattered. Now Shao Ruihan only wants to know who Tang Ningshan was chatting with. Is it the man Li saw?

"Buy some daily necessities. You need to stay here, so it's not easy to take the things from home, I buy something new. when the time we leave the hospital, we can throw them away." Tang Ningshan says.

Shao Ruihan nods, looking at Tang Ningshan sincerely without talking.

"I'll go out. I'll let Lee come in to keep you company. I just saw Li sitting there with his head down like a child who made a mistake. You should try to enlighten him." Tang Ningshan then picks up the computer bag, putting the computer into the bag. She leaves with the computer bag.

Out of the door, she sees Li blocking Ni Zizhu from entering the door.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan could only come forward to ask.

"When Qu Bo left, he said that I wouldn't let anyone in if you haven't told nurses to change the medicine." Tang Ningshan listens to Li's words, and could only nod. She looks at Ni Zizhu, and leaves directly without saying anything. after all, in her heart, she is not Shao Ruihan's belonging. At best, they are a partnership. She couldn't get involved in Shao Ruihan's business, but Qu Bo is different. They are friends, and since he had told that, she wouldn't waste her time meddling.

"I'm going out to do some shopping. Go in and keep him company." Tang Ningshan takes one look at Li.

Ni Zizhu looks at Tang Ningshan's back, suddenly an idea appears in her heat, and she has thought for a long time, feeling this idea feasible. Then she shows a sweet smile on the face.

Tang Ningshan leaves the hospital, walking around the hospital. Tang Ningshan would like to say that the Military District Hospital is not the same, the area is too large, she walks a circle around the hospital, but now it's almost an hour passed.

Tang Ningshan observes the military hospital. The courtyard of the hospital is enormous. There is a fountain in the middle of the yard, the edge of which is covered with a lawn of trees. besides there are some chairs for the patient to rest. Now Tang Ningshan would like to take her computer and sits there to relax and watches the stock and so on. But when she thinks of Shao Ruihan upstairs, Tang Ningshan directly stops the mind to walk to the hospital gate. The first thing she needs to do now is to take good care of Shao Ruihan.

Going out and turning left, Tang Ningshan sees a supermarket. Tang Ningshan is happy. Initially, she thought it would take her a long time to find the market, but she did not expect to see one so soon.

In the supermarket, there is a crowd of people. Looking at rows of various fruits and vegetables above the shelves, Tang Ningshan can only squeeze into the group and begin to walk inside.

After getting inside, Tang Ningshang heaves a sigh of relief. Is the price in this market low? Why there are too many people there? Tang Ningshan shakes her head perplexedly, then turns to look for the commodity.

"What can I do for you, miss?" A little girl, dressing in a salesperson's suit and looks very young, says. She's like seventeen or eighteen years old, with a shy smile on her face, and her voice is not too loud so that Tang Ningshan would not be annoyed.

"Well, I need to buy some daily necessities, towels, and so on. I've been looking around for it. Could you please show me the way?" Tang Ningshan says with a smile.

"Well, you can see it on the bottom shelf. That's the living goods area. You can see it when you go there."

"Got it. Thank you."

Tang Ningshan walks toward the inner shelf and sees rows of towels, toothbrushes and the rest of the stuff hanging neatly on the racks.

Tang Ningshan picks up two different colors of towels and toothbrushes. After all, Shao Ruihan is injured, if he can't take a bath, washing feet should be no problem. Lin can send the rest of things. Tang Ningshan also does not have the desire for shopping. After all, she prefers to go shopping online, but now she doesn't have a house of her own and doesn't have a place to put those things she wants to buy, so the idea of shopping can only be put away temperately.

Taking the stuff to the front to pay the bill, she swipes with Shao Ruihan's card. She pinches the receipt in her hand, is ready to go back to calculate so that later, she can return to Shao Ruihan.

When she gets back to the hospital with those things, she hears a noise coming from the door of Shao Ruihan's room.

"Oh, Ruihan, how could you be so careless? You are hurt. how could we explain to your parent?" Tang Ningshan thinks that sounds hear like Shao Ruihan's aunt.

"Well, you're not the child, how could you do anything so rashly, is you've had an accident, what could your grandparents do?" That voice is his cousin.

"Cousin, are you still feeling uncomfortable? Let's go to another hospital. Look at this hospital. It's not as big as our study. How can you stay in this room? Get a better hospital, so that you can get your injuries recovered quickly." The voice of her is very delicate, with a little petulant tone, which lets Tang Ningshan feel goosebumps all over.

Tang Ningshan, who is standing outside the door, hesitates for a long time whether to get in or not and feels someone close behind her.

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