Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 113

Chapter 99: chapter 99-- you have to respect her

Turning back, Tang Ningshan sees Ni Zizhu and two other nurses. One is slightly fat, and the other is lean.

" why don't you come in? " Ni Zizhu asks Tang Ningshan with a smile.

"Well, there are too many people in the room. I'll be in in a minute. Are you going to change Shao Ruihan's medicine?" asked Tang Ningshan with a nod.

"Well, this is the last bottle today. when he finishes infusion, he can get out of the bed to walk for a while" Ni Zizhu says with a shy look on her face.

The two nurses on the other side begin to fantasize. They all know that there is a patient with a particular identification in the room, but they haven't seen him yet. They heard that he is a senior officer. He is not old. They think Ni Zizhu should have something to do with him. Otherwise, her face will not show that expression when she speaks of Shao Ruihan.

Tang Ningshan listens to her, nodding and backing to the other side and is ready to let Ni Zizhu get in first.

"Thank you." Ni Zizhu says two simple words, which more lets the two nurses nearby suspect that the person in the room has some specific relationship with her.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head disapprovingly.

Ni Zizhu pushes the trolley and knocks on the door. When getting in, she sees several people standing in the room. With a sweet smile on her face, she goes to Shao Ruihan's bed and says gently, "Ruihan, this is the last bottle of today. After that, you can get off the ground and move." She blushes as she speaks to Shao Ruihan.

Her words let Shao Mushuang uncomfortable, who has been standing one side. She knows about Ni Zizhu. What she has done in the military area has spread quickly. Everyone in her social circle knows the existence of her. And Shao Musheng loves Shao Ruihan too, so naturally, she knows every enemy of hers.

"I mean, why you get blushed. I know my cousin has a handsome face. It's not appropriate to blush on this occasion" Shao Mushuang's voice is so loud that the two nurses who follow Ni Zizhu look at her with strange eyes.

"Mushuang, it's because this room is too stuffy. So many of you are standing in this room. It's not good to influence Ruihan's rest. It's better to open the door and get the air flowing." As Ni Zizhu speaks, she prepares to open the door.

Standing outside the door, Tang Ningshan hears the sound of the room, opening the door directly and going into the room. Ni Zizhu's smile gets stronger and stronger, she turns back to Shao Ruihan, picking up the bottle from the cart and starting disinfecting it.

Seeing Tang Ningshan comes in, several women of Shao's family have the same target of fire. Shao Mushuang also does not stare at Ni Zizhu, after all, the most threatening person is Tang Ningshan. If she cannot throw her away, she will not get the opportunity to sit in that position.

Shao Mushuang pulls her mother's sleeve and motions her to speak.

Yao Ye also does not let down of Shao Mushuang's expectation, and she says "I mean, Ningshan,

How do you be his wife? Ruihan's in hospital. What have you been doing? If you can't take care of him, we'll send someone to take care of him, and you can stay home and be a princess for the rest of your life." then she looks at the bag in Tang Ningshan's hand, she asks, "What's that in your hand?"

"Just some toiletries." Tang Ningshan answers softly.

"What?! Is that what you're buying for Ruihan? something like this?" She looks at Tang Ningshan's plastic bag, the expression of Yao Ye is shocked. Tang Ningshan nods.

"How can you give such a thing for Ruihan to use? What is this stuff? If you don't know how to buy things, don't go out and don't buy this cheap stuff. Don't you know that Ruihan is injured and needs to be taken good care of?" Yao Ye is like holding on to something, just as she is ready to scolds Tang Ningshan, she hears Shao Ruihan's voice.

"Aunt, do you come to see me or come over to educate Shan? If there must be someone to educate her, it's not you, my cousins. I want you to remember that Shan is the hostess of Shao's family, you must respect her. If letting me hear today's words again, then ... " Shao Ruihan's voice is cold without any emotion. his eyes are suffused with anger, it's like if Yao Ye dares to say something else, Shao Ruihan is ready to punch her up.

"Oh... What are you talking about? I'm doing this for you. Look at what your wife bought, all of which are not disinfected. And all of them are in plastic bags, do not know that plastic is poisonous. she is trying to make you worse." Yao Ye is still arguing, but her words let Shao Ruihan more upset.

"Why, according to what you said, you're gonna die if using a plastic bag? From now on, we'll have one more rule in our family. Everyone's daily necessities, including cosmetics, should not exceed 300 dollars a month." Shao Ruihan says, and Yao Ye's face is getting black, how cannot exceed 300 dollars? It's even not enough to buy a mask.

Just as Yao Ye wants to say something, Shao Ruihan directly says "That's enough, If it's about the company's business, call grandma. I'm a patient now. I don't have time for small talk with you." Shao Ruihan impatiently says.

"Cousin, isn't that Ni Zizhu said she is your fiancee?" Standing on one side, Shao Mushung thinks she would be driven out if she doesn't say anything else, in which case she must get the matter more complicated.

"My fiancee? How come I don't know I have a fiancee? I only have one wife, Shan, that's all right. Now, you go home, and I'm tired." Shao Ruihan closes his eyes and says nothing more.

The two nurses who have been watching the scene are gossiping, but Shao Ruihan's face is so cold, and the low pressure of his body is so intense that they have to put up with the curiosity. Whatever they want to say, they have to wait until they go out.

After Ni Zizhu replaces the bottle, she looks back at Shao Ruihan. Seeing he is still keeping his eyes closed, Ni Zizhu pushes the trolley directly out.

Shao Mushuang sees that Shao Ruihan protects Tang Ningshan such well, and even helps her to argue, feeling upset. Thinking of Ni Zizhu's expression just now, she believes that maybe they should cooperate first, and only when getting Tang Ningshan down from her position does she have the opportunity to climb up.

Thinking of here, Shao Mushuang hurries to the door. Yao Ye sees Shao Mushuang 's changing face, also following up. Soon, there are only Shao Ruihan's another cousin, Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan in this room.

"Well, Ruihan, Ningshan, I'll go. Well, I'll bring your cousin to visit you sometime." Shi Panzhen thinks for a long time, only to speak out such a sentence. Shao Ruihan is so cold that she could not bear it. The allies of her all left, she also should go.

After Shi Panzhen leaves, only Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan are left in the room. But Tang Ningshan does not want to stay in the same room with Shao Ruihan. Two people have nothing to say, Tang Ningshan also forces herself to share the same room with him in the light of her responsibility to take care of him, after all, she let him fall into the trap.

"Did you call Lin?" Tang Ningshan whispers, after all, Shao Ruihan's impatient expression is so apparent that she is afraid that she might accidentally offend him. If he fails to recover well, she will be the one to be blamed.

'Hmm.' Shao Ruihan's voice is also very gentle, sounds soft, which lets Tang Ningshan unconsciously relaxes.

"Oh, well, you can have a rest for a while. If you need me, I'll go and watch some videos." Tang Ningshan does not know what to say to Shao Ruihan. The gap between two people's status is big, so there is no common topic between them at all. If she were not reborn into this body, the two people would never meet in their lives. Tang Ningshan does not know how to get along with Shao Ruihan, so can only choose not to talk.

And out of the door, Shao Mushuang catches up with Ni Zizhu.

"Hey, let's talk." Shao Mushuang says, looking at Ni Zizhu.

"Yeah? What? Waiting for me to get off work? Or should I give you the number and you call me tonight?" Ni Zizhu thinks for a while before saying.

"That's fine. I'll call you at night." Shao Mushuang thinks about it, anyway it's not easy to explain with one or two sentences, so she decides to get the phone number first.

Backing in the disposal room, Ni Zizhu pushes the trolley back, then turns around and goes out. The two nurses who have been following her have a chance to speak freely in the room.

"What do you think? What kind of relationship do they have? Is she his fiancee? Why it's so weird? And just now the Chief is like he does not know Ni Zizhu at all, but Ni Zizhu's expression and tone of voice is like two people are very intimate."

"Who knows? Didn't you hear them talking about the Shao's family? There's only one Shao's family in A city, you see, I think it should be like this, the wife of the Shao's family doesn't come from a rich family, did not you see that no matter what others said, she was always silent?"

"You're right. Even though the chief's wife is a beautiful woman, but Ni Zizhu appears so intimate to her husband, she did not have any reaction at all, not even a sound. if not the Chief helped her, she would be bullied."

"Yeah, we've been working here for such long time. However, when Ni Zizhu came, she occupied the best place, and the head nurse gives her all the easy work. Even if she did something wrong, she would only say something. not like us, let alone do not do well, we would be scolded when we have a rest even after finishing the work at hand."

"Yes, I heard that our head nurse is going to be promoted. Normally, Ni Zizhu will be the next head nurse. Do you think we should try to butter her up? and we'll do better in the future."

"Who knows, we'll see. We've never offended her anyway, and she doesn't have to pick on us. What kind of family is she? How can she be compared with people like us?"

After two nurses finish talking, as if nothing had happened, they open the door to go out. No one says the topic again, but in the heart, they both expect the follow-up development of their story.