Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 114

Chapter 100: chapter 100-- have a talk

Tang Ningshan is over there watching the video, soon there is a laugh, letting Shao Ruihan feel horror. Tang Ningshan is a person who does not smile in front of Shao Ruihan often, and this Tang Ningshan who cannot stop giggling lets Shao Ruihan fail to bear. He thinks there's no one can accept the silly laugh of beauty, because this laugh is not matching with her appearance.

Just as Shao Ruihan is about to speak, he hears a knock at the door.

"Come on in."

The man who opens the door is Steward Lin, and he is carrying some flannel bags in his hand.

Steward Lin enters the room, first looks at Shao Ruihan on the bed, then says carefully "Mr. Shao, Mrs. Shao."

"Well." Shao Ruihan answers and his eyes also open.

Lin goes to Shao Ruihan's bed with the bag and puts the bag at the foot of the bed. He pulls the table beside him in front of Shao Ruihan, before lifting the bag from the foot of the bed, and he places it on the table, with all the food and soup in it on the table.

"Here you go, Mr. Shao. I'll take back the chopsticks and bowls after you are done, and I'll deliver the dinner in the evening." Lin hands the chopsticks to Shao Ruihan and says.

Shao Ruihan nods and looks at Tang Ningshan.

"Shan, dinner's ready. You'll watch it later." The voice of Shao Ruihan is way too gentle, letting Tang Ningshan involuntarily shiver.

"... You eat first. I'll eat after I finish this video." Tang Ningshan immediately turns out the earphone to put on the ear, turning up the volume, until she feels the ear shaking, only to stop adjusting the sound, successfully isolating Shao Ruihan and Lin's voice.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan like this, also does not have the interest to eat. He only drinks two mouthfuls of soup, and then let Steward Lin put the stuff here, let him collect these in the evening.

Lin takes one look at Shao Ruihan and looks at Tang Ningshan, nodding. He puts all the food on the table back in the incubator, putting it in the bag and putting it on Shao Ruihan's nightstand.

"Then I'll go back now, Mr. Shao. The bone soup will be delivered in the evening, as Dr. Shen has said." Then Lin sees Shao Ruihan nodding his head.

After Steward Lin leaves, Shao Ruihan watches Tang Ningshan and thinks that Tang Ningshan has many secrets, but now he does not want to explore them, because Tang Ningshan is a hedgehog in his eyes. Whoever wants to dig up her stash, she'll stick a thorn in you. Even though Shao Ruihan may not care in the past, he can't help it now. The better Tang Ningshan does, the more Shao Ruihan wants her to be useful to him, especially after what she had been through, and she could almost match the probe. No matter where the target is, she could find it. If Tang Ningshan's willing to join them, no matter what search and rescue mission is in the future, they can find anything without any loss of personnel. If Tang Ningshan can help, it is like God help.

Tang Ningshan has been feeling Shao Ruihan's burning eyes, and she even thinks that if the time is longer, whether his eyes will burn her back through her clothes.

When Tang Ningshan finally could not bear, she takes off the earphone and looks back at Shao Ruihan.

"What can I do for you?"

"Shall we talk?" Shao Ruihan asks carefully; this is the first time Shao Ruihan shows such expression in front of Tang Ningshan.

"About what?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan suspiciously.

"Talk about you and me, talk about the future." Shao Ruihan says solemnly.

Tang Ningshan faintly glances at Shao Ruihan and says, "Your drip is nearly finished, I'll call a nurse to pull the needle out for you. If you don't want to live like this every day, you'd better get well and drink soup."

Tang Ningshan's words let Shao Ruihan speechless, this is the first time that he discovers that Tang Ningshan has the habit of making sarcastic jokes.

"Shan, I'm not kidding you. Don't you think we should have a little chat? Is this how you want to spend your life with me? You don't feel wrong?" Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan is not in the mood of chatting with him, also does not know how to say.

Tang Ningshan frowns and stares at Shao Ruihan for a moment. She notices that the expression on his face is solemn then she says "Pull the needle first. Let's talk about something else later."

With that, Tang Ningshan goes to Shao Ruihan's bedside and presses the call button. Soon a nurse comes, and Tang Ningshan looks at the nurse doubtfully, and the nurse seems to catch Tang Ningshan's expression and winks at her.

Tang Ningshan looks at the nurse in bewilderment, not quite understands what she meant.

The nurse pulls the needle out of Shao Ruihan and walks out with the infusion machine and the empty bottle. When she gets to the door, she turns and waves to Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan doesn't know what she wants, so she has to go over there.

"What's the matter?" Tang Ningshan asks suspiciously.

"Hee hee, girl, I support you, you have to fight, ah, do not be bullied in this way. You have to protect your husband from being stolen by other women! The nurse says to Tang Ningshan.

"..." Tang Ningshan is speechless.

The nurse looks at Tang Ningshan and thinks it is her words that make Tang Ningshan feel sad.

She gives her a slightly apologetic look and turns away.

"Why don't you lock the door and let's talk." Shao Ruihan says to Tang Ningshan standing in the doorway.

Tang Ningshan has not yet recovered from the nurse's words, subconsciously listening to Shao Ruihan's words, and locks the door.

"Come and sit down."

Tang Ningshan nods and goes to sit down on the sofa.

Seeing this situation, Shao Ruihan doesn't say anything.

"Shan, can you tell me why you told me a fake address in the first place? If it weren't for the fact that you lived at the address, there wouldn't have been the first temptation. You are so good at everything, and your skill is terrifying, you know what I mean?" Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan seriously and asks, but the voice unconsciously softens.

"What did you say? Did you say I gave you a fake address? Did you check? So you're saying there's no such place as I said? Or is there no such person as me?" Tang Ningshan hears the words of Shao Ruihan, standing up immediately. She appears more and more excited, and she almost shouts out every sentence.

"Why don't you sit down and calm down, do you remember the plans and designs you gave Qu Bo?" Shao Ruihan decides that it's better to talk step by step, otherwise according to Tang Ningshan's temper, before figuring out anything, she would have to quarrel with him.

"Well, then, to thank Ji Jun, I just gave the blueprint. I don't feel anything wrong. I went shopping with him that day, I looked at a lot of jewelry, so I drew two designs to him, but what's wrong with that?" Tang Ningshan does not understand. She only wants to show her appreciation, how can it have a relation with this matter.

"Because that even famous designers today may not be able to draw such perfect drawings as yours. If you are not one of our own, if they use your drawings, then you can present a manuscript to sue them at any time, in which case, their loss is immeasurable, so they asked me whether you are trustworthy or not. You said that you would call Miao Yu that night, and you know who Miao Yu is now. People like us won't explode our traces. It's usually classified, but when you said you're going to call her while we're on the mission. I can only assume that you're looking for something." Shao Ruihan says as he is observing Tang Ningshan's expression, for fear that the remark would provoke her to annoy her.

Seeing her emotion is calm, he continues "It was also on that night, I had the address you gave me checked and found that it was not what you said at all, and the neighbors had not seen you, so I put you to the test." Shao Ruihan says, looking at Tang Ningshan. He finds that she does not have any expression at all.


"Oh, you mean that place doesn't have the people I was talking about? Are you sure about this? But it shouldn't be like that. Is the factory I blew up there?" Tang Ningshan doesn't know what to think now. The only thing in her mind is that now the world is not the world she lived in before, all her existence has been erased, she is now just an alive ghost who is occupying other's body?

"I've had someone check the factory, too. There is a chemical factory in the area you mentioned, but it didn't explode."

"... I think we should talk later. I need to think about where I am and why I am here. Haven't I ever existed in this world? No, I've been coming to this world for 20 years. No, I have the memory from childhood to now, which can not be wrong. What the hell is going on? what's the fuck?" Tang Ningshan says, holding her head down with both hands, even beating herself on the head as if she could figure it out with some pats.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan like this, getting off the bed immediately and enduring the pain on the leg to go to Tang Ningshan's side, and reaches out to hold Tang Ningshan in his arms.

"Shan, don't even think about it. I tested you, but that doesn't mean I doubt you. I only hope I can give my men and brothers a stable future. even if you are not the original Tang Ningshan, no matter who you are, you are my wife." Shaw Ruihan's arm that is holding Tang Ningshan tightens, the kiss gently falls on Tang Ningshan's head. He does not want to see this fragile Tang Ningshan. Therefore, he wanted to have a good talk with her but did not expect this to happen.

Tang Ningshan looks up at Shao Ruihan sadly and says "When you get well, can I go and have a look?"

"I'll go with you," Shao Ruihan says with a nod.

Tang Ningshan shakes her head.

"No, I'm just trying to find out if I exist. If there's no trace, then I'm not myself, then who am I? Tang Ningshan? Or a ghost who doesn't know where she's from?" Tang Ning Shan blankly says, a pair of beautiful eyes lost expression. Her eyes let Shao Ruihan feel that there is a strange pain in the heart.

"If you're afraid of what I'm up to, you can still get people to follow me as you do right now. Don't worry, and I won't run away." Tang Ningshan says, trying hard to calm herself down.