Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 115

Chapter 101: chapter 101-- why did you save me?

"I didn't say you'd run away. I want to get to know you, to see where you lived. Even if you are not from this world, you are my wife now, this is an immutable fact. even if there is no love between us, you are my life-saving person, and you can take my help for granted." Shao Ruihan's words are so straightforward that Tang Ningshan can't accept.

"If I had gone to help you that day, you wouldn't have been hurt, and nothing would happen. I only saved you because you got hurt because of me. It's payback. I don't exist to save your life." Tang Ningshan shakes her head and smiles wryly.

"I told you, even if you had come that day, I would have gone to that place too because it was a clue, and I would have looked into it, and after that, you had saved me again. If you hadn't stopped that woman, I would have bled to dry." Shao Ruihan says.

"Oh, right, have you let people find out what the hell was going on? Why would an ambulance show up? and everybody else was fine, but you?" Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan anxiously, after all, if this matter is investigated deeply, probably many people will be involved.

"Not yet. Everyone in this accident has been taken away by Lee. There will be some news. We're talking about our problems now, and we're not thinking about the rest of things." The voice of Shao Ruian is low and firm, not letting Tang Ningshan change the topic at all.

Tang Ningshan takes out one breath, struggling out from Shao Ruihan's bosom. A pair of bright eyes tightly stare at him, her looks are firm.

" well, I don't mean to force you, but we have to face it, you are my wife, although we didn't know each other before, there was no connection, I do not know the original Tang Ningshan either. in my knowledge, I married you, not others.

At that time, although I was thinking of asking you to help me get some information from my family. if you do mind that we have such an agreement, then the deal is now annulled." Shao Ruihan watches Tang Ningshan's constantly changing face, not knowing whether to go on talking, but if he doesn't push her, would she never think she belongs to this world now?

After Tang Ningshan listens to this, her heart is in a mess. If Shao Ruihan voids the agreement between them, then how about her new identification? She can't always be to be Shao Ruihan's wife. According to Shao Ruihan's such status, it is impossible to divorce. Everyone will pay attention to his every movement. If he does something wrong, it will be beyond redemption.

Knowing that Shao Ruihan can't divorce her, so the agreement between them must continue, Tang Ningshan shakes her head and says "no, The agreement between us must go on, I only hope that you can keep the promise, give me a fair and aboveboard status. I don't care what the relationship between you and the Tang's family and Tang Ningshan, you have nothing to do with me. We are a partnership."

"Partnership?" Shao Ruihan is not satisfied with this statement, the tone becomes a bit cole, letting Tang Ningshan unconsciously step back.

"Yes, I'll get you what you want, you give me a legal identity, that's what we're doing!" Tang Ningshan's voice is firm.

"Then why did you save me? Risk your life to save a partner?" Shao Ruihan squints his eyes.

"I came to save you because you were in danger because of me, and if you didn't call me in the first place, I might not feel uneasy, will not worry that if something happened to you, and will not blame me, also will not be unable to sleep in the middle of the night. so if I didn't call Lee, there would not be the thing that I save you." Tang Ningshan says what she thinks; she thinks this is why she went to save Shao Ruihan.

"You mean, if I hadn't called you, I wouldn't have anything to do with you, would I?" Shao Ruihan's voice grows cold.

Tang Ningshan nods without thinking; the face shows a natural expression.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan nodding her head, and there is unnamed anger rising in his heart. And he is eager to open her head to see what is going on inside, but then he thinks of a sudden idea.

"Since you said that our agreement couldn't be rescinded, let's change it. I'll ask Lee to bring the agreement tomorrow, and we'll make it better." Shao Ruihan says with a stiff expression on his face, and Tang Ningshan immediately goes over and asks hastily: "What's the matter? What's the matter? Do you hit your wound? How could you be so careless? Do you know you're hurt?"

When Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan's anxious face, he feels that Tang Ningshan is an awkward person who cares about him but saying that she doesn't care.

'It's okay' Shao Ruihan lightly says a sentence, planning to get up to go to bed, giving the sofa to Tang Ningshan to sit.

"Slow down, and I'll help you up." Tang Ningshan immediately puts Shao Ruihan's arm on her shoulder, supporting Shao Ruihan and letting him lean on her body before moving towards the bed.

"Shan, I want you to think about our relationship." Shao Ruihan doesn't understand what his relationship with Tang Xunshan is right now. He is only particularly eager to get Tang Ningshan's help, but the marriage between the two did not go smoothly at first, so no one knows how to go on.

"Well, I'll take our agreement under advisement." Tang Ningshan says. For this matter, she has her considerations. First, she hopes that she can live in her own home in the future, and have her own house, so she does not have to face the people in Shao's and Tang's family. Initially, she is a lazy person, who is afraid of trouble. Second, Shao Ruihan is a dangerous person. If she always stays with him, Tang Ningshan really can't control her heart. Shao Ruihan is a lovely person with a good job and a powerful family. Tang Ningshan feels that Shao Ruihan is like a lion. He exudes hormones that attract female lions and makes women want to be close to him. She only spends a short time with her, but there are already several hostile people appear because of Shao Ruihan. If she and Shao Ruihan have some particular relationship, she will be tortured by trouble to death.

The two men's conversation ended in a strange way, and though Shao Ruihan is not happy with the result, he ha other plans and that conversation would not affect it.

Tang Ningshan sits down on the sofa, turning on the computer and beginning to look at the house information of A city. She isn't going to buy a big house. After all, it's hard to clean. According to her income, and she doesn't think she can afford to hire a housekeeper. At best, employing a regular housekeeper to clean her house every mouth is the limit.

Having a cursory glance at the A city's home, Tang Ningshan thinks the price of the apartment is costly. Two million can only afford to buy a house with one-livingroom and two-bedroom in some places that are not in the city center. If it were in the city where she lived, two million would buy a couple of houses around CBD.

Tang Ningshan sighs, her thinking is complex. The most important is that she called the system several times, the system did not answer her. She does not know what the system is doing, always feeling that the system is trying to hide something.

Tang Ningshan clicks out the dialog box of Yu Huan "have you asked? I am free now, if you asked, I can start now."

"Well, I asked. She said she would pay if you could delete the contents of his computer, but she said that Shao Kaile has two computers. One in the bedroom, one in the study, they are not the same id. I do not know if you can do it, she said that she could pay more money, if you can do both computers, she will pay 5 million." Yu Huan quickly responses.

"Ok, tell her to wait for the message. I'll take a screenshot of the computer after deleting it." Tang Ningshan sees the words of Yu Huan, the face finally shows a smile, feeling that Shao Mushuang is, and she is short of money, so Shao Mushuang appears to give her money.

Tang Ningshan enters the Shao's house address; each villa has a separate line. Tang Ningshan looks for a computer one by one. Soon enough, she has figured out the IP of each computer.

These IPs include Shao Cheng's and Xiao Leping's, but there is no Shao Hong's IP. Tang Ningshan is surprised, but she feels that Shao Hong might not always stay in Shao's house. Forgetting it, she is ready to start work.

Hacking into the computer is very simple, in Tang Ningshan's eyes, it is just like opening a bottle of mineral water, which will not take too much time.

The contents in Shao Kaile's computer surprise Tang Ningshan. It is full of documents, one name for each record. There are photos and videos, and the most content is about Shao Mushuang, each video characters are different, there is even Shao Kaile himself, which makes Tang Ningshan feel sick.

Tang Ningshan copies all these things into her computer and makes a backup, and then hides it.

After taking the screenshot of all the contents in Shao Kaile's computer, she deletes all of them, and no one is left, and then sends the picture to Yu Huan.

"So soon? I'll send this to her now." Yu Huan responds.

"Well, I'll go and see if there's any backup in the other computer."

Tang Ningshan then enters the computer in Shao Kaile's Study. The safety factor of this computer is higher than that of the outside one, but in Tang Ningshan's eyes, it is a little trick. The system said that according to her technology, as long as she has a computer, even if she wants to control the national network, it is not a problem, let alone going through the existing system to check the contents of the computer.

Just as Tang Ningshan is about to see the contents of Shao Kaile's computer, the phone suddenly rings, which frightens Tang Ningshan.

Taking out the phone, she sees it is a strange number. Thinking for a long time, she also answers.

The opposite comes a man's voice.

"How is my cousin? I don't have time to visit him, and I hope you can take good care of my cousin." Shao Kaile says.