Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 116

Chapter 102: chapter 102-- parallel space

"Shao Kaile?" Tang Ningshan thinks people can't do anything terrible behind someone's back. Now, he comes. Although he called her not because that she checked his computer, it's because of other, the time is also too coincident. Tang Ningshan is thinking speechlessly.

Shao Ruihan hears Tang Ningshan's voice, turning his head to look at her.

Tang Ningshan doesn't think much, just putting a finger to her mouth to make a hiss action, and then presses the phone to the speaker.

"It's me, girl. I heard that my cousin is in the hospital because he's injured, so I come to show my concern. I wonder if you remember our cooperation?" Shao Kaile's voice is joyful, and loud noises are coming from the phone as if they are celebrating in a bar or something.

"Well, didn't you say we'd work together to take down Shao Ruihan? Why? do you think you have a chance now?" Tang Ningshan faintly replies, also does not look at Shao Ruihan's expression.

" of course, when can you come out? I have something for you, or I can send it to you, as long as you give it to my cousin to eat, he will never have a chance to fight with me for the highest position of Shao's family. When he is not a householder, I will be able to let you leave naturally. How do you think? Do you agree? " Shao Kaile's words make the expressions of Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan change.

Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, Shao Ruihan nods.

"Then have someone bring it to me and call me when you come. It's all right; I'll hang up now." Tang Ningshan says and hangs up the phone.

'What do you think?'

"See what he's sending. then we'll talk it later." Shao Ruihan's eyes are cold, letting Tang Ningshan feel chill. She wants to ignore Shao Ruihan and then checks Shao Kaile's computer.

The computer in Shao Kaile's study is very clean. But Tang Ningshan finds many hidden encryption folders, which are filled with various accounts and some pictures of the contract. Tang Ningshan does not know if it is useful, but she copies all of them into her computer and then makes a screenshot.

"Yu Huan, this is the screenshot of his computer in the study. There are no pictures and videos in it. Remember, don't charge less money!" Tang Ningshan finishes, sitting on the sofa and thinking for a long time. She still thinks that she should show these accounts to Shao Ruihan. She does not know if these are useful information, but some appear to be smuggled, as well as several subsidiaries account books of Shao's family.

"Well, I'll call you back in a few minutes. And I think the business will be more and more. Now, who can find a hacker as good as you, who can delete something for them as long as they have an address? That's a lot of people want." The words of Yu Huan are very excited, which is like envy and happy.

"Well, call me if you need anything, I'll go to do something else." Tang Ningshan says and closes the dialogue.

"Shao Ruihan, I've found something. I don't know if you're interested." Tang Ningshan thinks for a long time and decides to ask.


"Some of the account books and contracts on Shao Kaile's computer, and the smuggling records, are they useful to you?" Tang Ningshan takes the computer and hands it to Shao Ruihan.

" you hacked his computer?" Shao Ruihan takes one look at her doubtfully.

"Well, there's a client who's trying to delete something from his computer, and I found this, so I'm asking if it's useful for you." Tang Ningshan nods.

"A client? Delete something? What client? Have you been doing any work lately?" Shao Ruihan asks in surprise.

"Well, if you want to see, I'll show it to you. I met a person on the forum. He would introduce me to some work, usually to delete some photos, videos and so on from others' computer. This is the second time I did this, and I did not expect to meet an acquaintance." Tang Ningshan explains.

"Well, show me." Shao Ruihan nods.

Tang Ningshan takes the computer, typing a few codes, then there appear some copies of the pictures and videos in Shao Kaile's computer. She hands the computer to Shao Ruihan and says "You have a look, I got to go out to walk around.

Tang Ningshan very confidently gives the computer to Shao Ruihan, the procedure on her laptop is quite complicated. That opening everything on her computer requires a unique code, excepting web pages, so even if Shao Ruihan wants to check Tang Ningshan's computer, Shao Ruihan needs to have the ability.

After leaving the room, Tang Ningshan sits down in a chair by the fountain downstairs and watches the spray pouring out from the spout, then lands in the pool below. And Tang Ningshan is a little confused.

"System, can you come out and explain to me? What's going on in the world right now? Is it parallel space? or I'm living in virtual space right now?" Tang Ningshan wants to know and begins to ask questions.

"Master, if you insist, then I can only tell you that you were born from this world. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come back to life in this world, I'm sure, but I don't know what's going on right now, and there's a possibility that the place you lived before doesn't exist." The system speaks solemnly.

" well, you mean I'm a fiction? and for some special reasons, I came to the real world? " Tang Ningshan does not know how she is feeling after listening to the system. The matters of these days have made her unable to understand, but she is unwilling to think deeply. She only wants to look for the system to give her an accurate answer.

"It's not that, Master. If you're fiction, then there's no such thing as resurrection. and the reason why I chose this body for you is that the body fits your fitness perfectly, and there's no possibility of exclusion at all, just like your own body, which I thought at the beginning that this is your body..." The system explains.

"So what the hell is going on? Don't you think it's weird?" Tang Ningshan asks.

"Master, I still need to look into it. I have a lot of information missing. If you give me the last few energy stones and let me blend in, maybe I can figure it out, or you can do more tasks." The system says calmly.

"I'm going to think about it. You'll have to check it out first." Tang Ningshan always feels that if she goes on asking, there would be something she couldn't control, so she temporarily chooses to escape.

Tang Ningshan doesn't know what mood Shao Ruihan is in when looking at the contents on Shao Kaile's computer since she left the house. In addition to the video of Shao Mushuang, Shao Ruihan also finds another woman in his videos, who had been Qu Bo's girlfriend. But for some reason, she had been broken up with Qu Bo. He had been looking for the woman for a long time, but finally failed. And now Shao Ruihan is showed something like this. And after watching those videos and photos, Shao Ruihan gets sick. He finds a folder named 'baby' the moment he is about to close these things.

Shao Ruihan clicks to open the document, which is full of photos. They are all kinds of pictures of Tang Ningshan. And they are all took secretly, several of which were taken while Tang Ningshan is sleeping, which makes Shao Ruihan want to tear Shao Kaile directly into pieces. And his body is full of murder and his eyes are dim.

Shao Ruihan read those ledgers and smuggling bills one by one, and they are all hundreds of millions of smuggling. Seeling such huge numbers, Shao Ruihan can guess what Shao Kaile is doing without thinking.

Shao Ruihan takes out the phone, directly calling Lee to ask him to bring some people over, and says to him that there is something to give him to do.

After hanging up the phone, he calls Qu Bo, although he doesn't know that if Qu Bo still cares about this woman, after all, now he has news of the woman, he decides to tell him. That what Qu Bo will do isn't something he could interfere.

Shao Ruihan puts the phone to one side, thinking of how should he return Shao Kaile. The matter of last time has not yet been resolved, this time it happens again. Shao Ruihan even wonders if his men take action too slowly, but in any case, he doesn't plan to let Shao Kaile continue his comfortable life. After all, Tang Ningshan is not someone he can touch.

After a while, Lee knocks at the door.

"Come on in!"

Lee lets two people guard at the door before entering the room. He does not know what Shao Ruihan wants to say to him, but just listening to Shao Ruihan's tone, he knows that something must have happened that makes him angry.

"How's going on, Boss?" The first thing Lee does when he comes into the room is to ask Shao Ruihan's health situation. After all, that's what he's most concerned about right now.

"Well, I'm fine. How's Shao Kaile doing these days?" Shao Ruihan moves his body, sitting up and leaning on the head of the bed. Lee puts a pillow in front of Shao Ruihan's back and lets him lean over.

"Well, Shao Kaile has been going through a lot lately. He has met a lot of people in business circles, and he is also in contact with some high-ranking officers and has bribed many people. The most important thing is that we find him smuggling, every time he is cautious, and many people are escorting him." When answering Shao Ruihan's question, Lee stands up straightly, as if he is used to it. Whenever Shao Ruihan is serious, he can not help but let himself in the best condition.

" look at these. " Shao Ruihan turns the computer to Lee. There are account books and videos on the computer. Lee looks through all of them; his face shows an incredible expression.

"How can there be a picture of Mrs. Shao..." Lee asks in a low voice.

"I also want to know why there are Shan's pictures, how did they get taken? Does my villa have the inner of Shao Kaile? I don't know if I'm not strict with my men or Shao Kaile is too smart." Shao Ruihan's sarcasm makes Lee's face stiff.

"Boss, I made a mistake this time. I'll take the punishment." Lee does not make any more excuse, after all, even Tang Ningshan's photographs are taken secretly in Shao Ruihan's own house, then it is his problem.

"Anyway, do you get any information of those men we caught? Especially that doctor, I want to know who wants my life!" Shao Ruihan raises his lips, his whole body exudes bloodcurdling breath, and the face is even colder chill.