Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 117

Chapter 103: chapter 103-- soft touch

"Not yet. I want to wait for you to inquire personally. After all, besides the two of them, we also caught that hacker team. I suspect this might not be about stealing the data from the database, but about the murder. The target is you." Lee's face is worried, after all, he is Shao Ruihan's guard. Failing to protect his captain in the first place is his dereliction of duty. This incident has also given Lee a lesson, perhaps because this period he is way too relaxed. Lee continually reproaches himself in the heart.

"Shao Kaile will come here later to give Shan something, which is said to be also used to against me. Am I look like a soft touch?" Shao Ruihan is even starting to wonder if he's too kind-hearted.

Lee immediately shakes his head, Shao Ruihan's mood will be changed easily before Tang Ningshan, but In front of other people, he either sneers or shows a cold face without expression. How can anyone regard he as a soft touch?

Shao Ruihan gives Lee a wink, Lee immediately goes to the side of Shao Ruihan and puts his ears to Shao Ruihan's mouth. Shao Ruihan says something in Lee's ear, and Lee's face immediately shows a severe expression.

"Go and do it!"

Shao Ruihan waves to hint Lee to leave.

Tang Ningshan has been sitting outside for a long time, and she sees Qu Bo coming from outside.

Tang Ningshan stands up unconsciously and is about to go up with Qu Bo. After all, she had just seen the military car come in, and now Qu Bo comes, so Shao Ruihan's business should be finished. Then, she needn't sit around here boringly. Tang Ningshan wants to find a house on the Internet. After all, she already has five million dollars now, so she should have enough to buy a house. The rest of the money will be spent to make more money, and her life will get better.

"Hey, girl."

Qu Bo shouts and goes to the side of Tang Ningshan.

"Well, did Shaw ask you to come over?"

Tang Ningshan can only talk about Shao Ruihan with Qu Bo, and she does not know what to talk to him, there's no any common topic between them besides Shao Ruihan.

Qu Bo nods.

"Then let's go up together."

Two people go into the hospital, getting into the elevator, and they don't speak until they are in the ward, but no one is embarrassed. After all, they don't know each other at all.

"Qu Bo is coming for you." Tang Ningshan comes into the room and has a look at Shao Ruihan then says.

"Sit down and let me show you something. Don't get excited, of course, if you don't feel anything, it will better." Shao Ruihan whispers.

Qu Bo looks at Shao Ruihan strangely and then turns to look at Tang Ningshan, nodding.

Shao Ruihan pushes Tang Ningshan's laptop to Qu Bo.

Tang Ningshan looks at Qu Bo without saying anything, because she thinks that Shao Ruihan looks for Qu Bo to look at those account books and contracts.

"I'll go and wash some fruit for you." Tang Ningshan goes to the cabinet. After taking some apples and pears to wash, she remembers that she hasn't eaten yet, but it is almost time to have dinner, so Tang Ningshan decides to wait until the evening.

Shao Ruihan nods and says, "Are you hungry?"

"It's okay, after a while, I can have dinner, have some fruit for weight loss." Tang Ningshan says and takes the fruit out.

"You want me to read the accounts?" Qu Bo asks suspiciously.

"Look at these books and contracts, which have problems, pick out the ones that have problems, and then I'll show you something else." Shao Ruihan takes that people will obey his order for granted. Although he did not grow up in Shao's family, his teacher never mistreated him, and he even had a higher position in his teacher's family than his teacher.

Qu Bo sits with the computer and watches for a long time. The books are mainly in the red, only one is profitable, and it's profiteering, with little or no spending, but each income is in the hundreds of millions of dollars, whereas only three contracts are legally beneficial, and the rest are essentially fake contracts.

"which company's account is this?" Qu Bo asks doubtfully. It should not be Shao Ruihan's company, after all, according to his current status, he can only buy shares instead of participating in management. And also according to the ability of Shao Ruihan, he can not allow a company to suffer such significant loss.

"Some of Shao's subsidiaries, which are currently under the name Shao Kaile." Shaw Ruihan lightly answers.

"If the situation is like what is showed on books, all these companies can declare bankruptcy." The official attitude of Qu Bo makes Shao Ruihan satisfied.

"Well, let's talk about something personal." Shao Ruihan frowns and says.

Qu Bo looks at Shao Ruihan suspiciously, not quite understanding what is the personal matter now? Is there any news about the missing teacher? But according to Shao Ruihan's expression, it's not good news. Did the teacher meet an accident? Qu Bo speculates in his heart.

Shao Ruihan doesn't know how to talk to Qu Bo, but he has to let him know the truth. After a long time of deep thinking, he says "take a look at the folders with people's names. There's something inside that you didn't expect. I hope you'll be calm after reading it. I don't know if I should let you know, but if I keep it from you, you may be even more surprised when you find it later."

Qu Bo frowns, and clicks close the account books and the contracts. Then there reveal those folders named by people's name, but he does not discover any name that is known to him.

Therefore he looks at Shao Ruihan doubtfully.

Shao Ruihan motions him to look down, and soon, he sees a name he knows quite well.

Qu Bo clicks on the folder to click a picture at random; his face suddenly becomes ashen. There is a woman in the photo, who is kneeling on the ground with a red string strapped to her back. There are at least five hands on her body. What is more frightening is that several men are standing in front and behind her. Qu Bo wants to turn this photo off. He accidentally clicks on a video, in which the character is the same woman, but the man has changed several times.

"Where's the...?" Qu Bo's voice trembles and he asks in a husky voice.

"Shao Kaile's computer." Shao Ruihan thinks for a long time before saying.

"I got it. I'm going back. I need to calm down." Qu Bo totters to his feet and takes a deep breath then walks away.

Tang Ningshan enters the room and looks suspiciously at Shao Ruihan.

"What did you say to Qu Bo? Why does he look so pale? He just bumped into people in the hallway but didn't have any reaction."

"Nothing. Some of his own business." Shao Ruihan speaks faintly, but with a trace of worry in his eyes.

"If you're afraid that he's going to meet any troubles, let someone keep an eye on him. His situation is not too well. If something goes wrong on the way back, it's not going to be good." Tang Ningshan does not continue to pursue the question but says her idea.

Shao Ruihan nods, taking out his phone and pressing before shoving it back under his pillow.

Tang Ningshan wants to take the computer directly, but Shao Ruihan's aura is so strong that Tang Ningshan always feels stressful unconsciously, so she opens her mouth and asks "Have you read it all? So I can I go on work?"

Shao Ruihan pushes the computer toward Tang Ningshan's side and motions her to take it.

After taking the computer, she quickly sits back on the sofa to see the message of Yu Huan.

"It's amazing. How the hell did you do that?" Yu Huan asks with a sigh.

"I have my trick." Tang Ningshan replies with a smile.

"I'll transfer the money to you in a minute. Check it yourself." Yu Huan says quickly.

"All right, I'm going to look for the house. Do you have any recommendations? I don't have too much money, and want a two-bedroom or a three-bedroom house, preferably a better environment, a safer neighborhood." Tang Ningshan asks.

"Ready to buy a house? Where are you going to buy it? Which city?" Yu Huan asks.

"A city. That's why I let you introduce me, or I won't ask you. Is that right?" Tang Ningshan smiles. Her smile warms Shao Ruihan so that he wants to pat on her head.

"Well, I'll ask around for you and see if there's anything suitable, and if there is one, I'll tell you." Yu Huan says.

"Well, I'll leave, then. see ya." Tang Ningshan says and closes the dialogue.

Opening the market to see today's earnings, she finds several stocks to buy tomorrow, after all, she is rich now to some extent.

"Do you enjoy chatting with strangers?" Shao Ruihan has been watching her for a long time, and he asks.

'Hmm?' Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan quizzically, not quite understanding his meaning.

"I find you're having a good time talking and laughing online as if you're having a normal conversation with a friend." Shao Ruihan organizes the language to say.

"Isn't that what I look like when I'm talking to you? There's nothing strange about that." Tang Ningshan says faintly.

"I don't remember you smiling at me like that." Shao Ruihan's voice is low as if he were an unhappy child, there is a trace of grievance in his voice that he does not even notice.

Tang Ningshan listens to Shao Ruihan's words, feeling that Shao Ruihan has started to be abnormal again.

"Come on, man, do you remember what you did to me when we first met? If I still smile to you, what do you think I am? Anthomaniac or I am mean? " says Tang Ningshan, curling her lips.

Shao Ruihan thoughtfully nods as if she is right.

"..." Tang Ningshan feels there is nothing to say to Shao Ruihan, directly ignoring Shao Ruihan.

It's very quiet inside the room, and you can only hear the sound of keystrokes. Shao Ruihan in bed closes his eyes as if he is asleep, Tang Ningshan just quietly unscrambles the code on the forum, watching the funny videos.

A sudden knock on the door makes Tang Ningshan and Shao Ruihan look at the direction of the door together.

"Come in!" Tang Ningshan says.

Steward Lin enters the room, but Ni Zizhu is following him.

"Mr. Shao, Mrs. Shao, I come to deliver the food. Just now your grandpa phoned me at home and said that he wants the young lady to come with me, so I brought her here." Lin doesn't look at Shao Ruihan's expression because he feels that Shao Ruihan would get angry.

'Mmm!' The voice of Shao Ruihan is low, and there is no any trace of emotion in it, which makes Lin tremble.