Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 118

Chapter 104: chapter 104-- you will take care of me

"Lin, why don't you put your stuff down?" Tang Ningshan points to the cabinet beside Shao Ruihan and asks him to put his things there.

Lin seems to get a particular order, walking quickly over to put the things down, and then stands respectfully by Tang Ningshan. Also, he ignores Ni Zizhu at the door.

Now Ni Zizhu is not that poor girl before. Besides, she already has Shao Cheng as her backer. She thinks Tang Ningshan doesn't have any threat to her. If she can get the favor of Shao Ruihan, Shao Ruihan will be hers sooner or later.

"Ruihan, Grandpa Shao asked me to take care of you. Coincidentally, I work here. I'll take care of you even when I'm off duty. You ." Ni Zizhu's words are natural; it's like she does not regard herself as an outsider at all. Shao Ruihan does not even look at her. Instead, his eyes fix on Tang Ningshan.

Tang Ningshan frowns speechlessly, then says "Since you're taking care of him, I'll go back, and I have some work to do." Then she looks at Shao Ruihan and says "I'll come and see you tomorrow."

Tang Ningshan is ready to pick up her computer. As soon as her hand touches the laptop, she hears a sharp sound "fuck off" coming from Shao Ruihan's mouth, which makes Tang Ningshan tremble.

The face of Ni Zizhu is filled with victor's smile, she hurries to Shao Ruihan's bed and is ready to show her care.

"Lin, get this woman out of here quickly, I don't want to see her again." Shao Ruihan says with disfavor, as if Ni Zizhu is a bacterium, and does not want to look at her.

"You... You see, Shao Ruihan, I'm here because of Grandpa Shao's entrustment and not because of you. Do you think I'm willing to serve you?" The smile on Ni Zizhu's face disappears with a sad expression in her eyes. She is like be abandoned, but her tone is firm, which makes Tang Ningshan surprise. She did not expect that this woman has changed a lot within a short time. At least she will not say the words that make people disgusted.

"Get out!" Shao Ruihan's voice is getting lower and lower. His eyes are full of the raging fire as if the volcano is about to erupt.

"I'll go, and you can explain your grandfather this yourself." Then Ni Zizhu turns and then opens the door to walk out after giving Tang Ningshan a fierce look.

"You, go back too, and if you bring these scoundrels to me in the future, you will not come back. You are my steward, not anyone else's." Shao Ruihan reprimands.

"Yes, sir, I see. I'll leave." Lin's drooping head has never lifted, and his voice is respectful and penitent.

At last, Shao Ruihan puts his eyes on Tang Ningshan and says "You said I was injured because of you, you will take care of me until the recovery." Shao Ruihan's tone is soft as if the man who has just been angry is not him. Tang Ningshan stares at him for a moment, then nods.

In the evening, Tang Ningshan lays in the bed, getting into the virtual space. However, Shao Ruihan has been watching her all the time. The pretty face is glowing when she is sleeping, the expression of her is calm and pleasant, which makes Shao Ruihan even produce an idea that it would be nice if he can live the rest of his life with her.

Thinking of here, Shao Ruihan is frightened by his idea. Has he not forgotten that person all the time? How can he plan to spend a lifetime with other women? But if that woman does not appear in his life, he may live with Tang Ningshan in the rest of his time. After all, he can't think of any other way to leave Tang Ningshan to help him. If the current marriage is the only link between them, then he doesn't want the relationship to come to an end. Tang Ningshan has many secrets he wants to know. Especially her hacking skills, with that she can make a significant contribution to the army and even capture activities, but Tang Ningshan is not a soldier. Otherwise, he would not have thought of changing the agreement to keep her on the leash.

When Tang Ningshan comes out of the virtual space, she could feel Shao Ruihan's eyes. And she turns over to turn her back to Shao Ruihan, hoping that he can withdraw his sight. Shao Ruihan also not live up to her expectations, and soon he moves his eyes to other places, mainly because he sees that Tang Ningshan has woken up, he can only look away.

The hospital is very quiet at night, Tang Ningshan who fails to fall asleep can only close her eyes, lying in bed. The bed is not long, so it's impossible for her to extend her leg. Tang Ningshan curls up, trying hard to let herself fall asleep, but she hears outside appearing some sounds.

Soon, there is a light sound of opening the door. This makes Tang Ningshan alert. It is the middle of the night now. Why does anyone open the door? And the movement is quiet.

Tang Ningshan turns over, turning her face to Shao Ruihan. A pair of eyes squints the door. Shao Ruihan may also find something strange, turning to Tang Ningshan and shaking his head to show her not to move.

The door opens slowly, and Tang Ningshan sees someone pushing something through the door. Then the one shuts the door. Tang Ningshan gets up and sees a small box smoking.

"Master, the smoke in that box is the roofies. It doesn't matter if you smell, but I don't know if it's going to be a problem for him." The system alerts.

Tang Ningshan gently jumps on Shao Ruihan's bed and puts his hand over Shao Ruihan's mouth and nose. Her body is pressing on Shao Ruihan's, using the quilt to cover their heads, only revealing Shao Ruihan's hair outside.

"It's probably for you. I don't understand how you, a soldier, could have offended so many people? Don't make a sound." Tang Ningshan whispers in Shao Ruihan's ear. Her breath drops on Shao Ruihan's ear, the hand also keeps on Shao Ruihan's mouth, being afraid that he has any problem.

Shao Ruihan feels Tang Ningshan's body, her soft hand covering on his mouth, and her sweet breath.

Shao Ruihan moves slowly to adjust his body's position because he is a little bit unable to restrain the restlessness of his body. He is not a person who cannot control his own body, but inside the quilt, there is only the breath of the two, the atmosphere soon becomes ambiguous.

Tang Ningshan feels something is against her legs and looks at Shao Ruihan speechlessly. Shao Ruihan blushes in the dark, mainly because he feels too embarrassed. He is just ready to establish a mutual trust relationship with Tang Ningshan, and now he even has a reaction when Tang Ningshan is on his body, it is too wrong.

Just then, the door creaks again, and the two people's breathing becomes tight. Tang Ningshan listens to the sound of footsteps, wondering how many people the other party has. But after a long time, she does not hear anyone coming in; it seems that they are watching the room from the corner.

Because they were going to sleep, so Tang Ningshan closed the curtains and turned off all lights, so there is only some light at the door, which is for them to go to the toilet in the evening.

After a long while, the man outside takes action and slowly walks towards Tang Ningshan. Tang Ningshan's heartbeat involuntary accelerates. This is the first time she meets such a situation, she tries to calm herself, completely forgetting Tang Ningshan under her body.

The man doesn't approach the bed, but rummages around the bedside table, as if looking for something. After a long time, he doesn't seem to find it, because Tang Ningshan hears the man whispering a curse.

"There's no such things like bowls or glasses? Don't they eat or drink?" The man is still whispering as if he has wholly believed that his voice and movement would not waken the man in the bed.

Feeling the man go to the other side of the bed, Tang Ningshan stirs and puts Shao Ruihan's hand on his mouth to replace hers. She slowly slips against Shao Ruihan's body and is ready to slide down to grab that guy and see who sent him and what he's going to do. If she's not here tonight, isn't

Shao Ruihan going to get caught?

Tang Ningshan slips into the ground and stands behind the man, reaching out directly to that man's neck. At the moment that he is about to shout, Tang Ningshan presses him on one side of the sofa, pushing his head against the couch, so that he cannot make any sound.

Tang Ningshan raises her hand to draw the curtain and open the window behind the curtain to let out the smell of the room.

After about a few minutes, Tang Ningshan lifts the man's head. The man's eyes make Tang Ningshan feel that he is a bad guy.

"Now tell me, who sent you here, and what are your intentions?" Tang Ningshan's voice is not loud, but it could be heard clearly inside the room, and there is a chill in her voice, which makes the man wince with fear.

"... No one sent me. I'm a garbage collector. I wanted to come in and get something to eat." The man's eyes are rolling, and immediately the tears come out, and he begins to wail.

"..." Tang Ningshan looks at him speechlessly and is ready to hand him over to Shao Ruihan to deal with.

" Well, come out, there's no such smell in the house." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan who is covered by the quilt and says.

At this time, Shao Ruihan comes out from the quilt, in fact, he witnesses the whole process that Tang Ningshan solves the man, but is afraid that Tang Ningshan does not want him to know that, so he has been using the quilt to block the head.

"Ask Lee to come and take him away later." Shao Ruihan says carelessly.

Tang Ningshan nods.

"I mean, isn't it possible to move to another hospital? Or can you ask Shen Quan to give you an injection at home? It's too much trouble for you to be in this hospital. It's not safe" Tang Ningshan complains.