Don't Run My Sweety Chapter 12

chapter 209 -- I want to taste you

Shao Ruihan sees that Tang Ningshan is about to get angry, and immediately says "Well, I think grandma should not trust Shao Hong, but she also certainly does not trust you."

After listening to Shao Ruihan's words, she immediately gives Shao Ruihan a supercilious look and says "come on, this is a very obvious fact. We have gone to Shao's house several times and you clearly see your grandparents' attitude towards me. If it weren't for you, I guess I would be thrown directly out by your families. Anyway, your family doesn't like me, and I don't expect them to like me. Fortunately, we are only together for a while. If we will be together for a lifetime, I will be crazy when I face your family every day. "Tang Ningshan says. The expression on her face is quite rich. She is sometimes angry, sometimes proud, and sometimes feels fortunate.

However, when Shao Ruihan hears that Tang Ningshan says that they are together for a while, his expression becomes very unnatural. He does not like to hear Tang Ningshan say such words. Every time when he hears such words, his mood will become particularly bad.

"Hey, can you not look at me with such a look? Your eyes can't kill me." Tang Ningshan looks at Shao Ruihan, whose eyes are full of fierce light as if he would rush to tear her up at any time.

Shao Ruihan raises his eyebrows and smiles. His voice is glamorous; he leans on the sofa lazily and says "Yes, that's true, but I don't want to kill you. I just want to taste you..."

After Tang Ningshan hears this, her face begins to turn reddish gradually. There are various pictures that are not suitable for children in her head, and the protagonists in these pictures are herself and Shao Ruihan.

"What are you thinking about?" Shao Ruihan's lips are closes to Tang Ningshan's ear and he says softly in her ear. The breath comes out from his mouth directly hits Tang Ningshan's ear, letting Tang Ningshan tremble. She immediately stands up from the sofa.

"You...aren't you trying to help me analyze the cause of this problem? Do you still want to continue? If you don't want to say it, we will go back!" Tang Ningshan says and immediately keeps a distance from Shao Ruihan. She walks back to the swivel chair behind the desk to sit down. After that, she looks at the distance between herself and Shao Ruihan. After confirming that she is now in the safe scope, she continues to say "If you don't want me to know, then you can choose not to say it." After saying this, Tang Ningshan begins to put some of the information that she has seen and thought to be problematic into a folder, she plans to take them back to study in the evening.

Shao Ruihan sees Tang Ningshan blush, and his desire in his heart is burning. However, looking at Tang Ningshan, who is already far away from him, he can only restrain himself and solemnly say "Grandma should hope that you can contain each other. Although you can monitor Shao Hong's office in this room, you should not hear the sound, right?"

"I really can't hear it."

"That's right. Grandma gave you the keys, and she just wanted to see how much you desire for these rights and power. But you only took the key to your own office, and then grandma should think that your ambitions are not strong so you would only take what you deserve.

After that, Shao Hong gave grandmother a document. Grandma didn't read it in front of you, that's not because she doesn't trust you, but because she was giving Shao Hong a warning. She was telling him that this company would be mine -- Shao Ruihan's, sooner or later." After Shao Ruihan finishes, he looks at the confused Tang Ningshan. He feels a little funny.

"Do you still not understand?" Shao Ruihan stands up and walks toward Tang Ningshan. Just as he is about to close Tang Ningshan, Tang Ningshan immediately shouts "Stop!"

Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan with a blank expression: "Shan, you shouldn't be so far away from me. Otherwise, even if I fall in love with you, you won't fall in love with me." Shao Ruihan's words sound aggrieved, letting Tang Ningshan feel surprised.

"Hey, don't want to use this rhetoric to confuse me, you continue to say." Tang Ningshan snorts.

"In the future, you will do what you like in the company. If someone finds you trouble, you will tell me. Don't expose your true ability. You will try to pretend that you know nothing." Shao Ruihan looks at Tang Ningshan, who is far away from him, feeling that Tang Ningshan has become vigilant now. Is his method wrong? He asks himself in his heart.

Tang Ningshan nods and says "Let's go back now. I am tired. I am in a bad mood when I see this information. These are all the information about the company from its establishment to the present, including the company's history and achievements, and even the information about the cooperative company. However, I think a lot of information is not the company's, they are fake. I think Shao Hong is showing me his authority. I think it is impossible for normal people to finish reading all of this information in a short time." Tang Ningshan complains angrily, letting Shao Ruihan feel very funny.

After Tang Ningshan finishes, she immediately takes the folder and her own bag. She stuffs the folder into Shao Ruihan's hand, taking Shao Ruihan's wrist and walking outside. She turns back and uses the key to lock the door of the office. After that, she puts an electronic bug into the room.

Then she takes Shao Ruihan down the stairs. Shao Ruihan enjoys the feeling of being pulled by Tang Ningshan so he does not speak. His eyes become a bit strange, but Tang Ningshan does not find it.

After going downstairs, Tang Ningshan discovers that there is no one else in the building. After the two people leave the building, Tang Ningshan looks around and does not find Shao Ruihan's car. She asks, "Hey, where is the car?"

After listening to her, Shao Ruihan holds Tang Ningshan's hand in his hand and takes her to the other side of the road. Just turning the corner, Tang Ningshan sees Shao Ruihan's car parked there, but Li is sitting inside.

Two people get in the car in tandem. Shao Ruihan asks "What folder is this?"

"I feel that there are some problems with the information inside, so I plan to take it back and study it." Tang Ningshan looks at the folder in Shao Ruihan's hand and explains.

Shao Ruihan listens to this sentence and immediately opens the folder. He focuses on the information inside, and soon he also finds the problem.

"Do they give you financial statements?" Shao Ruihan asks as he looks at the documents in his hand.

Tang Ningshan immediately shakes her head and says "No, the information they gave me is outdated. Only those business plans are new, but those are useless. Those business plans are made by them to fool me, but this does not rule out that they are testing me. "

After Shao Ruihan listens to her, he closes the folder in his hand. His hand keeps tapping on the folder and he is thinking.

"We will continue to discuss this issue after we go home. Now let's go to the nearby supermarket to buy some food. There is nothing in the house." Shao Ruihan finishes, closing his eyes and leaning against the seat. However, his hand that is holding Tang Ningshan's hand constantly tightens; Tang Ningshan does not know what he is thinking.

Tang Ningshan looks at such Shao Ruihan and shakes her head. Is there any conspiracy she doesn't know?

When they arrive at the supermarket, Li gets out of the car to buy food. Shao Ruihan and Tang Ningshan are sitting in the car. Two people do not speak, quietly sitting in the car thinking. Except for that their hands are clasping together, the two have no interaction now.

After Li comes back, the car immediately drives home. Two people go straight upstairs, and Li takes the food into the kitchen, after arriving.

"Go and change your clothes first, I will tell you about the documents later." Shao Ruihan pushes Tang Ningshan into the bedroom. He walks to the window and light a cigarette. He keeps thinking about whether this matter is related to his parents. Although he was young at that time, he still has some vague memories.

After Tang Ningshan changes clothes and comes out of the room, she smells the smoke. She frowns and immediately walks to Shao Ruihan. She reaches out and grabs the smoke in his hand and inserts it directly into the pot on one side. After the fire is extinguished, she throws the cigarette directly out from the window.

Tang Ningshan glances at Shao Ruihan angrily and says "I thought you don't smoke."

Shao Ruihan smiles and says "That is because you don't understand me."

Tang Ningshan says "I don't want to understand you. I'll go downstairs to cook. If you want to smoke, then go outside or downstairs. Don't let the smoke fill the bedroom."

"I am going with you. I promise not to smoke in front of you, okay?" Shao Ruihan stands up and takes Tang Ningshan into his arms, and the irritability in his heart disappears immediately.

Tang Ningshan does not speak but does not break free. After all, the appearance of Shao Ruihan when he was smoking just now looks quite lonely, and she feels heartbreaking unconsciously.

Tang Ningshan touches her stomach and immediately says "Let's go, I am hungry."

Two people go downstairs and go straight into the kitchen. Li is sitting in the living room and watching them walking in the kitchen hand in hand.

"What do you want to eat?" Tang Ningshan asks Shao Ruihan.

"It doesn't matter, as long as it is what you cooked." Shao Ruihan answers very seriously.

"..." Tang Ningshan shakes her head silently.

Tang Ningshan intends to let Shao Ruihan help her cut vegetables. She feels that even if Shao Ruihan does not cook, then he would certainly know how to cut vegetables. After all, he is a soldier so he must use the knife often.

Shao Ruihan looks at the food that Tang Ningshan hands over and immediately takes action. No matter what the food is, he cut half of them into silk and half of them into pieces, letting Tang Ningshan shake her head speechlessly.

"You cut it into silk." Tang Ningshan feels that if he is at his speed, their dinner might turn into breakfast.

After Shao Ruihan listens to her words, he speeds up and immediately cuts all the vegetables that need to be processed into silk, including vegetables that don't need to be cut.

When Tang Ningshan looks back and sees the various vegetables that have become silk, Tang Ningshan quickly grabs the kitchen knife from Shao Ruihan and says, "Okay, that's my fault. I think it's enough for you to know how to cook porridge."

After listening to Tang Ningshan, he nods and seems to agree with it.

Helpless Tang Ningshan can only put aside these vegetables that have become silk. She will try to make them into a variety of delicious food. She also deliberately asks Shao Ruihan out and then adjusts the taste with the universal spice box given by the system. After that, she cooks a few other side dishes. Finally, the dinner is done.